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Side Tracked

Side Tracked

Studio: TitanMen
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Side Tracked:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Side Tracked overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Side Tracked Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Side Tracked Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Side Tracked Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Side Tracked Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Side Tracked DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Side Tracked A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  12/31/2006
After serving as Producer on Titanís previous Titanmen Fresh European series, Richie Oldmann has taken over as director for SIDETRACKED and he has done a fine job. The film consists of four threesomes each of which starts of with two guys until a third comes along and the duos get sidetracked. The film might also be called ďThreeís CompanyĒ. Such a setup does preclude much variety, but with studs like these who minds?

The first scene begins with muscular Glenn Santoro looking under the hood of his car which has broken down. His attention is immediately diverted when blond and stunning Petr Majer strolls past. Glenn watches as Petr enters a supposedly abandoned factory and decides to pursue him.
Inside the abandoned factory Petr has met up with an incomparable beauty known only as Carlos. Stiff cocks bang together and lips are locked in passion before Carlos drops down to suck Petrís cock and lick his balls.
When Glenn who has arrived witnesses this, he pulls out his cock. Peter waves for him to join them. He and Petr kiss as Carlos swallows down yet another cock. Glenn has something unique in todayís pornóhairy balls. After Carlos has swallowed down first one and then the other cock, Petr takes over the cocksucking. He is followed in this happy endeavor by Glenn, who really gives Carlosí cock a workout before he moves on to Petrís. His sucking of Carlos produces a heavy load from the beautiful young man. Glenn and Peter also cum.
Yet this trio is insatiable. Carlos bends over to suck some more on Petrís peter leaving his ass exposed for Glennís prick. Carlos pauses just long enough to accommodate himself to Glennís prick before retuning to sucking Petrís. Petr is thoroughly enjoying Carlosí mouth on his prick but wants some of his ass too, so he and Glenn exchange places for a time.
Carlos turns over onto this back for Glennís return; and, as Glenn pounds into his ass, Carlos shoots out a stream of cum that spatters his own face.
Itís a hot scene but here and elsewhere the post-dubbed moans are a bit much. Post-dubbed sex sounds are intended to enhance a film, but they are usually overdone as they are here and thus do the opposite of that for which they were intended.

In another part of the factory the handsome Drago Lembeck and Ladislav Boh are starting up. Ladislav has shaved his headósomething I recommend for all young men who are going prematurely bald. They are watched from above by Adam Kubick. Adam appeared in twink guise in many European films. He is now on the cusp between twink and young stud. (All three of these guys are twenty-somethings.)
Adam bounds down the stairs (his haste emphasized by speeding up the film) to become the center of attention for the two others. Drago and Ladislav vie for Adamís young cock until they get into a daisy-chain suck on the stairs with Ladislav on Adamís cock while Adam sucks Drago. Finally with Adam and Drago inserting their cocks though the railing of the stairway, Ladislav works on both boys with his mouth and pierced tongue until heís covered with their cum.
The director has ingeniously used the stairway for the fucking. Although Adam bottomed for two sutds in FARM FRESH, he tops in this one. With Ladislav lying on one of the stairís platforms, Adam jumps over the edge to stand on a bar and fuck him. Drago meantime feeds Ladislav cock. Such sexual high-jinx make this a fun scene indeed. Drago too will fuck Ladislav and he and Adam will then take turns fucking the lucky lad in a scene that has too much action for me to describe. Youíll just have to see it.

Anything would seem tame after the preceding, but seeing two such gorgeous studs as Marco Mark and Mark Federico is pleasant to say the least. They are joined by Otto Roberts. Otto has to do all the sucking and gets fucked by both as his reward.
I donít know what these studs would have done besides tentatively touch tongues if Otto hadnít appeared since neither Marco nor Mark suck dick or have any interest whatsoever in that appendage. Perhaps itís not surprising then that Ottoís cock stayed limp throughout the entire scene! (I can't really blame him too much as mine did too.) This was the filmís weakest scene and far below the standard set by the others.

Things are back up (including my dick) for the final scene which starts out with Thomac Cruise, a real beauty, and Sergej Ural, a very tall and dazzling blond with a dick to match. (Where has he been all my life?) Thomac is going to work on Sergejís long cockóactually deep-throating it. Unlike the gorgeous studs in the previous scene Sergej is not averse to sucking cock and he returns the favor for Thomac. (Thomac has to stand on a box for Sergej to blow him.) It is at this point that the not-to-be-ignored Igor Braun gets into the action. Thomac greedily sucks his and Sergejís cocks until he himself fires off a cum-load.
Thomac lies on his back for Igor to fuck him while sucking Sergejís cock. He then sits down on Igorís cock to get it farther in. Then, getting in a 69 position with Igor, he is able to suck Igorís cock and offer his ass to Sergej. Although Thomacís dick is right there for Igor to suck the silly bugger ignores it!

Although as you can see I had some reservations about the film, I will no doubt be sidetracked to watch it again. I expect you will too.

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