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Sodomy: Law Of the Land

Sodomy: Law Of the Land

Studio: Metro
Category:  Anal
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Zoid's ratings for Sodomy: Law Of the Land:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Sodomy: Law Of the Land overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Sodomy: Law Of the Land Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sodomy: Law Of the Land Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Sodomy: Law Of the Land Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sodomy: Law Of the Land Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sodomy: Law Of the Land DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sodomy: Law Of the Land A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Zoid  on  10/29/2004
Skeeter Kerkove has been on my personal list of directors to check. Although I haven't actually seen any of his work before, I have pretty good idea what it's all about -- ASS! At least, that's what I thought. I've also collected some relevant facts about Skeeter in order to help me understand his work better:
  • He is married to Bridgette Kerkove
  • He is crazy about ass (woman's ass that is)
  • He makes a lot of money
  • Unlike many gonzo directors, he actually directs, and doesn't shoot himself.
  • He is covered with tattoos
  • He appears to be a nice guy
I think that pretty much covers the most important aspects of Skeeter Kerkove, King of Sodom, Lord of the Butt.


Runtime: 2 hrs. 51 mins.
Region: all
Misc. notes: 2 disc set


Every scene starts nearly the same: a girl walks up the stairs while smoking a cigarette and pauses for a short posing, bootyshaking session. After that, she gets introduced by The King and the fun starts. Normally, I describe the events as they happen in the scene, but since there is so much going on, I'll be deviating from that formula.

Gia Paloma

The teen sensation, Gia Paloma, is the first gal to get sodomized. She's wearing all red: pvc shorts, corset, stocking and matching shoes. After a brief and bootylicious solo sequence, she's being introduced by the King of Sodom. Skeet rids of her shorts and stuffs her ass with specially designed, vibrating and inflatable buttplug. I wonder if he holds patent for that thing. Gia gets two guys to play with: Alex Sanders and Dave Hardman. The scene is packed with action but the focus lies of course on anal. What do we get here? Mostly DAPs, in all possible variations and positions, but before that, Gia's ass was being stretched by a variety of toys. After 36 minutes of messing around, guys unload inside Gia's butt, leaving anal cream pies. She gets a few drops to taste. Well, being Gia Paloma's fan, I was disappointed in this scene. Kudos to Skeeter for creativity, but this whole approach is too "technical" for me. Too much circus elements in it and not enough hot sex. Besides, I don't really think Gia is ideal performer for this kind of acts. She has nice butt -- yes, but there is certain playfulness in her that doesn't really fit in "degradation of dirty asswhore" routine.
Positions: standing doggie (vaginal+anal toy=DP), cowgirl(DAP), RC (DAP), anal mish, piledriver (DAP), weird combination of piledriver and spoon (DAP)
Themes: smoking, toys, vaginal (very brief), anal, mouthfucking/gagging, ATM, DAP, DP( with toy), gaping, anal cream pie


Another excellent performer on the menu. Venus is wearing golden shorts, matching bra, black boots and gloves. She's also got a collar with a small leash. Skeeter does his little intro speech about the importance of glamour and sodomy, and lets Benjamin Brat and Mark Wood take it from there. Oof!! Venus is being totally dominated here, and treated like a filthy whore. The glamour vaporizes very quickly. LOL! Apparently, she enjoys to be pushed around, so the scene was hot. All her holes got double stuffed, and the dudes blew their loads on her asshole. Personally, I enjoyed the presence of a few ass-to-pussy switches which I've learned to appreciate lately. Generally, a very good, rough and nasty scene and it also had more cohesion and "chemistry" than the previous one.
Positions: mish (+anal), standing anal doggie, cowgirl(+DPP+DP+DAP), RC (DAP), anal piledriver, reverse anal piledriver
Themes: smoking, camel toe, vaginal, anal, facefucking/choking/spitting, rimming (f>m), slapping (ass, tits), PTM, ATM, ATP, DP, DAP, DPP

Melanie Jagger, Audrey Hollander

Let me start by saying that Audrey looks very beautiful. She has this cool hairstyle and majestic make-up, as if she walked out of some fairy tale. Melanie is the chick with attitude, a dominant figure. She does have a very nice ass, which, unfortunately, isn't being sufficiently analized in this clip. After walking up the stairs and making a pit stop in the bathroom to shake their behinds, girls get introduced by Skeet. Otto Bauer is supplying the dick. Well, this scene mostly concentrates on ATOGM's, so if that's your kink, I'm sure you'll be satisfied. For me, it's just too much of oral nastiness and skull fucking. Audrey is the one who receives most of the "loving" and gets shit fucked out of her (not literally though. Hehe!). Melanie is there to assist Otto in making Audrey his bitch, in a manner of speaking. She does take a cock up the ass, and there is even a switch to pussy which I thought was a nice touch, especially because Melanie asked for it. Good girl! This was, by the way, the only vaginal intercourse except for fingering. The scene ends with the internal, anal cumshot (Audrey's butthole), and then Audrey cumfarts a few drops into Melanie's mouth. Not particularly impressive.
Positions: doggie, piledriver
Themes: anal, toys, ATOGM, ATP (single instance), facefucking/choking, slapping (ass, face), rimming (f>f), gaping, anal cream pie + cumfart

Britney Madison

It just so happens that I've never seen Britney Madison in action before, so I didn't know what she's capable of. Britney is dressed in transparent, pvc clothing: panties, matching top and boots. This time, she does her posing outside and not in the bathroom. Skeet welcomes her in the master bedroom, and after saying a few introductory words, prepares her ass for the action. Two guys are taking care of Britney here: Bad Bob and Chris Charming. This is another scene with the focus on DAPs. Suffice to say, Britney's ass gets stretched quite good. One of the guys uses both hands to literally pull her asshole apart. What I didn't like, is that again, the scene was too chaotic. Guys running around to feed Britney cocks for ATMs, cocks jumping out; there just wasn't enough steady sex-action. I also didn't like some particularly degrading elements such as stepping on girl's head. Luckily, there wasn't as much of throat banging (which I don't care for), but there wasn't ass-to-pussy either (which I do care for), so overall, there scene was merely okay, but no more than that.
Positions: doggie (+anal), cowgirl(DP+DAP), RC (DAP), anal piledriver, reverse anal piledriver
Themes: smoking, vaginal, toys, anal, facefucking/spitting, slapping (ass, tits), ATM, DP, DAP, anal cream pie

Tailor "motherfucking" Rain (that's how she's calls herself. LOL!)

When Tailor appeared on the set, I got strong impression that she was ..should I say.. under influence. Way too happy in behind-the-scenes footage. Anyways, she's dressed up similarly to Venus (golden fetishwear). After being welcomed by Skeeter, she meets two of my favorite cocks.. ehh studs: Ben English and Brandon Iron. I figured there is no way she will take two of these monstercocks up the ass, and I was right. No DAPs here; the sex-action revolved around DPs, gapes and ATMs. The scene had also less degradation by comparison with other ones. They guys were more "gentle" with her although Brandon did step on her head once, but it was very brief. I didn't really get the impression that Tailor Rain was into the action here. In fact, something (don't know exactly what) happened during the shoot that upset her and she walked off the set in tears. Don't think it was something serious, and after some comforting by Skeeter, they (presumably) continued the shoot (could be seen in BTS). Since I'm also not a big fan of Tailor's, this scene left me cold, except for the part where she swallowed two loads.
Themes: smoking, camel toe, toys, vaginal, anal, DP (including with the toy), DAP, ATM, throatfucking/choking, gapes, cum swallowing
Positions: standing doggie (+anal), cowgirl(DP), RC (DP), anal piledriver, reverse anal piledriver

  • Behind the scenes
  • Bonus Scene (Bridgette Kerkove from Dirrty 2)
  • Outtakes (Audrey Hollander and Venus get fisted)
  • Director's commentary
  • Photo Gallery
  • Pop shot access
  • Trailers

Final Thoughts

This movie isn't really what I've expected. It looks like it's designed purely to satisfy various micro-fetishes related to anal and oral penetration; and by doing that, the action deviates from the actual core: the sex. I mean I like to see asses stretched but I like that activity to be a part of a greater whole, so to speak. The way it is now, it seems like you get those acts for the sake of just seeing them. Performer's behavior is way too chaotic; guys constatly pull out to have their dicks sucked, uncomfortable positions that take too long to assume, etc. You don't get actual, steady fucking for more than 20 seconds without some kind of interruption. Furthermore, the amount of nastiness and roughness goes slighly beyond acceptable (for me) levels. As you have probably figured out by now, I couldn't fully enjoy this flick because of its sexual content, and my score reflects that. On the other hand, you get great cast and solid performances (overall) and the DVD quality is very nice. I'm sure that those of you who like Skeeter's work and those who like nasty and rough (double) anals combined with gagfactor and flavored with some fetishwear, and those who like to see glamourous chicks get treated like dirty sluts, won't be disappointed by this video, especially because Skeeter claims that he worked hard on this. God bless women and their asses, however, I'm not sure whether sodomy should be the "law of the land". Luckily, it mainly exists in Kerkove's dungeon only. Hehe!

-Zoid (for questions and comments:

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