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Slayer Unleashed 3

Slayer Unleashed 3

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Slayer Unleashed 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Slayer Unleashed 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Slayer Unleashed 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Slayer Unleashed 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Slayer Unleashed 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Slayer Unleashed 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Slayer Unleashed 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slayer Unleashed 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/19/2004

Slayer Unleashed 3

Prologue Justin Slayer is probably the hottest player in interracial porn. Up till now I've been on the fence about his performances. This volume has a couple of women I really love to watch and know will put on a good show, so let the fun begin.

Lauren Phoenix Lauren is a lovely, tall blonde from Canada with a big ass (self described). No wonder she's the new "Buttwoman". She starts by waving that beautiful ass in our face, wearing a vinyl and fishnet fetish outfit with a cutaway for her naughty bits. Justin starts by licking her from behind and getting her motor running. He can't wait to bury his bone and eschews the usual bj for immediate doggy penetration. A little P2M starts the oral portion. She takes him pretty deep, too. More doggy for her hot pussy morhing into a more athletic standing position. The fucking is hard and deep. They get on the bed for more bj action, while Justin plays with her ass and gives her a taste of his fingers. Back to doggy where Lauren is fucking back nicely and that turns into an up and over that looks great. Next is mish with her legs spread wide. Nice body to body for a while. They change rooms (in the BTS you can see that they broke the bed) and Lauren deep throats Justin before climbing on for CG. Slayer picks her up for a standing fuck and then gets her back on the bed for a deep mish with Lauren's legs pinned back. The anal portion starts from this position and looks very good. Moving on to doggy anal with some insertion shots checking for gapes. Up and over in her ass makes for a very deep penetration and moves to A2M. Lauren turns to her side while Justin stays over her and strokes until he's ready to come. He leaves a nice shot right on her tongue and there's some nice post pop play to end a find scene.

Jessica Darlin Jessica is one of my all time favorites. Cute, sexy, beautiful, nasty and enthusiastic. She's wearing a red bra and panty set and challenges Justin to a game of pool. Justin bends her over the table to check out her ass. Jessica squats down to suck some dick and immediatley tries to throat him. It gets into her throat, but nowhere near all of it. Justin face fucks her for awhile and soon unleashes her tits. Slayer grabs some drool from her to lube her pussy and enters her from behind over the pool table. Some nice kissing in this sequence and a little spanking that appears to turn Jessica on a little more. All the clothes come off and Jessica is on the table in mish. Slayer is really playing nicely in her pussy. He has her in a standing fuck next and Jessica starts to gyrate on his dick before he starts to slam her. He picks her up over his head for a little lick. They move to a bed and some CG action with Jessica doing the fucking for a bit. That really turned Slayer on. Some P2M and more attempted deep throat and gagging. This is all self induced. Justin pulls her back on top for more fucking. He hammers her from underneath and the video morphs into RC with the same hammering strokes. The anal starts from this position and starts slow but picks up in a hurry. Some A2M off this position and back to RCA. Justin sets her up in doggy and invades her ass again. He finds her spot and the verbal communication at this point is stellar. She does more A2M and Justin kisses her to prove she isn't nastier than he is. He gapes her and she's proud. They're trading off as to who's doing the fucking and talking to each other the whole way through. Some up and over for a nice deep penetration. Justin is giving her all she can handle, but no more. They move to mish anal while Jessica plays with her pussy. They work on more gapes. This is the most cooperative ass fuck I've ever seen. Justin sets up in his push up position for an anal creampie and delivers a nice one. He goes back in to fuck her some more and then feeds her his cock to clean it off. Very hot! He feeds her some cum from her ass. They're not finished. Slayer enters her pussy to build another cumshot, this time for her face as he strokes off into her mouth. This was a great scene!

Kami Andrews After reading her many posts on ADT I really wanted to see Kami in action. I believe that a few months ago she alluded to a scene with Slayer where she got her ass tore up (in a good way). I think this was the scene. Kami will be taking on not only Justin Slayer, but the equally prodigious Boz. She enters wearing a vinyl top and chaps and looking very hot. She has a great ass and is wielding a dildo that looks like a small sword which she immediately employs to warm up her pussy. The guys show up and Kami goes for a double suck, licking balls and gagging on big dick. Very nice cock worship. Kami is very submissive, calling Slayer sir and following orders nicely. Boz goes to her front and Justin goes straight to the A, first with the toy and then with his black pipe. Kami fucks back and really enjoys this. She tells Slayer to bury it and damned if he doesn't. Kami is thanking him for the deep ass fucking and he's really picking up the action. He's slamming her ass and she's gagging on Boz. This is totally hot. The guys change positions but keep up the pace. Kami climbs on for cowgirl anal while keeping her mouth full of Boz. She is just getting her butthole slammed and asking for more. Next up is a slamming DP from the cowgirl position. The dick in her ass is just hammering while Justin works her pussy lovingly. Slayer does his push ups into her ass to set up the creampie while Boz strokes off in her face. Nice cumfart and then Boz unloads a decent pop into her mouth. Justin works up another pop for her mouth and Kami is a happy camper. This was another great scene and Kami just made another fan today.

Renee Pornero Renee is looking hot in red leather and fishnet stockings fondling herself and then laying with her pussy. The first contact is oral and shot in POV or over Justin's shoulder. Laying back on a bench, she continues to play with herself until Slayer penetrates her pussy. The top comes off and her pretty pierced tits are in view. His cock starts to go deep now and Renee is feeling it. They move on to rear entry and her ass looks great. Moving to a bed, Renee climbs on RC. He starts to hammer her from that position and she's getting off on it. Next position is CG and he's fucking up into her and holding her by her long hair. I think she came in this sequence. He then enters her ass in doggy and Renee likes this just fine. He goes up and over for maximum penetration and she likes this too. More deep doggy anal and some ass slapping. Some CGA and he holds her close. When he picks up the pace, Renee comes alive and responds positively. She rides him and he plays with her tits and remarks about her goosebumps. Mish anal is next and her pussy looks really wet from that position. He goes up and over from that position and she goes wild. Back to body to body and that leads to an open mouth facial. This may have been the least of the scenes, but still good.

Katja Kassin This scene starts in a deserted strip joint. Katja is playing on the pole and shaking that formidable ass at the camera. She's wearing a black two piece outfit with pind trim and suspenders. The top comes down quickly showing us those perfect teacup titties. She walks into the bathroom and enters the handicapped stall. Can she do that? Slayer calls her a dirty girl as she fondles herself and strips. Katja soon has her lips around his stalk. A little deep throating ensues. This woman is hot. She reclines against the sinks and takes his dick in her mouth again. A perfect position for a throat fuck. Slayer turns her around and gives her a little oral love before planting his cock into Katja's wet pussy. They hold this position for awhile and enjoy each other until he picks her up and has her bouncing on his rod. She bends over the sink and starts to play with her own ass paving the way for his hard cock. He's jabbing her hard and she's moaning. A2M deep throat and then back to the doggy anal. Long poling and slamming that ass really gets a rise out of Katja. Back to the toilet for some gaping and more doggy. She goes to the floor for an up and over so he can get his balls into the crack of her ass. You can hear the sloshing sounds as he strokes. Somehow they missed the lead-up to his anal creampie but they show the dripping and cumfarting. No problem, they go into another room and he fucks her on top of some sort of card table. He probes her ass with his hands and feeds her the juice. Slayer fucks her hard and deep in her ass on the table and picks her up again for some flying anal. Man he just slams her ass in that position. Onto a couch for some doggy anal while she locks her eyes on him. They next get into CGA and she really rides him. Justin lays a load into her open mouth and this scene and video are over. Man. I'm worn out. That was good.

Epilogue Well, I'm no longer on the fence about Slayer. There was some great sex in this volume. There was even some subtle differences in the way that he fucked each of the women, according to their needs, abilities and pleasures. A lot of guys in the industry won't do that. They're one speed all the time. If you like it, great. If you don't, oh well. There was no degradation here. No ordeals. The scene with Jessica Darlin could be the precursor to a longer relationship. They should definitely do it again. There was talking and responses that made it a memorable pairing. Kami was awesome. I don't know if she is truly submissive or just played it that way, but she got her ass handed to her and came up smiling. Lauren and Katja got ravaged and supplied plenty of energy. Renee's scene was the runt of the litter, but a good scene, nonetheless.

Extras The extras on this DVD include a photo gallery, cumshots, some poorly edited trailers and a couple of good BTS sequences with Lauren Phoenix and Jessica Darlin. The converstions are cool and they show Lauren and Justin breaking the bed as well as some extra sex between Jessica and Slayer where he comes for a third time. I guess they couldn't get enough of each other. ADT gets a shout out during her conversation. There's also a short segment with Kami.

The DVD This is where the rating goes down. On my stand alone players the DVD would play a scene and then kick back to the chapter menu instead of going on to the next scene. When I clicked on the second scene it sent me to the last chapter of said scene and I had to click through the previous chapters to get the start of Ms. Darlin's performance. On my computer, everything played sequentially but there was a lot of jitter and pixels spraying around. I think that the move to Evil Angel will amount to a huge upgrade in JSP's quality and I look forward to new releases. The camerawork and lighting were good. I would have given this disc 4 1/2 stars, but the disc flaws are going to cost it a half star for the hassle. I'd still recommend this title.


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