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Sleeping Sluts

Sleeping Sluts

Studio: Score
Category:  Busty , Fetish
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Drewcifer's ratings for Sleeping Sluts:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sleeping Sluts overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sleeping Sluts Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Sleeping Sluts Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sleeping Sluts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sleeping Sluts Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Sleeping Sluts DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sleeping Sluts A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Drewcifer  on  5/5/2009
I'll tell you right off the bat, this premise is completely retarded. Sex with a sleeping chick makes me pop a hard-on like the rest of you (some people would call this rape by the way-FYI), but in no way, repeat no way in this video is this premise believable in the slightest. So think of this porn as a regular Score, full figured (buxom, voluptuous..etc.)sex flick, and you will be happy. The video quality was good, but the sound suffered from the usual problem I have with Score releases. It gets really loud when someone is moaning then really quiet so I can't all that sucking, sloppy skin against skin sounds I like to hear in my porn. Extras include: 5 interesting bonus scenes, previews, slide show and a website promo. Throwing the premise out the window, I really enjoyed this release, getting exactly what I love about Score porn-great sex! A great buy or rental.

Scene Breakdown:

Scene 1 stars Kerra Dawson, who begins the scene by telling us how much she likes being watched, and proceeds to go on a jogging trip, and then tired from her workout, goes home, strips down and falls asleep. That’s when our stud (in POV) pulls off her blankets and undressing and fondling her until he pushes his cock into her fabulously fat pussy, and she wakes up. But then it feels to good for any introductions and they continue to fuck (missionary) just like in any other porn. She has gorgeous, huge breasts and they tantalize as she looks up at the camera while the stud pumps away. Then she puts her legs up and gives the camera a beautiful shot of her asshole and her pussy being pounded. Then she climbs on top for a great cowgirl fuck of her fat (and bald) pussy. She slides off and sucks on his glistening cock (PTM), and then lets him bang her big titties. Then she turns her luscious full ass around (reverse cowgirl) and humps his dick-HOT. Then she does PTM and then he jerks himself off (not a very good load) onto her beautiful breasts. She rubs it in and the scene ends. The only thing that could have made this scene better was some anal; great energy and great sex here-I love this girl! 4 ˝ stars.

Scene 2 stars Trish Bailey, and opens with her narrating about how she would like to have someone watch her secretly and blah blah blah… while she walks around and has a cigarette. Then she goes inside and fall sleep, which of course is when the magic begins. Our perverted voyeur stud fondles her big beautiful tits, and then pulls out his hard cock which he slaps against her face until she “awakens”, and gladly pops his cock into her sweet mouth. Then she sits up and jerks his cock between her big tits for awhile. Cut to her completely naked and getting plowed missionary on the couch. He stops to taste her gorgeous fat pussy and then she climbs on top for reverse cowgirl action. Then she turns around for cowgirl, showing off that little pink asshole as he pounds her pussy. She slides off and does some nice PTM and then takes it doggy, until he pulls out to pump a beautiful full load across her breasts. She rubs it into her massive tits and the scene ends. Another hit with this scene! Great stuff with just a little less energy to it, and again needs some anal. 4 stars.

Scene 3 stars Lily Valentine (who has massive tits, but not really all that chunky), and opens with her being spied on while she bathes and changes, and then falls asleep on the couch. Our hero goes to work and starts fondling her tits and undressing her until she awakes and lamely tries to pretend she’s surprised. By this time she’s bottomless and our stud is already got his fingers in her pink snatch knuckles deep, finger-banging her. Then he buries his face deep into her meaty pussy and devours her like it’s his last meal. Then it’s his turn and he stand up to face fuck her mouth. Then she lies down and alternates between fucking her mouth and her tits. Then the scene cuts to him putting his cock in her pussy doggy style, but suddenly there’s a condom on his cock (BOO!). Then they switch to cowgirl position with some decent fucking here (the sound is especially good here-I can hear his balls slapping against her asshole).Then she turns around for reverse cowgirl, and then the scene fades to him jerking out a small load onto her breasts and the scene ends. There was a lot of good energy missing here, and the condom was a killer for me as well. 3 stars.

Scene 4 stars Trisha Banks, and opens with her giving a “confession” of secret desires to the camera while we a montage of her doing mundane things like washing clothes; She bathes and then falls asleep in her bed-and that’s when our voyeur hero begins his perverted work. He fondles her gi-normous tits and even spreads her pussy open, flicking at her clit until she “awakes”. And she doesn’t even pretend to be surprised at his presence. The stud can take it no longer and dives into her pussy face first, while she squirm and moans in ecstasy. Then he climbs starboard for her to put his cock in her mouth. Then she climbs on top and they 69 (she gives the best head on this release here). Then he fucks her massive tits, and then finally shoves it into her pussy in the spoon position. Then they switch to a luscious doggy position (great camera shots here-HOT). Then she climbs on top for cowgirl for awhile before she slides off and gives beautiful PTM. Then it’s back on top for some great reverse cowgirl. Then she slides off and give more great PTM, including a great close-up of her sucking on his balls like they were fruit, until he spills a picture perfect load across her wet tits and into her mouth-HOT. She sucks his dick thoroughly clean and the scene fades out. Great scene, with great energy, hot sex, only thing missing was anal. 4 stars.

Scene 5 (final) stars Monique L’Amour, and opens with her playing basket ball and swimming while the camera “spies” on her until she showers and falls asleep on the couch. Our stud fondles her pumpkin sized tits until she wakes up and she’s ready to go. He fondles, then finger bangs her swollen pussy, and she tastes his finger before going down on his dick in POV. She gives a beautiful blowjob with lots of balls sucking here, before he fucks her gorgeous tits (still in POV) and then returns to her 5 star blowjob again. Finally he plows his cock into her pussy (missionary) where I think she actually cums several times-HOT, and he pounds the shit out of her. She turns around for some doggy, and then climbs on top for a cowgirl fuck. They go back to missionary, until he can no longer take it and pulls out to blow a great load onto her wanting mouth and tits. She cleans off his cock and rubs the cum into her breasts before the scene fades out. This is grade “A” sex here, having everything you could want from this release in it except anal (which cost it half a star). Highly recommended. 4 ˝ stars.

Bottom Line: A great purchase or surefire rental for those who love voluptuous women, but those hoping to cash in on the sleeping sluts premise should skip it altogether.

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