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Sky's Day Off

Sky's Day Off

Studio: Odyssey
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
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Voyeur32's ratings for Sky's Day Off:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sky's Day Off overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sky's Day Off Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Sky's Day Off Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Sky's Day Off Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sky's Day Off Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sky's Day Off DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sky's Day Off A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Voyeur32  on  5/13/2001
Please be kind as this is my first review for ADT. Being such, I chose a gonzo feature as not having to worry about dialogue and plot and I'll work my way into those features later. This is Sky's Day Off starring:Sky, Samantha Stylle, Kristina Black,Nacho Vidal,Jason McCain,Toni Ribas,Kami and Paul.

Since this is a DVD I guess I should start with what distinguishes it from a VHS and that's the extras. These include alot of the usual stuff such as photo gallery,scene selections and bios with funfacts and other Shanes' World/OGV credits. The previews include Shanes' Worlds Pornological, Slumber Party 13, Rodney Moore series, Peeping Tom Series and Pick-up Lines 1- 24. The Pick-Up Lines preview is best done as it shows nearly every popshot from every installment. There are over an hour in extras here. Some things of note. There is a 16 min. bonus scene of Sky. Kristina and Kristinas' guy sharing oral all around with Sky also fingering her backdoor. Just as the heat increases the scene ends abruptly. Possible tech. difficulties? There is also about 20 min. of filler that never made the tape. Sky rapping and surfing etc... There is a making of the light saber sequence from the beginning of the DVD that shows how hard they worked at the choreography and what a trooper Sky is. She gets hits hard several times with the stick but keeps coming back till it's right. You also get to see Sky be one of the guys while she burps and farts. Don't know but this makes me like her more. Let's me know she isn't all about how she looks and being a princess. She can kick back with a beer and just hang. On her bio you can also click on for an interview with Sky. We learn about her love for BJ's and the way fans should be treated by stars. She also solicits for tapes from amateurs. Also a funny bit of Sky dogging on stars that work the Bunny Ranch. Finally there is the bonus footage from scenes already on the disc. Highlights here are Sky and Kristina talking about smelly dicks and Sky directing Kristina and Jason in their scene with Sky showing Jason how to fuck and telling Kristina to end with a facial. Kristina adoringly shoots back with the request for her to be allowed to swallow. The extras here are very good but got cost a point for one thing only. No commentary here. I think this should be standard and I really miss it when it's not here. The sound got such a hi score as since there is no music you get to hear all the sex sounds clear as a bell and that is what's music to my ears.

After the light saber sequence and some hanging out and pot smoking filler in the hotel where Sky can't get either a female friend or her guy to shower with Sky,(huh?) we cut to Sky bar hopping till she gets her vistim of the night and takes him back to the room for oral fun. This is good gonzo here. Some lucky S.O.B. hits the sex lottery by being in the right place at the right time and wins a pornstar BJ. How do we know this guy is not a pro? The tell-tale sign. He has a very hairy pubic area. Our shy guy needs to hide his face from the camera to get wood but Sky gets him there soon enough. Only Judge Smails from Caddyshack could describe this hummer as,"top notch, top notch." Did I mention how much I like the lack of music so I can hear Sky do her thing? She finally gets her guy off manually and end of scene. Next up is former tushy Smantha Stylle and Toni Ribas in the hottest scene of the disc. While never A-list in the looks dept. Smantha has always been an A-list performer and this is no exception. This is not romantic sex at all and as close to stuff the raincoaters may like. This is nothing but a down and dirty grudge fuck. This scene rocks for a couple reasons. It may be hardcore but Samantha is definitely into it. Also, there is none of the gross stuff. Ie... No gapes! I really liked the oral on Toni while also giving him a footjob on the balls and some straight footjob action. Sam is very vocal for this condomless scene. After several nice position transitions including anal we get a A2M finish.

Back we Sky we see her setting up two seperate dates with three seperate guys. The two guys she meets while admiring one of their cars. The other is the guy from the fx shop where we see the magic carpet ride filler later on. Before the dates we get Sky filler at the X Games and then your fast forward sex scene of the disc. It's an amatuer tape sent in to Sky by Paul and Kami. If not a true amatuer fan go ahead and skip as although these two are married the scne lacks any heat. For those keeping score the money shot in this condomless scene is a belly shot.

Finally, back to Sky and her triple date. They go back for a little back seat double handjob. The good news is seeing Sky so willing to play with non-pros. The bad news is almost an hour in we've yet to see Sky have intercourse yet. I'm starting to think this should have been called Sky's Day Jerking Off. Sky manages to get one guy off while the other has to finish himself. We jump right into the next date where Sky takes FX boy back to the room for some oral.With all the handjobs an BJ's Sky is handing out I'm starting to worry about her getting carpel tunnel or TMJ. That jaw disease that messed up Burt Reynolds for a couple years. She manually gets him off and finally we get Sky doing the nasty. It's her and Nacho in a condom scene. Both actors work up quite a sweat in this good scene with Sky getting the pop on her belly.

Next up is Kristina and Jason in a scene I liked alot. I'm voting it higher than some of you may but that's just because I like Kristina alot. Good to see this firecracker quickly moving up the ranks and deservedly making a name for herself. She's natural, for now). Don't let them talk you into that boob job baby. She's also very enthusiastic and has always been very believable in every scene I've seen her in. If Graces' friend from Will and Grace had a daughter I think it would look like her. This hot scene is condomless and has a very nice facial finish with some post shot head. Also, the added bonus of Kristina showing the camera what she got in her mouth before swallowing.(See extra footage notes above:)

Back to filler at the firing range where we learn not to mess with Sky and into the last scene which happens to be Sky's best. She really gets into this condomclad scene with the poshot on her ass to finsh off a very long day for Sky. As a postscript I shouls say I really enjoyed this feature as I'm quite the fan of gonzo and this one is really well done. Wish the wait for Sky to have sex wasn't so long. It plays as almost two movies in one. Amateurs and then the pros. I know I was brief in the filler notes but I'm still working on what to add and not add so be patient. There is some funny commentary in the filler and extras though. Look for my next review of Wicked Pictures In Style starring the lovely Devinn Lane. I'm still working my way into plot and dialogue films so I thought this vignette disc would be another baby step. So from DVD central this is Voyeur32 stealing from Dennis Miller and saying ,"Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

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