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Slayer Unleashed 3

Slayer Unleashed 3

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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The Pocketcomb Pimp's ratings for Slayer Unleashed 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Slayer Unleashed 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Slayer Unleashed 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Slayer Unleashed 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Slayer Unleashed 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Slayer Unleashed 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Slayer Unleashed 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slayer Unleashed 3 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by The Pocketcomb Pimp  on  4/5/2004
Many years ago, a group of young black men went to the “Magic” show in Vegas. They were there to showcase their new line of clothes, FUBU. FUBU stands for “For Us, By Us”. Without going into detail, I was there. Today, Justin Slayer keeps with his tradition of integrating his fans request into his works. This is a Film “For Us, By Us”. Once again, I was there.

Slayer Unleashed #3

Right off I could see in spite of the six month wait, Justin had made strides to improve the quality of the DVD interface. The images were brighter, and showed that thought went into the color scheme and design. In addition, this disc has Photo Galleries, Behind the Scenes, Cum Shot Loop, and Trailers. Thanks for listening! Makes me feel like my porn dollar is going to good use.

Lauren Phoenix

This scene has been talked about for months now. In the behind the scenes section Lauren talks about shooting this scene the day before Halloween (6 months ago). Ms. Phoenix struts and teases us with that 5 gallon ass of hers. No sooner than I decide maybe it’s time to put the pen down, Justin enters and eats her snatch “State Fair” style. If you don’t know what that means, it’s when you have both hands behind your back, and you eat that spot like you’re bobbing for apples. For more clarification, please visit

All I can tell you is he went home with the Blue Ribbon. He must have picked up a couple of good tricks from Tom Byron, cause that was a scene worthy of “Asseaters Anonymous”. It was at that time that Lauren asked Justin to give her a sample of his “Chocolate Cock”. It sent chills up my backside. I swear she was Debi Diamond resurrected! Justin and Lauren go through a variety of positions in both vaginal and anal fashion. At the end, Justin pulls out of her stretched colon to coat her mouth with plenty of man batter.

Jessica Darlin

I have to start this by saying “My oh My!” I had no idea that Jessica Darlin was so beautiful. I never paid her any mind her first time around, and wasn’t the least bit excited about her return. After seeing her onscreen this time, I realize that she has an incredible brain and body (see behind the scenes for “Brain” footage). Jessica literally shoots the shit with Justin over a game of pool. After it’s more that obvious that neither of them is hitting the streets with Minnesota Fats, Jessica drops to her knees and gives Justin the kind of head that they only teach you in private school. It was like a porn version of “The Color of Money” I was just confused on who was Paul Newman, and who was Tom Cruise. Either way, these two were hustling, and Justin gave a whole new meaning to “Runnin The Table”.

Her stuff looked stickier than a table at IHOP. Justin gave it to her good until she asked for it in her ass. It’s ironic that this film dropped last week, cause it was Colon Cancer awareness week. He was so deep in that ass that I thought she would pass out. At one point, she tried to ease of his dick, but Justin caught her red handed. I quote “I’m going to teach you bout runnin from me” Her reply, “I didn’t run, I slipped!” That girl was not fakin, that was raw passion. He filled her ass to the brim, and a flood rolled from it when pulled out after his anal cream pie.

Kami Andrews.

I can’t prove this, but when I saw her months ago I emailed Justin at I lobbied hard for him to shoot her. In the many months that went by, I had given up until I heard a buz last month that he had Kami in the can lol. This girl has an ass like an onion, and you don’t have to be an IR fan to know a good onion will make a grown man cry. For some reason she reminded me of 80’s pop sensation Tiffany. One thing is for sure though. After Slayer and Boz got done blastin her ass, she wasn’t singing “I Think We’re Alone Now”.

This scene was 100% anal, so for an anal fan it was heaven, but for some reason men not comfortable with their sexuality are starting to denounce anal scenes. I loved this scene, it was by far my favorite. Kami started with some pseudo black Light Saber up her ass. Justin and Boz were both using the force (no pun intended). I read somewhere that Kami was from Ohio. I spent a week in Ohio on business, and I couldn’t get over all the flies everywhere, even in restaurants. I don’t know if Justin’s been there, but he was swatin her ass like he was a Venus Fly Trap. It’s something to see, cause he spanked dat azz like it owed him money (I sear change fell out).

Funny how good sex takes you back to your roots. Kami tried to act cool for the longest time, but when Justin got ready to bring the flood, she started spouting words like “Goodness”, and “Gracious”. Is that any kinda way for a porn queen to talk?

Rene Pornero

Rene looked very good in the intro to this scene. When I first saw her about a year ago, I thought she was going to be the next big thing. Her work in Buttquest was a site to see. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any heat in this scene. There was oral, vaginal, and anal, but the chemistry was not enough to make me stop, pop, or rewind.


What can you say about her. Ass, Ass, Ass. If there were Ass Olympics, she’d bring the gold home to her country year after year. Katja is what I call and all or nothing girl. I have seen her scenes were it looks like she’s 100% into it, and other were she just seems there. I can tell you that she was 110% into this scene.
It was a nasty scene. Justin fucked her on the toilet, bathroom floor, and bathroom counter. He did everything but flush or wash his hands. Plenty of good angles and sex here. After Justin pops, he stops re-cocks, and bust another nut.

Much improved in many areas. I did have some serious DVD issues that have been discussed on threads here. The scene selection jumped to random chapters in that performers set. I couldn’t get out of the DVD extras menu, and in 3/5 scenes the DVD restarted at the end of the scene.

The women are all beautiful, and with the exception of one scene, I really felt like I was watching this unfold live. This is Justin’s anal Series so be prepared for anal action. There is something for everyone here. I recommend this.

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