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Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
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Starring: , ,
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folkyboy's ratings for Slammer:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Slammer overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Slammer Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Slammer Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Slammer Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Slammer Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Slammer DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slammer A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by folkyboy  on  3/17/2003

There are always 3 basic type of porn that we can count on. These would be what we call "different" and "unique" but are really prerequisites to any good porn industry. There's always the normal bed hopping and even those poolside porns that they love to show us. Those aren't the 3 I'm discussing, however. Those type of porn are cheap and easily shot on whatever resort the studio is using to fund the much more elaborate settings. Yes, my fellow fans, I'm referring to the "location" shoots.

Now any good fan knows that in order to have a successful location shoot, one has to have the men to back it up. Some studios have failed in this aspect considerably (Bacchus) and some are just merely a standard everyone sets themselves by (Falcon). Titan came along and changed the world of Leather porn with it's Fallen Angel series. To most, it was just merely porn type 1 and we would pop it in and expect something pleasing and aggressive. Titan Studios came along and changed all that. They brought us a cornucopia of piss and piercings and fisting and anything else our gay minds could desire. So when they started filming landscape porn (i.e. Cowboy porn), we knew it wasn't going to be your normal thing. They took azure skies and lush landscapes and made it into something more than just your normal fuck flick. So I'm sure other industries were nervous when Titan announced it's release of porn type #3: the prison porn, and their new film Slammer. They now had the money and the set designers to back up their projects and knew the men would keep coming back for more. It was only natural that this movie would Stand and Deliver. I just wasn't prepared for how much...

Scene One
So the movie starts off in the warden's office and the newest inmate being brought in. I couldn't help but think about Billy Ward's character being the Tobias Beecham of this whole thing. But then, this wasn't HBO's "Oz". This was porn. I soon let go and kind of went with it... I just felt like the "warden" shouldn't have been Dred Scott, either. It felt a bit staged but it was really hot once we got down to full on penetration. I swear, I thought Dred was going to collapse the desk as he fucked Billy like crazy on it. For all I know, he did, I just never saw. I wasn't too into the guard (Papi Moreno) that brought Billy in there, but he delivered such a yummy cumshot all over Billy that he was forgiven. I swear Dred has to be faking his cumshots, though. He's like Spike...he fucking shoots them across the room! So insane...

Scene Two
Scene One ended so abruptly (less than 25 minutes), that I was beginning to wonder how long this movie was going to be. (Like I said, Titan sets the standard on their pictures.) This scene didn't let me down, however. Set inside the grimy world of the prison bars, Jake Marshall and his cellmate Raul Tasco share an intimate embrace. I am kind of glad this wasn't as rough as scene one only because I wouldn't have to hear as much whimpering. Billy Wild is just too loud for my tastes, so it was nice to see the two men go at it rather slowly. There is a long exchange of oral between the two and then some lite (and I do mean lite) rimming before the both mount up on top of each other. It was almost surreal how they kept switching between the act, though. I kind of liked it. They would move to change position and then bam! They make their partner bend over and take it like a man! It was a bit loud on Jake's part but I think this was mostly real. Raul is huge and the end where Raul spears him while he lowers himself down on it looked irresistibly painful. It's amazing to see how Jake was able to stay hard through it all, though. And when I say hard, I mean hard. The cumshots here are splendid as well...

Scene Three
After walking past the last scenario, unphased, Dred Scott takes Billy Wild into the kitchen. Jon Galt is in there unloading some potatoes and some tomatoes. Dred immediately orders him to break in the new inmate. (Dred even coins Billy as "Sunshine".) So basically, "Sunshine" gets down on his knees and sucks off Jon. Jon's dick didn't look very thick here, but Billy does a nice job working it over. He's a little fast, though and there are points where Jon tells him to slow down. This doesn't make the scene any less hot, it just makes me take note on what is going on. I like how Dred just sits there in his chair while the two men go at it. He even tosses Jon some lube to fuck Billy, once it's time. The funniest thing about the two's encounter was when Dred kicks Billy in the head with his big boot and tells him to shut the fuck up. (Billy is WAY TOO loud of a bottom and gets old.) I found the cumshots to be worth the wait though, as Dred shoots high and mighty in the air and Billy squirts this long stream down inbetween his legs while Jon goes at it. Ben, who apparently plays a guard, comes in and collects Billy and takes him away so Dred and Jon can go at it.

This is where I really became breathless with it all. I wasn't even sure if this was scene Four or not, but decided as not from reading the back of the box which advertises only 5 scenes in the film. But, like I said, Titan's precedent as to what is a scene can seem iffy. Especially when they draw out like this one here. The Billy scenario wasn't as long as Dred's taking of Jon Galt's hole but it was still something to view. I love this one point where Dred makes Jon sit down on a crate and he fucks the living hell out of him. God, you know that crate had to have hurt his ass! They end up doing cartwheels or whatever, in positioning and Dred ends up being his usual butch-fucker-top self and all is well that cums well in the end. I love how Dred cums here while Jon is kissing him deeply and the cumshot sort of shoots straight up then loops in the air. It's very artistic and totally unscripted. But if I found out it's a fake, I swear to god Dred is going to gay prison!

Scene Four
We leave them and are taken back into the hollows of the cell block. Riley Porter (who looks like Jason Branch, I might add) is reading a book in bed. I can't tell the title but it looks like Ana Karena, though I could be wrong. He's smoking a cigarette and peering over inbetween the bars at the two men who are going at it. We learn, once we zoom in, that the two men are Chad Williams and Toby O'Connor. I find it ironic how alike to two look, but dote on the prowess between them. I really didn't dote long, though, as Toby is a horrible cock sucker. It honestly didn't start getting good until Riley gets up to take a piss and starts conversing with the boys. Chad asks him if he wants to swap Toby's ass for a pack of cigarettes and the two agree. Toby backs his ass up against the bars and Riley slips the pack of Marlboro Lights under the elastic band while he eats out Toby's hole. He didn't do a very good job, but it was still kind of hot. The three are lead by their own passion until Chad eventually comes up with a scheme that will suit them all. He builds a sling out of bed sheets and ties it to the top of the bars, thus hoisting Toby in it and aiming his ass in Riley's direction. It seems a bit far fetched but then, when is porn real?! I definitely love how they spun him back and forth between each other while they each took turns at either end. Eventually, Riley bends over and Chad has his turn at his hole. I liked this a lot because the lighting seemed to fit more with the close-up shots. Also, Toby's mouth kind of lingered on Chad's asshole while he was fucking Riley. Definitely killer. The only thing really that was disappointing even remotely about this whole thing would be the cumshots at the end. The beginning was kind of slow too, but I felt like after all the cumshots that came prior in the film, I still should have been rewarded with something other than what I got. I liked how the cameraman panned down to the cumstains left in their prison uniforms as we faded out the next scene, though. I love Titan's artistic approach to everything.

Scene Five
So we come to the final scene, which I feel shouldn't have been placed at the finale. Billy Wild is placed accidentally in the wrong cell with Josh O'Hara and basically, Billy takes all his aggression out on Josh. He forces him down on his knees to suck his cock. I actually started to really get into it. Then, Ben comes in and forces Billy back in his original cell. Ben has a really hot body so I was anxious to see him plow right into Josh's ass once he creeps into Josh's cell. He actually never does, though, so it ends up being a real disappointment. The only promising thing he does do, is stuff his big black cock down Josh's throat. Josh is like Billy in that loud wild bottom way, except Josh looks youthful so it passes as just youthful indiscretion. Billy on the other hand, is just too loud for his own good. Papi Moreno spies all that's happening and climbs into Billy's cell. He's got a really hot cock, but unfortunately, he's not that great of a top. He seems to not thrust with enough power to really move me and he doesn't say shit. Not that Billy gives him any room to, but still! Eventually, Billy ends up topping Josh through the cell bars and then Papi has a turn at Josh. It's all really hot until the cumshots where only Billy shines from the crowd. I don't even think Ben came, it was that lame! The scene wasn't retarded, really, it just needed something to boost it up. Maybe Ben could have been that guy, had he have shined in his role. A good scene, but it needed to have been placed elsewhere than the end....

DVD Extras:
So after the dud ending, I felt like " I have to put the 2nd disc in to see what the extras are on this thing." I purchased the film from Titan so it came in a 2 disc format. I think it's only 1 disc if you purchase it elsewhere but there won't be much you won't see from the actual movie. There is that light watersports scene from Scene Three but the actual film should stay in tact. Even, at the end of Disc One there are 4 XXX previews that are very long and very hot! They indulge us with clips from Detour, Desire, and Jacked Up. All films are by Slammer's directors Brian Mills & Harold Creg. Then there's a long preview for Trespass which was done by Bruce Cam. Finally, at the end of Disc One, there's a promo for Titan's site online. It almost shocked me that they squeezed so much on disc one because I thought they would have just reserved it all for Disc Two. It made me very curious to see what Disc Two's extras had to offer.

Disc Two DVD Extras:
Right when I started the disc up, I felt happier that they allowed me to just view them all in a row. This was much easier than having to view each one individually and stop and start. The disc two hails:

  • Model Interrogations:
    • Jake Marshall & Raul Tasco - This was really nice. The two guys basically just finished shooting their scene and talk about like what they liked and stuff. This was Jake's first film which you totally could not tell. They talk about their fantasies and how they got into the industry. Very entertaining.
    • Chad Williams, Riley Porter, & Toby O'Connor - OMG! This was so fucking funny. I don't even think they were trying to be funny and they just were, which makes it the best. Chad Williams is not only sexy on film, but his personality drives me bonkers. There's a point where he gets a giddy and then freaks out when he realizes it's still being taped. My only major disappointment here would be in Riley Porter who is WAY not as hot up close as he is on film.
    • Billy Wild - I know the interviewer did not tell Billy he gave good audio!
  • Visiting Hours: This was a series of long phone interviews with Jake Marshall, Raul Tasco, Chad Williams, Riley Porter, Toby O'Connor, Billy Wild, Jon Galt, & Josh Harris. They all basically re-cap what they said in the actual person to person interview as well as share anecdotes and fun stories. I really loved Chad's interview and Jon's interview. They both are the epitome of sex!
  • Line-Up With Brian Mills: I like that Titan actually includes these. It's just basic still shoots with each model in various locations. It includes Brian Mills' direction and some of the actors' comments. It's really neat.
  • Behind The Scenes: This was fun bloopers and just weird approaches to scenes. This may have been my favorite extra and I hate that it doesn't last that long.
  • Bonus Fetish Feature: This is just a watersports compilation. There's a part where Ben pisses all over Josh and damn is it a lot! Then we have Billy Wild getting pissed on by Papi and Papi fucking douses Billy's face and pisses in his mouth.(So hot!) It's kind of short but still really hot. (There's even a bonus part where you can change the angle of the camera which I found really unique.)
  • Music Image Gallery: This was just stills with music in the background. It's a basic extra that most porn companies would include only theirs wouldn't have been as good.
  • Cumshot Compilation: This is exactly what you'd think it was. It's every cumshot in the film. I really like that they include this as it's fun to just watch by itself. Cum is such a turn on!

The Final Word: So this ended up being hotter than your average porn. It's not BAD, but I feel like if they'd have spared me some of the tripe, I might've rated it high on my list. It's still a repeat offender in my DVD player, though. I fucking loved the model interviews...

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