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Siberian Way, The

Siberian Way, The

Category:  Gay
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GaySatyr's ratings for Siberian Way, The:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Siberian Way, The overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Siberian Way, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Siberian Way, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Siberian Way, The Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Siberian Way, The Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Siberian Way, The DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Siberian Way, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by GaySatyr  on  6/15/2002

The Details

  • Title: The Siberian Way
  • Studio: Delta Productions
  • Producer(s): Barry Knight, Russell Moore
  • Director(s): Ivan Andreas
  • Videographer(s): uncredited
  • Editor(s): uncredited
  • Music: Rock Hard
  • Cast: Vadim (4.0), Evgeniy/Yevgeniy (2.5), Vitalli/Vitaliy (2.5), Kostya (3.5), Maxim (3.0), Denis (3.0), Radion/Denis (3.5) & Nikolay (3.0) – Notes: 1) The number in parentheses after each actor's name is my assessment of his merits (general appearance, personality & endowment); and, 2) Names in the credits and on the box do not always agree with names in the introductory interviews - I've included both.
  • Date of Production: 2001
  • Running Time (h:mm:ss): Feature, 1:22:07; Scene 1, 19:44; Scene 2, 19:33; Scene 3, 24:35; Scene 4, 15:10; Photo Gallery, 7:49; Trailer f/ A Young Man's World, 3:04; Trailer f/ Joe's Big Adventure, 3:32; Behind-the-Scenes, 2:29
  • Menus & Chapters: The menu system is fairly standard, consisting of five items: The video itself, a chapters selection (opening titles, four scenes & closing credits), a photo gallery, the trailers and a short behind-the-scenes segment.
  • Extras: A pretty standard, automated photo gallery - at least the images are full-screen and there are a lot of them - over a hundred - in reality, these are better than the video; trailers for A Young Man's World (2000) and Joe's Big Adventure (1998) and a very short (& very boring) behind-the-scenes segment.
  • Packaging: Standard box with cover art insert: waist up photo of Vadim on the front, collage of six posed couple photos on the rear.

The Story

There is none, really. Essentially, four couples are interviewed in lakeside and/or country settings and then have one-on-one sex. All eight young men qualify as twinks, 18-to-23 year olds, generally attractive and smooth, with androgynous to moderately toned, slim, masculine bodies. – Note: The number after each scene caption is my assessment of the sexual intensity of the scene.

  1. The Lake Shore (1.0 – Vadim & Evgeniy/Yevgeniy) — After the brief introduction, Vadim and Yevgeniy kiss. Yevgeniy sucks Vadim. Vadim fingers and then fucks Yevgeniy's ass in several positions, finally cumming on Yevgeniy's chest. The two frolic along the lakeshore. Unfortunately, that is about the limit of the excitement of the scene.
  2. The Pasture (2.0 – Vitalli/Vitaliy & Kostya) — Following the introductory interview, Vitaliy sucks Kostya and Kostya returns the favor. Vitaliy spends a considerable time fingering Kostya's ass before Kostya reciprocates with a bit of tongue and fingers. Another kiss and Kostya helps Vitaliy don a condom. Vitaliy fucks Kostya in several positions before cumming on his face.
  3. The Woods (2.0 – Maxim & Denis) — Maxim and Denis undress each other while kissing after the interview is over. Then Denis sucks Maxim. After some more kissing, they settle into a mutual sixty-nine position. More kissing and Denis sits on Maxim's cock in the reverse cowboy position. Maxim switches to fucking doggie-style, cumming on Denis's back. Finally, Denis straddles Maxim's groin (I think the penetration here is simulated) and, with much bouncing, jacks off on Maxim's chest.
  4. The Mountain Stream (1.5 – Radion/Denis & Nikolay) — Again, the sex begins with kissing following the interview as the two young men undress. Then Nikolay sucks Denis. After they are both fully unclothed, Denis tongues Nikolay's ass before fingering him and then fucking him in a standing position. They change positions and Denis cums on Nikolay's side.

What I Liked — Well, the twinks are generally cute and have better than average bodies and there is lots of foreskin - although little advantage is taken of it. The scenery is pretty, too. Duh! ....

What I Disliked — The four pairings are tepid at best. Each scene begins with a short interview where the young men speak in Russian (with English subtitles) of how great it was for them to have found each other - followed by sex - if you can call it that. Top and bottom roles are too well defined. There is uninspired, lackluster kissing and even less-inspired sucking by the bottom of each pair, finishing with the top fucking the bottom. Wood problems abound - full erections are rare and mostly last-minute on the part of the tops and nearly non-existent on the part of the bottoms, most of whom who never ejaculate at all.

DVD Quality — Videography and sound are adequate; DVD video image quality is very good; audio quality is good.

Overall Thoughts — The guys may be hot but the sex is definitely NOT - sad, because this could have been a great video. Unfortunately, as attractive as the twinks are, the sex is generally as cold as the Siberian tundra. If $40 for 5 poorly orchestrated cum shots is The Siberian Way, then Barry Knight, Russell Moore & Ivan Andreas of Delta Productions have perpetrated a Royal Russian Rip-Off. Save your money!

~ GaySatyr – 6/15/02

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