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morbidthoughts Slam It! In Her Ass 3.5 starsSlam It! In Her Ass 3.5 starsSlam It! In Her Ass 3.5 stars
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Slam It! In Her Ass

Slam It! In Her Ass

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Slam It! In Her Ass:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Slam It! In Her Ass overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Slam It! In Her Ass Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Slam It! In Her Ass Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Slam It! In Her Ass Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Slam It! In Her Ass Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Slam It! In Her Ass DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Slam It! In Her Ass A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/16/2005
Here we go with a title starring Lucy Lee who I posted about today so I looked for a title of her's to review and found this one handy. This isn't a Evil Angel dvd totally as they are handling the US distribution for Harmony which is an overseas company. The action is hardcore which is one area I'm keen on and we have some good looking girl to check out so let's get going.

Lucy Lee:

Our cute pint sized covergirl is up first but don't let her small size fool you. She can handle herself and she does some really good anal scenes. Here we get a nice split screen to start and a cool effect is shown making her face nice and big with a spread out look to it. Lucy is dong some posing and she is shown in varying degrees of being nude as she poses in front of a car. You also get flashes of the scene to follow and yes there is definitely anal to come. They kinda go back and forth with her posing and then some shots of the fucking spliced in and you can see it's pretty intense. Lucy is then Id as the scene shifts to her getting some cock to suck on and she goes for it taking on three men. She has some goggles on for some reason but the most important area being taken care of is the dick sucking and in that respect she's doing A-ok! Sexwise you have doggie to start and she has such a hot body her ass was looking very good here. The intensity I was talking about really kicks in when they change to mish, the piston was pumping hard into her and Lucy was kept busy above taking on the remaining cocks. Staying with mish they move into her ass and you saw her pussy lips moving as the cock was pounding into her ass, don't always see that. After a good lengthy romp in mish anal which saw some gaping by Lucy plus the fellas pry her ass open even more with their fingers you then see Miss Lee go to cowgirl so more fine ass shots and she's dp'd as well. You also get a very nice underneat shot of them dp'ing her and for some reason the look seemed real fresh to me. Now for the pops we get one fired at her gaping ass with the guy sticking his cock back in and the remaining two dicks spew their juices right to her face with Lucy doing cleanup. Not a bad scene for fans of this girl. She doesn't say a lot, don't think she spoke as a matter of fact but the energy was solid throughout by her.


Like the scene before the premise to the scene is Elizabeth at a photo shoot and some sexy pics are taken as she shows off her body using fingers and a toy. You've seen this sexy Australian before and she actually talks some during her tease which sees some good slamming into her ass. As she's lounging in her poolside chair she gets joined by a couple guys who go right after her tits sucking them and also some pussy play is shot. The picture tone is a bit dark here but I felt it was intentional and didn't bother me much. Sexwise you start with a good hard doggie while she also gets a cock to suck on. You'll also notice Elizabeth has put on some shades. Moving on you get some reverse cowgirl and her the dark picture tone did bother me some but when they move to cowgirl it improved a bit and she does some hot no hands sucking to the free dick. Still in cowgirl you get some anal fingering but no anal at this time, instead a nice looking spoon follows with some dirty talk in her sexy accent. Elizabeth then does some P2M and some double sucking before we get her ass fucked beginning in a standing doggie and there's A2M which is followed by more doggie anal with the guys switching at times with some sexy double A2M shot. Elizabeth then gets in reverse cowgirl where she gets double penetrated and also in cowgirl. For the pops you get one in her ass with not much dribbling out and the other is a facial shot which she downs doing some cleanup also. Not bad but the shadows did bother me some by the end.

Jennifer Dark:

Our next scene stars a sexy lookin dark haired girl and it looks from the scene snippets we see she's banged good and hard. Jennifer starts out in some hot sky blue lingerie. Wearing a head device you see the fast food workers wear Jennifer starts out giving excellent customer service with a hot blowjob. There is a hot floor shot as she lovingly licks this big dick before her. She also gets on her knees and in a very well captured shot there's more great cock sucking with fine eye contact by Jennifer. You'll notice the guy is tied up and his mouth is taped over and if this girl was doing this to me I don't think I'd object to much at this being done to me though I'd want my hands freed to fondle her tits. Moving on we see our man is freed from his bondage and the sex gets underway in mish and the pace is steady fro mthe start. There is also some early anal action while she's still in mish with some A2M by Jennifer. More anal delights are found in a standing doggie and you get a decent sized gape by this girl. I always like reverse cowgirl anal and this one looked good with a healthy bounce seen. Jennifer does more doggie anal with a toy being used on her pussy to cumplete the dp and you get some sexy fun looking A2M from this position, then it's on to cowgirl where the dp is reversed with the toy in her ass and the cock in her pussy. Our scene ends with the guy popping ot her ass while Jennifer is still fucking her ass with the toy and some ass spreading is done with the jizz still glistening on it. Using the toy she is able to get some spunk to taste.

Maria Sun:

Our next scene starts a fine looking blond and like two other scenes it starts with some pictures being taken of Maria and she slowly gets joined by two men who are all over her body even as the camera is snapping away. She's got some nice sized breasts which get some attention and some kissing also is done with the guys who then dip some fingers into her pussy. The guys don't forget her ass and each slips several fingers into both her holes. Maria then gets in prime cock sucking position in between the men and some good swapping of the cocks is shot with fine contact from her and I thought the energy she was giving was good. Moving on the sex gets underway with a standing doggie and the cock gets a good rhythm going into her kittie and check out the great tit movement as she's pounded. There is some furious anal also early on in spoon. I thought the floor shots for the next doggie anal were nice and we get more fine shots of her tits flopping about when they change to mish anal. You also get a nice dp in reverse cowgirl and subsequently in cowgirl, then it's a rare double anal treat in reverse cowgirl though it's hard to see at times but they are both in her pooper! This was a good scene but the ending let me down a little as they spray their loads all over her puckered ass but she does dip a finger or two in there for a taste.

Renee Pornero & Vicky Sin:

We get two girls for this scene and we are going strong from the start as Renee is engulfing a cock and she's quite aggressive with her dick assault. Vicky is close by and she too is balls to the wall with her dick sucking. We see both girls doing some fine cock play and it's hard to tell them apart, that's Renee with the red streak in her hair. You see some good aggressive pussy finering with the girls licking the fingers clean and I enjoyed the side by side pussy finger party. There is also some ass finger play with some tongue work mixed in. Sexwise the side by side doggie was nice, then you see reverse cowgirl for one and spoon for the other. Unlike a scene I reviewed today these two girls do interact with one another doing some kissing and they also share a cock at one point during the scene. The side by side nature of the scene continued with some cock cleaning by the girls, then they switch dicks with both climbing on in reverse cowgirl and the screams of pleasure were ringing out bigtime. You also get some P2OGM here and yes some butt fucking eventually gets shot, starting with a nice floor shot in doggie anal for Vicky, then you see a good view of Renee riding in reverse cowgirl anal and she does A2M. The girls do a little more sharing of a cock then Vicky goes for a ride in RCA with Renee doing A2OGM and for dp honors we go first with Renee in RC and the girls do more kissing here as the boys also double stuff Renee's pussy. The double stuffing also extends to cowgirl and I think it's her pussy they are in, it's hard to tell,lol. To finish you have some fucking in mish with Vicky and then a pullout and a pop to her pussy with Renee licking the jizz up and doing some cleanup and the second load is shot aimlessly over Vicky's tits with her doing the cleanup with some assistance by Renee. The girls do some sexy kissing above the cockhead here which I thought looked really hot.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Not bad for a Euro dvd but not great either. The girls were all good with the best all around scene being done by Maria Sun I think but there is something in every scene for you to get your teeth into. There was some issues with the lighting for me in various parts of the dvd but it never rose to the level of killing wood for me but you do notice the lighting not being where most might like it at stages. There are no real extras save for a sex menu and upon clicking that you see the options for Cumshots, Bj's & Gagging, and finally anal is listed. I've seen all these girls do better scenes but still they are worth watching if you are a fan of any of the performers, I'd rent this one first.

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