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Sodom: The Beginning

Sodom: The Beginning

Studio: Sin City
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Sodom: The Beginning:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sodom: The Beginning overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sodom: The Beginning Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sodom: The Beginning Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sodom: The Beginning Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Sodom: The Beginning Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Sodom: The Beginning DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sodom: The Beginning A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  8/30/2005

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Sodom: The Beginning  

Director: Jim Powers
Camera: Jim Powers
Genre: Gonzo Feature
Release: 8/05
Notes: has a cool flash presentation of this movie up at the moment with a high quality trailer and promo pics. I recommend you check that out first before you delve into this review.  

 act 1:

Cindy Crawford vs. Trent T, Jenner, Rick Masters 

Anal, DP, A2M, Facials

Fresh off her Jill Kelly contract, Cindy Crawford plays the heroine of the movie, conveniently named Cindy. The opening shot shows her furiously masturbating as she stares up into the camera with her lust-filled eyes. A menacing voice chastises her, calling her a whore while she desperately begs to be fucked up the ass. The next parts show what happened to lead up to this.

Cut to: Cindy walking down a long and barren road trying to hitch hike her way through the dessert. She's picked up by three guys and we learn that Cindy is on her way to Las Vegas where she works as a stripper. The boys become excited by this fact and request a private dance from her with full monetary compensation. Cindy agrees to this so the four stop off by the side of the road.

She starts stripping and gyrating her hips as the guys offer up their hoots and hollers as encouragement. Suddenly they're pouring beer all over her body and groping her, their hands eventually traversing downwards to diddle her sex. Cindy doesn't protest and soon has her lips wrapped tightly around their cocks. This leads to the guys running a DP on her in the car. Highlights include Cindy stuffing all three dicks into her mouth as she squeals out excitedly as well as three popshots to the face which compel her to flick her tongue in and out lustily to catch the spunk in her mouth. "Fuckin' cum on my face," she blurts out, "treat me like a fuckin' whore..."

This isn't the best opener. There's some parts where obstruction becomes a problem: The DP for example, which is shot in the tight confines of the SUV, leaving little opportunity for Jim Powers to shoot anything but man ass. The energy doesn't quite lift off like I would've wanted it either because Cindy doesn't sustain her moaning throughout the scene.        

 act 2:

Vanessa Lane vs. Chris Mountain
Cindy Crawford vs. Bad Bob

Vanessa: Anal, A2M, Facial/Swallow
Cindy: Blowjob/Facial

The three guys finish up and then drive off with Cindy's suitcase, leaving her stranded in the middle of the dessert. Scared and distressed, Cindy wanders the dessert as sporadic flashbacks inter-cut to reveal the fight between her and daddy that caused her to run away to Vegas.    

Weakened by thirst, she stumbles in the sand and starts to hallucinate a man who waves her to a table littered with bottled water. She also sees Vanessa Lane dousing her hot body in the liquid. Cindy wastes little time. Running over to the table, she gorges on the water like a ravenous fiend. Meanwhile, the man starts to spear Vanessa in standing doggy, her left leg propped up against the rock. 

As Cindy quenches her thirst, the water is suddenly replaced by cock and before she knows it she's sucking on it fiercely, taking it down to the balls. Soon she's getting a hard face-fuck, making soft, wet gagging sounds along the way.  

Vanessa seats her ass down on cock in reverse cowgirl and has a wild ride, the man eventually taking over to spear up into her bum passage. She stops every so often to suck her juices up and then the guy eases two fingers up her ass before replacing it with his cock to fuck her in missionary with her legs pulled back. This leads to a popshot into the mouth and a swallow with Vanessa staring into the camera looking very pleased.  

Cindy gets her dose of cum too but her mirage ends at an inopportune time. The cum splatters into her mouth but quickly changes to sand and Cindy is left coughing and gagging up dirt.

I wasn't too impressed by this scene either. The sex seemed very plain and I was surprised Vanessa didn't go into any of her contortionist sex since this is her specialty (I can just imagine Vanessa sprawled out in the splits, her leg stretched over her head on the rocks).  Jim Powers explains in the director's commentary that the scene got interrupted when cops looking for crystal meth swept down on them from a helicopter. This was probably the reason that the sex didn't get more interesting but Powers still passes it off well as a fully completed scene.  

 act 3:

Ariana Jollee vs. Alex Sanders, Trevor Thompson

Anal, DP, bondage, A2M, squirting, Facials 

Somehow Cindy has lost her clothes along the way. Fine by me! She looks great as she wanders nude into an empty shack. Descending a dark staircase and treading down an ominous passage, she comes across Ariana in bondage. She moves to Ariana's side and frees her from the ballgag but Ariana screams at her to replace it: "This isn't helping me, put it back in my fuckin' mouth, I'm trying to get ass-fucked bitch!"  

Utterly confused, Cindy hides behind the doorjam when two guys approach. The guys stare down at their love slave and she begs to be fucked. They untie her and she literally dives mouth first into their cocks, gagging herself fiercely. Soon she's being fucked on a bench with one cock up her ass and another in her mouth. Laying on her tummy, Ariana's legs dangle in the air as she takes a hard ass reaming.   

Of course Cindy watches all this from afar, gradually moving her hand down to her cunt to play with herself. She looks on with interest as the guys DP Ariana on the ground who's gasping out in disbelief. Ariana starts to squirt, the sex juices gushing out and running down the crack of her ass while her eyes roll back into their sockets. The guys finish up with two popshots to her face.      

I'm not the biggest fan of Ariana- she certainly "acts out" a lot. That said, this is still the best scene so far. The circumstances and context behind it is definitely interesting to say the least. It makes a more gripping experience by default.                        

 act 4:

Cindy Crawford vs. Buster Good, Seth Dickens, Anthony Hardwood, Brad Baldwin
Christie Lee, Sandra Romain, Bebe, Meara Steel vs. Buster Good, Seth Dickens, Anthony Hardwood, Brad Baldwin

Cindy: Blowbang no popshots
The 4 girls: Anal, A2M, Facials

As Cindy watches Ariana get fucked, a strong hand lunges out and takes her by the neck, pulling her off to the side... 

Lee Stone throws her into his lair and questions her as to why she's here. After allowing her to finally quench her thirst on a bottle of wine, he drags her into another room where four girls in black latex and bondage tape feel each other up in a pit full of lube. "Lookit them" he says, "Does that get your little twat humming? Four horny fuckin' lesbians...licking and tasting sweet gash... I bet it makes your cunt drip doesn't it?" Then Lee tells Cindy why they're all here: "They all got lost along the way- just like you." 

Their bodies glistening, the four lesbians go at it hard, pressing their bodies against one another and mashing their cunts together. Cindy gets turned on by this and Lee offers up four men for her. He orders her to suck them off until they're all rock hard and Cindy eagerly obliges. One by one she takes them in her wet mouth, sucking greedily until she's begging to be fucked. But the guys deny her this pleasure, instead descending on the four lesbians who quickly take their cocks in hand to satiate themselves. Lee pulls Cindy aside and she masturbates furiously. He has to hold her back to prevent her from jumping into the oily pit of cock and pussy.

It's full on orgy fucking for the 8 men and women. The light shines sexily on the girl's oiled tits and asses as they go at it raunchily. Highlights include Sandra holding herself up by a bar on the ceiling while she rides on dick, her hips flailing back and forth with wild abandon, as well as the girls kissing each other after having their faces splattered in cum.  

Now we're getting somewhere. Four stunning girls with bodies lubed up from head to toe makes for a grand and delicious visual feast. I also loved the fetish wear which produced a nice sheen from the oil. Bebe's glistening, juicy tits were a sight to see along with Sandra's muscular ass. A great scene due to the constant eye candy.   

 act 5:

Hannah Harper and Cindy Crawford vs. Lee Stone

Anal, A2OGM, hot candle wax, Facial

Which brings us back to the present: Cindy is on her hands and knees masturbating and begging for Lee to fuck her ass. She wants it so bad she's about to burst into tears.

Lee releases his pet pussy-cat on her, the beautiful Hannah Harper. She stalks out of her cage, a big horny smile flashing across her lips and then starts to lap at Cindy's chest, her tongue swirling around the swollen nipple. Cindy cries out in ecstasy and then Hannah reaches for a candle to drip wax on her. "More," Cindy begs, her spine curled up, hips undulating as she gets burned by the scalding wax. Soon, Lee is spearing Hannah up her cunt as she licks between the pussy-lips of Cindy's snatch. Other highlights include Hannah's face buried deep between Cindy's legs as she gets her bum impaled and Lee repeatedly feeding Cindy his cock out of Hannah's ass as well as some sexy cum-kissing to cap the scene.

Another hot scene. Hannah looks amazing as always, especially here with her scrumptious body wrapped up in black tape. With Cindy and Hannah paired up you can do no wrong. 

Cindy wakes up to find the underground dwelling completely empty. A spent bottle of wine lies next to her. Confused, she walks out of the room which leads her down a long, dark tunnel, a bright light flaring through its end. Cindy emerges from the tunnel and is surprised to find that somehow she's ended up on the outskirts of a city. She's left wondering and us along with her. 

Sodom: The Beginning... Is there a sequel down the road?        



  • Director's commentary

  • Interviews with all the ladies

  • Behind the scenes

  • Bios for everybody

  • Photo galleries (Glamour, Hard, BTS)

  • Cumshot reel

  • 5 Trailers


What's interesting is that the story is loosely based on Cindy's real life. In real life she met a guy on a freeway who got her into the business. That was her beginning in porn much like the beginning of this story entails her being picked up on the road by the three guys, leading her down the path of sodomy and "becoming lost." Also, in real life and before porn Cindy was working as a stripper in Vegas. This was alluded to in the movie. Coincidentally, Cindy is also the only character in the movie who is referred to by her real name. This movie is about transformation. I hope Jim Powers isn't trying to suggest anything ill-will with this brand of commentary. 


On the one hand, I'm glad Sin City/MAYHEM is gravitating towards harder edged features- a hybrid mix- one part gonzo, one part feature. I truly think this is the future of porn in the next few years. The context surrounding the sex is what's desired. Still, on the other hand, this means we're also likely to get cheesy plotlines, bad acting, and bad dialogue. Unfortunately, this is the case here. It's good for porn standards though.


So that leaves us with the sex: I loved the last two scenes, but the first three left me wanting and were average at best. Still, overall this is not a bad release at all. With some more effort put into the script, crisper body positioning/camera angles, and better production values, I think Jim Powers could have something truly great on his hands. His work of this nature is definitely something to keep an eye on in the future.    



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