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Skateboard Sliders 1

Skateboard Sliders 1

Studio: Tribal Pulse
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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ken's ratings for Skateboard Sliders 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Skateboard Sliders 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Skateboard Sliders 1 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Skateboard Sliders 1 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Skateboard Sliders 1 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Skateboard Sliders 1 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Skateboard Sliders 1 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Skateboard Sliders 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by ken  on  8/28/2000
The first time I saw this movie I was really impressed. An incredible debut by director Phil St. John, this movie delivers a strong plot which focused on a hip subculture of our youth society: Skateboarders. The casts are young and attractive. Sex scenes are powerful and full of surprises: two stunning double penetrations. I remember that when the movie was first released in VHS, I could not get a rental copy until after about three weeks. It was really a hot item.

The only downside of this movie is that tape to DVD transfer quality is not among the best. All close-ups images are really good, but midrange scenes seem a bit blurry. However the DVD picture quality is usually not my concern unless it’s as poor as all the Sunshine releases. The reason I buy DVD is for my personal collection and allow me to watch the movies repeatedly without wearing it out like VHS tapes.

I would like to introduce the cast members first. Everyone already see the cover box of this movie. The main model on the cover is Tommy Saxx. This is his debut in any gay hardcore movies. He later appeared in other two new releases by Phil St. John. But he is at his best performance in this one. As a new fresh face, his performance is not bad. However I feel he somehow lacks certain personal charm. His look is interesting. Some people may like his face very much, he reminds me of a Chinese Buda. The cover image is shot at the best angle he could ever ask for from a photographer.

The rest of casts include Jeff White, my all time favorite; Zachary Scott, his giant tool is impressive; Richie Fine, in his rare appearance as a bottom here; Mac Reynolds, a long-time-no- see hot stud; Chris Young, an incredible cutie with a young naïve looking face. Also appearing are porn veterans such as JT Sloan, Paul Morgan, Dino Philips and Johnny Thrust. Jeff D’kota and Bobby Golden are two relatively new young faces.

The plot evolves around a group of skateboarders. They hang around street corners, practice and show off new skills to the peers. One of them, Tommy Saxx works for a skateboard shop where he routinely peeps through a keyhole from a storage room to spy on his boss having sex with those street skateboarders.

In the first scene he is at that again. Boss played by Zachary Scott is having a threesome with other two cuties, Jeff White and Chris Young. Zchary’s cock is so huge that both mouths can hardly contain it. The camera angle is at its best when Zachary’s gigantic cock looks even longer than Chris’ face. Soon Chris is riding on the tool while Jeff looks on. Then walks in Paul Morgan. He joins Zachary’s cock to plow Chris’ inviting ass. This truly a hot scene and you can tell the authenticity without some cheap stunt dick cover-up. Finally they all blow good loads including the peeping TOMmy.

Next scene we see Tommy taking a package from a UPS delivery guy, Mac Reynolds. As we can predict that Mac also has another package for Tommy to receive. Tommy worships Mac’s cock and asshole before bottoms for Mac in two positions. The sex between the two is pretty hot. Mac has maintained a rigid hard-on all the way till he blew a heavy load on Tommy’s back.

The third scene is in Tommy’s dream. In the dream, Zachary is fucking JT Sloan on a sling in the shop. Soon Paul joins them and JT had to take cocks at both ends. By the time the threesome ends their episode Tommy also reaches climax and really messed up his bed sheet.

The fourth scene happens in a dark alley where Jeff White and Richie are busy doing their sexual practice. First they traded blow job, then Jeff fucks Richie’s brain out. Soon a homeless guy, Dino was invited to take part in the action. He first topped Jeff and then Richie until all three delivered huge cum load. This scene is very hot partly due to Jeff’s dirty mouth. I have never expected Jeff to be such a dirty and loudmouthed talker, it’s quite a turn on for me.

Now we are back to the shop again. Another threesome action is going on. Both Jeff D’kota and Bobby are sucking hard on Tommy’s dick while Johnny is watching through a keyhole from the storage room. Soon Tommy is plowing Jeff’s ass while Bobby feed Jeff his dick. The sex is getting hotter and hotter when Jeff sits on Bobby’s dick as Tommy double penetrated him from behind. If you think this sizzler just stopped here, think again! Did you forget Johnny is watching? He just can’t stand anymore and jump right into the action. He fucks Tommy while Tommy and Bobby were double penetrating Jeff. I swear I have never seen such a complicated sex acts. It’s simply too difficult to get the right camera angle. But we did see a brief moment that the rare fantasy comes true. Wow!

The final scene is between Zachary and Tommy. Zachary caught the previous foursome having wild sex and realize that Tommy also enjoys man sex. He finally told Tommy the truth that he loves him very much. Naturally they start to make love. Tommy gives Zachary blowjob first, then they did some 69 sucking followed by a lengthy 69 rimming with a lot of close-up shots. Finally Tommy bottomed for his loving boss all the way to the point both reached.

This is a very successful movie with a unique story line. Sex scenes are hot and full of surprises. The casts are strong. Although there are some minor issues regarding lighting, focusing and picture quality, with current price range, it’s really worth the buck you invest in.

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