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Skye Riding

Skye Riding

Studio: Boy Ride Films
Category:  Gay
Starring: , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Skye Riding:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Skye Riding overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Skye Riding Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Skye Riding Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Skye Riding Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Skye Riding Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Skye Riding DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Skye Riding A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  12/3/2006
Chicken lovers take note: Boy Ride has once again conjured up a concoction that will have your mouths and dicks drooling.

SKYE RIDING features a cute 19-year-old skateboarder from Chicago known only as Skye. He has dark wavy hair, a handsome face with a very kissable mouth, a smooth attractive body, and a highly suckable dick. The film opens with him telling us that he and his buddy Noah are about to have a jackoff competition. Whoever comes first gets the skateboard he is holding. Noah appears (a cute pixyish type) and together they head off for the contest. (Unfortunately there is no head in this scene just masturbation.) We find the boys indoors leaning against a table. Their pants are down and they’re whacking away. They turn around to face the table when it’s time to shoot. The camera is repositioned to catch the flying juice. Noah wins.

We discover longhaired Raif and cute Lane returning from surfing, clad in the tight rubber suit of surfers and carrying their surfboards. (Lane appeared in number 5 of the Twinks for Cash series using the name Brandon.) Inside as the boys strip out of their surfing gear, Raif notices Lane’s cock and remarks on its being uncut. (It is a nice one.) But it is Lane who kneels to suck Raif’s cut one.
While Lane busily going down on Raif, who should appear but Skye. He sits on the sofa to watch the proceedings. Soon his cock is out and he's stroking it. Raif sits on the sofa and leans over to give head to Skye. Lane kneels on the floor at Raif’s feet to continue sucking him. Eventually we cut to Lane kneeling on the sofa waiting for the now-standing Raif to fuck him. Raif enters the sweet boy’s ass and pounds away. After a bit we cut to Lane on his back. A close-up reveals Skye’s cock insinuating itself into Lane’s ass. When Raif takes over, Skye face-fucks the bottoming lad. Three youthful cumloads end the scene.

We next find Skye lounging on the bed with his buddy Bryce. They are watching a surfing flick. Various dissolves revel the passing time and soon Skye is asleep. Bryce, an attractive strawberry blond, turns his attention from the film to the sleeping Skye. Slowly and carefully he unbuttons Skye’s shirt to gaze at the boy’s smooth torso. Bryce’s pants have a strategically placed hole and he reaches in to withdraw his stiffening dick. Hesitantly—and with extreme care—the emboldened youth undoes Skye’s belt, unzips his jeans, and reaches through the fly of Skye’s boxers to bring out his cock. Unable to resist, he leans over and sucks it.
This causes Skye to have an erotic dream and we share the dream.

Skye dreams of Raif and Kyler Lachlan getting it on. (You may know Kyler from the November issue of Freshman Magazine and I reviewed him earlier in JUNIOR DIVISION. You might not recognize him here as he doesn’t have his little goatee, and has bleached hair and a Prince Albert piercing his cock.) The two are on a bed. Raif fishes out Kyler’s cock and goes down on it despite its metallic taste. (I’ve always wanted to suck a cock with a PA.) They sixty-nine. Kyler rims Raif’s excessively hairy hole, but it’s the sexy Kyler who bottoms. With Kyler lying on his belly, Raif climbs onto his back and slips him the meat. The fuck continues in the missionary position. Kyler wraps his legs around Raif’s back, gripping him tightly and Raif fucks Kyler hard. Kyler is the first to cum when they jack off. Raif’s cums on Kyler’s face and in his mouth. Kyler licks and sucks the spent dick. (I’d love to spend a weekend spending with the sexy Kyler.)

The pleasant dream over, Skye returns to his even more pleasant reality. He pushes his pants down in order to give Bryce easier access to his cock and then reaches over to fondle and stroke Bryce’s dick. The buddies lie side-by-side jacking each other until Skye orders Bryce to turn around. Thereupon, they sixty-nine. I’m surprised to see Skye take a cock in his mouth—but by god, he does! He sucks dick uneasily like a straight guy, but at least he does it. (Skye would be welcome at my house any weekend, too.)
Bryce straddles the recumbent Skye and sits on his dick. At this point the film would more properly be called “Riding Skye” rather than “Skye Riding”. It finishes with Skye keeling over Bryce and dousing him with cum.
“No one’s going to know about this!” he demands of his cum-spattered buddy.
“No worries,” says a contented Bryce.

The Bonus section features a Behind the Scenes that one should see for Noah’s unedited cum shot. It flies out of the end of his dick and shoots clear across the table to hit the cameraman. (Awesome!) There is also what is called a deleted scene. It is sort of a prologue to the Kyler-Raif scene. I assume it was filmed before it was decided to make their scene Skye’s dream. It shows the two boys washing off their surfboards, kissing, and Raif going down on Kyler’s pierced cock.

Both Skye and Bryce tell us in the bonus section that they are straight. Well, these boys may call themselves straight; but as long as they take cock in their mouths and asses—what’s in a name?
SKYE RIDING is a film I’ll cum to again and again.

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