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astroknight Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning 4.5 starsSpartacus MMXII: The Beginning 4.5 starsSpartacus MMXII: The Beginning 4.5 stars
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Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning

Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/2/2012
Welcome adult fans to a new film from director Marcus London and if you watch the lengthy making of feature on the second disc you'll learn he had lots of help in this project from a couple of his costars, namely Tommy Gunn & Tony De Sergio. This movie is from what I gather based on the cable show Spartacus which I must confess to not having watched and largely am unfamiliar with the story its based on. Having said that I don't think you will need to know a lot about the whole Spartacus story/ legend to appreciate this piece of material which isn't a typical porn feature and watching the making of the planners of this project went to great lengths to make this movie very much their own from creating the costumes to making the sets and props such as helmets and swords. I was very impressed watching the second disc which laid out in great detail the hard work done to make Spartacus a success. Almost half a year went into the preparation for this and the principal photography took less than a week I think so goes to show if you prepare diligently you can make seemingly the hardest of tasks flow and the team here more than did that. Marcus, Tommy and Tony also had help from Miko Lee in producing this and she appears in the movie as well. The cast is top notch really with Devon Lee playing the wife to Tony's character Batiatus, Tanya Tate playing the daughter to Ben English who is a very important man. You also have Andy San Dimas playing one of the main slave girls as does Gracie Glam. Tommy Gunn plays Crixus who is a gladiator champion and also Devon Lee's fuck toy at least in the first scene though he has eyes for Gracie. Other players in this massive production included Brad Armstrong, Melanie Rios, Charley Chase, TJ Cummings, Nacho Vidal and Jenna Presley who plays Marcus London aka Spartacus wife though her role is more of a cameo in flashbacks until the final scene. So the story basically of the show is Batiatus acquiring Marcus who survives a seemingly unsurvivable encounter and taking him back to his home. This story also has the political flavor of the times and for the center piece of the film we will have a gladiator contest where they fight to the death against an enemy who seems to know no equal the giant Androcoles played by Reno who I hadn't seen in some time but this dude is huge and totally fit the role. So that's the basic premise for this show and watching it you see how Marcus, Tommy and Tony fit those elements in plus offering some sex. Everything about this movie can fit into what one would call an epic movie from the costumes to the sets to the music which was so good you could easily hear this in a mainstream movie and not think it out of place, certainly no cheesy porn music used in the making of this project. The movie begins with images of Jenna Presley being fucked mixed in with images of gladiators fighting and ultimately death. The dialogue seemed quite authentic to the times and the actors delivered them believably. The first shots feature Tony, Ben, Tanya and Kyle Stone watching the games. It was here that Spartacus wins though we don't get to see the fight. We also see how Tanya's character is confident in speaking her mind and eventually she gets an invite to Batiatus's home where she will have a little fun if you catch my drift.

We leave these games to go back to the House of Batiatus which at the moment is missing its master leaving the lady of the house, Lucretia aka Devon Lee, in need of sexual gratification and this leads to the first sex scene. She summons Crixus who while also being the champion gladiator of the house is also her sex slave. Tommy does a good job pleasing Devon who has a gorgeous body and I love her boobs! The lighting is darker but it totally fit the times as they had no electricity just candles and I suppose torches were as well. You still get good shots as the two couple. Afterwards we go to daylight and we see Batiatus making his return leading a couple men in chains behind his chariot. I think as you watch this movie you will appreciate the work done in all aspects from sets to costumes and each new set offers further evidence of the work put into this undertaking. Other good effects include the blood shots when a gladiator suffered a lethal blow-- very much in the 300 vein from a movie I have watched. The story now shifts to the House of Batiatus for the remainder of the show as we watch the warriors train under the watchful eye of the head fighter/ trainer. Tommy Gunn, Marcus and TJ are included in the guys who train in the arena. After such a long journey we see Lucretia has summoned a gift for her husband and India Summer comes in leading to our second sexual encounter. Andy San Dimas also joins in to pleasure Devon who watches India and Tony fuck for a few minutes. Ultimately she joins in leading to a pretty good open mouth pop shot for Devon.

This movie takes good care in the relations between characters and you might not know the whole story line behind what they are discussing but you can gather an appreciation for how it's delivered and shot as well. So Tanya Tate arrives along with Nacho Vidal and we watch as they enjoy the wines and pleasures of the flesh of the House Batiatus. Nacho gets to play with Melanie Rios and Carina Roman while Tanya is taken to another location where Devon assembles the warriors and from them Tanya picks Marcus. The Nacho pairing with Melanie and Carina was good but the main focus was easily on the Tanya/ Spartacus fucking which was very aggressive in the fact he was so concentrated on winning his freedom that if fucking this woman is required then he'll do it but no in a romantic way. Tanya seems a bit freaky too loving this approach from Marcus so it was a good scene. During the same night we also have Brad Armstrongs character arriving for the upcoming games and he comes across as gay to me and seems to fancy Tommy Gunn who is summoned to court but instead of gay sex we get Brad sitting down and Gracie is brought forward. Earlier in the film Tommy had expressed his desire for Gracie who did not return his affection but I think she likes him but not everything that he has to do, I could be wrong. Anyway the two are made to fuck while everyone watches and this leads to some tender music playing while Tommy is forced to have sex. He even wipe away a single tear drop that has begun to fall down Gracie's face. Her garment is easy to remove as well and it takes Brad prompting him but Tommy does eventually lower Gracie to the floor and they make love. This was in stark contrast to the scene we just watched with Tanya. You also have Melanie and Carina still going at it in the backdrop.

The story then shifts back to gladiator training and we see Marcus with a big piece of wood draped across his back as he walks in a circle. Tony then comes out with the big news of the upcoming games that will be taking place at his home. For the ultimate fight we will get Crixus and Spartacus taking on the shadow of death, Androcoles. Devon is worried about losing some of their warriors in these games but then Batiatus points out the economic implications which even in 70 BC were important. More images then of the warriors training and I have to say they did a bang up job of portraying the men battling using slow motion images along with the fast paced fighting all mixed together with the music. It was most impressive to watch. You really could have been watching a mainstream movie here save for the times they mixed in the sex it was that well done. We learn during these times at the house of Batiatus that Crixus doesn't like Spartacus and the two men can't seem to get along. Spartacus tries to make overtures but is rebuffed during one particularly good scene that has Tommy in a hot tub with a few hotties included in them Charley Chase, Nicole Aniston and Princess though obviously she doesn't give him head. It was just a bj scene with the girls but again the dialogue and music helped to make the visual even more powerful. After he is finished off Tommy is called by Tony do head off and take care of a little matter that a rival has raised who is unhappy with the games taking place at the House Batiatus. You can guess Tommy is dispatched to kill this man. Back to Tony who isn't done with business as he summons another friend who he hasn't seen in some 20 years, Miko Lee. She has some powers that can be brought to bare against Androcoles and she doesn't want coin for her efforts but instead settles for a little loving from the head of the house. Mike Lee looks great here and the two have a fine scene here including oral for both and bonus time anal sex for Miko!

The movie is working its way towards the big moment and we still get some sex worked in when Andy San Dimas goes to visit TJ Cummings and it seems the two have a history together though from watching the film I don't see how they met. Perhaps this was addressed in the cable version of this show. Anyway she visits him on the eve of the big fight and the two fuck, good to see Andy having sex with a guy again. The darkness isn't ideal for seeing the entire scene as you might in a better lit porn movie but again fit the times and you still see more than enough to know the two enjoyed themselves. The movie then takes us to where Androcoles is readying himself for the battle and Mike joins him and seems to offer that he can enjoy a true death which he doesn't seem opposed to. The day of the big event arrives and TJ is the first to be sent out to battle one of his fellow gladiators but this time it isn't for training. This time it is to the death which sadly for TJ comes while his lover, Andy watches from the vip box which has Brad, Ben, Tanya, Devon and Tony watching the festivities below. The battle with TJ and his fellow warrior presents the best choreographed fighting yet in this production. The big event happens finally as Spartacus and Crixus come out followed by Androcoles. The battle isn't a long one but some great moves were done here which you see planned out in the second making of disc that is included with the main movie. Sadly Crixus doesn't survive and Spartacus ends up dealing the fatal blow that gives Androcoles the truth death and also wins Spartacus his freedom. Afterwards he gets to be reunited with his wife Jenna Presley and the two have a short but fulfilling sex scene. Just as they finish you see people walking towards their location and even though he is drained of sperm Spartacus still has a keen mind and turns in time to face these new enemies just as we go to credits!

Final Thoughts:

This project from Marcus London, Tommy Gunn and Tony De Sergio was sweeping in its scope and offered up a great story filled with great costumes, sets, dialogue and yes some good sex as well. The cast was chosen wisely and along with the visuals helped to carry this movie successfully along. The ending does set up for a sequel and we can hope Marcus and the team decide to come up with one and perhaps some AVN award recognition come Jan. 2013 will help spur them along to creating one as this story certainly offers up more appealing possibilities that can be explored in another movie. New characters as well as old ones can return and further the story of Spartacus the cheater of death. Now for extras you get a second disc which offers an hour long making of that shows swords being made as well as helmets. It was interesting to watch. There is also nearly an hour long piece of short interview clips with the main leads in this show- Marcus, Tommy and Tony with Devon showing up as well. I would urge you to watch this second disc as it helps explain what they were trying to accomplish in this show which I think was a big success in so many areas. A job well done and shows that putting time and effort into any project helps the chances of success increase greatly.

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