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Studio: Bound N Determined
Category:  Bondage
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YogaDame's ratings for Snowbound:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Snowbound overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Snowbound Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Snowbound Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Snowbound Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Snowbound Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Snowbound DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Snowbound A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by YogaDame  on  6/22/2009


Cast: Master Lew Rubens, Maria Shadoes, Cindi Zyre, Ariel Black, Taylor Made, Maggie, Claire Adams, and Petal Benson.

Director: Lew Rubens.

Production dates: ©2004-2005, reproduced on 1/28/05.

Length: 60 min.

Extras: None.

Audiovisual quality: The audiovisual quality is amateur. While it can't compete with larger commercial productions, it's not bad. The first scene is shot entirely on a tripod. Lew walks in and out of view as he periodically checks on Maria. The other scenes are done with a handheld camera in natural light. The angles and focus are acceptable. Equipment is sometimes visible at the edges of the screen. A white mask briefly appears to block clutter in a few places. I noticed it but would consider it a minor distraction. The sound is okay, with dialog that's easy to understand and no music.

Screenshots: At the time of this writing, screenshots are available at Adult DVD Empire for those with accounts.

Ratings note: The movie is exclusively bondage, no sex. I'm cool with that, as long as I know beforehand what I'm buying (as was the case here). The sex rating above (4 stars) is my evaluation of the strength of the BDSM content.


Scene 1: Maria Shadoes Picturesque snowflakes are softly falling in the woods. Master Lew appears with the fully naked and rope-bound Maria slung over his shoulder. He hangs her against the rough bark of a tree. She whimpers indignantly through her gag and pulls her knees toward her chest to try to keep her feet out of the snow. He briefly tweaks her nipples and affectionately pats her pussy. We hear Lew's breath as he returns to the camera. He gently zooms and pans for fuller views of Maria's predicament. She tosses her thick auburn hair and shoots him fiery glances. Although there is not a lot of action in this scene, it has an intimate quality that's entrancing. Time: 11:00. Rating: 4 stars.

Scene 2: Cindi Zyre and Ariel Black Here we have a pair of dark-haired young ladies in skimpy latex outfits. Their ankles, elbows, and wrists are immobilized by rope. Cindi and Ariel giggle through their gags as they slip around on an icy bank. The model in the pink minidress (I'm not sure who is who, sorry) gets very erect nipples during these efforts. They try to free each other and are subjected to a pelting of snowballs as soon they start making a little headway. Lew finally rescues them in the end. No nudity, but this is still a cute scene. Time: 6:51. Rating: 3.5 stars.

Scene 3: Maria Shadoes Maria has refused to wash the dishes and so gets another lesson from Lew. She's dressed only in opera-length gloves and very impractical stiletto boots. Lew leaves her free to talk this time, not that her protests get her anywhere. Lew secures Maria to a stake in the ground, pounding it in with an axe. She manages to get a hold of the axe when he steps away for a moment, and she gets lightly spanked with the broad side of the blade as soon as he sees how naughty she's been. Lew rolls Maria around in the snow a bit and repositions her, until she finally relents and agrees to do her chores. Time: 6:29. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 4: Taylor Made and Maggie Lew is gentler with these scantily clad newbies, initially providing them with improvised seats to keep their tushies off the frozen tundra. Lew encourages them to see if they can escape their rope harnesses, joking that it'll take only, oh, about a half hour. Taylor manages to hop over and use her teeth to undo the knot at Maggie's breasts. The girls curse and laugh every time they're "caught" and their bonds are retightened. Time: 14:46. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 5: Claire Adams and Maria Shadoes I normally follow directors more closely than performers. Since I hadn't seen anything previously from Lew Rubins, I bought Snowbound solely on the strength of Claire's presence. She does not disappoint here. Claire, who's nude except for scary-high stiletto sandals, has been bound in a crouched position and is compelled to take teensy steps while Maria leads her by the hair. Maria instructs Claire to pose, and she adroitly slips into several elegant positions on the chilly patio table. Maria lightly beats Claire with a novelty wand which emits electronic "boooing!" sounds. There's a bit of tickling and fondling. Maria then secures Claire in an intense position with her back strongly arched. She gives Claire a vibrator and the privilege of setting it at her own speed. Time: 7:38. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 6: Petal Benson Oh, no, there's a gentleman who appears to have fainted in the snow! Nurse Petal arrives on the scene and soon discovers that Lew is not unconscious after all. He playfully overpowers her and gets her tied and exposed in no time. He inserts a dental gag and teases her skin with a handful of snow. Petal nearly escapes when he leaves to fetch the sled dogs. Lew messes around with her piercings and lets her drool. Time: 10:43. Rating: 4 stars.

Thumbs up: The lack of pretension in this production is quite charming. Lew doesn't even attempt to concoct a flimsy fantasy on a shoestring budget. He instead wisely presents the action just as it is: straightforward bondage play as enjoyed by authentic kinksters. I respect the way he manages the scenes with kind-hearted attentiveness to the women's safety, but also with enough of a cruel streak to keep the situations interesting.

Thumbs down: It's definitely a barebones disc. I wish there were trailers, at the very least, so I could get a taste of other offerings available from Bound N Determined. I'm thinking this one is good enough that I might like to buy more.

Themes: Rope bondage, cold temperature play, outdoor locations, gags, flogger, vibrator, masturbation, fetishwear.

Condom use: None, since there's no sex, aside from the mini-solo in scene five.

Juice-o-meter: Medium. Even though this production is purely softcore, I do think the bondage is inherently erotic.

Final analysis: Snowbound is a nifty collection of attractive rope bondage combined with a difficult-to-find fetish: cold temperature play. Because it is a niche amateur offering, the production quality is not fancy and the price is fairly high. I am glad, though, that I paid a few extra bucks for Snowbound. It's put such a smile on my face both times I've watched it, and it's especially fun to watch in the heat of summer!

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