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Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Slammer:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Slammer overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Slammer Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Slammer Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Slammer Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Slammer Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Slammer DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slammer A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  9/1/2002
SLAMMER is mostly sensational!

The establishing shots of a prison exterior its cold gray walls topped with barbed wire create a terrifying and chilling atmosphere. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” The American flag, the picture of George Washington, the framed Bill of Rights on the wall in Warden Dred Scott’s office are ironic mockeries here. Something he is quick to point out to new prisoner Billy Wild who is brought before him.

After slapping the new inmate around a bit to illustrate the above, he orders the guard to strip the prisoner. Standing stark naked before the warden, Wild has a slim blond hairy body that nevertheless appears vulnerable. Scott orders him to his knees to suck cock. Scott slaps him and occasionally spits on his face as he does so. This ain’t romance, fellas, it’s rape. The guard Papi Moreno has his cock out, too. He and I are getting turned on. Pre-cum forms on the head of his prick as it peeps out of its foreskin. Warden Scott has now stripped, revealing a magnificent body that is heavily tattooed. He bends Wild over the desk There is a close-up of the warden’s big dick as it forces its way into the prisoner’s ass. Billy is now open for business and Dred gives it to him. After everyone has shot their loads, Billy is ready to join the other inmates. So are we.

Raul Tasco is taking a piss when cellmate Jake Marshall approaches him and starts licking out his armpit. Raul’s close-cropped hair gives him a bullet head. He has a husky torso and a rich growth of body hair. Jake has a moustache and goatee, he has prematurely graying hair at the temples, and a hairy well-proportioned physique. It’s mating time in the bear pit. It’s an oral only scene with both guys showing mastery in the fine art of fellatio, and when Raul drops his load onto Jake’s back, he licks it all off…. But, wait!… Raul now starts inserting his thumb, fingers, and tongue into Jake’s ass. Now Raul’s big uncut truncheon is going in. Jake takes it like the man he is. Then it’s Raul’s turn to get fucked. To bring the scene to its conclusion, Jake sits on Raul’s cock. His own cock as stiff as a flagpole as he rides Raul’s all the way. Both fire off two more impressive loads. Whew!

The warden now brings Billy to the kitchen to meet Jon Galt. Billy is willing and into it now, or else this colt’s been broken. He automatically drops to his knees and swallows Galt’s long slender spear. Galt has low hangers, and Billy doesn’t neglect those either. The warden sticks around to enjoy this, masturbating his cock as he orders Galt to fuck the new guy. Jon is happy to do so, and once again we are treated to some great camera angles. The warden is the first to cum. Wild shoots as Galt is plowing into him. Galt doesn’t cum, since a black guard--known only as Ben--arrives to take Billy away. But the warden orders Jon over and begins to eat out his ass. Jon may not have cum in the scene with Wild, but he does now when Scott’s big dick thrusts into him. Scott shoots still another fine load. Then, getting Galt in the missionary position, HE FUCKS HIM SOME MORE!!! Both guys are still rock hard. Scott pulls his dick all the way out of Galt’s ass and then drives it back in. It is a vicious fuck. Both are really into it! They finish up with Jon sitting on Dred’s dick for a hard ride. Jon shoots a second great load. Amazingly, Dred is able to drop his third big—and I mean Big-- load in this scene. They kiss roughly. It’s “tough” love. Galt is obviously the warden’s favorite inmate.

Back in the cells, Riley Porter, a slim blond with thinning hair, is trying to read a book, but Toby O’Connor and Chad Williams are making out in the next cell and not even the latest Tom Clancy novel can match that. Toby is a handsome young man with a crew cut. He’s sucking on Chad’s cock. Chad has a dark moustache and goatee, a large nose, and a larger cock. Toby is doing a damn good job with it. Riley rises for a long—and I mean l-o-n-g—piss. Asked if he wants some of Toby, he replies in the affirmative and buys his services with a pack of cigarettes, the standard prison currency. After eating Toby’s ass, Riley has Toby do the same to him and suck a bit of cock as well. Chad, meanwhile, takes a sheet from the bunk and fashions a makeshift sling. Toby hops into it gleefully and can now be face-fucked by Chad as Riley ass-fucks him through the bars. It’s a simple matter to swing Toby around so they can change places. Sling time over, Riley now becomes the recipient of Chad’s big cock until Chad returns to buggering Toby. All shoot nice loads.

Ben brings Billy to a cell inhabited by Josh O’Hara, the token twink. After all the abuse Billy has taken here is his chance for some gentle affection. Does he go for it? Hell, no! Here is Billy’s chance to dominate, and he orders Josh to his knees. Josh does a good job of deep-throating until Billy is ready to fuck him. (This is a really great prison that furnishes condoms and lube to the inmates.) Billy’s plowing of Josh is interrupted, however, by the guard Ben, who tosses Billy in the adjacent cell and gives Josh his licorice stick to suck on. Billy doesn’t have to wait long before Papi, the other guard, joins him. Papi has obviously had the hots for Billy since witnessing his deflowering by the warden. As he fucks Billy, Papi strips to reveal a massive chest with a sexy patterning of black hair and two nipple bobs. The nipple bobs jiggle rhythmically in time with the fuck. Ben, who has unfortunately never been able to achieve a true hardon, has been fingering Josh’s hole. He backs the boy up to the bars for Papi to admire the young ass. Papi does more than that. He stops buggering Billy and spears Josh with his big bun-splitter. Josh takes it manfully. Papi then lets Billy have a go at Josh. (It’s a pity Ben doesn’t have a go too, but he’s still unable to get it up.) Neither he nor Josh shoot much of a load—indeed, I’m not sure Josh shoots anything at all. Everything has been sensational up until this final scene, but now it just peters out. It needed a real climactic scene, not this-- the film’s weakest scene. There could have been a riot, a group orgy, a gang-bang in the shower. Yeah! Where was the shower scene? I once taught a night class in a maximum-security prison and they asked me to let them out early so they could hit the showers before they shut them down at 10. I knew why. Being a good guy, I let them. So showering scenes are not clichés. They are de rigueur. If we had ended with a gang-bang in the shower this would have been the best prison fantasy ever made.

As it is, Slammer is an excellent film. The performers look like the sort of guys you would hope to find in prison—masculine and butch as Hell. The sex simmers. It is extremely well directed. The deep-focus photography is the finest I’ve seen since Citizen Kane. But why couldn’t it have ended with a bang and not a whimper?

Slammer also comes in a double-disc version that features somewhat tiresome telephone interviews with the cast, a much too brief “behind the scenes section”, a fairly titillating photo shoot, a cum-shot compilation, and some watersports with Josh getting a dousing from Ben. (He might not get it up, but he sure can piss.) If any of these are worth the extra $20 to you, by all means go for it. But I think most will be more than content with the regular version. It’s damn good! No, it’s better than that. It’s almost sensational!

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