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astroknight Sick Chixxx 3.5 starsSick Chixxx 3.5 starsSick Chixxx 3.5 stars
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Sick Chixxx

Sick Chixxx

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sick Chixxx:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sick Chixxx overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sick Chixxx Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Sick Chixxx Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sick Chixxx Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sick Chixxx Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Sick Chixxx DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sick Chixxx A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/13/2007
Hello fans time to check out this Kylie Ireland directed release for SexZ pictures and it's g/g action in some case more than 2 but the cast is top notch if you want your sapphic action rough'n'ready. Look at these names, Sandra Romain, Tory Lane, Kylie Ireland, Adrianna Nicole, Lorelei Lee, Annette Schwarz and Gia Paloma just to name a few notable participants, if that doesn't get your motor humming to watch them throw down I'm not sure what else can. I wouldn't look for the sensual type g/g action either here, I suspect lots of toy play and who knows what else Kylie might think up for these ladies, they're up for anything I bet!

Monica Mayhem, Lexi Bardot, Tory Lane, & Ariel X:

Well well, we sure open up with a bang as Lexi, Monica, Tory all bring in Ariel all bound and gagged throwing her down onto a mattress where her shirt is ripped off and they are all yelling at Ariel and it isn't sweet talk either, nope this girl's in for it! The dirty talk is nonstop as they slap her tits, furiously fingerbang that twat and use a little tongue too. The camera is constantly in flux too giving you short bursts of nonmovement but it's short lived and it goes back to roving around as the girls are totally insane in their treatment of Ariel. Guess she pissed someone off, what do you think! Check out Tory shoving her tits in Ariel's face, then we see Monica sitting on Ariel's face making her taste that pussy. Of course you get some facial spitting by the girls to Ariel for good measure. After all this what else can they do to Miss X, well it's a toy that's brought in and rammed down the throat, lots of gagging as well as more verbal abuse, hell there is so much here it's really nonstop. Tory is leading the way here which is as I'd expect and you see that toy also thrust hard up Ariel's ass. There is also some toy play to the girls, notably Tory takes one in each hole and by the end of the scene Ariel's more of a participant than the object of their assault but the dirty talk is still going nonstop. That was like jumping on a car going at 75 and not stopping!!

Sandra Romain, Katja Kassin, & Delilah Strong:

The scene opens with Delilah in the familiar cage down in Kylie's dungeon, her legs are thrust upwards and they appear to be chained too as were her wrists so again I suspect a pretty aggressive scene. You don't hear anything as Delilah lays there but soon we have Sandra and Katja arriving to the cage and they circle their prey inside each holding a tool of painful pleasure. You see Katja dropping the horse feathered toy over Delilah's cooch lighting going over it a few times and you start to hear Sandra talking and her spanks are getting pretty hard in quick progression. The girls begin to ratchet up the terror as they slap their devices against the cage louder and louder. Miss Romain isn't quite as loud as Tory was with her dirty talk but then Sandra's got that fucking sexy as hell accent which is a huge turn on. Those pussy lips receive lots of slapping to them, some spit also, all this causing the moans to get longer and sexier from Delilah. The toys soon start to invade that cooch and there's a super overhead shot looking down as Katja's nailing Delilah's pussy. They have kept her in the cage too but there's still enough room for Delilah to lick at Sandra's pussy when it's squatted over her face. There is also 8 fingers inside her pussy at one time sliding in and out very fast. Man that is one wet pussy folks!! Sandra's like do you know which hand belongs to who and Delilah's in such state of bliss she doesn't care!! How sweet is this, Sandra lowers her body thorugh the bars to lick at Delilah's pussy, she's still inside but that's the first time I've seen that done in this cage. Eventually we have everyone out and we have Delilah wearing a strap on over her mouth with Katja taking a seat on it giving us a superb view of that ass as she slides up and down. Katja closes it out with some good mish strap on fucking to Miss Romain's pussy. This was a better scene than #1 I thought with less loud verbal assault and more action that wasn't so forceful but still aggressive and sexy to watch.

Kylie Ireland, Adrianna Nicole, & Roxy Deville:

This scene opens with Adrianna lying on a big bed chair, I guess you'd call it, looking pretty contect with her Hitachi Wand nearby and gently stroking over her pussy when Kylie walks in with a gift, Roxy!! Miss Deville's shoved down and both Kylie and Adrianna hover over like they're quite ready to eat ever last bit of Roxy's sweet body. The titties are slapped several times, then they both move down to test Roxy's pussy, you also have Adrianna sitting on her face, oh and the wand's used on Roxy's cooch. Kylie's like she doesn't need to breath so Adrianna continues to smother her face while using the wand on Roxy, but we hear a little bit of laughter from Roxy escape when Adrianna gives her a short chance to breath! There is a good closeup at one point of Kylie and Adrianna playing with Roxy's lips and she gets more of Adrianna's pussy to lick when she climbs back on. The girls then do the shared finger banging giving us 8 fingers inside Roxy's kittie. I see a little ass eating too by Kylie to Adrianna's tush followed by some fingers sliding up inside that freshly licked bunghole. Roxy is then allowed to use a toy on her friend Arianna and with Kylie helping they fill both holes. Not bad but this scene lacked a little of the fire that I liked in the previous scene, still seeing Roxy is a treat, I haven't seen to much of her and both Kylie and Adrianna are welcome anytime on my tv screen. Of course Miss Ireland's ass is played with too before wrapping up taking a decent sized glass toy inside and they use the wand on her as well!

Annette Schwarz & Lorelei Lee:

I have an idea this might be the roughest scene yet if Kylie really lets them go, we shall see. They open with a shot traveling up Annette's legs when from behind comes Lorelei gripping the hair and pulling Annette forcefully back towards her. Seems Annette is to be the sub for this scene, at least for now. Yep this is gonna be along the lines of scene 1 so far as aggressiveness as we have a long dildo shoved down Annette's throat so far that it causes her to nearly puke, as is there's some spittle projected by Annette from her mouth. Gripping the hair still Annette's made to lean down and lick it up off the floor. We move next to Lorelei spitting on and slapping Annette's face, how romantic is that!! Annette is then turned around with the ass facing out and Lorelei gets a horse feathered type toy to spank her ass, gradually getting harder and harder with each crashing of the device against her butt. The girls kiss too but it's not the kind that's very sensual plus it's over quick and we're on to the next bit of pleasured pain. Miss Lee is thoroughly enjoying this and I think Annette was too, telling her whatever you want just before Lorelei shoves her entire hand inside her mouth, then in between throat chokes she repeats it. Lorelei then makes Annette do the hair pulling, to herself while she sits on Annette's stomach with a contented smile that only a dominatrix could have who is in total control. Lorelei isn't all force and no pleasure, nope she does go down on Annette's pussy-- then you see lots of lube spilled down upon those juicy lips and Lorelei starts using several fingers to penetrate Annette plus she does more hand fucking to Annette's mouth with some spitting to her face as well. She came dangerously close to fisting Annette and I bet she did and for whatever reason it wasn't shown. The Hitachi wand is brought back for this scene and used on Annette's sopping wet cunt. Lorelei then turns Annette over to have some fun with that ass using the same thing, fingers and spit. The scene also features Annette doing some fun things to Lorelei but it's not nearly as much as she had done to her. Still Annette's hovering over now using fingers to bang out both holes on Lorelei. Well this scene was about what I thought it would be and if you're a fan of these two girls they are perfect for this type scene and totally deliver here with the dirty talk, energy level, well done ladies.

Victoria Sin & Gia Paloma:

Our final scene begins with brief kissing before Gia gets behind to play with Victoria's behind! A couple more kisses follow leading to the top coming off Gia and her titties get sucked on. Gia reciprocates on Victoria's modest rack in short order, heck this is pretty tame so far compared to the other scenes but give it time! Miss Paloma then gets more extended time to appreciate that ass of Victoria's . They seem to do a little to one then go to the other as it's now Victoria licking at Gia's cooch through her fishnets which nicely are ripped open so she can really lick those juicy lips. The toys then come into play with each lady fucking the other,there's a good floor shot of the anal toy play on Victoria. Nicely we get Victoria going down one more time on Gia while fucking her own ass and the camera is sure to present both shots up close as well as a broader shot with both actions ongoing. Alright, we get Victoria's foot all lubbed up and yep inside the pussy it goes and the Hitachi makes one final appearance while the foots still inside Gia's cooch!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this dvd was pretty much what I expected but maybe not quite as rough in a couple of the scenes, notably the Sandra 3 way, Kylie's 3 way, and the final scene were all real aggressive but not hugely hardcore while the two roughest scenes were easily the first gang fuck on Ariel and the domination of Lorelei over Annette. Now for extras you get a select a shot option which lets you go to some fingering, anal play or perhaps some oral for each scene so that's good. You also have a photo gallery, trailers, and yes some BTS so be sure and check that out, you never know what might happen and plus Kylie's fun to listen to so check it out. If you're into the heavy toy play, some verbal abuse/ physical play then this dvd is totally made for you and I'd check it out in a heartbeat as you get a great cast of girls who all deliver here, chiefly Tory in the first scene, Lorelei with Annette and a more collaborative effort in the Sandra Kylie dom of Delilah and Kylie/ Adrianna over Roxy.

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