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Space Nuts

Space Nuts

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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ExperimentalGuy's ratings for Space Nuts:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Space Nuts overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Space Nuts Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Space Nuts Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Space Nuts Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Space Nuts Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Space Nuts DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Space Nuts A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by ExperimentalGuy  on  7/11/2004

Space Nuts

Directed by – Jonathan Morgan
Running time (approx): 177mins

A feature sci-fi spoof that pokes fun at Hollywood classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars may seem like perfect material for a porn movie, and in many ways it is, with the delicious Stormy as the brilliantly named Princess Hubba Hubba (who’s costumes are wonderfully Star Wars meets Buck Rogers meets Flesh Gordon). She is fleeing her galaxy (the Clitoran system) in an attempt to avoid becoming the bride of the Evil Overlord (Mike Horner in a none sex role), who has discovered that by marrying her he will inherit all her empire. Basic plot is helped along by ten sex scenes, of which I will try and detail below.

Scene One
Right at the beginning of this 3hr spoof, we see Princess Hubba Hubba with a sailor-boy clothed servant, and they have sex in her nicely done quarters on her fleeing star ship. We are also introduced to Randy Spears’ excellent dead-pan Jeeves, a Robotic ‘man servant’, who seems more than a little sexually frustrated having to work for this pneumatic, big breasted blonde bomb shell (which is quite understandable). What follows is a pretty good one on one between the Princess and the sailor-boy (Trevor Zen), and we get some good cock sucking, followed by pussy-eating / fingering then great reverse cowgirl fucking. A quick mention must go to the use of condoms – this movie has condoms on through out and only without during blowjob and cum shots. Generally, I prefer to see sex minus a condom, but it never really distracted from my enjoyment of the scenes. Next we get some good missionary with The Princess resting one leg on the sailor-boy’s shoulder, and an excellent hand job / blow job (completely with lots of tongue action) concludes a hot scene. Stormy uses her hand to jerk him off until he shoots an average cum shot to her face and mouth.

Scene Two
A crew member (Scott Stiles) from The Princess’ star ship is accidentally beamed aboard the Evil Overlord’s ship, and he is taken away to be questioned by Devinn Lane’s Dark Witch. Now I was hoping for a good look at Devinn, who it has to be said is not looking too good in her Goth make up and weird costume. Hopefully she’ll prove more visually interesting later in the movie. For now though, Scott is tied in chains and a Hologram (Kim Chambers) has to administer a reward fuck for him giving details to Devinn about Princess Hubba Hubba’s location after her star ship is destroyed. Kim is a good cock sucker, and the setting is pretty good in a dungeon bathed in red light, but things go a little down hill once Kim gets her tits out, as her breast implants must be some of the most unattractive I have ever seen – they look horrible! Thankfully these only come out half way through and we get some good action regardless, with some standing missionary (Kim has her foot resting athletically on Scott’s shoulder), then we get reverse cowgirl, followed by doggy. The concluding blowjob looks great in red light and it has to be said, Kim does seem at her best when sucking cock – and she looks up to Scott with convincing lust. I could not see the pop shot as his cock seemed a little too much in her mouth as he came, but she lets some of the cum dribble out to hang off his cock to show he did shoot something!

Scene Three
The next scene see’s Randy Spears’ Jeeves hired as a pleasure droid at the Casino Floating Balls, where we are also first introduced to galactic rogue Buzz Starfocker (Evan Stone). Jeeves seems very eager to please as he is given his first client, the tasty black babe Kaylani Lei, dressed in white hot pants, interesting high-heeled shoes and a leather-looking bodice. In a white, brightly lit bedroom, Kaylani gets to work on Randy’s cock after some fun comedy showing off Randy’s talents as a comedian. I’m really warming to Randy (not in a gay way) as he is one likeable guy! This is a great scene mainly because I found Kaylani very appealing, and the action is good with cowgirl, doggy and a decent cum shot as Kaylani jerks him off onto her tongue. The make-up on Kaylani’s eyes looked great and she was very vocal and sexy.

Scene Four
Jessica Drake plays a blue-skinned alien who seems hot for Evan Stone’s galactic rogue and eventually convinces him to fuck her (why he is reluctant is anyone’s guess). With her interesting Klingon-like eye make up and silvery-blue hair, this is going to be one weird sex scene! Jessica has a great body with natural-looking tits and soon gets to work on Evan’s cock when she takes him into her chambers. Now I have to admit, I thought Evan’s long, thin cock looked wrong. I could not stop thinking how much it resembled an Elephants trunk, and it has to be said, it spoilt the scene for me considerably. Still, the great look of Jessica distracted me mostly, and the action is good if not that great. I was looking forward to this scene when I first heard of it, but I have to admit it’s probably the weakest in the whole movie. Positions include: doggy followed by missionary, reverse cowgirl, and finally a poor cum shot to Jessica’s mouth where Evan has to jerk himself off. I was hoping for a good facial considering how the cum would have stood out on her blue face! Oh well, it was not to be.

Scene Five
Now it looks like Buzz and the Dark Witch are going to get it on, but the reluctant Buzz manages to sneak away, leaving a hologram-recreation of a jungle for two eager space lovers. Oh well – maybe we’ll see Devinn a little later on… A squeaky voiced blonde with a nice natural body is Katie Morgan with Steve Hatcher. This attractive looking couple take full advantage as they make out on an obviously fake Rock, surrounded by trees. This is a nice change of scenery, and their silver space suits are charming. Katie is soon let out of hers to reveal small tits with a tattoo above the left nipple. The kissing is hot like they are really into each other, and Katie takes out his cock and gives him a good blowjob, with some nice panning overhead camera work. Katie is very cute and probably one of the prettiest girls in the movie next to Stormy herself. We get missionary, doggy and standing doggy. Nice penetration shots and its all very energetically performed. Steve then jerks off and squirts into her mouth, which she laps up, with great eye contact. Katie also keeps her boots on throughout – always a bonus.

Scene Six
Stormy steps up for her second sex scene, and this one is a keeper. Stormy dressed up in shoulder padded Princess wedding gear that looks so great, has a nice scene with a guy (Julian) from her wedding rehearsal to Evil Overlord. Julian has a big tattoo on his arm, and he looks like some Bounty Hunter, and they are obviously into one another, as they have sex on a long patio bench. Good kissing leads into the standard blow job that the Princess does just beautifully, kissing his trousers until she reveals his man-flesh. Another cock to outshine Evan Stone’s again. Stormy is a very vocal performer in this one, and starts out riding Julian in reverse cowgirl, keeping her furry padded coat on (a nice touch). That leads into standing doggy, with again some nice close ups and zoom outs (Jonathan Morgan’s direction is faultless in all scenes). Stormy, loosing the coat, is wearing similar boots to Katie Morgan, and looks great in them. Stormy’s big, enhanced breasts look fantastic and are very well done. Next, Julian spoons her from behind as they lay on the bench, again a shot enhanced by the boots, and it was nice to see the guy playing with her pussy whilst fucking her. The two whisper stuff to each other through out which is sexy. The concluding cum shot has Julian jerking himself off and giving a forceful splatter to the Princess’ mouth lips and chin, that Stormy can’t help but grin and unintentionally find amusing (mainly because he looks like he’s never going to stop). One of the best scenes in the movie.

Scene Seven
The Evil Overlord’s General (Kyle Stone) conjures up to exotic beauties from just two pills that he drops onto a bed (now there’s an invention!), and we get a great three way where the girls suck on his cock. Then the girl in a pink wig (Amber Rain) and striped knee socks is fucked in missionary on a bed as her silver haired friend (Casey Pink) watches and fondles herself, occasionally taking out the general’s cock for a good sucking. Kyle then fucks Casey doggy style (as she tongues Amber’s pussy). This is a great scene and one I couldn’t help jump to when first putting the DVD in my player as both girls look amazing in their futuristic outfits, and the bedroom is well done with futuristic furnishings. The costumes and wigs just add so much that I found this one of the most orgasmic scenes in the movie – and it is passionately performed yet again. Both girls are naturally breasted (always a plus), and scene concludes nicely with the general popping his nut on both girls faces.

Scene Eight
Finally. Devinn Lane gets a scene with Evan Stone after some casual flirting and they get together in her quarters (possibly the same dugeon-esque room from scene two). After seeing this girl throughout the movie, I admit she is pretty hot, and probably looks better minus the make-up. She is a good actor especially as she delivers her lines very sexily to Buzz Starfocker. Yet thankfully it’s not long before she’s sucking his cock, after sucking on his tongue, and Buzz gets her nice big (natural?) tits out. The scene is pretty dark with subtle red lighting, and it looks great. Devinn sucks cock well, but I am more interested in seeing the rest of her. Sadly she keeps the majority of her clothing on, but she looks good anyway as Buzz 69’s her and eats out her pussy, then she rides him in reverse cowgirl, which gives us a good view of her body, followed by missionary with Devinn’s foot resting on Buzz’s shoulder – which again looks great. Devinn is wearing boots as well, which as before looks good also. Scene concludes with Buzz jerking his cock until he sprays a poor amount of cum on her tits. Once again, Evan Stone remains an unimpressive performer.

Scene Nine
For his valiant heroic duties throughout the movie, Randy Spears’ Jeeves is rewarded with his own pleasure droid (Holly Stevens), in the form of a beautiful, cute blonde (with pink streaks in her hair) all dressed up in pink. He understandably can’t wait to fuck her, and takes her to his room. This is one cute babe! Holly starts out by sucking his cock, and looks lovely doing so in this well lit scene. Her tongue is pierced, and she has lovely eyes, that make frequent eye contact with Randy. Then she rides him cowgirl, sporting an ass I’m sure Jules Jordan would love to shoot, and she’s fucked really well by Randy, who is soon pounding her doggy style, with great shots of her body (and she’s wearing those transparent high heels that I love!). This is a great scene and very well performed, that concludes again with a cum shot to the face – but Randy delivers a nice healthy load, so the repetition is for once, worth it.

Scene Ten
You knew this was coming, didn’t you? The final fuck of this entertaining movie is between Stormy’s Princess Hubba Hubba and the increasingly likeable Buzz Starfocker. The only thing that dropped my anticipation for this scene was my general opinion of Evan Stone as a performer – but hopefully in the company of Stormy he’ll prove is worth. Stormy goes to work on his cock after some reward passion-kissing, and she’s again a fantastic cock sucker, making even Evan’s unusual cock look good. She also sports a submissive hands-behind-the-back position as Evan probes his cock in her mouth, and it adds an extra erotic feel to the scene. Jonathan Morgan seems to be directing this scene as the climax to the movie it is, with orchestral, sweeping music, and it works magnificently. Next, Evan eats out the Princess’ pussy, devouring her like he hasn’t been fed for months, and Stormy looks great, cavorting her body orgasmically. Some of the camera angles really show off her legs in high heels as he eats her out. Next the Princess is riding Buzz in reverse cowgirl, a long sequence where Evan’s cock gives her a good work out, then he eats out her pussy some more as she lies on her back, before fucking her missionary. At this point he holds her legs apart and it looks great as he holds each foot and stretches his arms out. Then finally he cums on her face as she hangs off the end of the bed and again delivers an insubstantial load. Stormy was brilliant, but I was still not taken with Evan…maybe I was still reeling from images of Elephant trunks or something.

DVD extras
The second DVD in this nicely presented set (it comes in a cardboard box housing two separate DVD cases), is full of extras, and we are given a 37 minute making of, which is very good. Then we have lots of photo galleries (which are sadly only on moving recordings). Add to this a trivia game, DVD-ROM wallpaper and screensavers as well as a Wicked Casino game and lots of other footage (including a brief Stormy photo shoot) and this is a pretty packed selection. The commentary that is on DVD 1 has a few good moments, with on screen commentary and we even get to see Stormy masturbate as she talks. Sadly this on-screen stuff is not through out, which I guess would have proved boring.

The sound is in Dolby Digital 5.1 and is crystal clear. I thought the music used for each scene was perfect, exciting and suitably rock in style. The menus on the DVD are superbly done rivalling anything on a mainstream DVD, with 3D motion menus and good, easy to get around navigation. The movie impressively is presented in wide-screen anamorphic format. A note to Wicked – there seems to be a lot of colour bleed in the picture, which I have since been told about – this is pretty poor for such a respected studio.

Final thoughts
This is an enjoyable if rather silly comedy that is done quite well, in a B-movie fashion. Hats off to everyone regarding their performance, especially Evan Stone (who’s acting proved better than expected) and the excellent Devinn Lane. For a porn film I suppose the special effects were rather good, and the costumes and sets are all excellent. The story is nothing special, and most of the jokes fall flat – yet the sex is good, and with ten scenes, you get good value for money. Overall I think I prefer more serious action, and the sex is pretty tame (with no anal), which granted, I expected. Still as a feature it delivers and is entertaining and good masturbatory fodder – just don’t expect too much and you’ll come away suitably impressed.

Verdict: 3.5 /5

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