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Slutty Housewives Of the O.C.

Slutty Housewives Of the O.C.

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Anal , MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Slutty Housewives Of the O.C.:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slutty Housewives Of the O.C. A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  8/14/2006

Slutty Housewives of the O.C.

Prologue Mark Wood (as Dick Herzer) has gathered up a mature cast to jump into the MILF arena. There are only four women and scenes, but a couple of them, Kristal Summers and Vanessa Vidal, are knockouts. Camerawork is credited to Peeping Jane, clearly a pseudonym for Francesca Le'. Let's see how much fun the older set has at Casa Wood.
Cheyenne Hunter is looking every bit the part of a MILF. Long legs, slightly soft stomach, age lines around her eyes, long, straight hair, and hooters by Dow Corning. Like all visitors to Casa Wood, Cheyenne starts out by the pool. She shows off her french cut panties to Francesca, which frame a nice, tight ass. Francesca talks her out of her halter top and Cheyenne puts her twins on display. Mark Wood approaches, shirtless and in jeans, wasting no time in pulling his dick out. Cheyenne wants to protect it from the sun by covering it up with her mouth. She struggles to fit the fat cock in there, and shows surprisingly little skill at the oral. Her panties come off and she returns to the bj. Mark has Cheyenne turn for some doggy fucking. Her throat may be shallow, but her pussy can take dick deep and hard. P2M, and a CG mount. They trade off the driving and both set a fast pace with deep drilling. Cheyenne does a hot grind on the cock buried in her womb and shows some leg strength with squat fucking. Mark picks her up and lays her back down for mish. He decides they should go inside, cooler and fewer shadows, but Cheyenne stops and asks for more dick first. They do a standing doggy to energize her for the journey. Inside, Cheyenne sits on his cock in RC and takes a back stiffening drilling. She has a body jerking orgasm and asks Mark to fuck her ass. She presents it to him in doggy and pulses her sphincter as a come on. Mark just slides right in and soon has her ass mayonnaise churned up. Any doubts about her orgasm before are dispelled by the huge wet spot on the couch where they were fucking before. Cheyenne invites a spanking and Mark goes up and over into the deepest recesses of her bowels. Insertion shots for gaping, then a shift to CG anal. Nice sequence with Cheyenne folding the cock into her rectum, then taking a hard pounding from underneath. Mark calls for a turn to RCA. Cheyenne is expecting her cumload pretty soon but Mark has to work it out with some ass reaming that puts her on the pleasure/pain tip. Finally, he pulls out of her ass and they scurry to get into position for the cumswallow. Mark releases a scout and promises more as he wanks furiously, producing a streak across her cheek and covering Cheyenne's tongue. Cum drips off her chin as she sucks Mark to clean out his pipes.
Cheyenne delivers a pretty hot scene, getting off and giving up the booty in fine style. Not a great deal of personal chemistry, but they were communicating well, and in tune with each other.
Vanessa Vidal knocks on Mark's door and announces that she's his neighbor and it's her birthday, inviting him to a drink of wine. Mark ushers this tall beauty in and she offers some fun before her party. Into the playroom they go, Vanessa in a long, black, floral print sundress, with a low enough neckline to show her big tits. The dress comes off to reveal a sizzling looking net unitard with gold chains closing the front. Her hot pussy is easily visible through the material, as well as her enhanced rack. Mark comes out from behind the camera and Vanessa fishes out his cock. She provides some energy, if little depth in her bj and pulls her top down to let Mark play with the tits. He spanks her as she steps out of the lingerie and Vanessa appears very turned on. She makes love to the shaft and balls, then sits on her handiwork in CG. Vanessa really likes to move her ass, a thing of beauty btw, and makes Mark's wood disappear easily. Vanessa maintains a hard pace and takes a lot of angles, then sucks her juices off the dick. She remounts in RC. No less energy here as Vanessa really works her shit out on Mark's stiffy. Her moves should have a salsa beat to them, the rhythmic movements must be maddening. They move to doggy, Mark teasing her with punch fuck insertions, then pounding her hot cooch and spanking her ass. Up and over has Vanessa howling for more. P2M, then mish. Vanessa grabs her ankles while Mark uses her like a human trampoline. He stuffs his wet dick in her mouth and Vanessa sucks hard. Back to mish, Vanessa throwing her pussy at Mark and working out an apparent orgasm. She's hot for more and works the cock harder. P2M and a move to standing doggy. Cut to side saddle CG, then conventional. Vanessa maintains a torrid pace and seems insatiable as she howls in delight. Mark finally can't take anymore and empties his balls into her mouth. Vanessa is delighted with her birthday gift.
Vanessa really packs some heat in this scene. Her yowling was a touch over the top, but the body language matched it in raw energy. I'd like to see her in a gangbang.
Mark is hanging out by the pool with a cool drink and chatting with Francesca about their new neighborhood. Jillian Foxxx shows up as the welcoming committee representative. She tells Mark there's some swinging going on in the community, and as a display of their openness, she pulls his dick out of his pants and shows some serious oral skills. Jillian steps out of her demure outer clothing and shows some sexy black undies. Mark bends her over, pulls the panties aside, and plugs her hot pussy. Jillian is easily the oldest woman in this video, certainly no longer tight as a drum, but she hasn't lost any enthusiasm for sex and looks like she's ready to throw Mark a mean fuck. She sits in his lap for some seated CG. No problem taking him to the hilt and some nice grinding at the bottom. They decide to take things into the house before they draw a crowd and Jillian works Mark over orally again before he rams her in mish. Some light choking to go with the pounding. Skull fucking and some rimming. Some tit spanking that also turns Jillian on. She mounts in RC, not the best visual position for her, then a turn to CG. Mark is getting quite a workout from this geriatric slut. She offers up her ass and Mark sticks it in standing doggy. I think she's done this before because his greased up dick is sliding as easy as pussy. He bends her over the back of a settee, then sits down for RCA. Jillian's bra comes off and she's still sporting her OEM mammaries, and they're fairly firm. Mark fucks her ass side saddle, Jillian squealing in delight. CG anal, deep and satisfying. Mark puts her on her back and pounds her in mish in preparation for the cum cocktail she wants and has earned. Jillian assumes the position and takes Mark's load in her open mouth. It's lip smacking good for the smiling welcome wagon.
I was surprised at how good this scene was considering Jillian's advanced age, but maybe I shouldn't have been. She's probably real happy about working with a man who's appreciably younger than she, and made quite sure she wrung everything she could out of it.
If you've ever had a fantasy about fucking Marg Helgenberger, or watching her get fucked, Kristal Summers is about as close as any of us are going to get. This hot blonde bears a very strong resemblance. She walks into the playroom with Mark and she's playing the part of the neighborhood swinger. Mark looks her over, alternately spanking and kissing her hot MILF ass. He rubs her pussy through her electric green booty shorts and goes up top to release her massive man-made melons. Mark tongues he big rubbery nipples and Kristal goes for his dick. Sinking to the floor, she makes room in her throat for the hard cock. Some face and titty fucking, then Mark laves her hot ass and juicy pussy before having Kristal climb into his lap for a CG ride. She moans in delight as the dick digs deep, then pounds away at her. Mark just guides her ass down on his pole and they trade control of the driving. He lifts her for a momentary aerial fuck and lays her down for mish. Kristal's hot pussy has Mark on edge and he has to do a couple of pullouts to maintain control. He turns her for doggy and pummels away at her beautiful pussy. Hot pink, wet, and open like a flower in bloom. Kristal lays over the arm of a couch and gets fucked in mish. She gets to her knees to give Mark's cock a throat massage, then mounts him in RC. The bouncing is energetic and deep, then Mark drags her to the floor for spoon. Insertion shots for pussy gapes and P2M. Kristal is sweaty and looks exhausted as she sucks. One last mount in CG, Kristal's hot pussy drawing the cum out of Mark's gun, which he pulls spurting seed, before he can get to her face. He manages a second charge to feed Kristal with and she gives him some PCH.
A very hot woman and a strong scene. Mark is clearly turned on by her and they make hot, sweaty, monkey love.
Epilogue Basically this video is cookie cutter porn for the older set. That's not necessarily a bad thing because the fucking was pretty good, but not a lot of effort was made to create a context for these trysts. Just the Woods moving into Wisteria Lane and Mark tapping into the repressed urges of its denizens. Or something like that. Too bad we didn't get a little bit of Francesca doing some catting around for herself.
The Disk There's the usual good BTS that encompasses interviews while doing wardrobe and the photoshoot. Slideshow and trailers round out the extras.
Recommendation Tired of the nineteen year old cupcakes? Try some of the older set in this video. It's a nice change.

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