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Someone's Daughter 1

Someone's Daughter 1

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Someone's Daughter 1:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Someone's Daughter 1 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Someone's Daughter 1 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Someone's Daughter 1 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Someone's Daughter 1 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Someone's Daughter 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Someone's Daughter 1 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Someone's Daughter 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  10/28/2002

Someone's Daughter #1
Red Light District
Directed by David Luger
Starring: Hunter Young, Sapphire Rae, Leyla Lei, Cameron, Honey, Misty Haze, Avy Scott, Mr Pete, Mark Davis, Tony Tedeschi, Brett Rockman, Randy Spears, Pat Myne, TT Boy, Darren James
Running time: 2hrs 17mins

Ever wondered what a porn star's parents make of their little girl doing nasty stuff for guys to jerk off too? That's the kind of question director David Luger asks in this dubiously premised new line from Red Light District. The usual questioning about first sexual experiences advances into areas of car-crash fascination. But is it really sexy? And further, is it really more than just another gimmick to distinguish some typical porno action?

Avy Scott and Hunter Young
First up is the admirable Floridian duo of Avy and Hunter, friends from age 14, who are interviewed separately, both agree to try to "out fuck" their friend. While the chat is interesting enough, both girls seem quite capable of handling themselves fielding the questions on family and so forth without giving away more than is comfortable; for 20 years old, Avy in particular seems pretty mature (I love her voice too). It's interesting to hear she considers herself a passionate person, but that makes it harder for her to give of herself in porn. It's a point Luger fails to pick up on - perhaps because he'd then undermine the value of the imminent sex scene - and instead asks if she's had to fuck someone really gross on camera. She says she has and that she considers that degrading, but it tested her acting skills. Makes me wonder…

Luger misses another open goal when he doesn't pick up that Avy and Hunter, as it transpires, are having sex with each other for the first time, and they're doing it on camera. This is only mentioned in passing at the end, but surely it merited some further comment! Would you fuck your best friend on video for money? Would you fuck your best friend at all? Maybe you don't want to answer that. Anyway, what happens is that Avy and Hunter start kissing and touching each other very sexily indeed, shedding their skimpy clothes to reveal Hunter's slim figure with itty bitty titties, and Avy's full, tanned voluptuousness. This all looks beautiful. Mark Davis arrives and joins in just a little too soon, kissing them with similar passion and having the serious pleasure of the dynamic duo demonstrating their oral skills to the full.

Subsequently Mark gets into Hunter's pussy, while Avy deliciously laps Hunter's clit. Avy riding on top shows us exactly why they call them "knockers". Watching those big boobs go is a simple delight. Indeed, the two girls are a real pleasure to watch in some delightfully energetic action, and while Avy is truly gorgeous, Hunter is cute and has a great smile (she looks better here than in Cum Swapping Sluts #3, too). On that note, a come swapping finale provides a great conclusion to the scene.

Scrumptious blonde Tennessee native Cameron is making a name for herself, and rightly so, but I wonder if she'll look back at the interview here, about herself, her family background and her path into porn, and consider that she gave a little too much away. One or two of her answers certainly made me squirm, and frankly, as Luger's unwavering camera pins her in its relentless gaze, her fixed smile and the glazed look in her eyes is somewhat unsettling. She seems more comfortable getting down to the task in hand, once her fabulous natural boobs have been exposed of course, getting into a rather tasty POV fuck and suck scene with David Luger. She sucks him intently and then takes a ride that appears to get her off - whatever the reality, Cameron always seems to get into the sex. A mouthful of spunk is her reward.

Then things get a little kinky with the strongest hint that this movie isn't playing with a straight bat; instead, it's queasily revelling in the exploitation and duplicity of porn. Luger puts a towel over her head so she can't see. She's led to a room where she takes another stranger's cock in her mouth without seeing who it is. This is kind of sexy, but also kind of dodgy (though of course it's potentially all a put-on anyway). Especially seeing the guy is Randy Spears! Anyway, Cameron proceeds to fuck and suck him too, Randy entering her pussy with some care in an undeniably erotic moment. The sex is pretty hot but seems truncated (not for the last time) and all too soon Randy paints Cameron's face with a substantial load of come.

Misty Haze
As forthright as she is gorgeous, the lovely Misty is perhaps a touch too candid in the interview here as she mulls over David's crass inquiries into whether she's a slut or a whore (this is the level they're operating on here). "A prostitute" is her response. Honest, perhaps, but is this erotic? Enticing? I don't think so. She's really a vivacious personality, with beautiful dark eyes flashing wickedly, and all this overly personal questioning about her family and what they think of her, while it's perhaps a novel idea, is really quite unnecessary. While the talk goes on as she sits on a staircase, Brett Rockman emerges and starts playfully "molesting" her, and she ends up with his cock in her mouth before she even sees what he looks like!

Once this begins, she shows her fun attitude and all is fine and dandy. However, that question about having to fuck gross guys is ringing in my ears as she crawls over to where Tony Tedeschi is sitting. Oh sorry, Tony, unfair, I know, but you can't convince me you're her pin-up boy. So Misty has to suck off these two, which she does quite proficiently. However, Pat Myne wanders in and it looks like Luger is really taking the mickey here. The sex is pretty routine, and far too long is spent on the guys taking turns at pile driver fucking her - the position shows too much of them and not enough of her face. Misty's honest admissions are in sharp relief when she claims to enjoy looking at Tony's lily white ass going up and down, and she couldn't look more like she was tolerating it when they come on her face and body, still in this awkward position. Interesting if unerotic interview, lovely girl, lousy guys, a very mixed bag.

Sapphire Rae
Sapphire's scene starts with a tiresome interview about family, number of guys fucked and why she's in porn, this time made worse by the fact that I have no time for this girl at all - she's pretty full of herself, to be sure, and claims to read a book a day…what kind of worthwhile books can you read in one day? What? Penthouse isn't a book! Sapphire is pale, skinny and while she has pretty eyes, her mouth is big and she has bad teeth, and worst of all her voice is this irritating monotonous drawl. I really hate to deconstruct people in this way, but if she didn't aggravate me so much I'd never have started thinking about her like that, and I was almost glad that Luger, despite the mean-spirited overtones, gets her to promise to shut up and let the guys do whatever they want to her. Yes, this movie doesn't bring out the best in anyone.

So let's move along swiftly to the sex. Two guys - Rockman and Myne - are on hand to stuff her mouth with dick, and then fuck her. She claims to like to tell guys what to do, but in reality there's little else for her to do other than submit as she's instructed. This involves anal sex too - which really cools her bravado - and Myne does most of the initial anal fucking in spoons, with a touch of A2M. Both guys take her anal pile driver, and then there's a very brief DP before they fill her mouth with come. All in all, it's pretty grim and I was glad to get it over with. Next!

Young, sweet Honey, with dark streaks in her blonde hair and a face that looks much prettier when she smiles, is next on the hit list, appearing in what's claimed to be her first ever hardcore scene. She's graduating from stripping and doesn't consider this to be anything other than a natural progression, though god forbid her dad finds out what she's up to.

I can imagine, with those nipple rings and a tattoo or two, that she's hardly the little ingénue, and with a stated preference for sex that's a little rough it would appear that Mr TT Boy, for it is he, is the ideal partner. Only one guy for Honey, but one is enough in these circumstances. Honey's little black top and jeans come off as she gets down to blow TT. She climbs aboard his cock and seems quietly aroused. Essentially, TT just gives her a good old fashioned fucking, basic but effective, with hints of roughness. He insists that she tells the viewers who is fucking her, but apart from this mild sense of domination, it's welcome change from the preceding pair of scenes - simply exciting, hot, sweaty sex. TT drips his come on her tongue to wrap it all up, but I wonder why Luger tries to tell her it's not funny when she giggles at his comment that she's someone's daughter. Hey, maybe her parents would laugh if they could see their little girl now…just before they start crying.

Leyla Lei
To finish, a remarkable scene with a five-foot nothing doll called Leyla. This pretty little girl's compliance is as adorable as it is worrying, as Luger and chums proceed to take full advantage. She chats with David quite happily about her mixed South East Asian heritage, her family (who know exactly what she does) and so on, and seems quite excited about getting down to suck his cock. A POV fuck ensues, tidily done with David apparently unable to believe just how tight her pussy is, until David unloads in the spluttering girl's mouth.

Mr Pete, who I would certainly have reservations about any daughter of mine having sex with, turns up and Leyla crawls through the house after his cock. She's given a little taste, and then they repair to a room upstairs where Pete fucks her pussy, her little frame looking so malleable in his hands. He also eases his dick into her little anus - this seems to turn her right on, judging by the way her little clit stands out. Or perhaps it was doing that already.

After this, with Pete's come still fresh on her face, she crawls across the room to where Darren James is sitting, and she takes his cock in her mouth too. He fucks her in pussy and ass, the latter taking some doing I'd guess, and finishes off with an internal come shot. Luger encourages her to squeeze the mess out of her ting, pulsing pussy and Darren feeds her a taste or two of come. This scene couldn't make it more explicit that they're taking an absolute loan of Leyla's willingness to do nasty stuff - enjoying it means revelling in the exploitation to one degree or another.

In truth I don't think there's much to get worked up about in Someone's Daughter. Frankly, it's sadly not uncommon for the porn industry to call girls whores and sluts after inducing them to fuck for money, so I don't see why David Luger's movie should be singled out for condemnation on that score. His rather limited interview style, where "what do your parents think of you doing porn?" is a marginal development from "when did you first have sex?", perhaps does deserve some criticism, as do the mediocre scenes, to my taste, with Sapphire and the otherwise lovely Misty. I also sense an undertow of malice underlying the way he bats these ideas about. Should these girls be ashamed, David? You asked them to do it, after all. I'm all for interviews that let girls show their personalities, but Luger is all too eager to force the conversation down the route of "are you a slut/whore?", and so on. It's just not very sexy. In sheer VFM terms too, the interviews do eat away at screen time for sex, if that's what you're after.

On the other hand, the scene with Hunter and Avy is worth seeing, there's some creditable POV stuff in the Cameron scene, and Honey's encounter with TT is a basic good fuck. From the viewers' point of view, it's perhaps a question of whether you want to wallow in the mire (I exaggerate slightly, but there's no doubt the movie takes some ambiguous delight in the moral duplicity of porn) or if you're looking for guilt-free wanking. If it's the latter, maybe you should give Someone's Daughter a miss. In the end, it's not a bad movie, just an average one with a slightly sleazy gimmick.

DVD Comments
No real problems as far as picture quality and sound are concerned - maybe a few moments where the picture is slightly overexposed or areas of excessive compression, but nothing to significantly spoil viewing. The menus are quite well done and provide movie and chapter options, plus a selection of DVD extras: photo gallery and trailers, plus a serving of extra sex action (boner footage as they call it) consisting of two POV blowjob scenes with Sapphire and Hunter giving David head. A typically competent package from Red Light District, in other words.

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