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Sky's Day Off

Sky's Day Off

Studio: Odyssey
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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-lunacy-'s ratings for Sky's Day Off:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sky's Day Off overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sky's Day Off Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sky's Day Off Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sky's Day Off Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sky's Day Off Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sky's Day Off DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sky's Day Off A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by -lunacy-  on  5/30/2001
Overall Impressions-
*Entire film is very playful
*Surprisingly clear audio considering where some of the scenes take place
*Sky slurps a lot when she gives B.J's (enough to be humorous by the end of the flick)
*B+ for effort, a solid 4, being enjoyable to watch for the entertainment factor and for jack factor.

Scene 1-Welcome to San Fran
We meet Sky as she arrives to San Francisco where she does such cute things as eat a banana in the airport and play with the bell cart in the hotel. Enter Lindsay and her BF, who shall remain nameless and faceless. (Just a sidenote, but this struck me as a weird little thing, as Lindsay enter's Sky's hotel room she introduces herself which made me wonder where she came from?) Lindsay is very nervous and excited to be on camera and so chatters away in a high pitched voice as they smoke a bowl from a beer can. Lindsay and Sky try to convince Mr. X that he wants to get in the shower with Sky and she tries to pull his pants off. You can tell he is trying to play Mr. Cool but is nervous as hell and so nothing happens, but it is amusing to watch none the less.

Scene 2-The Spider Lands Her First Prey-
Basically she has found a willing guy that she lures back to her hotel room and she sucks him off.

Scene 2B-Meanwhile Back at Home-
Sky's BF Billy is getting it on with another girl. This starts off with some pretty stilted dialog but shapes up to be a pretty good scene. You can tell their both having a good time and it's pretty hot. They play in a variety of positions and try a little anal. (the chick has ass zits, but I'll forgive her)

Scene 3-Sky Makes a Date
Sky goes to the skater park w/ her new friend Lindsay and they make a date for later w/ some guys Sky meets.

Scene 4-The Amateur Video
Hello Kami and Paul...Apparently these two are fans of Sky's and decided to send her their own amateur video. Not too bad you two..maybe you should quit your day jobs. ;-)

Scene 5-The Skater's Date
Her two skater friends she made earlier all pile in one of the guys car and they all drive to an anonymous location to have some fun. One guy on either side and..whip um out guys.... Sky gives them both hand jobs while they lick her tits (fake) and finger her a bit. Aside from some initial shyness, looked like a good time was had by the guys, and Sky? Well, I get the impression Sky was just doing her job, but with a smile on her face of course.

Scene 6-Magic Carpet Ride
Sky and one of her boy toys go into the studio to simulate a magic carpet ride in front of a green screen. *Shrug*, cute.

Scene 7-Magic Carpet Take Me Home
The little boy on the carpet goes for more of a ride then he bargained for. They end up back in Sky's room where she hand job's him while he finger fu*cks her and a good time is had by all.

Scene 8-Welcome Home, Let's Fu*k
Sky and Nacho(Mr. Huge Dick) have some licking and some fucking fun. At one point he picks her up and kind of tosses her across the bed which was kind of funny to see. They have a really hot scene together, this was a nice match up, they both have some sexual fire to them.

Scene 9-Don't Make a Mess!
Here we have some mediocre dialog, Sky admonishing her BF and his new Fu*k buddy not to make a mess on her new comforter. She leaves, and after some more awkward dialog they fu*k again. Again, once they get going they seem to enjoy themselves and it makes for a pretty hot scene.

Scene 10-At the Shooting Range-
This bit seemed rather pointless to me, Sky is at the shooting range w/ a blonde bimbo who is blatantly enamored with being on camera.

Scene 11-Home Sweet Home-
Sky and her BF Billy are out on the balcony and she is sucking his cock. They go inside and have some pretty hot protected sex.

Photos-This was a really nice gallery, quality pics and a nice flow although I missed the option to move forward and back thru them.

Cast Bios-
Short and sweet.

Lost Footage-
Sky playing w/ surfers on the beach, chatting on the bed, outtakes from assorted scenes. Nice to see, but I can see why it was "lost" it was rather boring and didn't really add to the film's purpose. (which is of course getting off)

Deleted Scene-
Sky goes home w/ a dark haired gal for a 3some, camera cut's out just as things start heating up, no intercourse.

Making of Saber Scene-
These were some funny out takes They hit each other on accident, got mad at one another, hit the camera, and broke the sticks they were using. (the sticks were later transformed into dildo's that turned into light sabers) We're even treated to a HUGE Sky belch and she is kind enough to inform us she farted too.

Final Thoughts-

Sky is a good looking girl, and knows how to play. I wonder at her thing for skaters and jacking them off...but O.K. It makes for something off the beaten (pardon the pun) track and for that I commend her and the studio.

It was a worthwhile film to watch, it kept me entertained and aroused. And although watching guys get jacked off is not really my thing, the B.J's/handjob's were good for what they were. The sex was better than average, verging on great.

A for effort, B+ for presentation.

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