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Sophia Santi in White

Sophia Santi in White

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sophia Santi in White:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Sophia Santi in White overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Sophia Santi in White Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sophia Santi in White Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sophia Santi in White Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sophia Santi in White Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Sophia Santi in White DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sophia Santi in White A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/12/2009
Greetings porn fans, have a new one here from Celeste though it features Sophia Santi in the lead 'role' and I gather she's not been with DP for some time but I'm always up for Sophia Santi if you catch my drift! She's brought along some cuties so let's get right to some highlights.

Sophia Santi:

As we lead into the first scene there's a good minute or two of opening credits as the ladies are shown off, lots of Sophia here and a few cocks'n'pussies that are fucked along the way. So we get to Sophia, awash in white sheets which get lifted up so her fingers can do a little walking in her pussy, nice too her titties are out and looking very suckable. There are a few great closeups here as Sophia's starting us off with a little solo teasing with a red rubber cock shaped toy utilized on her cookie. Just an appetizer, stay tuned.

Sophia, Audrey Elson, & Natalie Minx:

Ok we leave that bit of teasing and see Sophia now dressed, ready to go out it appears-- though when she gets up to go and answer the knock on the door I see her top is quite see-thru so not sure where she's going, lol. Well it's Natalie and Audrey who've stopped by to see if she wants to play so guess Sophia's not going anywhere! Just for the curious that's Audrey on the screen right with the leopard top and cleavage spilling out. The girls have brought toys so no lovey dovey stuff here, it's toy time, though seeing Sophia sucking on a strap on will at least provide a teasing image of what it'd be like with a real one. Alright the girls get Miss Santi naked-- boobs!! Then her wrists are tied behind and she's made to lie on her stomach, at least they provide pillows, ohh and they tape her ankles together as well. To top it off a ball gag's put in Sophia's mouth and the girls decide what to do next. The pace is a little slow but we see all the boobies out and each girl has a nice rack. The toy play starts and Sophia does indeed suck on a cock shaped device. Lots of dirty talk as the girls yell out verbal bouquets to each other, strap on fucking occurs. Lots of good eye candy but not the type of g/g which gets me going but if you're into lots of toy play this should work out alright for you.

Kimberly Kole:

Our next scene doesn't feature Sophia, instead we have the lovely Kimberly Kole who's got a plaything in the form of a blinded Chris Charming, his eyes are covered by black leather. Kimberly has some fun with a riding crop too tapping Chris on various areas of his body- his eyes are gone so it's a stinging sensation whenever she does it. It looks like his wrists are bound behind too, he's all Kimberly's. She's nice working her big tits out and shoving his face into them, Chris does nice sucking as much as he can. Kimberly gives him some blue ball action rubbing over his jeans but again she's nice and works his cock out, jerking and eventually sucking on it, he's still blinded- soon that's done with and Chris can see but still remains bound at the wrists for the time being, he's allowed to suck on those big titties again before he stands up and Kimberly gags on his schlong. The wrists are finally freed so Chris can stand up and use that obvious boner to pound her pussy. A standing doggie and reverse cowgirl are worked in before we get the pop-- a good mouth pop with Kimberly doing some cleanup after.

Sophia & Samantha Ryan:

We go back to Sophia for the next scene and she's got a sexy fried in Samantha Ryan along for the ride. It's Samantha who starts the scene eyes blindfolded and wrists bound together by black rope, Sophia's leading the action this time. But our girl quickly decides the blindfold has to go, I liked that as we get to see Samantha's eyes. Sophia keeps her wrists bound and barks out a few orders which Miss Ryan dutifully follows. We get those great tits worked out and Samantha does nice work kissing/ sucking them. The bound Miss Ryan then is made to lie on her back, tits out. Ok, the ropes are gone then from the wrists, bottoms off and a bare pussy is left open for Sophia to toy with and she does first with fingers and tongue while Samantha gets a glass toy to suck on above. This scene had a little more pussy licking but is still heavily tilted to the toy side of the g/g ledger. There is some anal toy play for Samantha in this scene before they turn the tables with Samantha licking Sophia's coochie-- toy play then from Samantha using the glass toy on her own ass as Sophia sucks a clear dick shaped toy up top, gagging on it.

Misti Love:

Another non-Sophia scene and this one features Misti who lets us know right off that explosive orgasms cum from knowing what you want and what she wants is for Jerry to keep up the shoulder rubbing as it's giving her that tingly feeling. Nice eye looks up and we slowly see her tits come out, get fondled with fine closeups too on those tata's. Misti's purring after the good slow tease and now she wants to bring it so out comes Jerry's cock and she shows it much love, liked the side view as it gives us the dangling titties and she doesn't go for the ultra gagging approach but still some solid dick love here. They keep a good pace going from the blowjob to the fucking-- doggie and cowgirl are shot before the pop hits-- right on Misti's cute face, best scene so far I think.

Maya Hills:

We keep the party rolling with Maya who likes her partner to really turn her on. She's giving us the fuck me eyes too as she shows a little love to her toy friend as an interested Tommy Gunn sits right there looking on. She sucks on it for a bit before turning her attention solely to Tommy who gets a faceful of boobage before they begin making out. Maya then gets on top of his jeans and rides him as they continue to kiss and Tommy samples her tits some more. Finally his cock's freed and Maya gets to work and she certainly knows how to work the stick, nice eye looks too as she's totally engulfing him. This is easily the most intense head captured and it's no surprise to me as I've seen Maya work several times. The most aggressive scene keeps this feel going into the fucking, some strong yells out from Maya as she rides in cowgirl and reverse with P2M. Tommy takes the pause to recharge and get back to it now from behind, a splash of spoon for good measure and then it's facial time with cleanup from Maya after. Ok this one was pretty good too, alongside Misti's for best scene honors.

Sophia, Kapri Styles, Vanessa Monet & Aliana Love:

One more sapphic blast with Sophia and friends. It opens with Sophia alone in bed, again all white from the sheets to her pillows to her outfit. Then the girlfriends come in and pile on the bed-- they're also clad in white and from left to right on your screen we have Kapri, Sophia, Aliana and finally Vanessa. There are tits showing and they girls have cum with gifts, more dick shaped toys which I'm sure will shortly be put to good use. The foursome get in close and we start seeing kissing on Sophia's boobies with Vanessa going down below to sample the cookie. The dick toys are then pushed up to Sophia's face then lowered to tickle those pussy lips. We pretty much keep Sophia as the main girl in focus with the other three surrounding her and doing various things from kissing to licking her pussy/ass and the toy play as well. Did like it as the credits started rolling we got Vanessa riding Sophia's face- best part of the scene if you ask me as it didn't involve toys.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This dvd featured a lot of Sophia Santi so if you're a fan of hers and miss seeing her working for Digital her's another helping of goodies and it comes with toys too so hope you're a fan of g/g action with a heavy emphasis on the toy side. I can never see myself enjoying g/g with toys more than non toy g/g, just love the more intimate/ sensual feel you get when the emphasis is more on kissing and oral sex and less on using a piece of plastic or rubber to replace the human intimacy. I would love to see Digital Playground try this for once, using their contract girls in a sensual g/g flick where you see no toys and just see kissing, oral sex, ass licking, face riding-- they've got a great stable of contract hotties and I just know such a movie would do well, not that their movies don't already do well but it would at least give something to a piece of the market that doesn't get enough love so cum on Digital help a sensual g/g fan out! The best bits here definitely came in the b/g scenes featuring Misti Love and Maya Hills- some strong dick sucking from those girls and we get good fucking too before they were facialized. The extras are light but at least there's a short 10 minute BTS clip so maybe a few more topless shots of Sophia! Worth a rental for her fans as you get to see her a lot and she's nekkid a lot too so those gorgeous breasts are laid out for quite a long time. Sophia's pussy sees its fair share of dildo work too in this one.

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