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Coyote22 Sodomized 3.5 starsSodomized 3.5 starsSodomized 3.5 stars
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Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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mr october's ratings for Sodomized:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Sodomized overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Sodomized Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Sodomized Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Sodomized Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Sodomized Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sodomized DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sodomized A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by mr october  on  5/1/2004
in regard to the performers and their appearances, no one's looks or actions should detract from a scene.

i don't expect a/v quality to be flawless, however everything should be clearly visible and audible.

the dvd should have some extra content worth watching more than once. (needs more than trailers and photo gallery.)

there is no plot or acting whatsoever in this movie. (i usually don't view those.)

the "what its worth" amount is an approximate retail price.

sodomized is the most recent release from director skeeter kerkove and mayhem productions. as with all of skeeter's movies and considering the movie is titled "sodomized," i am expecting to find anal sex as the theme for every scene.

SCENE 1: audrey hollander with otto and bad bob. solo introduction. audrey is pale and freckled and has longer, curly red hair. she wears a black latex skirt, matching leather bra, fishnet stockings and long, red spiked heel boots. skeeter introduces her, billing this scene as her first adult scene ever and also noting she is from kentucky. otto joins audrey and inserts a green ball dildo in her ass. audrey gives him oral sex, taking him all the way in her mouth without gagging. she sucks his dick in several positions including on her stomach grabbing her heels. at this point otto is holding her head in his hands and fucking her mouth. audrey fingers her pussy as she sucks otto. the dildo is removed from her ass and put in her mouth. audrey returns to the heel grab position as otto fucks her mouth again. bad bob (applying deoderant as he) is introduced and takes ottos spot, fucking audrey's mouth. she takes him all the way in her mouth but does not gag. otto returns to audrey's mouth and bad bob fucks her ass. bad bob then alternates to her mouth and otto fucks her ass. audrey moves to doggie position. bad bob returns to fuck her ass and she sucks otto. bad bob sits and audrey sits on him, putting his dick in her ass in reverse cowgirl position. otto gets on top and fucks her pussy. (this double penetration is brief.) audrey lies on her back and bad bob alternates between her ass and her pussy (mostly her ass.) there are breaks to see audrey's ass gape. bad bob fucks her ass in piledriver and reverse position. otto cums into her open mouth. audrey again lies on her back for bad bob to fuck her briefly until he too cums into her open mouth.

again, skeeter noted this as audrey's first adult scene. she has no trouble taking on these two guys and i thought the three of them matched up well. a very good first scene for audrey.

SCENE 2: vivica vengeance with alex sanders. solo introduction. vivica has shorter redish-brown(?) hair. she wears a latex outfit which covers her upper body and upper thighs and long, black spiked heel boots. skeeter introduces us to vivica from new mexico. alex joins vivica. vivica lies on her back and alex fingers her pussy and ass. he fits 4 fingers in her pussy at once and 8 in her ass. (he seems to try and push his fingers as deep inside her as possible.) alex puts his dick in her ass briefly then sits up and pulls vivica by her hair to suck his dick. she takes him all the way into her mouth without gagging. alex holds her head and briefly fucks her mouth. vivica lies on her stomach, grabbing her heels as she sucks his cock. alex sits and vivica sits on him, putting his dick in her ass in reverse cowgirl position. there are breaks for ass to mouth during which she rims alex. they change positions to piledriver then to doggie. again there are breaks for ass to mouth. alex cums into her open mouth.

no vaginal sex in this scene. i liked this scene and thought vivica and alex matched up well.

SCENE 3: gia paloma with j monty and boz. solo introduction. gia has longer brown hair. she wears an open black latex top, a small zipped up latex bottom, fishnet stokings and long, black spiked heel boots. skeeter introduces us to gia from fullerton, california. he says this is her first scene. j monty and boz join her. gia sits doggy style and sucks boz's dick. she then sucks j as boz fucks her pussy. gia lies on her stomach and grabs her heels as she tries to take as much of j into her mouth as possible. gia sucks both guys at the same time and gags as she sucks boz while j moves to fuck her pussy in doggy position. gia lies on her back and boz fucks her pussy while she sucks j. j sits and gia sucks him briefly. she then attempts to sit on him and take his dick in her ass in reverse cowgirl position. boz gets on top and fucks her pussy. she moves on top of boz, taking him in her pussy in cowgirl position. j puts his dick in her ass from behind. (the guys swap positions multiple times.) (the double penetrations are brief.) boz cums into her open mouth. j cums into her open mouth and on her face.

there was not as much anal sex in this scene compared to the previous two. there were alot of cuts during the scene. i like gia alot and i thought this scene was good for being her first scene, but i thought it was a bit of a drop off from the previous two.

SCENE 4: melanie with julian st. jox and benjamin brat. solo introduction. includes smoking. melanie has longer blond hair and braces. she wears a red full body fishnet outfit and long, red spiked heel boots. skeeter introduces melanie from england. julian and benjamin join her. both guys alternate receiving oral sex and fingering her. melanie kneels in doggie position and benjamin puts his dick in her ass. she sits on julian in reverse cowgirl position and puts his dick in her ass while she sucks benjamin. she switches to cowgirl position with julian in her pussy and benjamin in her ass. melanie lies on her stomach, grabbing her heels as she sucks julian's cock while ben fucks her ass. they move back to a reverse cowgirl position double penetration with julian on bottom and benjamin on top. melanie lies on her back and sucks benjamin while julian fucks her ass. the guys alternate multiple times. includes multiple breaks for ass to mouth. bejamin cums into her open mouth, then julian does the same.

i think the double penetrations are lengthiest in this scene compared to those in the previous scenes. i thought melanie and both guys worked very well together.

SCENE 5: jesse with mark wood. solo introduction. jesse has short blond hair. she wears a purple latex bikini top, a matching short latex skirt and platform heels. skeeter introduces her noting that she is from chicago and doing her first scene. mark joins her. she gets on her knees and gives him oral sex. she then lies on her stomach, grabbing her heels as she sucks his cock. jesse lies on her back as mark fucks her pussy. they move to reverse cowgirl position, then she lies on her back again as mark puts his dick in her ass. they alternate to doggie postion, spoon, then back to reverse cowgirl. there are breaks for ass to mouth. mark cums into her open mouth and on her face.

this scene was not as rough as the earlier scenes. alot of vaginal sex to begin the scene. i thought jesse did well in her first scene.

i've liked every movie i've ever seen from skeeter kerkove, this is no exception. i liked every girl in this movie. i'm pretty sure that all five are relatively new and i would enjoy seeing any of them again. alot of anal sex per scene, (except maybe scene 3.)

there wasn't really anything i disliked about this movie.

cumshot reel. photo gallery. 5 trailers. almost 15 minutes of behind the scenes. interviews with all five girls.
i think skeeter's behind the scenes and interview extras on the mayhem dvds are some of the best extra features i've seen from any company.

running time about 2 hours, 15 minutes.

no condoms.

i am very much a fan of skeeter's work with mayhem and own almost all of his movies. he does not disappoint me with this latest release featuring lots of anal sex and new cast members. there is not alot of toys, butt worship or anything else other than sodomy as the title suggests. you'll want to check this one out if you're into anal themed movies and wanting to see mostly anal intercourse.

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