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Speed (Wicked)

Speed (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Speed (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Speed (Wicked) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Speed (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Speed (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Speed (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Speed (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Speed (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Speed (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/8/2010
Welcome fans to big time event porn movie season! This time of year all the studios who are gunning for the AVN awards let loose with their entries and this one comes from award winning director Brad Armstrong. As you can see from the boxcover and from reading the copy on the back of the dvd this movie also centers on the motorcycle culture in the city of the Angels. I'm thinking Fast & the Furious but with cycles instead of souped up cars. We have the Wicked girls of course in the movie but Brad's brought in a big time cast of hotties and dudes to help accentuate this lovely ladies. I'm sure in addition to some hot sex we'll be treated to some very good and difficult stunts with the motorbikes. Along with the main disc which features the movie you're given two additional discs which add on everything from Making of docs to deleted scenes to an extended orgy scene so no doubt if you're buying this movie you're getting plenty for your hard earned porn dollar. Time to check this disc out.

As the movie opens we have jessica drake being released from the big house and who's there to pick her up but Barrett Blade. jessica is glad for the ride, hell after four years you could have shown up on a skate board and she'd be happy to hop on. Though she was expecting someone else to pick her up and the two have a short discussion dancing around that issue- perhaps something to do with how jessica ended up in prison in the first place. Even when they're enjoying some pizza jessica can't help but keep going about her man who wasn't there to pick her up.

Alexis Texas & Briana Blair:

The scene with jessica and Barrett brings in music towards the end as the two continue the small talk catching up when we suddenly get a fade out/ fade in to Briana and Alexis working over Derrick Pierce's cock, alright some sex! The head was nice from the ladies, a little shared action before we get to some fucking. Briana starts it off with cowgirl and though she doesn't have an Alexis Texas style ass it's still quite good and you even get condom P2OGM from Miss Texas. When Briana continues to ride turning around to reverse we have Alexis putting that ass to great use, smothering Derrick's face! Fret not porn fans Alexis does ride too and yes it's cowgirl with her amazing ass with Briana then replacing her riding Derrick's face. It's not a long scene as each girl only does one position with the two sharing the load. Good way to get us into the title, some story and then a good quick hitting scene.

Hmm we find out who jessica was expecting to pick her up finally as just after Derrick and the girls have finished their deal we get Barrett and jessica walking in and she goes off yelling at Derrick that she did that time for him. Derrick is unmoved and bascially yells back at her I'm the big dog bitch, get out. Ok me thinks these two are done! Barrett tries his best to be sympathetic as jessica has learned the final truth. Barrett offers a little more info, the power over the years has gone to Derricks head and now jessica's done with him. There is a party that night Barrett says for jessica's big getting out and he hopes she'll attend. jessica then borrows his bike to go do something, she doesn't offer what. The next shot then takes us to the the night and I'm assuming this is the big gathering for jessica as we see Barrett there along with several hundred other peeps. Lots of pornstars here including the Wicked girls and others you'll know including Spyder Jonez and Keni Styles. Ok maybe not several hundred, lol, but Brad's brought a lot of people here so this scene was a challenge to shoot.

Four Girl Orgy:

So as the party is going on we get a group of girls on the stage dancing and Alektra Blue decides to add some spice to this show hopping up there and within seconds the ladies including Sophia Santi are going at each other. Not a bad show right, enjoy a few drinks, your buds and lesbian sex!! It's another short scene but definitely some hot eye candy here.

So it's a new day and we get to check in with a different Wicked girl as we drop in on Kirsten Price at her shop. She's also visited by Randy Spears and another guy who aren't here on a friendly basis. Guess they're backing this little enterprise and wanted to stop by and spur Kirsten and crew on to a more successful course if you catch my drift. Ok more info, Randy is keeping Kirsten's dad out of prison and if she wants to keep him out then she needs to get more dirt and faster!As they leave Randy lets it out there's supposed to be a big rally for all the bike clubs that weekend and if she knows what's good for her that Kirsten will be there, I suspect she already had this planned.

Kaylani Lei & Asa Akira:

Looks like another club we're dropping in on and like the other two sex scenes this one sorta already begun as we hit it. Keni Styles is the lucky dude getting to play with these two hot Asian women. They're interrupted by another club member who isn't to happy, the girls have words but leave it to Keni who's about to get his dick sucked to send this lady packing. This leaves Asa and Kaylani free to share Keni's dick and they do a mighty fine job of that. You also get Kaylani moving up in a 69 shot giving Keni some pussy to enjoy and speaking of pussy the girls do some of this fine action too as Kaylani's tongue gets to dance between Asa's legs. The ladies look good in taking turns riding Keni's cock and there's more good 69 aciton too with Kaylani riding Asa's face! This scene is easily the longest so far, good idea too since these were two incredibly gorgeous women, no rushing this and we end up with Keni blasting his load all over Kaylani's pretty ass, Asa licking some up to share with her friend.

The scene then shifts back to the day and we're out and about on the large California freeway system which we see is packed with bikes. Lots of folks heading out for this rally and you see a few tricks pulled as the posse travels on down the road. Everyone blasts past a road closed sign-- obviously done for this rally and we see why as seconds later we're deep in bike racing! I see Keni Styles is one of the racers fresh off that hot fuck. Ok he arrives at a place of nourishment where Kaylani hops on to say hello. Among the others there you see Tommy Gunn, like I said this title is chalk full of porno people! The scene takes us to that group with Tommy and Spyder who listens as Mr. Gunn goes off about his exploits with a lady the night before. A good action sequence then as we get Dale Dabone in on a race and who starts it but Chanel Preston wearing a sexy pair of tight shorts which just so happen to have the word Speed emblazoned across her ass!! The shots for the race were tight and these guys pull off some tricks too.

Jada Fire, Marie Luv & Nyomi Banxxx:

So we leave the races to join Jada and her friends at another location and these fine ebony babes are face deep in cock as we join them. Of the three couples we have Prince Yashua doing some pussy eating enjoying Nyomi's sweet pink lips. The shot then moves to all three girls riding cock, two reverse and one cowgirl as the expanded shot delivers. No mixing up with the girls though and we end with Nyomi taking a big blast up her tits with Marie and Jada taking facials.

So it's after the fucking, people are dressed and Prince gets a visitor, Spyder Jonez. The guys are all playing top dog here but Prince is definitely the top dude and lets Spyder know it. Guess there is some money owed and Spyder better pay up, he gets the money from Dale Dabone he won in that earlier race but it's still only $2,000 of what we learn is $20,000 large that Spyder owes and for some reason Prince was charitable and gives him two weeks to pay up. Prince is at least bad ass in yelling two weeks at him as Spyder is sent packing but I think Spyder might have other plans. We go back to Barrett and jessica who are finishing off a meal. Mr. Blade has wandering eyes and Alektra Blue calls him on it coming over to give him her and Chanel's check to pay but she's cool inviting him to a pool party later. No trunks he says, perfect she purrs back!

jessica drake & Chanel Preston + others:

Wow we're over an hour into the movie and this is the first action for jessica. Anyway, she along with Barrett find the party and he's bummed that Alektra's already latched on to another dude but jessica's sure he'll find someone else. In the meantime Chanel heads over to sit close to jessica and as they say one thing leads to another and the girls are making out. We see that Barrett had indeed moved on to someone else finding Briana Blair. Other action here involved Alektra, Kirsten and Misty Stone along with the dudes- Mick Blue, Sascha and Marcus London. So we're not soley fixated on jessica as we see the other girls doing their thing too, Tory Lane's in the house too! I did enjoy seeing Chanel pretty face buried deep in jessica's box though. Lots to see here and the camera does its best to give you a taste of it all so don't expect long lingering shots with all this going on but it's cool seeing lots of peeps having sex. In face jessica and Chanel split as each goes off to different pairings. We do get a great shot of jessica sliding down on Eric Masterson's cock for a ride in reverse anal-- go jessica! Oh sweet we make this a dp for jessica moments later so that earlier party for her just extended to here! We hit the dp button for Miss drake in both cowgirl and reverse. jessica ends up taking two good facials to close this orgy out.

So it's the next morning and Barrett's there to wake up jessica who certainly had a time last night. The two are obviously going to hook up at some point and it's cool to see how they're dancing around it. So after jessica's cleaned up she hops on the bike and Barrett's not telling her where they're going, it's a surprise. This offers up another good shot of a bike rolling down the blacktop. The scenery in the CA desert has been cool to watch but living in AZ I'm used to this type of visual. The two enjoy another conversation and it turns serious as Barrett tries to find out why exactly jessica went away for Derrick those years back. Ok she tells a story then about a race she had with Manuel Ferrara who was escorting Tori Black in his car. The prize for jessica, a sweet watch around Tori's wrist, their prize if Manuel wins-- jessica! The race then unfolds and it ends up a tie so is there any fucking, lol.

jessica & Tori Black:

So after not seeing any fucking for jessica the first hour we're getting our second round mere moments after the first though that first one did come within an orgy. Even with a tie in their race jessica couldn't resist that big french cock so she joins Tori and Manuel back at their place. The women waste little time in freeing up his cock and as Manuel is known to do he goes behind to have some fun fingering Tori's ass and jessica wants some of that too gliding behind to lick at her pussy while Manuel digs into her ass, hell yeah! Tori looks pretty good here riding in cowgirl, P2OGM for jessica and we get Tori rising up for a quickie face sitdown on Manuel. jessica gets in on some of that hard dick too letting her pussy juices coat his shaft for the ride in cowgirl. We close with Manuel firing off his usual several lines of cum to their faces as the girls twirl tongues. Ok maybe I was wrong about that being a big reveal on what she did for Derrick but hey it was a great sex scene!

Back we go to Kirsten's shop and she gets a visitor as Brad Armstrong drops by. First time we're seeing Brad in this movie but he's got a sweet ride as you see. Seconds later we learn the real reason Brad's showing up at this time. He's with Randy and that other dude who also come by to let Kirsten know any info she gets is to be passed immediately to Brad. Another party arrives as Derrick Pierce pulls up as the other two cops disappear leaving just Brad and Kirsten. Ok Derrick's here with a list of parts needed and we also get some mano ah mano action, lol. Derrick gets all chest and balls with Brad who can answer back with the best of them as you see here. The men exchange pleasantries as Brad lets Derrick know he's the fall of the truck specialty guy, lol. The guys eventually stop measuring their cocks to come to an understanding! After Derrick leaves Randy returns to let Kirsten know they want some bigtime busts out of this-- drugs, bikes, illegal weapons that sort of thing and I don't think Kirsten needs to be told this.

Kirsten Price:

So the two lawmen leave allowing Brad and Kirsten to better perfect their cover together!! Some intense kissing, Brad fingering Kirsten's box- within moments her shorts are off and Brad's tongue joins his fingers in tasting Kirsten. We even turn her around so he can fingerbang her ass. No early bj, instead they move to Brad banging her doggiestyle, good open shot and they use a bike to prop themselves up. Ok Kirsten does get in some fine cock sucking after that first initial fuck, great close side view too as she works Brad over. Loved the open top shot we get too that showed off Kirsten's breasts, looking very nice. Back to riding then with reverse and cowgirl rounding out the action leading to Kirsten receiving a good facial.

The action then takes us back to the Asian gang's shop where Max Mikita and Kaylani catch up. Kaylani goes into further detail on why she joined the club. Max listens but doesn't quite get it. I thought this might lead to some girl on girl action but the stilted conversation instead ends with Kaylani saying goodnight and walking out. ON to a new day and a new location for the bike races. A bridge in downtown LA seems to be where these bike riders will seek their thrills this day. First up to party, jessica and Kirsten who roar down the blacktop, not racing for pinks, just $500. The race ends in a tie so Derrick Pierce offers his cock up to both girls who jointly tell him to basically fuck off but Kirsten does opine that maybe she and jessica should get a room, ouch!! Another race this time between Keni and Derrick and it doesn't end well for Mr. Styles who takes it out on Kaylani basically cutting her loose. Derrick was all to happy to let Miss Lei hop on his ride as the two leave together.

Kaylani Lei:

We follow along as the two lazily roll through the streets of LA arriving back to Derricks pad. Hell they roll right up into his living room on his bike. Everything Kaylani has is back at Keni's place. Derrick says just give him some time to cool off. Derrick is actually acting nice here, lol. Guess you would if you want a hot piece of ass! It works too as we soon have Derrick's face buried deep in Kaylani's honeypot. Great open shot too up her body showing the boobs and that cute face, the dark hair. Kaylani might be without a home for the time being but she can still suck a mean dick as she shows here, adding in some good stroking too. Cowgirl, doggie and spoon highlight the sex which ends with a very good open mouth/ facial pop for Kaylani, the cum dripping off her tongue and chin with fine cleanup too. Well turns out this was Kaylani's last ride literally as moments later they're outside Derrick's garage/ pad when Keni and crew ride by blasting away. We don't actually see any blood but seeing Kaylani lying prone with eyes closed and the haunting music should tell you all is not well for this pretty lady.

It's the same night and Kirsten is dropping by Brad's place and tells him she wants out, it's getting to heavy and she mentions the Kaylani slaying which Brad had also just heard about. Kirsten is very worried about what might happen if these bad asses find out she's a snitch. Brad tells her to stay the course but Kirsten tells them she wants her dad released if they want any more cooperation from her. Brad relents and does make a call to see if dad can be released. It's done Brad tells her and it will take a couple days for the paperwork before Kirsten can have him. So Kirsten offers up more info she learned after a different race. She wakes up and overhears talk amongst Spyder, Dale, Tommy and Alektra. Seems the groups talking about some truck? they're planning on knocking over. Spyder is quite confident mentioning he's got a guy on the inside and that his cut is 20% of the expected haul- $1.2 million, that's some dough Tommy comments. Alektra thinks she sees Kirsten listening and Dale goes to check but Kirsten quickly hits the sheets and plays asleep, guess it was Dale who brought her back.

jessica drake:

On to a new day and we catch up with Barrett and jessica who are at an oil field enjoying a brew. The two get right back into their last conversation which was the intense personal type which should help the two on their way to hooking up. Barrett finally gets around to mentioning them getting together and this leads to a slow lean down and the first kiss, passion time friends!! As the oil pumps up from the ground behind them we get Barrett undressing jessica working her top off and those nice tits into his mouth. Great too watching the action as jessica leans back on the bike. Now sucking cock in her position would prove difficult so we get the more traditional shot on the knees as jessica works Mr. Blade's blade in. Standing doggie, spoon and cowgirl here- this being the best shot. Barrett ends by exploding all over jessica's chest with some good cleanup from Miss Drake. Well this was set up the whole movie and it payed off with a good outdoor scene. As the two dress Barrett gets a call and guess who it's Derrick who evidently took a bullet too on that driveby though it wasn't fatal for him as it was for Kaylani. The two hurry off. But not before Barrett lets her know that he really wants jessica, wants to leave this life and take her with him, we'll see if that happens. To the hospital we go where the two arrive and check on Derrick. Ok guess my putting Kaylani in the afterlife were a bit premature as she's still alive and kicking, yay!!

Everyone then leaves the room and this allows Max to slip in and she is obviously distraught over what happened to Kaylani. She's not sure if Miss Lei can hear her but she tells her some good advice, to get out now. Kaylani manages to wake up long enough for the two to share a hand embrace and Max is gone. Barrett lets Derrick know the news about them leaving and Derrick doesn't take it well but doesn't stop them. Derrick does offer up the tidbit to take better care of jessica than he did. Derrick does offer an apology to jessica who accepts and tells him to take care of himself.

Alektra Blue:

We head back to the group featuring Alektra and Tommy. These two are alone and Alektra decides if they're going to fail at this job she's going to at least go out with one last bang! Tommy can't resist that even if she's Spyder's sister. Kissing, boobs come out and we get Alektra's fine energy worked onto Tommy's hard cock. Tommy returns the favor with some rapid fire licking before we move to Alektra riding in cowgirl with some P2M. A good bouncing ride in reverse is captured too before they move to spoon and also to Tommy tapping her ass. Good finish from doggie anal has Tommy unloading to Alektra's ass cheeks- now let's go rob somebody, lol.

It's the next day and hello it is job time. The set up has Spyder and crew pretty much blocking off the end of the street with a fallen back. They're doing the we need help and the driver of the armored truck is actually slowing down to avoid running them over, guess he's the inside guy Spyder talked about. Well the truck stops, the one driver is capped and thrown out by Spyder. The guy who was in the back of the truck was told to open up otherwise the driver gets it. He doesn't know the driver's in on the job so he opens up and hops out. Time for the loot. Tommy, Alektra and Dale get the dough but Spyder can't resist a double cross capping the driver who obviously won't be getting his 20%. They hear the sirens so know they have to book it leaving the carnage behind. Later that night we go to the pad where Alektra's counting out the loot while sounds of sex are heard in the background.

Shyla Sylez and Devon Lee:

We're nearing the end of the story but there is time for one last bit of sex!! It features two busty babes too and Spyder's there to sprinkle some money over the ladies as they have their fun together. Benjamins and vodka plus fucking! The ladies work his dick out and pass it between as we go ground level. As more money is littered around the bodies we get Devon going down on Shyla who gets a mouthful of Sypder cock. Damn this was a quick hitter of a scene as Spyder soon spreads the love to both faces. The girls dress and head out but I think with all that money lying around they'll be back! Ok the girls leave but Devon gets on the phone to someone-- I'm thinking it's Prince because he's owed bigtime by Spyder and she tells whoever it is that Spyder's alone and that he's got the money. Back to Spyder who hears a knock, thinks it's the girls but hello it's Prince and posse who take theirs and then string up Spyder for some fun! He's squirming but his mouth is covered so he has to take all this verbal abuse from Mr. Marcus who turns up the tunes when it comes time to drill Spyder and you'll see what I mean. The next shot then brings Alektra back in and she's sobbing as she ID's the body. The shot then goes to the jail where Keni Styles is being led in, guess they busted him for the Kaylani shooting. The shot then goes to Prince counting his money freshly taken from Spyder, we move to the prison then where Kirsten greets her dad and then it's the beach where Alektra's spreading out Spyder's ashes. Talk about wrapping everything up! No one gets away unscathed as we get Prince and crew picked up, Derrick ends up in Brad's office to atone and finally it's on to jessica and Barrett who are ready for one last ride but this time it's the nice easy stroll into the daylight, they're free and it's time to enjoy the open road!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So fans we've come to the end of another Brad Armstrong epic and I must say he keeps cranking out the big movies and they work. A good story here with lots of good dialogue that the actors deliver and deliver well. Each of the Wicked girls gets to shine in both the acting and sex. Lots of good shots on the bikes too from racing to using them as props in the scenes. You want action and sex this movie delivers on both counts. As for extras they don't fuck at Wicked Pictures as you get two discs of extra materials from making of's to extra sex, interviews. If you like motorcycles and always wanted some porn mixed in with the adrenaline rush of riding this movie is for you. I recommend it big time.

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