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Tongue in Groove Sophisticated Sluts 5 starsSophisticated Sluts 5 starsSophisticated Sluts 5 stars
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Sophisticated Sluts

Sophisticated Sluts

Studio: Suze Randall
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for Sophisticated Sluts:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sophisticated Sluts overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sophisticated Sluts Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Sophisticated Sluts Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Sophisticated Sluts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sophisticated Sluts Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sophisticated Sluts DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sophisticated Sluts A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  1/15/2006




I am back. Reversible is back. The Crazy Greek is back. I was gone too long, but I came again. I am back and I am hungry. Hungry for insatiable lust and beautiful women, for hard sex and sensual moments, for passionate performances and nasty activities. More horny as ever, more determine as ever, more erotic as ever, more mad as ever, more "Greek" as ever. I am determined to enlight the ignorant of the adult industry and free them from the bonds of dark quality. The punisher of the porn criminals. The destroyer of…of …of … (mal DVDs?). Having seen many adult films from all around the world, I am in position to deliver to all of you out there, the sensuous beauties, the sizzling sex, the masters of erotica and many joyful moments of visual satisfaction. So follow me into the depths of the adult world, be witnesses of the shining moments of the lustful porn stars and feel the bit of the heart of the sexual beast that is hidden inside you.

Reverse the scenes and play them again… enjoy every single pleasureful second!


Distribute Company: Suze Randall

Director: Suze Randall

Genre: Glamorous Gonzo

Performers: Anais Alexander, Jesse Capelli, Tanya James, Jessica Jaymes, Lisa Marie, Cherry Rain, Katsumi, Billy Glyde, Mick Blue, Julian, Ben English, Joey Ray.



Well, before I proceed, I must put some things straight. Every adult viewer or consumer has his own preferences and likes. Every single one of them has a personal opinion to what is called erotic, beautiful or sexy. Likewise, every independent adult reviewer evaluates the movies he reviews judging on his individual criteria and sexual measures. Thus I have mine. As the sexual content concerns, my priorities to estimate a scene come in the following order, from the highest to lowest: attractiveness, passion, eroticism, intensity and hardness. In simple words, if a director is able enough to deliver passion and beauty out of nasty hardcore action then I personally love this director and the films that he makes. The more beautiful and passionate a hardcore action becomes, the more I enjoy the visual outcome. Now, if the scenes contain excessive clues of “dirty”, inside the limits of eroticism, action as well, then …what can I say…I am loving it!!! Suze Randall is a multiple acclaimed photographer who had worked in all the famous adult magazines of our time (Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse). She is a true light sculptress who exposes wonderfully the naked female body as well as any erotic ceremony and game. Her imagination, her creativity, her flawless techniques, her artistic touch, her remarkable sense of beauty and sensualism had raised her name high in the list of the top erotic photographers of all times. During the last years Suze made one step further, approaching the adult film-making industry from the highly demanding post of the director. If you thought, though she would go soft on this matter, you re mistaken. She sets up and captures all the appropriate hardcore activities that exist in most of todays porn flicks and still she is able to paint the frames with that special glamorous style of hers.




Oh my God!!!! This girl is drop dead, come alive and drop dead again, gorgeous! No, seriously, this creature is absolutely STUNNING! Somehow she must have run out of the glamorous catwalk fashion shows and ended up getting laid in front of our screens. Anais Alexander is a beautiful, no... utterly astonishing, tall slim natural long curly hair blonde goddess with captivating green colored eyes and perfect bodily figure. As you could have guessed she is a former fashion model and a Penthouse Pet. The striking girl from California appeared in many of Michel Ninn’s films doing mostly Lez scenes. Lately she started exposing herself in heterosexual activities. Just take a look at her. Is there any possibility at all for this girl not to steal your attention?

Some stylish softcore and hardcore Photo shot footage by Suze just to pass us through the rest of the action. Listen to Suze voice as she introduces her loving partner, Billy. “Hi, this is Billy. She has been shoveling snow all day. Time to make his cock wet.” Some guys have all the luck. (Take for instance my body, Kostas, he is a farmer and he is digging and shoveling all day. He is working so hard and the only chance to make his cock wet is in the bathroom. Life is unfair!) A nice blowjob on her knees is presented by Suze as our pretty nymph is looking at us. Captivating eyes! Billy has a heavy tool and most of it is wrapped inside Anais skilful mouth. POV shot from his head. Anais is a talkative person. Billy returns the favor licking the delectable pussy of hers. She even instructs him. That’s my girl! Billy spanks her butt also. Not long after he gets in position and inserts his shaft in Anais willing slit from behind. He drugs her upon him as he lies on the couch. A wonderful RC while her panties remain in her thighs. Suze sharpens our imagination hiding the penetrating action for a bit. Her panties finally are off and we can see clearly how deep Billy had shoved his cock inside her. Unfortunately RC doesn’t live long. Cut. A hot doggy position follows captured from her front and side. Suze offers us a close view of his massive member sliding in and out of her swollen pussy. The director covers the action from all the possible angles. Anais spreads her long sleek legs wide and Billy dives in her sweet pink muffin, tasting its juices.

Msg to my girlfriend: “Baby, tonight the main plate is a kitty tart with extra sauce. I eat and you enjoy! Deal?”

He inserts two fingers in her vulva, thrusting them inside as she is rubbing her clit. Not long after Anais’ pleasurful screams are echoed in the room as she experiences an immense orgasm. Really guys, there is no greater picture in the world other than watching a pretty girl reaching sexual Nirvana. Billy can not handle any more staring that silky inviting love canal of hers and finds a way to slip inside her, stuffing her vaginal cavity to the brim. He pounds her good in missionary before exploding on her perfect face. (I guess… he is another premature ejaculating victim of hers. ) Gee...professional adult actor Billy must have felt like a first time rookie. Well, I don’t blame him, I would have made my pants wet only by witnessing her across me. But Billy doesn’t give up and returns to the action pushing his meat stick back into her womb. Cut. She is offering him her oral talents to revitalize his cock. At an instance, Anais is caught jerking off his cock with her hands, licking his nipples at the same time. There is no need to mention that Billy enjoys very much. Girls, we, men, do have other parts in our body which can be stimulated except our penises. Cut. How fortunate we are to see her bouncing her firm buttocks up and down on Billy’s huge pole getting pronged from beneath. Her ankles are put upon the couch as Billy’s hands are cupping her buttocks pushing them high into the air and letting them fall afterwards freely onto his pale. The penetration is fast, deep and hard. That leaves no alternative for Billy than to pull out and spew his birth fluid for a second time. Something tells me if the scene had gone longer, Billy’s would have cum easily for at least a half of dozen times more! He would end up like a mummy dried from any internal fluids.

Anais is a GODDESS! Period! The girl is a natural! Don’t miss any scenes of her! Does anyone have her email address?


Although, I am heterosexual male, for some reason, I have many friends that belong to the dyke community. There are many types of lesbian copulations. The one I love most is when pretty “genuine” females are coupling other pretty “genuine” females. (I like women to be women and not women imitating men.) Of course in porn flicks this mating is very common, but in real life there are major differences. Fortunately, in this scene we have three of the finest representatives of the lesbian society. Jesse Capelli a fascinating natural Denise Richards like honey blonde girl, Tanya James a very attractive juicy blonde and Jessica Jaymes a pretty luscious brunette. All of them are top notch material!

We start spotting Tanya as she sits on a chair. Jesse is on all fours eating her muffin. Jessica spanks Jesse’s round apple and caresses her entire body. She even goes for a dive in her pussy utilizing some of her fingers too. Tanya has her tempting back on us. She gets the privilege to enjoy both girl pets. Jesses sucks her stimulated nipples whereas Jessica tastes her sweet strawberry. Jesse and Jessica kiss each other. Jesse’s tongue follows Tanya’s sensitive neck line. There is no doubt Tanya is pleased (all girls do). She lets herself lose to those sensual priestesses’ skilful treatments. Another pussy licking train is ensued as Jesse dives in Tanya’s slit, while her brunette friend’s tongue explores her own wet vulva. Cut. Jessica is lying supinely on the bed, Jesse is standing upon her having Jessica’s face buried into her neither regions. Tanya is at the other end taking care of Jessica’s pink orifice. The girls use their fingers also. Tanya uses a vibrator to stimulate Jessica’s clit. After salivating properly her vaginal hole, Tanya inserts the sex toy inside her front canal and starts exercising rhythmical pressures. Jessica’s loves it. Her moans definitely prove that. Then Tanya decides to use her tongue too on her clit and voila... Jessica is in Lesbians seventh Heaven. Meanwhile Jessica’s mouth is always near Jesse’s nicely trimmed kitty. Cut. Jesse and Tanya are lying next to each other. Tanya uses the same vibrator to penetrate her womb while Jessica is on all fours eating Jesse. Jesse helps Tanya by holding the vibe. Tanya and Jesse caught uniting their lips. Tandric sex authors claim that the homosexual contact between women is legitimate and natural. Well I totally agree with this theory! There is indeed a very tender mood present in this kind of copulations. (In real life things are many times harder!) Cut. Next, we witness Tanya firmly buttocks while Jessica is fucking her with the throbbing tool. Not long after, the scene ends while Tanya’s vaginal fluids start to flow inside her as she experiences a thrilling orgasm!

Tell me something guys. Wouldn’t be a terrible torture to sit tied in a chair watching these unbelievably attractive ladies naked near you, folding each other’s perfect figures, without being able to do anything more.

Gee sometimes I think of myself that… I am a lesbian trapped inside a man’s body.


Lisa is a young tall chestnut hair American girl who possesses a fine slim natural silhouette and a very cute face. She is sitting on a couch saying some things about herself. She masturbates very often. She likes doggy (What a surprise…;-p) and explain us why. She also prefers average size dicks.
Mick Blue is the lucky guy to mate with her.

They are both naked. They start with a tender kiss. The best way to elevate heat and chemistry between performers! Lisa gets on her knees and starts showing him her blowjob skills. Mick spanks and massages her tight buttocks. He also applies some rhythmical tapping at her pussy. Lisa positions herself flat on the couch opening her legs wide. Mick’s head leans between her thighs and his tongue slips down in Lisa’s delicious love slot. Mick starts rubbing her clitoris in vigorous pace and Lisa’s moans are getting louder and louder. It is a matter of time…you can sense it in the air…Lisa skirts like a natural spring geyser as she’s having an earth shattering orgasm. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel very proud of myself when I send my girl straight to orbit. Her love box is oiled properly to host Mick’s thick rod who stuffs it willingly in missionary pose. They kiss passionately. Intimacy! The action is captured in many angles and is highly erotic. The sexual festivities continue in straight cowgirl where Lisa mounts Mick’s rock hard pole getting nailed from beneath. Again Suze applies multiples capturing angles giving us many alternative shots. He keeps reaming her in furious rhythm before picking her up in to the air practicing a few aerial cowgirl strokes. Beautiful! So sad it ends shortly.

Lisa positions herself in doggy fashion. Not long after, Mick shoves his shaft in her anticipating love passage and starts pumping Lisa in steady tempo. During the intense shagging Mick is pulling her hair, (Although this is considered a rough activity, lots of girls like it, including mine. I guess it has something to do with the head’s blood circulation. Still, when you apply it you have to be careful. Sometimes the difference between pain and pleasure is a very thin line). Mick also licks her neck, her ear and kisses her tender rosy lips. I love it when the male talent doesn’t stay only in the humping duties and goes further engaging himself in additional erotic activities. Cut. A touch of spooning. Cut. Sizzling standing doggy, while she is on her toes. We go back to missionary with both of her legs upon his shoulders. Lisa has attractive legs and I would personally suggest this girl for fetish feet footage. Lisa looks so beautiful like this. Finally Mick pelts her pretty face with sticky goo.

Excellent scene! Highly sensual! There is a lot of chemistry between the performers. Lisa is very cute and Mick shows that he really wants her! Lisa is very keen to his presence either. How much I love when the performers cooperate so erotically. The mutual attraction is always significant for this kind of scenes.


Cherry is a gorgeous natural small-tittie brunette from California. She owns an extraordinary green colored set of eyes that can literally “kill” you any time she stares at you. Cherry used to do only Lez scenes but now for our sake she will make an exception and try Julian’s loving abilities.

Cherry is spying on Julian from a balcony. She is trying to climb up the rail but she gets stuck. Julian spots her and helps her out. She talks to him. Cherry has a very special way to return a favor so she starts stripping in front of him. Some guys have all the luck part two! I guess Rod Stewart should have known better. (He sings the song "Some guys have all the luck")

After some nice teasing moments Cherry is heading on straight for some sucking duties. Julian possesses a huge pole and Cherry wraps her tongue around it like it was a Haagen Dasz ice cream cone. The penetrating festivities commence in cowgirl where we all can admire Cherry’s tempting bum moving up and down on Julian’s cock. The couple switches to missionary on the lounge chair and her pussy gets stuffed quite well. The show goes on and the woman's most popular position is applied next. Doggy. The action here is spirited. Lisa bites softly Julian’s arm. I adore these spicy details! An exciting reverse cowgirl ensues next where all of Cherry's attractive natural pale body is revealed as she gets reamed from beneath. What do you say for a little spooning afterwards? We are back to missionary pose, this time on the bed. Her legs are held wide and then brought close. Cherry is a very appealing lady! Our next stop is in doggy. Cherry leans back while Julian is probing her vulva from behind. The shot is beautiful! She likes it. He even whispers erotic things in her ear while filling her to capacity. Women love that! A quick kiss, a quick blowjob and Julian unloads on her pretty face.

The scene was set up nicely and both performers are very good looking! Unfortunately it was a bit short compared to the other.

I have a female friend who might adore this scene for sure! She would want to be in Cherry Rain's place while I wanted to be in Julian's one.


Katsumi is one of the most sexually attractive and talented Asian origin porn starlets in the business. She has a slim natural soft pale skin body, a very cute face, a perfect set of butts and a very lustful sexual behavior. Explosive combination!

Katsumi is tied in a chair by two burglars who wear black outfits. She is blindfolded. Joey Ray and Ben English play the burglar’s roles. They untie her and start revealing her money spots. What a pretty nicely trimmed pussy Katsumi has. They caress her body. Ben gets to taste her delectable muffin for a bit. Ben and Katsumi play with their tongues. Each guy rubs a nipple of hers. They take her white fur out. They cup, kiss and caress her butt. What a butt! I bet Katsumi loves the attention she gets from these two men. She is in standing doggy position and gives head to Joey’s blushing penis. Soon Ben is behind her shoving his massive cock into her willing soaking wet hole. Although we can’t have any view of the penetration, I can be quite sure that Katsumi must have felt Ben’s throbbing member deep inside her. Her blindfold goes off. During the blowjob action, Joey also interacts with the pretty girl by kissing her and groping her tits. Still, he desires more. He wants to feel the warmness of her inner vaginal skin. So she changes sides for Joey to be able to sink his shaft in her lower cavity too. Katsumi’s both ends are occupied again. Joey lifts her right leg up and gives us visual access. Next she is witnessed giving double blowjob turning her head in each of her sides. Now she is complete naked. I always love pretty girls getting nailed in the reverse cowgirl position. This one makes no exception as Ben’s massive prick stretches her vaginal cavity. Katsumi enjoys. Joey does not remain passive and pets her body before filling her mouth.

Cut. Katsumi mounts Joey in cowgirl as she gives head to Ben. Her anal ring is still small but soon will be thoroughly dilated when Ben steps in and buries his fat rigid cock into her anus. Katsumi has both of her lower orifices filled with man meat. A DP act shot by Suze Randall? I could barely believe what I was watching! Katsumi turns around and sits on Joey’s dick having her ass tapped from beneath. This position, with Katsumi’s legs spread wide and her delectable pussy exposed must have really challenged Ben, who comes forth again and after giving her a quick kiss, he plugs her empty slit to the brim with that large tool of his. Another fascinating DP follows in RC and I am delightfully shocked with Suze’s insistence to give us a second scorching DP pose! Katsumi enjoys. Ben withdraws for the necessary cleaning. Now Katsumi is caught in RCA, rubbing her clit and giving a blowjob. (That’s what I call multitasking!) Ben reenters her pussy for a couple of RC DP strokes. Too bad it lasts shortly, because Joey is not able to keep his composure and his dick slips out. Although the DP art is better mastered by other directors Suze manages to give us a proper sample of her intentions.

Katsumi hops off and cleans Joey cock in ATM. Ben comes from behind and prongs the French doll’s box in standing doggy, holding her left leg up. Missionary on the couch by Ben and Katsumi is sucking Joey‘s cock, who is standing upon her head. Clit rubbing. There is a lot of interaction between Katsumi and Joy, many pets, kisses and caresses. Ben fucks her hard and Katsumi enjoys. The guys switch. Joey takes her vulva in the same pose while his friend enjoys her oral cares. Ben leads her on the bed and spoons her pussy on it. Afterwards we notice that Ben had smoothly changed holes and keeps reaming her butt crack now. Cut. Joey fucks Katsumi in froggy while she polishes Ben’s knob. A very attractive cowgirl follows on Ben. Ben huge pole’s entire length is vanished inside her pussy. Hot. The scene comes to an end as the boys literally plaster her face with lost of sticky semen.

One of the most erotic b/b/g scenes I’ve ever seen. There was beauty, hardness, heat, mutual chemistry between the boys and the girl, lots of deep drilling, anal, DPs. Everything worked fine. If Suze keeps producing scenes like this one, Gonzo
Excellent scene. The best finish to a very enjoyable movie.





This was the first adult movie I saw, directed by Suze Randall. The famous photographer goes behind the cameras, but this time those are video cameras. Although she has done a few videoshots in the past, this time the Queen of the erotic photography gets harder, gets nastier, gets more wild. The outcome: Volcanic! Never before hardcore action looked so beautiful! Magnetic women, handsome men, hard sex and all around beauty, lots of beauty. If Suze continues to direct movies like this one, then I am afraid many filmmaking companies of the Industry should have to hold on against a mighty opponent! My big complain was the photo section. I was wishing to see the remarkable photo samples of Suze, but unfortunately nothing came up.



by Sunchen (ADT member)

One day a married couple were in their bedroom making love. All of a sudden a bumble bee entered the bedroom window. As the young lady parted her legs the bee entered her vagina. The woman started screaming, "Oh my god, help me, there’s a bee in my vagina!".

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by Cursive (ADT member)

And this one as well...

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Think about it...

You get laid once.

You get eaten once.

It only takes four minutes to get hard.

But only two minutes to get soft.

You share your box with eleven other guys.

But worst of all: the only chick that ever sat on your face was your mother.

So cheer up! Your life ain't that bad!


by Robbie (ADT member)

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PS1. Julian gave Cherry Rain a little help and she let him fuck her. I wonder what would have let him do to her if Julian did her dishes…

PS2. Why women dont treat me like Cherry Rain did Julian? I remeber a time when I was in a Super Market. Some cans dropped down from a beautiful lady and when I tried to pick them up for her, I got slapped in the face! What a heartless woman. Ok, the lady was wearing a super mini skirt and the items had fallen just beneath her. So, wanting to help the lady I kneeled to took it and looking up towards her, said "Does this belong to you miss?". By the way... it was white with pink stripes. You know what I mean...After a few minutes I saw another lady loosing some chocolates from her hands. I tried to pick them up for her and I got slapped in my face again. Ok, this young lady wear also a super hot mini skirt. The pretty woman must have "appreciated" my nobile gesture and smiled at me alluringly. I guess my girlfriend near me didn't share the same feeling... By the way, it was red with laces. You know what I mean. Then I spotted a third lady at the end of the shop's hallway bending over to reach something. What a coincidence, she too wore an ultra hot mini skirt. My girlfriend was away, charging my credit card, so I took the chance and being a fine gentleman, I offered myself to help her. Then next thing I remember was a sharp pain in my head. No... nobady slapped me. That damn stack of cooking pots landed on my head as I disturbed their order, taking the last one at the bottom. By the way...I think it was black with lots of stars. You know what I mean!

PS3. I recently watched a Japanese film called Azumi, a little teen assasin with a sword in her hands destroying whole armies of bad guys. Japs love these stuff. The actress was so cute! Then a remember Katsumi. Another pretty asian origin girl with a hole in her thighs destroyed by whole armies of horny guys. Adult viewers love these stuff.

PS4. If in the glamorous fashion shows we just witness Super Models, in porn flicks like this one, we are able to watch Super Fuckin' Models, if you know what I mean..;-)

For any comments, questions or a little correspondance between sex addicts send me an e-mail at Yes, I know it should have been soulmessenger but I did it on purpose.


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