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Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel)

Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slutty & Sluttier 2 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/12/2007
Ok fans time to check out a new one from Manuel Ferrara who consistently keeps delivering top notch porn with some of the hottest starlets of today. I remember the first one in this series mainly for that scene with Mia Rose & Manuel which was among my fave scenes of all 2006, the chemistry was just awesome and you see the great journey Mia went on sexually throughout that scene and I'm hoping we have another scene or two like that in this one. The covergirl for this one Lela Star would be a great candidate for such a journey and you also have in this cast Katja, Presley Maddox, Paola Rey--doing guys again, and Rebeca Linares so lots of hot eye candy for your sweet tooth, let's hit some highlights.

Gia Paloma, Katja Kassin, & Presley Maddox with David Perry, Ian Scott & Steve 'papa' Holmes:

It's great to see two real strong performers in this first scene and Presley is also one to watch so good times. We begin with Katja and Gia walking down a hallway and Manuel quickly gets the shot on those two terrific asses, Gia's is bare while Katja's is enclosed but the shorts are very skimpy and you get quite the shot on both booties. These two girls are very experienced in the art of tease so lots of good eye candy here. After showing off her ass for Ian we get Katja leaning down to engulf his cock while upstairs we have Gia being boned by the other two guys, David and Steve. Her cock sucking is way more aggressive but this is Gia Paloma so that's to be expected. Manuel lets the shot go back and forth which is cool as you get to concentrate on one girl for a good time length and not worry about what you're missing off to the side. I like it very much the sex with Katja begins with cowgirl as if there was any other position to start with while filming this beautiful woman. Miss Kassin rewards her mans hard dick thrusts by hopping off and rubbing that amazing ass all over his face, yep I'd like my woman to do that wouldn't you!

Going back to Gia you see the noticeable energy change and it's not better but just way more aggressive that what we're seeing with Katja, ok so Gia's not upstairs but just in another room as Manuel gives a broad shot showing both groups but they are quite a ways apart though you start to hear both girls sounds mixing together as they're being fucked. The anal starts to come in also with reverse for Katja who hops off for A2M. Suddenly we leave both groups to go to a different room and that's where we find Presley looking amazing in her gold outfit-- what a fucking ASS on this girl too!! Manuel goes out to tell everyone about Presley being there. He tries to get Steve to leave Gia but she's kinda busy sucking his cock and then follows that up with eating his ass so Steve might not be able to make it! Well we see Presley finally come out and stand over them upstairs looking down on the action which includes both girl doing hard anal sex now. You also see some dp action for Gia as well. Steve then looks up and sees Presley and he's definitely intrigued so we follow Miss Maddox as she makes her way downstairs pausing to tease us all with more ass shots, oh my that's a tush. The titties also come out and that's where Steve greets Presley by sucking on those boobs, wow Presley is looking better than ever here and of course Steve has to bury his face deep between those terrific ass cheeks. The ground shot really helps drive the point home on how hot that ass is and she's turned so we get as much of her ass in the shot as possible with also having Steve in it too munching on that booty.

We go back to the other girls and now they are both on the same couch being pulverized by John and Ian while Steve is still getting acquainted with Presley's ass! She gets to stroke his cock a little before dropping down to take it on and I really liked it that she took her time here. There is some sex for Presley too as Steve slips in from behind letting us oogle that ass some more as her pussy's being drilled. The girls on the couch start to interact with other a little as we get some A2OGM by Gia, then it's P2M by Presley as well as titty fucking. Miss Kassin then gets the dp treatment and we get Presley watching again as Steve's given her a rest. Slowly we get Presley closer and she gets a fresh cock to suck on while the action continues on the couch. You then get Presley being fucked in a standing doggie while Gia floats underneath to catch the schlong as it comes out for P2OGM so she's being quite the nasty slut here. The scene eventually ends with all three loads coating Presley's face and the ladies then lick the jizz off it. Quite the opener I'd say.

Paola Rey with Manuel:

It's been a couple years it seems since I've seen Paola and she's now back to doing guys and who better to see her with than Manuel. They begin outside with the wind blowing through her hair, like that shot and she is topless so that's good sign too! She has this mischievous smile on her face as she stops before Manuel's camera and there's a little dirty talk too from Miss Rey. Turning around she shows off her surprise for Manuel which is that great big phat booty of hers, now I'm not thinking she's doing anal here but it's great to see the ass tease regardless. Pulling the fishnets down we get an even better view of those cheeks. Paola then sits down and takes the fishnets down even further so she can diddle her pussy pretty aggressively.

Heading inside we get a much cleaner shot of Paola's body and in drops Manuel now from behind the camera to bury his face in her tush and he really dives in there too fans. He finishes getting those pesky fishnets off, not a huge fan anymore unless they're being taken off and it's back to the face in the ass shot with some wiggling of that tush by Paola. Mr. Ferrara also flips her over for some good strong pussy eating and just listen to the passion filled moans escaping from Paola, very hot. Manuel can't resist some fingerbanging also to that pussy which is pretty wet by now. For foot fans you get a little play as she uses one to stroke over his holstered cock while letting him suck on the other. Finally we get some knob polishing and we get a fine floor shot of Paola sliding over and leaning down to engulf his stiffy.

As for the sex here you get Paola done in spoon, then a pause so she can move up and smother his face with her pussy, very nice shot here and it gets even better when she slides down for a hard ride in cowgirl plus a little grinding!! I loved it that they left the focus so much on her ass here, really good stuff. Moving on they go to mish, doggie and reverse with a little more grinding mixed in here. Paola does the honors jerking the load out to her face/ mouth with some cleanup too. A most welcome return from such a sexy lady.

Lela Star with Jake Malone & Manuel:

On we go and it's now the covergirls turn and if she lives up to Mia's scene from the first one I'll be quite impressed. She starts out walking down the long lime green hallway which BTW I finally got to see this house in person this past weekend and it's quite a cool looking house though this hallway isn't a color I'd want but it's distinctive for sure. Lela walks confindently into the frame wearing very little and she hovers over Jake rubbing his chest while letting her ample cleavage spill onto his face. Oh baby, she reaches inside those jeans to say hello to Mr. Happy who I'm guessing is waking up as she does this and the face smothering by the titties is also aiding this process I'm sure. I'd love for Lela to wake me up like this, how about you!! She then makes her way in front of Jake to show off her entire body from head to ass and thankfully we're behind getting a shot of said ass as it's slowly revealed. You get Lela hopping on Jake to do more titty face smothering while also continuing the good ass shots from behind. Lela then has a seat on Jake's pants and does some cock teasing by grinding over his bulge but knowing Jake he loved this and he also has slipped a couple fingers into Lela's pussy causing some breathy moans to escape. Jake then sits down on the floor letting Lela get the great position over his face and the smother theme continues with her pussy/ass resting comfortably on Mr. Malone.

well downstairs we get Manuel coming home and calling out he sees Lela coming downstairs and she mentions that she's got a client upstairs but Manuel is having none of that and he moves in to fondle those tits and play with her pussy. The fingering is pretty aggressive and you can hear how wet that pussy is and the load moans by Lela also signal the success Manuel achieved. There's some light choking done too but thankfully for me it doesn't last long. We see that Jake's now a captive audience member watching Lela being mandhandled by Manuel which leads finally to some cock sucking and Lela does well here engulfing that piece. It's weird from my end seeing this house again so soon after actually being in it but also very cool as I was standing on that very spot Lela's at, to bad she wasn't there doing what she's doing to Manuel now which is some strong cock sucking. Manuel doesn't forget to include that ass too as much as possible in the shot and then we get the view from Jake's end namely a fully pulled back view to upstairs, then it's back and now Manuel's in front of the camera banging Lela hard'n'fast. Lela does some nice P2M here before they move to a standing cowgirl which shows off that ass still more. This doesn't last long, though, and they get to a small carpeted area and Manuel drills that kittie hard in spoon along with more fingerbanging. The two decide to move upstairs giving Jake a much better shot and she's banged from behind while rubbing over Jake's pants, theres' a bit more of the light choking shot before it's on to mish, a welcome return to cowgirl and finally a pop to Lela's waiting tongue. Jake doesn't get to relieve himself at least on camera but overall a very nice scene though not quite as much of a sexual journey as we saw in Mia's scene in the previous volume but still very good smut.

Rebeca Linares:

Our final main scene begins with the pretty Rebeca sitting on the end of a bed wearing only pink stockings and a short puffy poodle skirt and she's topless showing off those modest but very attractive breasts. She can now speak some english as we hear. Good tease and she makes us only watch slappin away a finger that tries to come in. The ass she shows us is just screaming out to be fucked, just look at that asshole all primed and ready!! She flips back over and her face is one I really like with those eyes and the dark hair both making for a great combo to draw you in. Manuel then focuses in on that face and you see what I mean, so expressive and very attractive. Rebeca doesn't forget to tease us with her pussy as well spreading those legs nice'n'wide letting those lips say hey I'm here too!! But there is no denying the overall area of emphasis was on Rebeca's ass and for good reason it's an amazing booty and totally worth the screen time devoted to shooting it.

She leaves the room and slowly makes her way downstairs and there's the usual pauses so we can zoom in on that ass one more time plus she's got on heels and you dont' want our girl to take a spill now do ya. Michael Stefano is waiting on her and he can't make it until she's fully off the stairs until burying his face deep in her ass. Like Manuel this guy is so good at pleasuring the ladies, making sure they get off before even thinking of themselves and I really like that in a scene. There is some strong fingering done too by Michael but my fave parts were still the face burying he does. The two kiss a bit here before the action heats back up as he slips in for a standing doggie and pace here was slow to start but quickly picks up to a strong one. Rebeca then gets to show off her oral skills in the P2M and then the oral extends to a little ball licking too by Miss Linares with still more booty shots included, thanks Manuel! The action then moves to an oversized couch and he slips in for a spoon but Rebeca's got her ass turned so it's facing out to us rather than her pussy and it's anal too, yippee! After some A2M we get doggie anal and then Ian joins in with Rebeca not missing a beat engulfing his dick. The passion in her eyes is so apparant it's awesome. We get Michael stepping out then as Ian and now John Strong take their turns with the lovely Rebeca. The action the rest of the way is what you'd wish for, tons of anal, dps, dick sucking and finally some three man blowjob action including some double stuffing. The best scene easily on this disc ends with the guys dropping their loads on her mouth/ chin area. Wow this girl is just amazing and such a good performer, she'll definitely get some recognition this year, at least I sure hope so. This ends disc one which kicked ass totally, now let's see what's on disc 2.

Disc 2:

Bonus scene with Taylor Rain and Michael Stefano/ John Strong:

Alright we get more sex!! We get Taylor walking in ready for her scene and Manuel's all surprised, lol. They discuss the matter and Manuel had totally forgot, hehe, at least he is ready to shoot the tease which includes some great ass shots of Taylor and we don't have to wait long for the swinging dicks. John Strong makes his available for Taylor and she shows how appreciative she is engulfing it all the way and she licks some ass too, more than once I might add. The sex has her done in spoon, cowgirl with gagging P2M. They pause then to go downstairs where Michael is waiting strumming his guitar. Well that instrument is point aside so his other can be pulled out and Taylor gags hard on his schlong while John resumes banging that pussy. The guys take turns before the anal begins with some dp action too and we end with two real good facials for Miss Rain.

Katarina Kat with Manuel:

Here we have a newer girl to the biz and we start with a good shot up her legs arriving at her sexy ass and Manuel pauses nicely so we can appreciate that tush before moving up to say hey to her cute face. Katarina is a most flexible girl as I'vel learned on another dvd where I believe she says she worked for several circuses in Europe growing up. The flexibility she displays is most admirable and you see every inch of her body covered by Manuel's lense. Katarina then does the sexy crawl along the carpeted floor until she pauses so that ass can arch up behind her and that entices Manuel to slip behind so we can get more one on one time with that booty. Miss Kat then sits up a bit to stroke that neatly trimmed bush, almost bald except for a tiny patch above her pussy. Next we get Katarina on a couch where she stretches those legs E-W meaing east to west, very wide fans and of course her ass still keeps drawing us in with each new way he shoots it. Manuel then slips in front of the camera to greet this pretty lady and first hand appreciate that ass and pussy the only way he knows how by burying his face deep in there. His schlong is soon doing it's part pounding into Katarina's pussy, she gets to clean those juices off before hopping back on for cowgirl. A couple more real good shots including a standing doggie gets us to the pop which is jerked out to Katarina's face. A final reminder of how good a dvd this was so thanks to everyone.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I must say Manuel continues to release some of the best and most consistently sexy porn out there and this release only furthers that reputation. All the scenes here were great including the two bonus ones. Rebeca probably had the best 1 girl scene of the disc with that first group scene featuring Katja, Gia, and Presley also being very very good. The extras for this include those two bonus scenes I just touched on as well as a cumshot repeat, a live photo shoot, a still photo gallery, cast lists for all the scenes and yes some BTS so take a look at that if you please. A strong recommendation for purchase, you won't find a much stronger and more balanced gonzo dvd around and I can only imagine how Manuel will top this one but I know he'll try.

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