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Smothered N' Covered 3

Smothered N' Covered 3

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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ai no corrida's ratings for Smothered N' Covered 3:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Smothered N' Covered 3 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Smothered N' Covered 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Smothered N' Covered 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Smothered N' Covered 3 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Smothered N' Covered 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Smothered N' Covered 3 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Smothered N' Covered 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  10/1/2007
Smothered Ní Covered 3
A Red Light District Release
Length: 2hrs 41min
Directed by Mark Wood

Starring: Mia Bangg, August, Nikara, Alexis Texas, & Sandra Romain.
With: Mark Wood, Michael Stefano, Brian Surewood & Steve French.

Brief Synopsis:
Can the third entry into this already promising series be a charm? Mark Woodís series started off with a bang, and continues, steady on, with scenes involving loads of face-sitting (though, not in the extreme sense) for the men, this time around with single girls, as opposed to the mostly double-teaming (2 girls for every boy) more prevalent in the first two titles in the series. All of the girls chosen possess ample posteriors ripe for cushioning their partnerís faces, so lots of jiggling is to be expected (as usual)! Letís see whatís in store for us this time aroundÖ

Scene One: Mia Bangg & Mark Wood
Beginning poolside, Mia rises up from her beach chair to meet a lounging Mark Wood. In a black top, heels and matching sunglasses, she teases Mark with her supple ass, and proceeds to blow him. She points her rear end towards his face, and they arch into an almost 69 position (letís call it a 68). Spilling out of her top, Mark takes the opportunity to paw a bit at her chest, and he bends her over for a brief run of doggy-style fucking, pausing only to bury his nose deep into her ass. Moving indoors, the two engage in some face-sitting again, and Mia reciprocates with a little more blowjob action. Some cowgirl, with frequent breaks of queening in between, follows. Bent over, Mia takes Mark in her ass, and into missionary for even more anal. Some reverse and standard cowgirl, anal action continues at a steady pace, and Mark ends by pouring his load onto her open mouth and chin. Miaís energy wasnít 100%, but the scene didnít suffer all too much for it. She seemed to be going through the motions at first, but the anal section of the scene more than made up for that. Not bad at all.

Scene Two: August & Michael Stefano
August, a latina with dark brown (nearly blonde) hair stands in a bedroom wearing a heavy-duty pink bikini. She has a very trim frame and tattoos around the majority of her back and arms, and pretty much looks like she could devour you whole if given the opportunity. Michael wastes no time burying his face in her gorgeous ass, sniffing at the arch of her pink thong as he makes way for his tongue. August straddles his face as he lies on the floor, and she bends and shakes and jiggles her ass with delight. Stretched out on the couch, legs together, August turns her head slightly to watch Michael get lost in her ass, yet again, only to resurface for some spoon-laden penetration. They 69, into doggy and cowgirl, her bare feet cradled on his thighs, and they ride along confidently. She dismounts to taste his unit, and follows by riding his face a little more. Bent in front of a mirror, she teases him by bouncing along with her other self, and Michael shoots his load onto the mirror. She rubs her ass into the mess, and the scene is over. Though I wish the amount of blowing in the scene could have been higher (but 69 isnít a disappointment, either), and the pop-shot is rather anti-climactic, I still enjoyed this scene the most, out of the whole disc. August is the most motivated of all the girls here, and seems to thoroughly enjoy every minute (but that whole mirror thing at the end could be disputed). When she grinds into Michaelís dick, you can feel every push, practically, as when she straddles his face. When Michael comes up for air, I kept thinking that his face would be melted completely off, or at least a little disfigured from Augustís relentless face-mashing. You canít have everything, I guess.

Scene Three: Nikara & Brian Surewood
Starting with an outdoor tease, Nikara is swiftly escorted indoors, where she sits on Brianís face, and they continue with bouts of anal and queening in between. A little missionary, a little cowgirl and reverse and on, all anal, and we have a scene. Whatís the most upsetting part of this scene? Nikara! Her mood veers from painful giggling to unenthused, clumsy patter every time she has the camera in her face, or, heaven forbid, when she has to actually work on Brianís shaft. She gags ever so slightly when Brian drops his load into her mouth, and the horror on her face as she tastes a bit is mostly recoil, as she spits out a majority onto her chest. I know sheís trying to make her newer scenes a little more palatable, but I had a hard time watching her at all. If you could see my face, I would be frowning right now.

Scene Four: Alexis Texas & Steven French
After a walk around the block to clear my head of the last scene, I found Alexis Texas sitting with her back to the camera. In green body paint, someone had written ďINSERT FACEĒ on the small of her back, an arrow pointing south. Sure, itís a little hokey, but with Alexis, who cares? Her lithe, tan body was practically spilling out of her purple outfit with each bounce and jiggle, and her face reminded me of a very young Anna Nicole, or a more sunny, voluptuous Keiko (the pale, brown haired Keiko). Panties on, Alexis smothers Stevenís face, and they continue into 69. After a bit of cowgirl, she sticks her ass up and gives Steven a blowjob. They go into doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggy again (all with interludes of smothering, of course), and he pops into her open mouth. She swallows and says ďdonít mess with Texas!Ē, and you believe her. Her performance was steady & strong, lots of screaming and moaning, and she appears bright & cheery, on the whole. Contrary to what she may say, I, myself, would like to mess with Texas.

Scene Five: Sandra Romain & Mark Wood & Brian Surewood
Iíve been a fan of Sandraís previous work, so I kind of knew what I was getting into. Unfortunately, I didnít feel that this was a spectacular scene, but certain veered on the extreme edge. Lots of double penetration for at least half of the scene, and itís not bad at all. My cup of tea it really isnít, as the scene slows to a grinding halt, in terms of spirit. The three of them screaming in each otherís ear and nearly stuck together, I breathed a sigh of relief at the beginning and end of it all, when Sandra worked both dicks simultaneously, and when she was double-teamed on each end (that is, orally and vaginally/anally). Iím probably splitting hairs here, but Sandra really needs room for the camera to take her every feature in (trust me, itís worth it!), and the DP kind of detracts from her best qualities. The three of them vary positions, swell into double-penetration, and culminate with two doses onto a kneeling Sandra. She begins the scene dressed in taxi-cab yellow, and ends the scene by pumping Mark & Brianís dicks like the handles of a motorcycle, just so you know. Sandra, as always, is a great sport, and you wonder if sheís the type of girl who wouldnít mind shooting four different scenes in one day, with total ease. Thanks, Sandra!

Bonus Features:
A cumshot recap, behind the scenes (mostly the girls getting ready for their scenes, picking out outfits, various people walking around, etc.), and a photo gallery.

How the Disc Looks & Sounds:
No complaints here, as this is the standard, more than acceptable image quality Red Light produces. The few outdoor shots arenít too hot in the image department, but that is neither here nor there.

Overall Thoughts:
Though not as sparkling as the other entrants into the Smothered series, part the third still has its shining moments, and plummeting low low lows (thereís always a first time for everything, right?). August was quite a surprise and a delight, though her scene lacked a few key elements in gonzo porn, but she, herself, made up for that in other, more meaningful ways. While probably not the best title of the series to reach for if youíre curious about face-sitting (go with either numbers 1 or 2), if you can find it cheap, give it a spin. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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