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South of the Border 2 (Red Light District)

South of the Border 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Gonzo , Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for South of the Border 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality South of the Border 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  10/15/2004


Prologue The South Of The Border series is something of a homecoming for Mike John. It was in Latin America that Anabolic discovered him whoring around, and I think initially used him as a talent scout. He speaks the language and obviously appreciates the women. Sativa Rose and Chiquita Lopez round out a cast of unknown South Americans. This could be fun.
Chiquita Lopez, a doll faced cutie from Mexico, is snuggling close to Erik Everhard as he gives her affectionate little kisses and she dry humps him. She goes fishing in his pants and finds something to suck on. She takes some nice deep pulls on his cock, completely filling her mouth, but not engulfing him completely. Erik kisses her for her efforts and snacks on her tits before putting her head back on his dick. He props her on the couch, ass facing him, and laves her holes. Erik's laundry gets dropped in a hurry and he's up her snatch with his peripatetic cock in doggy. Chiquita's ass gets probed with his thumb and he wastes no time replacing that with his cock. Some gaping, spitting, fingering and Chiquita gets a taste of her ass fed to her with his fingers. A2M with a quick cut to CG vag. Soon enough this is turned anal again. Chiquita is gaped again, but she wants the dick in there. There's a steady stream of Espanol flowing out of Chiquita's mouth throughout the scene. Erik takes her for a flying anal and then sets her on the couch for mish, stuffing her panties in her mouth. A2P and back again. More gaping, spitting and hard fingering with a taste. Back to mish anal and gaping again. Erik is just ruining this poor girl's ass so he gives it a rest and fucks her pussy for a little while. Not too long, though, as he goes back to mish anal and gaping, A2P and back with A2M. Cut to RC vag with a quick change to anal. Gaping and back to her pussy. For some reason Chiquita curses Erik and he takes her flying again. Cut to mish vag and back to anal. Erik takes his cock directly from her ass to unload in Chiquita's mouth (no cut for stills or wanking), and she gives him some great PCH.
Javiera The action shifts to the south of the border for real here. From the BTS I'm assuming that Mike commandeered a whorehouse in South America, and that's where he found the talent on this video. Javiera is introduced to us and she's fairly attractive, with a nice body and a little bit of English comprehension under her belt. Mike conducts the interview and helps her out when she doesn't understand. Erik is back and he brought along his friend Steve Holmes to help out. Javiera is put right to work sucking their over sized schlongs. She sucks Steve while Erik plays with her pussy from behind preparing her for the standing doggy he initiates. Steve kisses and fondles her as she takes more cock than she's apparently used to in her pussy. It looks like Erik brings her off quickly as her face and chest flush. Steve moves her into CG and she sucks Erik. He knows how to tell her to open her mouth in Spanish. I'm impressed. She doesn't have great oral technique and her attention is wandering because of the cock in her pussy. RC on Erik with Steve getting head. Standing doggy for Steve and Erik puts Javiera on the rotisserie. There's another girl in the room watching the proceedings from the sideline with a member of the crew and she gets hot enough to give him a quick bj. She's really hot looking, too. Back to Javiera being turned on the spit to her side, another glimpse of the other girl, and back to Javiera taking Erik in mish and trying to service Steve. As the guys move Javiera around on the bed for new positions we get some quality time with the other girl, still giving head and looking incredibly fine. RC on Steve for Javiera and head for Erik. CG on Erik and head for Steve. Cut to Erik dropping a load on Javiera's tongue, which she swallows. Steve follows with a true facial and adios.
Carla, a 22 yr old, is introduced and immediately set upon by Steve Holmes. He takes some time to enjoy her body and trade some affectionate kisses. Cut to Carla prepping his cock with her mouth. Like Javiera before her, she doesn't seem to be to accomplished at this. Steve cuts it short and turns her around to bury his face in her ass. They try the bj again, this time no hands, and it looks a little better, but Steve stops it again, plays with her ass and penetrates Carla in mish. She really doesn't have much energy but Steve seems to like her tightness. He picks her up for a little flying and sets back down on the couch for CG. Steve is doing all the work and it takes a while before Carla starts to ride on her own. P2M and cut to a doggy anal penetration. That changes quickly to spoon and we can see that he barely has more than the tip embedded. Steve keeps working it, though, and Carla strokes her pussy to make things go easier. This progresses into RCA and I'm starting to wonder it there's a lube shortage in South America. It all looks so dry and difficult. A2M, just the tip, as though Carla was expecting an explosion. She rims him and sucks his cock some more. Cut to mish anal and a quick cut to Carla licking Steve's balls while he whacks off over her face, finally depositing his load in her mouth.
Cherry's not much to look at facially, but she does have a nice body and a good attitude. For that she gets two studs, Steve and Erik. Steve licks her pussy while Erik gets Cherry's tongue. Steve gets head next and Erik plants his pole in mish. It appears that Erik can translate his usual "Yes, yes, yes!" into Spanish as well. He does go to town on her pussy and Cherry seems to enjoy it. Cut to doggy for Steve with a nice view of her firm round ass. Erik gets head. Steve transfers to her ass and Cherry's first English word spills out: "Wow!" They don't waste any time turning it into a DP and cut to an RCDP. Erik pulls her off the cocks, exposing her gape and giving Steve a short run at her rectum. Back to the RCDP and another rectum run for Steve before he has her suck him clean. Double vag is next in RC and cut to CGDP with gaping. Cut to double anal in RC and Cherry seems game for everything. She has been spouting superlatives throughout the scene. Cut to Steve slamming her ass in mish leading to a copious creampie that cums pouring out of her anus as he disengages. Erik then hammers her pussy and cums on Cherry's mouth. Some double PCH and happy noises end this scene.
Sativa Rose Mike John makes a big show of Sativa's body, and with good reason. He calls in another Mike, Stefano, to share the joy and he goes right at her, fondling and licking, saying sweet things. He asks about her back door, but that's off limits. Kissing leads to muff diving and Mike rubs his face all over her lips. They kiss and Sativa finds his cock, asking him to fuck her. He's still fully clothed and not fully hard, but manages to spoon fuck Sativa. P2M and more kissing. Mike's pants finally come down and Sative hops on the cock in CG. They do some flying and more P2M, turning into a full scale bj with ball sucking. Mike pulls her back on the couch for RC and he hammers her as she lays back on his body. More P2M and back to RC. More muff diving with Sativa licking Mike's face clean. Mish penetration, more pussy eating and back to mish. No hands P2M and Mike gently fucks her face. Doggy and more no hands head. Cut to Stefano dropping his load right on Sativa's tongue, which she swallows and follows with some PCH.
Bonus Julianna is interviewed by Mike and he tries to get some answers about what she's going to do and likes. She likes everything and really doesn't want to talk about it, seemingly. The cocks are brought on and Julianna goes to work. She sucks them in tandem and shows a little more oral skill than the other Chilean performers. Cut to Steve fucking her in mish and showing off his new command of Spanish superlatives: "Oh, si!" and "Spectacular!". Erik keeps her mouth busy, even face fucking her in an up and over. Steve turns her on her side, probes the anus and is soon fucking it. For people who like hairy pussies, Julianna may trim, but she doesn't shave. She plays with her pussy as Steve cornholes her, so they figure she must want a DP, and make it so in RC. Erik takes her ass in doggy and tries to gape her, but the hole stays closed. Steve gets his pipe cleaned. A2M for Erik and Julianna follows by mounting Steve and allowing Erik back in her ass for the DP. A2M and back to the CGDP for a few strokes and more A2M. Rinse and repeat. Cut to Julianna on the floor asking for "Leche". Steve is the first to accommodate and drops a fine load on her tongue, which is swallowed immediately with a nice smile. Erik follows suit and Julianna really seemed to enjoy this part of her scene, giving some nice PCH and waving goodbye.
Epilogue I really wasn't feeling this video. I realized that it would be different from normal Porn Valley fare because most of these women aren't used to performing in front of cameras, but I thought there would be much more fun. Crazy gringos invading Chile and fucking them in ways they're unacustomed to, and that may be the problem. They're just used to meat and potatoes sex, and maybe only look at it as a job. The only one who truly looked to be in her element was Cherry, and she was obviously older than the others. Chiquita and Sativa put on the kind of performances I would expect, and if this was a stronger video, would have made it more satisfying. Technically, it's solid porn. Just lacking in the performances. I feel guilty about this review because I really like Mike John's work and the only reviews I've done of his ouvre have been less than glowing. I feel like re-renting NCDA 3 just to knock out a good one that's more representative of his work.
The Disk The aforementioned bonus scene, BTS and photo gallery.
Recommendation I can't recommend this title. Obviously, if you're totally into Sativa or Chiquita, then by all means, pick it up.

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