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Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World)

Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World)

Studio: Shane's World
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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RobHammer's ratings for Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slumber Party 14 (Shane's World) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by RobHammer  on  8/5/2004

Studio: Shane's World/Digital Sin

Running Time: Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes (not counting extras.)

Production Date: July 2000

Cast: Sky, Silvia Saint, Isabella Camille, Tasha Hunter, Trish Taylor, Chrissy Sparks, Haven, Shawna Edwards, Shay Sights

Initial Comments: I haven't seen a Slumber Party movie before. I'm hoping the sex will be real and not just a show for the camera.

Scene selection:
Five animated preview clips.

Sky and Isabel meet each other in the kitchen. Sky wants to see Isabel's boobs and kisses them, "Strawberries." Giggle, giggle, tee hee. They are all in the living room sitting on a big wrap-around couch. Sky is the flamboyant hostess and has everyone make an introduction and say something about themselves. Haven likes her pink slippers. Shay has two chihuahuas who are the loves of her life. Tasha is a student and computer geek. Isabel is hungry. Chrissy likes Isabel's boobs and is eating. Trish likes sleeping in late.

They talk about fantasies. Shay was thinking about all these great gay guys and would love to see one of them suck her boyfriend's dick. There is a lot of enthusiastic agreement around the room. Tasha wants to tie a guy up and fuck him in the ass. Sky used to sleep with a guy who she had to shove a dildo up his ass really hard just for him to cum. Delayed reaction then lots of giggles. Trish wants to tie up her boyfriend and bring 10 or 15 girls into the bedroom to fuck him. Shawna wants be alone with a drop dead gorgeous transvestite for a couple of hours. Sky wants to be a vampire, kill someone and then have sex with them.

Scene 1: Haven and Shay
This is looking pretty good with nice, natural responses. There is foreplay with nipple licking and soft talk on the couch. Shay goes down on Haven and adds a finger, then a dildo as Haven does her clit to get off. There is more dildo play as Haven bends over the couch and does her clit for another orgasm. Haven uses a dildo on Shay, then slaps and licks her ass. Haven pounds her good. It looks like Shay came too. This is a good scene.

Scene 2: Isabella and Chrissy
They use ice in the foreplay, with Isabel holding it in her mouth and working it over Crissy's body with a kiss. She goes down on Chrissy and returns the ice to the glass, then adds some fingers. She lights up a vibrator to rock Chrissy's world. They move to a 69 position as Isabel continues with the vibrator to get Chrissy off. It's Chrissy's turn to use the ice with her mouth then go down on Isabel. She gets a glass dildo to work on her, as Isabel fingers her clit. They move to a padded stool and uses two, then three fingers for Isabel to get off. Another good scene.

They are gathered on an outside patio at night for some crazy party shenanigans. Sky gets a huge beer bong which she shakes and wears like a dildo. They take turns kneeling to get tanked up with lots of silly antics.

Scene 3: Tasha and Trish
They make out, lick each other's tits, caress and disrobe each other. Trish goes down on Tasha. This is the real deal. She adds a finger then eats her good for her to cum. There is a wet spot. Tasha pulls off Trish's panties to lick her snatch, then licks her fingers to add them in. Tasha fingers herself too. She makes Trish really wet too with an orgasm. She lubes a dildo with her mouth to use on Trish, which she pulls out and they both seem to enjoy licking. Trish tells her to go faster and "fuck me." Tasha gets a double headed dildo to use on Trish's ass as Trish does her clit. This seems pretty intense but it takes a while and is a lot of work for Tasha to finish Trish off. A good scene.

Scene 4: Shawna and Sky
They are in a pool and make out in the water. Sky lifts Shawna to go down on her. There are of playful antics, with lots of kissing. Sky doms and is very energetic eating and fingering Shawna, getting a bit over the top, but making her cum a big one. The get back in the pool for Shawna to do some nipple sucking and Sky to finger herself. Sky dives for the muff. Shawna tells Sky to, "Look at me, no really," and, "Turn it off." They wrestle on a big floating mat. They dry off and move indoors to the piano bench, which gets knocked over. Onto a bed in a dimly lit room. Sky energetically munches, then 4-fingers Shawna. "Make me feel bad," with lots of spit. After some energetic pussy slaps, Sky quickly removes a ring. Shawna can hardly contain herself. They are wiped out.

Scene 5: Silvia and Isabella
They are in a well lit bedroom for some dialog set-up. We find out that they used to be neighbors in their country and didn't even know it. Silvia plays a fantasy dialog about maybe getting a drink and having some company so they can go farther. They caress and kiss their way out of panties and bras, with Isabel hanging Silvia's panties on the camera. Sylvia's teeth hissing and moaning are a bit distracting as Isabel goes down on her and tongue fucks her. Isabel uses a vibe on Silvia, with lots of noise by Sylvia. There is tit licking, tongue action and fingering by Silvia. It looks like Silvia may have had an orgasm here.

DVD Extras:

Interviews: 12 minutes
Sky introduces her elephant statue Herman. She likes to have sex with strangers. They talk about why they like to have sex with women. We learn about Sky's dominant streak. Sky invites any women that want to have sex to email her. They talk about the most fun they have had, their fantasies and other interesting stuff.

Behind The Scenes: 10 1/2 minutes
They are goofing off at the pool and in the house. Sky dry humps a little robot end explains where the dildo attachments go. Sky does some ass spanking and kissing. There are just general crazy antics. Sky wants to visit a sex shop. They play with sex toys and food.

Photo Gallery: 3 minutes
Cast Bios
Web Link

Overall: This is good. They had a lot of fun and it shows. For me, scenes 1, 2 and 3 are the best. Sky is a bit too over the top in scene 4. In scene 5 Isabella and Sylvia are a couple of mewing kittens.

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