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Smokin' Tailpipes

Smokin' Tailpipes

Studio: Daring
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Smokin' Tailpipes:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Smokin' Tailpipes overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Smokin' Tailpipes Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Smokin' Tailpipes Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Smokin' Tailpipes Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Smokin' Tailpipes Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Smokin' Tailpipes DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Smokin' Tailpipes A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  3/17/2009
SMOKIN' TAILPIPES---THE LEGEND OF BILLY JOE & BOBBY SUE (2008, Daring Media) is a backwoods feature about Billy Joe (Nick Manning) who gathers up Bobby Sue (Ashli Orion) for a crime spree. The Sheriff (Barrett Blade) and his Deputies (Otto Bauer and Jay Ashley) capture Billy Joe, who escapes with the help of a Deputy's girlfriend. (Aurora Snow). Written and directed by Otto Bauer, SMOKIN' TAILPIPES is a solid feature with some corny dialog and goofy action taking a back seat to some pretty good sex scenes.

During the credits, a naked dude wearing a cowboy hat jumps outa window and runs down the street. That's Billy Joe. (Nick Manning)

Back at the house, a red neck (Lee Stone) bitches about the dirty house and tells Bobby Sue (Ashli Orion) to clean the bedroom while he fucks her half-sister, a country bitch. (Audrey Hollander) Billy Joe hangs outside the window then sneaks through while the duo is fucking and scoops up his clothes and Bobby Sue then the red neck's convertible.


Audrey starts out the sexual hijinx with a blowjob then settles into some straight sex positions with Lee. Director Bauer captures the couple in some solid wide angle shots for the doggie, mish, side mish and reverse cowgirl fucking on a big bed. With Audrey positioned in reverse cowgirl with her hands and feet on the mattress, Lee cums in her pussy for the finale---!!! outa !!!!!

Off in the woods somewhere, Bobby Sue is giving Billy Joe a blow job.


This short blow job sequence harkens back to the days of classic porn when a blow job might happen anywhere, anytime. Ashli looks hot as she kneels beside the car. Her tiny boobs look great and she looks sexy in cut off shorts and heeled sandals. Nick yells out his "dropping loads" schtick as his cumshot lands on Ashli's pierced tongue---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

While Ashli stays in the car, Nick robs a corner market then some other place then decides he had better ditch the hot convertible. He comes across a hot rod, an Olds 442 (?), parked at the foot of Inspiration Point. He ascends the hill and steals the keys while the two campers, Lover Girl (Angel Couture/Eve Nicholson) and Lover Boy, (Jenner)are fucking.


On a bench with a blue plaid blanket thingee, Jenner sticks a finger in her ass and a finger in her pussy hole. Angel looks cute with straight blonde hair, thin face, small titties. After a blowjob, Jenner fucks her doggie, pulls her hair a bit, then fucks her ass, pauses for a gape. She rides anal reverse cowgirl and spreads her pussy lips while she rides spread eagle with her legs propped up on his thighs. She fingers her asshole while she sucks his dick which leads to anal mish, mish and a cumshot in the mouth. Director Bauer shoots this exterior scene with a nice balance of close-ups and wide shots but it's a too bit long and pads the length of this feature---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

The Sheriff (Barrett Blade) sets a trap for Billy Joe and Bobby Sue and poses as a hotel manager. Bobby Sue comes looking for a room but she has no money. She gives the Sheriff a blow job while Billy Joe pokes around outside the window. A Deputy sneaks up from behind Billy Joe and puts him out by smothering his mouth in a rag soaked with ether or something.


The blowjob continues then Barrett mish-fucks the tiny Ashli across the top of a black/white two-toned leather chair. She drops to the floor for more blow job action, then Barret mish-fucks her again, this time with her head lying in the chair. A short scene for Barrett, but Ashli looks great stretched out across the chair in the mish wide shot---!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

Police business disrupts The Sheriff so he takes off but another Deputy (Otto Bauer) enters the room and instructs the Sheriff via walky-talky (or some sort of police phone) to head to a whore house where Billy Joe is "creatin' quite a ruckus."


Ashli continues fucking in a series of straight sex positions. She rides Otto in the chair for reverse cowgirl, then she slides onto the floor and sucks his dick, then more reverse cowgirl, climbs on cowgirl then doggie. Otto props Ashli up on the armrest, plays with her twat then mish-fucks her. He pulls her across to the other armrest for a side-mish then Ashli falls to the floor onto her knees for a cumshot on her tongue. Solid action here with Otto finishing the straight sex fucking started by Barrett---!!! outa !!!!!

Another Deputy (Jay Ashley) transports a tied-up and doped-up Billy Joe over some bumpy roads. He stops and picks up a gal (Aurora Snow) who convinces the Deputy to take the prisoner back to his his place so she can tie him to a tree in the darkness. She ties him up tight (or so they say) but she pick-pockets the Deputy and leaves the knife near Billy Joe. The duo head inside where the gal does a little dance for the Deputy.


This scene takes place on couple of hassocks in front of this bizarre large canvas painting on the wall. Aurora strips out of her sweater, then blue panties and top but fucks with her cowboy boots on. Blow job action leads to reverse cowgirl, blowjob and more reverse cowgirl. He fingers her then mishes her on the hassock, which leads to doggie anal, A2M, blowjob, handjob, mish anal, and a terrific facial. Director Bauer captures the wonderful twists and contortions of Aurora Snow's body in this superb interior scene---!!!! outa !!!!!

Billy Joe escapes from the tree and ends up inside a hotel room, where he makes a phone call and orders up a couple of hookers. When the gals show up, Billy Joe commands "take these clothes off and start fucking with yourselves."


Upon a big brass bed, Brea starts the action as she sucks Nick's cock while sitting on Tatiana's face. Nick fucks Tatiana in a series of straight sex positions while Brea fingers herself, plunges a dildo in her pussy off to the side of the bed. Tatiana has terrific natural boobs with wide nipples plus straight brown hair. Nick yells out "you're a fucking shit disturber" as he mish-fucks Tatiana across one side of the bed while Brea plunges a didlo into her pussy on the other side. Tatiana rides anal reverse cowgirl, then Nick yells out his "droppin' loads" schtick and lands the cumshot in Tatian's mouth, which she shares with Brea. The aloof Brea and her solo stuff hampers this otherwise solid scene with a wonderful fucking moments from Tatiana---!!! outa !!!!!

The hookers leave and Billy falls asleep. A knock at the door awakens him and soon a naked Billy grabs his hat and climbs out the window. Again.

SMOKIN TAILPIPES (2008, Daring Media) is a solid feature from Otto Bauer. The performers have some fun with the criminal-on-the-run story and Otto Baur mixes the plot elements and sex scenes pretty well. His POV blowjob camera shots and wide angle fucking camera shots worked best.

In the '60s and '70s, Russ Meyer made these types of films (sans the xxx content) and his movies worked best with running times of 75-90 minutes. This feature is around 105 minutes so I would have edited something, trimmed down a scene or two, namely the Lover Boy/Lover Girl camping scene especially since these characters have nothing to do with the story except that Billy Joe steals their vehicle. So, SMOKIN' TAILPIPES is a refreshing attempt at recapturing classic porn glory. It's fun and lands a final rating of !!! outa !!!!!

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