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Six In Me
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Six In Me

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Gangbang
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Six In Me:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Six In Me overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Six In Me Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Six In Me Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Six In Me Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Six In Me Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Six In Me DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Six In Me A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/5/2005
Prologue This is a medium sized gang bang video. Each of the participants gets six men turning them every which way but loose. The women here run the gamut from an almost virginal Terri Summers to performer extraordinaire Lauren Phoenix. Nothing she does with a cock will surprise me but I have to wonder how nasty Terri can get. The wild card here is Jayna Oso. As far as I'm concerned, she's a party waiting to happen in all of her scenes. If the guys hold up their end of the bargain, this could be memorable.
Terri Summers is the lone cheerleader at the high school basketball team's shootaround. After practice, one of the players, her boyfriend, tells her that he wants her to fuck the whole team for motivation for the big game. She's not sure she should, she's only been with him so far. There's a sparkle in Terri's eye, though, as they get closer and feel each other's crotch. Terri goes down on bf as the rest of the team walks in and starts whipping them out. All that practice in the layup line has them well prepared to organize the bj line. Cock after cock enters sweet Terri's mouth and she gets dogged from behind. They run a train on her from the rear and she keeps the line moving through her mouth. RC on Brian Surewood and they finally start to undress her. CG on Buster Good. P2M and more doggy. RC on Anthony Hardwood has her livening up, then Buster fucks and suspends her in mid-air for his teammates to feed dick. They start passing her around again in doggy and the fucking is getting harder. RC gives us a chance to get an eyeful of this gorgeous creature. P2M and her skirt is removed. She's back on the rotisserie, then does some flying. She's laid back in mid-air again to receive more cock for her mouth. She's laid down on a bench with her head hanging over so she can be face fucked while taking cock in mish. When Scott Nails finishes fucking her, he sticks his cock down her throat and holds it there. RCDPP stretches out the virginal Dutch girl. She cleans the cocks out of her honey hole and turns for the CG version, asking "Who's next?" I would say she's airtight now but nobody's breaking the seal on her holy of holies today. She does seem to enjoy the stretching. They go back to the bench for a new round of mish and face fucking. She actually starts to cheer them on here and bobs her head back when the cocks are still. They circle her jerking off and the cum starts flying. Terri's mouth is wide open and she savors the first load as she swallows it. One after the other they paint her face and coat Terri's tongue with their seed. A happy Terri grabs her pom poms and lets out a cheer.
Jayna Oso is the goalkeeper for an all black soccer team. She's also the coach's daughter. Where he is, I don't know. The team is fucking with her, playing strip soccer. Everytime they score a goal, she has to take something off. Of course, she has no defense. Clothes are coming off fast and one more goal means Jayna has to give something else up. No suspense here, Jayna's on her knees inhaling cock in no time at all. Jayna shows why she's such a fan favorite as she attacks those big cocks and finds a way to get them down her throat, kissing just about everyone's pubes. Lots of slobber and some rough face fucking. Somebody finally realizes she's got an unprotected rear and spears her pussy. They absolutely go to town on her hot twat and she hardly misses a beat with the throat fucking. Juice is running down Jayna's leg as she gets long poled. She squats on another cock in CG and takes a great pounding from Billy Banks. P2M and another CG ride with a new cock. She gets down low so she can stuff the whole cock in her pussy, then asks for cock in her ass. The DP is completed and a third cock in her mouth makes Jayna airtight. They run a train on her ass and Jayna arches her back in pleasure. A DPP makes Jayna wild, then they go back to the DP. Cut to Jayna sitting her ass on a cock in RCA and another one immediately fills her pussy for the RCDP. As each guy takes his turn in her pussy, Jayna eggs him on. She bends her head back for easy access face fucking. What a team player. Byron Long gets into the act, stuffing her pussy in the DP. He goes long and she's quivering on every inch. Some scissor action from Banks fills Jayna all the way as Tone Capone does the same with her throat. Cut to an up and over doggy anal that brings on a premature ejaculation that's spilled on her ass. Another brave soul ventures into Jayna's bung and holds his load so she can taste her own juices from his cock. The way she's getting cock jammed up her ass, her sphincter must be made of rubber. It's so elastic. The anal train continues in up and over doggy. A2M and her pussy gets some attention in doggy. The next guy is back in her ass. Cut to vag mish. Some up and over face fucking lest it be too romantic. A little choking for Jayna as she plays hide the salami at both ends. Jayna gets into some ball licking as someone goes anal in mish. Tone wraps her up tight and rails her battered bung. A cock goes off on her face and Jayna has the nastiest look as she's really getting off on this. A pullout and jizz is poured down Jayna's throat. Another cock goes off on her pussy, soothing her raw orifice. Another one explodes onto her face and everybody's happy. Jayna has the team made.
In a boxing gym, the ring is filled with sparring fighters. It must be a free for all as ultimately Nat Turner decks everybody. Now he wants his prize. He calls for Lauren Phoenix, who's playing a round card girl. She gets into the ring with a "Smash" card and shows off that great booty. She gives everybody an eyeful of that moneymaker until the guys just close in on her. She feels the hard dicks under the satin shorts that are starting to look like tents. Lauren gets to her knees, pulls her top down, and starts to work the crowd. One thing Lauren's got besides her good looks is energy. And she's not sparing any here. There's some major sized meat in the ring and Lauren's gagging on all the cocks. She's only just begun and her body's got that trademark sheen. A hot looking face fuck that ends in a held deep throat makes the temperature rise precipitously. Her pussy gets it's first action in doggy while she's sucking cock in the corner of the ring. That target gets homed in on again and again until just about everybody has gotten some "me" time with her once tight cunt. She hops on Turner's cock in CG, then a quick cut for the same on a new guy with a cock stuck in her face. She gets a good rhythm with the butt bounce and head bob. Cut to a mish penetration for Turner. Another cock is stuck in Lauren's mouth. She moves back into the corner for another CG ride on Tone, then moves to her right for another hard cock in CG. All the guys are lined up by the ropes for her to run her own CG train. When she makes her way back to Turner he picks her up and slams Lauren's pussy hard. No mean feat. She's no lightweight. Lauren says it's time for the doubles. She sets down on Dwayne Cumminz in CG and gets another cock stuck in her face. That big ass is just too inviting and she's soon got two big black cocks buried in her holes balls deep. Another cock finds her throat and makes Lauren airtight. They lose the rhythm for a short while and work their way back into it. Turner cums in Lauren's mouth. She munches on some white dick while Tone buggers her. Cut to another CGDP and the guys running a train on her ass. Cut to Lauren lubing up a cock with her mouth for an RCA sitdown. Another cock joins the party for the RCDP. He really hammers her and there's another cut to RCA and Lauren sucking off another cock, taking it to the root. Another RCDP and the train runs through her pussy. A2M with deep throat. Some spoon vag while she's inhaling cock. Guys keep slipping into her pussy as she continues to suck dick. Cut to spoon anal and another lucky guy gets her throat. A2M and a side entry anal. Another anal train proceeds. Somebody spoons her pussy and explodes on Lauren's face. She gets fucked prone on her stomach and Tone just gets to her mouth in time. The rest of the guns get emptied on her mouth and face, Lauren begging for more. Only a couple of guys had any volume and it's not nearly as messy as Terri's was.
Epilogue Let's take this by the numbers. Terri was gorgeous and ended up with her face coated but in between there wasn't a lot of energy. She did do double vag but basically was handled with kid gloves. The gloves came off for Jayna and her all black gang. She looks like she would do this just for the sport of it, no payment necessary. There's something about the way her delightful little body sucks in cocks that's just awe inspiring. I thought she would give the best show, and she did. Lauren ruled the roost in her bout and did everything that was expected. It just looked too easy for her. If ever there's a time to push the envelope, it's in a gangbang. I'm not even sure what that might have been but the action could have been more continuous and not as choreographed. I didn't get that feeling from Jayna's scene. In hers and Lauren's scenes there were a couple of premature ejaculations. A testament to the heat these ladies bring. All in all, not a bad gangbang.
The Disk A photo gallery, trailers, extra sex and a BTS. Cuntre Pipes is floored by Jayna's nipples and looks like he wants to take her home. She's just too damned cute. A nervous Terri getting her make-up done by Alaura Eden. On set with her pom poms....and nothing else for the "pretty girls". Lauren giving her ground rules. "No double anal. No double vag." A splooge covered Lauren gets knocked out.
Recommendation This is a decent rental. Jayna's scene is worth the price and Lauren dominates six guys. Terri is gorgeous.

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