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South American Pie

South American Pie

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Latin , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Flash's ratings for South American Pie:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
South American Pie overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks South American Pie Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks South American Pie Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex South American Pie Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting South American Pie Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras South American Pie DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality South American Pie A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Flash  on  9/5/2003

South American Pie

A disc review by Flash
Release Specs:

Distributor: Zero Tolerance
Edition Details: Standard
MSRP: $39.95
DVD Release Date: May 14, 2003

Movie Specs:

All Sex
Run Time: 110 minutes
Rated: XXX
Release Year: 2003
Director: Richard Larusa
Written by: uncredited
Cast: Morgana, Barbara, Anita, Carol, Jessica, Karine, Kelly, Andrea, Mona Lisa (as Monaliza), Wesley, Hugo, Carlao, Jamaica, Alex, Falcao, Christian

      Disc Specs:

Audio: Portuguese 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles: none
Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1
Video Format: NTSC
Regional Code: 0 (All)
Disc: DVD 9 (SS, DL)
Special Features: Photo Gallery, Fetishes, Bonus Scenes, Masturbations, Strip Tease
DVD-ROM Special Features: none

menu screen Synopsis:
This is an all sex film featuring six sex scenes with beautiful South American women.

South American Pie is presented with a Portuguese 2.0 Stereo track, which works alright for the material being presented on the disc.  The audio mostly consists of the sex scenes and music during the interludes.  There are a few instances of dialog in the movie, which are in Portuguese, but not too many.  I think that it's great that Zero Tolerance kept the original dialog, however they could have included English subtitles, so the viewer knew what was being said or an optional English dubbed track.  Other than that one issue there is no problems with the audio for the film.  Zero Tolerance hasn't included any English or foreign language tracks other than Portuguese or subtitle options for the feature film.

South American Pie is presented in the full screen aspect ratio of 1.33:1, which appears to be the original aspect ratio for the film.  The picture presentation on the disc is beautiful sporting a crystal clear picture with no artifacts, blemishes or glitches to be seen at any point during the movie.  Flesh tones look natural and colors look nice.  Viewers shouldn't have any complaints about the video quality displayed on this disc.

Special Features:
Zero Tolerance has done a great job of compiling a nice collection of extras for the disc.  There is a photo gallery with fifteen stills that you flip through yourself.  There is fetishes that contains anal sex clips from the movie, cum shot clips and double penetration clips.  There are two bonus scenes, one is a seven-and-three-quarter minute girl/girl scene with Anita and Barbara and one is a six-and-one-quarter minute girl/girl scene with Carol and Jessica.  There is masturbations that contains two solo scenes that last for a total of nine minutes.  The final extra is strip tease which contains dance sequences with all of the females in the movie that lasts for fourteen minutes.  The all can't be considered actual strip teases though as several of the females start out nude or partially nude.

screen shot Disc Design/Navigation:
The disc is designed with simple animated menus that look great and give a nice feel going into the movie.  There are six chapters available from the chapter menu.  Each one is identified by a video clip and the names of the female stars present in the scene.  There are seven chapter stops within the feature film itself.  There is no time code encoded on the disc for the feature film.  Given the limited chapter stops, this makes navigation through the disc hard for viewers looking for a specific portion of the movie.  An interesting note though is that the extras all have a time code.

General Review:
South American Pie is an all sex movie made in South America.  There are short interludes between the sex scenes but nothing that would really make this a vignette movie although one scene is slightly plotted.  There are some excellent exterior location shots in between the sex scenes during the interludes.

Sadly though all but one of the actual sex scenes takes place indoors.  Another one start out with a semi-exterior location, but then quickly relocates to inside.  This is too bad as I always wish that these movies made in exotic locales featured more exterior scenes that show off the locales.  The interior locations are your standard adult movie fare.  Mostly composed of what appears to be hotel rooms and rather empty rooms.

screen shot The females in the movie look great and look very different than your standard adult movie cast members.  Sporting on average smaller than standard adult movie breasts and mostly unmodified bodies, it's a nice change.  The men aren't so nice, many of them with hairier than your average adult star which is rather bad when the camera is focused on their hairy ass for too long.

The sex scenes are decent but leave room for improvement.  There is an nice variety to them, but too often I got the feel that someone was going down the necessary sex act check list instead of letting the scenes flow more naturally.  The third scene, with Karine, Kelly, Carlao and Jamaica I felt seemed to feel too staged.  With both sets of the one on one couplings doing exactly the same acts at the same time.  I think the scene would have played better with some variances in what the couplings were doing.  I also think there was a missed opportunity in the second scene with Anita Barbara and Hugo.  The scene starts out with some brief footage of Anita and Barbara interacting before the full blown scene started.  The two had good chemistry together and I whish that their interaction had been longer before the full scene started.  The footage exists because it is included in the extras, but I think it would have played better in the movie.  The sexual themes in the film are vaginal and anal sex with blow jobs, pussy eating, A2M, P2M, lesbianism, pussy fingering, female masturbation, anal fingering, DP and gaping.  For viewers that care about condom use, there are no condoms used in the movie.

screen shot The technical qualities of the movie are decent.  There is some nice camera work present in the scenes.  The way the movie is hot, the movie gives the viewer more of a feel of a private interaction than a straight out adult movie.  There is a lack of medium-close shots used though as most are either extreme close-up or medium-long shots.  There are also too many cutesy fades used to change shots rather than just cuts.

Scene Synopsis:
The first scene brings us Andrea and Wesley and starts out with Wesley licking Andrea's pussy.  Then she gives him a blow job.  They go into the vaginal sex and then follow that up with some anal sex.  The scene ends with Wesley cumming in Andrea's mouth.

The second scene features Anita, Barbara and Hugo.  The scene starts out with Anita and Barbara grinding their pussies together.  Then Hugo enters the scene and the two give him a blow job while he fingers one of their pussies.  Then Hugo has vaginal sex with one of them while the other occasionally partakes in some P2M.  The female who was partaking in the P2M moves and sits on Hugo's face.  They change positions again and the female who was on Hugo's face masturbates while the other enjoys more vaginal sex.  Then the three get in a sandwich with Hugo on top and Hugo alternates having vaginal sex with Anita and Barbara.  They switch positions again so Hugo is having anal sex with one of the females and the other one is eating out the anally penetrated female's pussy.  To end the scene, Hugo cums on both of their faces.

The third scene brings us Karine, Kelly, Carlao and Jamaica.  The scene starts out with each of the females paring up with one of the males and the females start out by giving the males a blow job.  After changing location they go into some vaginal sex.  Then they move around so the females are sandwiched and a male is on either end.  The males alternate between vaginal sex with the females and some oral action with the other female.  Then they go into some anal sex before going into a DP.  To end the scene, each of the males tries to cum on the females' faces, one doesn't really seem to cum though.

screen shot The fourth scene features Mona Lisa and Alex and starts out with Mona giving Alex a blow job.  Then Alex eats out her pussy before they go into some vaginal sex.  The two switch into some anal sex and to end the scene Alex cums on Mona's face.

The fifth scene brings us Morgana and Falcao and the scene starts out with Falcao fingering Morgana's pussy before she drops down to blow him.  Then they switch over into some vaginal sex followed by some anal sex.  To end the scene, Falcao cums on Morgana's cheek.

The sixth and final scene in the film features Carol, Jessica and Christian.  The scene starts out with the two females working each other over and eating some pussy.  Then they go into some pussy grinding before Christian enters the scene and they start giving him a blow job.  Then they go into some vaginal sex while the odd female out works over the other one with some P2M thrown into the mix.  They relocate for some anal sex and reposition so the other female is eating the pussy of the one involved in the anal sex.  The scene ends with Christian mostly cumming on himself.

Parting Thoughts:
Although South American Pie is not a great all sex adult movie, it is still an enjoyable adult movie.  Viewers that like no plot with their adult movies and like their sex slightly on the nastier side will get the most enjoyment out of this movie.  Viewers that like a plot with their adult entertainment, only like tame sex or like rough sex will find less to like here.  For viewers that like the middle ground, this title is at least worth a rental if not a purchase on sale.



The screen shots present in the review have been reduced in size and quality and are not meant to be representative of the quality of the picture on the disc.  All attempts have been made to keep them in the aspect ratio that they are presented on the disc in.  They are included to give the viewer a feel for the disc and the film.  MSRP prices are taken from the manufacturer's website at the time of writing, if the manufacturer's website doesn't give pricing, the prices are automatically given as $39.95.

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