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Slime Ballin'

Slime Ballin'

Studio: Metro
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Slime Ballin':
Overall Rating 3 stars
Slime Ballin' overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Slime Ballin' Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Slime Ballin' Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Slime Ballin' Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Slime Ballin' Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Slime Ballin' DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slime Ballin' A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  8/2/2007
Prologue A few days ago, I was watching a scene with Sativa Rose and got my nose opened for her. I did a little checking for recent videos and found a listing for Slimeballin'. There were very few vendor sites listing it, and precious little information, so I just filed it away and figured I'd come back to it later. Lo and behold, what should appear in my mailbox a couple of days later? Said DVD. An astonishing synchronism, and on its own merits, a good reason to review it. Apparently, Metro is reviving its Toxxxic imprint and using this video to launch the hardcore line. Vincent Voss (Wasn't he the boss at Torrid?) helms this feature, and other luminaries include Daisy Marie, Lela Star, Kaiya Lynn and Nikki Benz. I noticed some arty nonsense with blacklight shooting in one of the scenes, so I guess this has no chance of achieving perfection, but I hold out hope that this cast won't let me down.
Mick Blue is in a cell, wearing a straitjacket. His nurse is the impossibly sexy Daisy Marie, wearing a black latex Florence Nightingale outfit. She feeds him his meds and tells Mick "We're going to fuck you". Then she helps him out of his restraints as the imagery changes to psychedilic type fantasy, which pretty much gets them out of their clothing and Daisy's mouth wrapped around Mick's big cock. She's got splashes of dayglo on her body, so this is definitely going to be the blacklight scene. Daisy impales her throat and Mick fucks her face. It's messy and beautiful, but not as pretty as her spit lubed snatch that Mick fingers then mounts in doggy. A stream of trash flows from Daisy's mouth as Mick goes up and over, pounding the juicy love tunnel. He flips her on her back and slobbers over both holes, paying extra attention to her barely used cornhole. Daisy gets railed in modified spoon. "I fuckin' love it when your balls slap my clit. C'mon and take me like a whore." She's got my attention, and Mick is going wild in her pussy. Daisy rides CG, a prime position for her, but she's not given much freedom here to really show her stuff. P2M, then a cut to RC under the blacklight. Mick gives Daisy a reach around as he slams furiously from underneath and Daisy strains in orgasm. She's fueling his ardor with her shit talk, and Mick sounds like he's running out of gas. P2M throat reaming that eventually brings a blood curdling scream that leads us back to full color and the spoon position. Ball slapping mish with choking that morphs into a short throat fuck, then bj under the blacklight again. Daisy yanks the load out of Mick's cock using both hands and laying the jizz on her tongue.
Note to Vince Voss: Art is unecessary when shooting Daisy Marie. Her natural beauty is more potent than any effect you can think of. Also, you're only getting half of what she's capable of when not giving her free reign in the cowgirl positions. Nobody does it better, and restraining her by making it more about Mick's athleticism than her eroticism is a huge mistake. Other than that, Daisy supplied a lot of energy and put on a bravura performance.
Psychedelic intro for some lez loving between blonde Brit Carmel Moore and brunette Tiffany Sweet. Carmel is taking the lead and attacking Tiff's succulent looking pussy. She finger pops her and tastes the fruits of her labor. Tiffany responds by sucking on Carmel's big fakies. She does some fingering of her own and they lower a mattress that was conveniently propped against the wall. Carmel goes back to opening Tiffany's pretty flower, threatening to make her squirt and feeding Tiff her own taste. Carmel sits on her face, Tiffany finding her big clit and sucking the hot pussy. Tit for tat as Tiff takes her place on Carmel's hot tongue. Tiffany fingers Carmel while being eaten, then a cut to Carmel working her over with a rabbit vibrator. Democracy in action as Tiffany shoves the vibe into trash talkin' Carmel's hot twat. No way she can resist her own juices being fed off the toy. Cut to some blacklight dildo fucking of Tiffany in doggy. She cums with the dayglo cock buried to the hilt and they both clean off the toy. As has become their custom, Tiffany returns the favor and they share the cum off the fat cock, then kiss into the fade.
Too much equality here. Someone, preferably Carmel, should have taken the lead completely instead of mirroring each other all the way through. The visual effects aren't doing much for me either.
Steve Holmes and Ben English join their partners, Kaiya Lynn and Sativa Rose. The video is saturated in color and melting. The couples toast each other. The debauchery begins with Holmes fondling Kaiya and English fingering Sativa. The girls are in close proximity and Kaiya leans into Sativa for a feel, then sits by her side for Steve to work her pussy. Sativa feeds English her perfect tits and Holmes fucks Kaiya's face. The girls back to back on their knees sucking the cocks off, Sativa throwing in a titty fuck and Kaiya turning for doggy. Steve picks her up and turns her for RC, Sativa getting dicked in standing doggy with leg raised. Kaiya goes aerial, then P2M, sticking Steve's turgid member in Sativa's face while she's being railed. P2OGM for Kaiya and Steve puts Sativa in a swing. She sucks on him passionately while he opens her creamy cunt. Kaiya takes Ben's cock in spoon. Sativa take's Steve's in mish, then P2M facefuck. Strobe lighting as the intensity picks up and Sativa gives Steve a run at her tits. The girls go back to back for dual bj's again. Kaiya gets throat fucked and gagged, then a cut to CG riding side by side. RC for Kaiya and spoon for Sativa. Kaiya cums on Ben's cock and sucks the wet shaft. Side by side RCA, monster shafts pounding the fudge tunnels. Aerial side saddle for Sativa who deepthroats the cock out of her ass. CGDP for Sativa, helped by Kaiya's lesbionic attention. A2OGM for Kaiya, who turns the dirty cock over to her friend for more cleaning. Kaiya gets an RCDP. She demands it hard and enjoys some titty spanking. Cut to a savage RCA of Kaiya, who cums and sucks the cock that just destroyed her. RCA for Sativa again, who teams up with Kaiya to suck Steve's cock between kisses. Kaiya sits on Steve's cock in RCA. Sativa fingers her pussy for the technical DP, then A2OGM. The girls team up on his cock and balls, then a cut to blacklight with the kneeling sluts waiting for their feed. They each take a facial and cum kiss to the fade.
Kaiya continues to produce stellar scenes and seems to have an affinity for Ben English's rough and ready style. Sativa is finally getting comfortable with the anal, though certainly not to the extent that Kaiya already is. Sativa also impressed with some deepthroating. I'm still not impressed with the artsy effects.
Nikki Benz leads Marco Banderas into her room. He requests a slimeball and after rejecting him at first, Nikki agrees for a fee. She throws him on her bed and fills a penis pump with green goo. His cock is bathed in the ghastly mixture and they drink shots of the liquid afterwards. Marco's ready to rock as he licks and fondles Nikki's store boughts. She sucks his hard cock, showing some nastiness not usually associated with contract girls. Lots of spit and saliva play along with some nice throat banging. Nikki spreads for Marco so he can spit in the hole he's going to fuck. She spit lubes him for the penetration in mish. They shift to RC so Nikki can work the stiff poker, and work it she does. Marco's cock is soaked when she climbs off to stick it down her throat. She rides CG and slimes his cock again. P2M and back on. Nikki shows some verve as she takes Marco all the way in, slowing it down for maximum effect. Cut to doggy and a prone up and over. Nasty bj and Marco takes her in spoon. He spears her in mish with a skullfuck respite. More mish and they're both on the edge of orgasm. Cut to standing doggy, then dick droppings on Nikki's outstretched tongue. PCH to end the scene.
Color me surprised as Nikki puts on a bravura performance like a true gonzo queen. She sucks a mean cock and takes a nice pussy pounding.
Austin Kincaid and Lela Star are tag teaming Scott Nails. Austin sucks the big bone while Lela runs a vibrator with a rake like attachment over his body. She passes the ominous looking toy to Austin and does some spit shining of her own. Passing the dick back to Austin for more throat lube, Lela sits on it in CG and does a shimmy shimmy shake on the large tool. She orders Austin to lick the soaked cock, but she does a thorough wipe down before putting it in her mouth. What's up with that? Lela takes a taste after, and is next on the pony. Lela has no problem with pussy juice flavored dick and savors every lick. More CG for Austin, then RC for Lela, who likes to bury the bone deep. P2M, a little bj action from Austin, and a cut to doggy for Austin. She has her head between Lela's legs and is rubbing crop circles on her pussy. Scott tries to rock her world by hitting it as hard as he can. P2OGM for Lela, more doggy for Austin, then same for Lela. Scott props her back against the arm of the couch and digs in a position between missionary and piledriver. This time Austin takes the cock directly from the source. Cut to the blacklight, Austin riding RC. Lela takes a spin of her own and the girls go back to sucking dick and playing with the electric teaser. The little lightning bolts play over his body, then back to normal lighting and the ladies gathered for a feeding. Scott complies and they each get a small share.
I wish this had just been Lela alone with Scott. Austin really does nothing for me and she doesn't have the energy of the smaller beauty. As always, there was dayglo and blacklight. Too much editing and not enough of Ms. Star.
Epilogue There's been a long and very questionable tradition in porn dictating that fucking on film isn't good enough. There have to be other visual elements or plot to spice it up and make it watchable. It worked for the Dark Bros., and VCA especially made a name for itself with surreal features. In the end, it's all about the fucking, which is why I never turn my nose up at "couch porn". This video seemed to have a backstory that never got explained. Maybe it was left on the cutting room floor, or it was just a half baked idea at best. The green drink that's present in a couple of scenes, I guess, are slim balls. Or maybe it was the penis pump with liquid kryptonite. I'm not sure. What I'm sure of is that there are two very good scenes here, even with the artistic pretensions of blacklight and dayglo. The rest is forgettable. Sativa Rose taking a DP and Kaiya Lynn getting her ass reamed was a slice of porn heaven. Nikki Benz playing a dirty whore was prime. Daisy and Lela Star have done better scenes, and the obligatory lesbian scene (another ancient porn convention) was too tepid.

The Disk Photo gallery, popshots, trailers, and an entertaining BTS filmed by Mrs. Vincent Voss, Jade Marcela.

There's a second disk containing BackSeat Driver 5 in its entirety. This, in and of itself, is a great addition. When porn started to flourish on the internet, I'd venture to guess that two of the scenes from this disk were amongst the most downloaded. Stephanie Swift, she of the impossibly tight orifices and beautifully exotic face, along with eraser tip nipples, joins Houston in a threeway with Mark Davis. There are condoms present, and Houston is slightly clownish with her botoxed lips and big bolt ons, but the scene rocks. Also Inari Vachs does her thing with Jake Steed. The rest of the cast is Hall of Fame caliber as well. Jill Kelly taking on Eric Price in the only non condom scene. The painfully beautiful Dee, and Sydney Steele teaming up on JJ Michaels, and Johnni Black with mope king Kyle Stone. Dee and Stephanie provide mouth, pussy and eye candy only.

Recommendation Based on the Sativa/Kaiya scene, as well as Nikki Benz's, I'd say this is a good rental candidate. With the second disk as part of the package, it makes for an attractive buy.

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