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Something About Dolphin's

Something About Dolphin's

Studio: Dolphin
Category:  Gay
Directed by:

Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Something About Dolphin's:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Something About Dolphin's overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Something About Dolphin's Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Something About Dolphin's Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Something About Dolphin's Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Something About Dolphin's Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Something About Dolphin's DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Something About Dolphin's A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  7/11/2003
Mario Fox (Maric) our chirpy narrator is full of himself to the point of being obnoxious. Babbling on in rapid Russian (the sub-titles just whiz by) he tells us not “something” about Dolphins, but “everything” about Dolphins in what is just one long advertisement for the studio and its films. Did you know that the performers draw lots to see who will top and who will bottom in their scenes? Did you know that these guys are all straight and that if there is an act they don’t wish to perform the studio just keeps adding zeros to their paychecks until they agree? Did you know these cuties have sex with their agents as part of the deal? Did you know that Latvia was the prime hunting ground for finding these malleable, poverty-stricken twinks? Well, we do now. The film is presented in two discs.


Following along somewhat in chronological order, we see future performers filling out applications and going to interviews to see if they are willing to be gay-for-pay. A photo audition follows for those chosen and agreeable (nice eye candy here) then we find two beauties, Oleg and Ludvig [Leonid] who have appeared in previous films, naked in bed and going at it. When Oleg cums on the handsome face of his blond partner, Leonid sucks the remaining spooge from Oleg’s dick, gives him a great rimming, and fucks him.

Mario then takes us onto the set of above scene with the performers Oleg and Ludvig (i.e. Leonid) before the filming of the scene we have just witnessed. Mario gets sassy with them so they grab him, strip him naked, and tickle him. Mario screams for help in both Russian and English. After the tickling stops, Mario jacks off. The others have never removed their white briefs. Mario now tells us (and shows us the video boxes) of all the films from Dolphin in which Oleg has appeared. (Talk about your hard sell!) And it’s on to a scene from one of these earlier films where Oleg is paired with Andrey K, one of the most beautiful of the boys (whom we will be meeting later). Oleg sucks Andrey. They switch postiions. Oleg fucks Andrey.

Back now to Mario. He tells us about Artem (there is more than one “Artem”. This is the one to die for. Incredibly beautiful like something painted by El Greco, he has a large arching dick. Once again, Mario holds up all the boxes from the films Artem was in; then we get snippets from several, ending with Artem jacking off that remarkable cock. We then see an interview in which he admits to having to have had sex with his agent. (Why do I envisage some fat old troll forcing this demi-god to service his vile body?)

Anyway, it’s back to Mario and the video boxes to now advertise Andrey K. He is another awesomely beautiful being and a Dolphin regular. (We just saw him in a scene with Oleg.) Mario introduces us to Andrey in person, strips him naked, kisses him, and goes down on his dick. He lubes up Andrey’s ass and hands him a large double-headed dildo, which Andrey inserts. Andrey slides practically the entire thing up his fabulous bum. He jacks off a large amount of honey.

Mario now gives a plug for the next Dolphin release, “69 Sweet Holes”. We’re doing a BelAmi thing, he tells us, referring to that studio’s marketing of their interviews and jack off auditions. That’s what we have here. We get a preview by seeing three of the models:

#1. Dennis – a cute 18 yr. old bleached blond with a pierced navel. His uncut cock works up into an impressive size. This lad has “Star” written all over him. (Hey kid, need an agent?) He shoots a nice load.

#13. Oleg – slender body, great butt, average dick, sweet kid. He just came in “to get warm” and finds himself auditioning. (Those Russian winters are cold!)

#14. Stas – 19. Street-savvy. Admits to having had sex with guys “by accident”. (This odd admission is not explained.) Claims never to have masturbated. His skill at handing himself belies this and we know him for the liar he is. He shoots what can only be termed a geyser.

What now? A montage of a photo shoot, two guys (Andrew and Eugene [Evgeny]) showering and being interviewed. {Note: Andrew becomes “Jude Love” and Eugene takes the nom de porn “Yuri Boshkin”.} It’s all very playful. Their sex scene follows. Eugene sucks Andrew; Andrew rims Eugene, sucks his dick, gets fucked. Great load from Eugene. Andrews spews, too. (Andrew/Jude is the doe-eyed beauty on the DVD cover.)

We conclude this advertisement with a pastoral meadow scene from a film that is being made for Jet Set. It features Mario and Stas and a horse. (No, you dirty-minded buggers, they don’t have sex with the horse. They ride him about bareback and he munches grass while they munch on one another.) It was certainly beautiful to look at but sexually I found it long, tepid, and dull. Mario is the one finally fucked. I guess he lost (won?) when they drew lots. A twink watches and jacks off. I’m glad someone could be aroused by it.


This lengthy promo from Dolphin Studios continues with the following features:
“Meet the Cast” Reinis is interviewed. He speaks in English. He likes girls. (He obviously gets lots of zeros added to his paycheck.) Oleg and Leonid (Ludvig) are interviewed as to how they liked working with one another. They give mutual praise. They too would prefer a girl. (zero, zero, zero to their checks.)
“Behind the Scenes Slideshow” has snaps of Artem and Reinis; Yuri & Jude Love (Eugene & Andrew).
“Slide Shows of the Models” gives us super photos of Maric, Oleg, Andrey, Leonid, Andrey K, Artem, Jude, Yuri, Reinis.
“Play Credit” – the credits with the names of the stars on their pix.
“Special Presentation” – more slide shows of Oleg, Artem K, Ilya, Nikita
“Behind the Camera – photo sessions with the adorable Jude Love (Andrew) to make the still photos in the Slide Show of Models above. There is also a session with the tiresome and narcissistic Mario Fox (Maric). As Oscar Wilde once remarked, “The man who is in love with himself is in for a lifetime affair.”
Finally, there are “Trailers” for 3 Dolphin films—which seems rather redundant to me.

There is no question but that these youngsters are drop-dead gorgeous. It is enough just to look at such specimens of male beauty. Still, I wish the sex were better. The scenes are overly long and lacking passion. One has an aesthetic appreciation as though looking a marvelous sculpture or a fine painting. My appreciation remains mainly in the head; not the groin.

Fans of the studio will definitely want this film. For others, not acquainted with their products it will serve as both an introduction and a catalogue. Yet, I think most would be better off buying one of Dolphin’s real films.

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