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Sperm Receptacles 5

Sperm Receptacles 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Gonzo , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sperm Receptacles 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sperm Receptacles 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sperm Receptacles 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sperm Receptacles 5 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sperm Receptacles 5 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sperm Receptacles 5 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Sperm Receptacles 5 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sperm Receptacles 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/29/2009
Well fans time for another go around with Mr. Mike John and he's got such a proven track record now of suckcess his titles are really no brainers for those who favor blowbangs, strong facial/ swallowing finishes and yeah some fucking too when the times right! We have a new batch of hotties here for Mike, some you'll know and others will be newbies but you know with Mike and Swine helming the cam we're in good hands and the mopes should bring the guns along to blast these young ladies, so let's hit some highlights.

Katie St. Ives:

Well we open with the young lady sitting on a stool, Mike shooting and chatting it up with this young lady. Katie seems pretty calm which is good and it's not to long until she's got a mope with her, cock at the ready. Katie may be new to the biz but she's not new to sex so she's right to it with the blowjob and looking mighty fine working the stick. So we get a little one on one action here ending with a mouth pop. But we know she's not done yet as she does another mope for an extended suck session, more jizz to swallow. Wonder if we will have the circle suck off! Sure enough the next round features three swinging dicks and Katie doesn't seemed fazed at all handling the extra meat ending this round with three loads shot in her mouth, showed off and then swallowed down. A little struggle for Katie but it stayed down the hatch! After her scene we get a short bit with Cali Couture who will show off her skillz later in the dvd.

Alix Amillion:

As they were taking shots of Cali after the first scene she mentions her friend Alix being there wanting to see what's up and Mike decides hey another hot girl here, let's go check her out!! A nice looking black girl is who Mike goes to see, she's chilling out and she's got a rack that's for sure. Seems she's been in the biz for a month and only done one bj scene. Mike asks to see the goods and Alix pulls out a gorgeous set of tits. Ok no action this day as we get the tag line 3 days later showing up onscreen. We're taken poolside and Alix is back and wearing a nice revealing outfit. The tits come back out for inspection and I thought they were hot the first time, well on second viewing they look even better. Mike wants to see more, meaning her ass so the shorts come off and hello nice booty! Mike still has his arm in a sling here, job injury, lol. But he can still push the lotion out with Alix rubbing it in as she does a hot bend over shot. So Miss Amillion heads inside where the mopes are anxiously waiting, their hands are all over Alix once she sits. The boobs get kissed and the pussy lips are tickled-- nice wide open pussy shot too and I think Swine's shooting cam here. We get oral on two ends here with Alix sucking off a cock while Matt Zane dives down to enjoy her coochie. It isn't much longer until we have Alix on her knees and the mopes surrounding her, the traditional cock circle! Solid work here from the guys and Alix, titty fucking mixed in too and with those knockers why not. We have a little more oral for Alix too as during the tail end of this suckathon we get one of the fellas sliding under to get a taste. Some fine loads here shot to fill her mouth and Alix does well letting them all nut before swallowing. She also struggles a bit, even cum coughs but it stays down! Tim got us a great open mouth jizz shot too just before she lets it slide down.

Sammie Spades:

The next scene has Tim still at the controls but the mopes are already snaking him surrounding young Sammie, hands groping on her sexy bod. Sammie's got the porn look for sure, blond hair, big boobs, cute face. Tim still gets in there for some fine tease shots including hittin the floor where he's able to shoot up at this young lady. The mopes seem ready, the titties come out, and she loses the shorts giving us the bend over the stool shot showing off the ass. The cocks start coming out and slapping against that ass, turning back around the guys start sucking those titties and finally she drops down and we're off. Sammie does quite well handling these dicks, Tim delivers with the close in shots, pulling back a little before coming back in-- I think this is a well oiled machine working perfectly here. We get some oral too for Sammie when she lies on the couch, faceful of dicks still but now her cookie gets some luving. They work in an overhead shot too during the circle suck off, titty fucking too and a little stand over the face lick my balls action too. Sammie struggles as well during the cum blasts and doesn't take them all at once instead doing them one at a time but still coughing some and looking the most uncomfortable so far of the three girls I've seen. It's great to try something new and sometimes you might look awkward doing it as Sammie does here. But she was a trooper and didn't lose any jizz!

Jessica Bangkok:

The final girl on disc one is a young lady I've seen a few times now and I know she can bring it and take care of the mopes with no problems. Everyone's all here too as the scene opens, Jessica sitting front and center, waitin for their pants to drop so she can devour them! Jessica is quite eager as we listen her and Mike chat briefly as the mopes stand behind, waiting for the word which is given enough so one mope can move in to taste that pussy. Jessica likes this but we know she wants more, more, more! Well we get more mope oral action as we get further licks to that pussy and some fingering too. Jessica then stands straight up, we hit a floor level shot as the tits come out, the pussy has been pleased, time to play the game!! Jessica is met with all the swinging dicks and she is all bidness here fans. The energy coming from Jessica is easily the best so far, great gagging too from Miss Bangkok. You want a girl excited to be here, I'd say Jessica's doing a great job filling that discription. The guys do the stand over the face shot too letting Jessica get a little hot'n'sweaty balls to taste-- ewwww! Lots more good head given before the loads start flying and Jessica lets them most of them blast off before making it disappear. This was a girl who enjoyed the cum play too as you'll see. The remaining loads don't last long before Jessica swallows. Now have a second disc to slide in so time to change.

Natalie Norton:

The second disc opens with Natlie, the mopes and Mike all there. The discussion is truth too, she's here to suck a lot of dicks, no nonsense just straight ahead head!! Natalie's chill wearing a yellow shirt, blue jean shorts and I can see she's got some titties too. The mopes are also chill, they're not in their first rodeo so they observe Mike and Natalie getting to know one another, ahh how nice. Natalie does the stand up ,turn around and show off shot. The jean shorts were nice and the yellow top almost moved letting the tits out. Mike was like, nope do the ass first as I might lose all sense of self if the boobs come. But not sure how he didn't lose it once she had the shorts off and was spreading the ass. Mike calls Zane over and he being the tongue specialist is allowed to move in and sample the goods! Ok the top then comes off, nice rack as I thought, and we resume with some pussy eating but we're here to see this young lady suck cock-- she wants them naked bitch!! So the mopes start disrobing too, and we finally get some dick for the young lady. Natalie seems quite adept at the oral arts, working the dicks in and out, gagging, doing the spitting thing and the guys keep the cocks right there so it's easy to change one for another, lol. Ahh loved the stand over shot where she gets a dick pushed into her mouth, a little pussy fingering here too. A little bit of titty fucking too before the guys let the jizz fly and the guys brought the goods here filling her mouth. Unlike most of the girls on the first disc Natalie had no troubles downing the cum drink, even giggling after showing her empty mouth, nice going and you can definitely cum back anytime!

Cali Couture:

We move on to Cali who I've seen a few times now, love her look, tits to die for and I've been lucky enough to see those puppies in person! Cali is chilling here, looking fine in her dark pink lingerie, no mistaking she's got a fine rack ready to burst out at any time. Mike has his work cut out for him, Cali's got the boobs which can rinder him senseless if she deploys them to early, lol. Mike presses his luck, letting Cali stand up and he moves in for the closer look, moving slowly up until hello she reveals the boobs, can Mike survive! Mike keeps his composure but it wasn't easy as Cali loses the bottoms too and she's got a pretty nice as too. Cali then sits back down, opens up the legs and starts stroking those lips while her tits just hang out tantalizingly above! Zane is a pussy lover so he's brought in to dine on that young juicy coochie and Cali gets to sit back and enjoy the ride. Cali is a cock luver, I've seen it so when the dicks surround her it was no shock to see her so good at working those meat sticks. The boobs fully revealed do some good dancing here when the dicks start being thrust in and out of her mouth with some authority. We get one more stand over the girl and let her tickle your balls shot too and finally the jizz flies. She does them one load at a time and shows no signs of struggling with the cum. Love watching her and hope she sticks around, maybe my fave newbie this year so far.

Amy Starz:

We have one one scene and it's with a girl I just watched not to long ago. Amy was very excitable in that scene and starts off much the same way here. Cupping two holstered cocks on either side she's already calling for the mopes to come in, lol. Amy is just as eager here as the scene previous I watched her in. Bending over to show off her ass-- which was fucked in that scene but alas not here. The sexual talk from Amy was cool here too, Mike doesn't have to say much, letting Amy carry the conversation, tits peeking out too. We get Amy on a poolside chair, and damn does she spread those legs wide-- almost like she could just lean forward and lick her own cooch, lol. Amy has a little fun too with the water hose, spraying the water against her pussy-- she read that gives a good orgasm so the pressures turned up and I think it worked! A loud scream rings out as the water splashes down. This girl must be a trip to hang out with in person. Ok she's a naughty girl too, guy ass spread and she dives in, ok no kissing now, lol. Ok time to hit inside the house and the mopes are hard'n'ready for Amy. She grabs on for dear life and starts going. Ball licking and gaggin too seem to be among her talents and don't forget she licks man ass too so she's going to be a gonzo fans dream girl for a while now. The fellas do the stand over and face fuck shot too and from the energy Amy's demonstrated so far this was a perfect position for her. She holds the cum in too as the guys let each load go, shows it off too and making some cum bubbles! Amy shows it off one more time before downing the cum, no struggling with her either so the ladies on side two had no difficulties which was great. But we still have 15 minutes left and guess who gets his freak on-- Tim Von Swine! Amy calls him, get your ass over here, lol. Amy gets in perfect position and the piglet comes out to play. The beer belly was in the shot too as she works over his piece. Tim then lies down, gets comfy as Amy continues her fine oral display. OMG she licks his ass too, this girl is a freaky young lady-- perfect for the jizz biz! After having his ass licked and balls licked and his cock devoured it was no shock that Tim saved up a load for Amy who makes it easily disappear giving cleanup too. Ok we're done!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another strong outting from Mike John, Tim Von Swine and the mopes with another hot cast of ladies eager to suck on multiple cocks. We had some struggles with the first few girls swallowing the cum but they were all troopers and made the cum go away! Jessica Bangkok put a capper on the first disc with her sizzling work and then side two was all gold with Natalie, Cali and Amy doing quite well handling the meat sticks. Xtras here included the pops being repeated, there's a cast list if you are curious and we have just over 51 minutes of BTS to check out. Any easy pick up for blowbang fans, the girls are great with the dicks with only some difficulty swallowing by a few of them but the jizz still made it down their throats.

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