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barrettman Souled Out 3 3.5 starsSouled Out 3 3.5 starsSouled Out 3 3.5 stars
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Souled Out 3

Souled Out 3

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Souled Out 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Souled Out 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Souled Out 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Souled Out 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Souled Out 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Souled Out 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Souled Out 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Souled Out 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/7/2009

Prologue Van Styles drops another interracial flick on us, and by the title I thought there might be some foot action as well. Judging by the cover pictures I was wrong, but I was mostly interested in seeing Charlotte Vale again anyway. I will also be popping my Mackenzee Pierce cherry with this video, and everybody gets their first look at Stevie Hart.
The video opens with Melanie Jayne, blonde, slim, and tight looking, with a large tattoo over her left breast. I think it's a scorpion, or something of that nature. A look at her cute booty reveals another prominent piece of artwork on her right cheek. Melanie hasn't been laid in a week, so Van produces the antidote in Justin Long. He gives her a few spanks and fingers Melanie's tight twat. When his pants come down, Justing proves he's earned his surname. I like Melanie's initial instincts. No hands bj, and testing her throat out right away. She's not likely to swallow it down, but at least she doesn't linger on the tip with that deer in the headlights look that so many youngsters get. After some face fucking and chip monking, Justin wants into her body. Nice penetration shot in doggy with both players reacting to Melanie's tightness. She loosens fairly quickly and Justin's digging out her wet pussy. Up and over and a deep grind has Melanie flushed and shaking. P2M, then Justin lets Melanie control the pace in CG. Happily, she starts by squat fucking him. His big dick may be difficult for her, but definitely not unwelcome. Melanie works the joint from a few angles, her ass dropping on it with enthusiasm. When Justin takes the reins it looks like he brings her off for a second time, and Melanie hops off to suck the savory dick. They pick it up in spoon, probably after a break because Melanie's real tight again. When she loosens up again, Justin starts to hit it with some real force. P2M again, with Melanie showing some gratitude for the good fucking up till now. She mounts him in RC, bobbing and swirling on the fat cock. Justin works it to the point of no return and Melanie drops for the facial. She's a spitter, but at least gives PCH to drain the hose.
Melanie gives me a good first impression here. She and Justin trade the lead throughout and she provides good energy while doing the driving, as well as some style. I expect good things from this girl.
Charlotte Vale is looking scrumptious in pink. Van fiends on her ass a little, but her face and tits can't be denied either. He pulls away her bra cups to get a look at Charlotte's hot nipple piercings. She calls Mr. Marcus out of the bedroom and he paws at her tits and pussy from behind. He licks her nipples and pussy. Charlotte rubs her ass over his clothed cock. She sinks to her knees, unbuttoning his 501's and freeing the chocolate taffy, hardening it while letting it grow in her throat. Very sensual and proactive face fucking as these two take the time to actually play with each other. Marcus has her gagging, and he's determined to draw tears from sweet Charlotte. After toying with her, he has Charlotte crawl toward the bedrooms, stopping her to doggy fuck in an up and over. The fat cock has her moaning as she struggles to take all of it in, especially when Marcus gives it a little extra push. After making Charlotte collapse to the floor with an especially deep thrust, she gets up for standing doggy that goes airborne for a bit. Hot sequence with Charlotte backing up on Marcus' dick, her platform shoes giving her just the right leverage on the stroke. Marcus bounces her in the air again, and they kiss when she lands. Charlotte gives him a nice view of her ass as she walks downstairs, finding a couch to fuck on, starting in CG. She slimes up his cock pretty well as she pogos on it, and responds very positively when Marcus spanks her. For his part, Marcus can't keep letting her beautiful tits bounce in his face any longer without taking a mouthful. She sucks his cock fresh out of her pussy, then he enters Charlotte's ass in a closed leg doggy. Marcus goes into an up and over push-up that has Charlotte's eyes bugging out, but just when he's starting to feel guilty about abusing her poor asshole, she's telling him it's good. A2M, Charlotte savoring the dick and taking it deep. Marcus invites her to sit on his cock in RCA. He does his best impression of a stripper pole as Charlotte works the kinks out of her rectum. Now he's the one that's moaning. They really get after each other here and Charlotte is determined to make him cum with her ass. After literally masturbating him with her colon, Charlotte jumps off to receive her spunky reward. A very nice series of ropes adorn her beautiful face as Marcus pays proper tribute to a new superstar in the industry.
In an era with so many robotic or mindlessly violent scenes, Charlotte and Marcus remind us that just because it's dirty doesn't mean that sex isn't fun. They had a blast with each other, and Charlotte was so affecting that I've never seen Marcus so close to totally losing his composure. She's the real deal right out of the box, and this was a great scene.
Covergirl and centerpiece of this production, Mackenzee Pierce, seems to be in a playful mood. Bantering with Van and teasing him with her tits, Mackenzee inquires as to the whereabouts of her "stunt cock". There'll be hell to pay for that characterization because she's drawn the assignment of one Jack Napier. Mackenzee lays some stripper moves on him with a lap dance designed to wake up the one eyed monster. I'm not sure she totally knew what to expect when she pulls his cock out of his pants, but Mackenzee couldn't wait to stuff it in her mouth. The way she attacks it with hand and mouth pretty much pegs her as a size queen. once Jack is ready to go, he mounts her in doggy. Mackenzee arches her back as her body goes into momentary shock. P2M, and a return to doggy in a semi up and over. Mac doesn't know whether to throw her ass back at him or run. Jack, for his part, is ready to turn her every which way but loose as he spins her into mish. More P2M, then CG. There's no holding back here as Mackenzee takes Jack pretty much to the nuts. He spins her into mish again and digs her out with long, long strokes. Very hot sequence as Mackenzee strums her clit while Jack repeatedly visits her womb, stretching her once tight pussy and giving her a littls shaky leg. Cut to spoon, then modified mish, with Mackenzee begging for his cum. Straight from her pussy and into her mouth, Jack lays some paste on her tongue, and Mackenzee plays with and swallows it.
Pretty hot for a relatively short vaginal scene. Jack's size was a challenge for Mackenzee, but she stayed with him when he got his edge and pounded her.
Van gets to pop a porn cherry in Stevie Hart. She's sportin' some big naturals, and facially, I think, will appeal to people who find Delta White irresistable. She's used her back as a canvas, with two large tattoos running down her sides. pink tat that says "Crush A Lot" under her left breast, Upper lip piercing and barbells through her nipples. Stevie looks like she's in the right industry. She's introduced to her partner, Mr. Marcus, and Stevie's more interested in his package than his color. He speculates that she might be into pain and gives her a little choke as they get to know each other. After Marcus appraises her ass and deems it acceptable, Stevie gets to her knees to display some important skills. I can't help but think as she gets started that Stevie's trying to remember what they taught her in slut school as she works the fat cock into her mouth. Marcus decides to push her a little and advance her technique. Stevie's game, her eyes watering as she follows instruction. She can't take much more, so they start to fuck in CG. Her snatch is clingy after a fairly dry insertion, but Stevie's up to speed lickety split, and giving Marcus a good ride with a nice wiggle to her ass. She really rocks on the cock and draws some applause from Marcus, who knows he's got a freak on him now. Stevie gets up and bends over, her hands on a couch, and Marcus lines up behind her for doggy. He gives her a good shagging, and deep, then P2M, and she's hoisted up for an aerial ride. It's pretty awkward, but gravity helps drive the spike as deep as it can go, and Marcus carries her through the house while fucking, picking another room and laying on the floor for Stevie to mount in RC. Stevie's snatch looks red and stretched, her clit swollen, as she vents her youthful energy on his dick. P2M bj that gets Marcus' approval, then mish that really hits the spot and has Stevie giving up her love slime all over his dick and her ass. I love this position when Marcus is giving her something extra and going electric as he bounces off her cervix. He pulls out of the love oven and shoots a wad across her forehead, then paints her mouth. Stevie ends things by sucking the remainder out of his hose.
This scene has all the rough spots I'd associate with a newbie, but Stevie was gung ho right from the beginning. Her pussy put a death grip on Marcus' cock and he did some inspiring sword work in missionary.
Lindsey Meadows hasn't been on my radar, although she's got a strong, loyal following, and she hasn't done much in the way of interracial, but when she has, she's gone big. Really big. No denying she's super cute, though, very reminiscent of Allysin Chains. Petite, slim, tight, with great legs and a nice bubble for a butt. After her introductory interview and posing on the stairs, she ventures off to find her black man, Jon Jon, at the top. Slithering into his arms, and rubbing her ass into his crotch, Lindsey looks hella hot. She squats and pulls Jon's cock out soft. Not for long. Massaging his balls with one hand, her pretty mouth and tongue draw him up slowly, naturally. Lindsey gets him long and strong, Van's camera catching the slobber flying in an underneath shot. Her absent minded fingering of her cameltoe an indication that Jon's not the only one aroused. Lindsey whips her panties off and leans over a railing for a doggy entry. Not quite lubed and ready, but very erotic as Jon has to work her in slowly. She lifts a leg to open for the camera and fucks back a little. Jon stirs it up, but Lindsey seems too dry. Cut for lube and Lindsey's bent over and getting dogged. They both go shaky legged in this sequence from the force of Jon's big dick trying to reach bottom. Lindsey leads him into another room and sits in his lap for CG, taking control of the fucking for the moment. Van challenges her to see what she's got as Lindsey folds him in. She dances on the tip, which is infinitely more arousing for him than her, and shoves a tit in his mouth, which is good for all of us. Jon smartly adjusts his body so Lindsey is almost forced to fuck the whole shaft, and it almost makes her cum. Holding her ass down on it seems to complete the task and Lindsey is queefing in afterglow. Jon rolls her over and they spoon, Lindsey now ready to get railed and visibly upset when Jon slows down. So he pounds her. I think he works another orgasm out of her and she sucks her juices off his cock. They return to fucking in RC and Lindsey's got no bottom anymore. She just drives her little body down on the dark invader, and I'm not sure whether she's trying to get herself off again or end the scene with a penile eruption. Whichever, she looks awesome losing her inhibitions like this. She even grinds on it. Lindsey transitions into a very unconventional, but steaming hot, squat fuck. That's pretty much all Jon, or any other man, could take, and he blasts her face with DNA. PCH to drain the hose, but Lindsey's pissed off because both her eyes are glued shut.
At times it didn't look like Lindsey could handle things, but they took a fairly natural progression until she was thriving on Jon's dick. Some hot looking positions that emphasized her flexibility and some athleticism, but I really wanted to see a missionary pounding like the scene before.
Epilogue A good production with one great scene. Charlotte Vale's. The newer starlets held their own and provided good energy and attitudes. I could see Stevie Hart doing a Little Red Rides The Hood in a matter of months, or as soon as someone breaks in her ass. Certainly an appearance in Vouyer Media's Gauntlet series should be on the table. I liked the Mackenzee Pierce scene, as she did a nice job of dealing with a monster dick. The Lindsey Meadows scene benefitted from the magic of editing, as the BTS would attest. She struggled with Jon Jon and provided some diva moments. In all fairness, he could have helped her along a bit by being a little less macho and inducing nature's lube with some oral favors. I hope she didn't mean it when the scene ended as she said there'd be no more interracial in her future, but she didn't appear to have a great time with Richard Mann in another production, making her light work in this field less than rewarding. Regardless, the jewel in the crown belonged to Charlotte Vale. She exudes an earthy eroticism to go along with her very pretty face and banging body. And banging is what Mr. Marcus did as he ravaged her soft folds. It was fun and dirty, and could provide a gonzo blueprint for what should transpire in front of the camera. Most of this video is shot very high key, brightly lit on light backgrounds, but it does illuminate the male performers well.
The Disk The BTS is called Cutting Room Floor, and as is usually the case in a Van Styles production, is pretty good at showcasing the genial nature of the director and positive ambience on his set. All Vouyer Media titles have Bonus Core, which is a bj scene, this one with Aza Haze taking on Jack Napier. Nothing special to speak of. Photo Gallery and trailers to round things out.
Recommendation Strong rental material and a good buy for budding Charlotte Vale collectors. One caveat and possible deal breaker for many is that a Vouyer Media watermark shows up intermittently. I found it annoying and ultimately pointless, but it's their right to flash it and our right to act accordingly.

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