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She Swallows (Hustler)

She Swallows (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Fetish , Oral
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kelly's ratings for She Swallows (Hustler):
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
She Swallows (Hustler) overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks She Swallows (Hustler) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks She Swallows (Hustler) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex She Swallows (Hustler) Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting She Swallows (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras She Swallows (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality She Swallows (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  7/28/2005
Title: She Swallows
Company: Hustler (LFP, Inc.)
Length: 179 minutes
Production Date(s): March 25, 2005
Release Date: June 28, 2005
Condoms: None

Director: Jon Dough

Buyer Beware: All of the retail sites I checked prior to writing this review list Kinzie Kenner in their cast list for this title. Why not? The boxcover, front and back, features a pink bubble that reads “Special Bonus Scene: Kinzie Kenner Swallows!” There is even a picture of her getting it in doggy style on the back. As it turns out, that picture is the closest thing we get to actually seeing this “special bonus scene” because it is nowhere to be found on the actual DVD. Oh, sure. Jon Dough filmed it. He talked about it in his AVNInsider column on May 23, declaring, “Kinzie Kenner does a bonus scene that should have been in the movie. She swallowed.” And in the AdultDVDTalk forum Kinzie has been talking about wanting to see how the scene turned out for a while now, gushing that she had a hell of a good time filming it. Somewhere along the line though someone fucked up, and as of right now no one seems to have noticed. Kinzie has sent out several e-mails to find out what happened, but to no avail thus far. Several members of the forum have been burned on this one, illustrating that it’s not just my DVD that is sans Kinzie. This isn't the first time Jon Dough has released a DVD that advertised a special bonus scene it failed to deliver. See Butt Cream Pies 4.

The Abridged Version: Here we have a DVD that is, frankly, too long. We also have a director trying to think his way around that, setting up little scenarios and match cutting to add a sense of spontaneity. However, it comes off as what it is: pre-orchestrated. On top of that, Dough appears to be using a new camera for the whole film, and it is not an improvement upon what he had been using. It is hard to describe since I am not camera proficient, but the image here has a rounder quality to it and at times it seems as if the very edges of the frame are blurry. What’s the one thing that could conquer these faults? Genuine heat. Genuine chemistry between the performers. This video ain’t got it. When it looks like it might, such as in the first scene, Dough’s inept camerawork ruins it, or his decision to throw too many guys at one or two girls backfires as the girls never get into it. Karina and Terri deserved better. Rita looks burnt out. Destiny goes bizarrely quiet when one would expect her to be screaming her head off and spouting nasty dirty talk in her British accent. Marie is overshadowed by the scenery. Flower is the one bright spot. They all swallow, but so what. Tricia Devereaux said it best, “If a scene is boring, it could be 15 minutes long, and that's too long for me. If it's keeping me excited, I'm not sure that an hour would be too long." This one was around 2 hours and 30 minutes too long for me. The last two minutes were entertaining though: it’s a montage of Dough interviewing two separate couples at this year’s AEE.

Scene 1: Karina Kay and Terri Summers w/Randy Spears, Ben Bratt, and Billy Glid (37 minutes)

This one, just like every other scene on the DVD, plays out like two different scenes. In the first scene, Karina and Terri play a game of pool in a mansion as three or four guys sit around and watch. Soon, they have swapped two loads of cum to each other and are being fucked on a big maroon couch by three guys. The action is frenetic yet overly so, as the constant movement of the performers and the camera doesn’t allow for any heat whatsoever. When Rocco Siffredi would constantly move around as a performer, it was exciting because you could tell it excited the girls. Here, it is like a merry-go-round that never stops because none of the performers ever find a position or pairing they find overly comfortable. This scene ends with the girls swapping the three guys’ loads. In the second scene, the camera stays in motion but the action slows down and plays out like planned sex. Terri will do one position while Karina has her face ready for pussy to mouth and after that is done the girls switch places. Then the guys are ready to drop three more loads. All told, Karina swallows three loads and Terri five. Neither scene works. This is just too much action for Dough to film. His challenge was to pull it off without over relying upon wide shots that included all of the action. His answer was to keep the camera in a state of something close to constant movement, opting against staying in on any one shot very long and trusting that everyone would be pleased that way. It didn’t work. Also, neither girl overshadowed the other but they didn’t really seem to benefit each other.

Scene 2: Rita Faltoyano w/Tone Capone, Brian Pumper, and Arnold (26 minutes)

Rita, looking as unexcited and desensitized as so many European porn stars often do, is a picture of physical perfection. Wearing a fair deal of make-up and a revealing white two-piece, Rita wonders the mansion and finds two cocks: one black, one white. She lowers her top to her midsection, sucks the cocks, and swallows cum. Once that’s dealt with she gets up and walks out of the room, as Dough attempts to match cut on her ass to make it seem like she has seamlessly walked into a new room and magically restored her make-up and put her top back on to greet two new guys (both black). She again removes her top, sucks cock, and this time fucks. They go through doggy and cowgirl and don’t seem to notice that Rita hasn’t moaned yet. Hell, they plow through a standing position, doggy anal, and reverse cowgirl DP before she shows signs of life, and even then it’s nothing to rave about. They round it out with equally passionless cowgirl DP and missionary anal before she swallows two loads. This is the most bored I have ever seen Rita look. No wonder this is the shortest scene on the DVD.

Scene 3: Destiny Deville w/3 Guys (34 minutes)

Destiny Deville is a bit of a mystery, looking quite hot here in a purple and pink two-piece identical in design to the lingerie Karina and Terri wore earlier. Energetic and sexy with all-natural C-cup breasts that droop a slight bit, she has caught my attention with her passion, body, and slight facial resemblance to ER star Parminder Nagra. However, no one seems to know for sure what nationality she actually is. The best bet is Indian, but she can pass for Latin if you use bright lighting and African American if you use dull lighting though she is most likely neither. Complicating all of that is the fact that she speaks with an ever-so-sexy British accent, just like Parminder. Here, she sucks Dough and Arnold off as part of a supposed audition, filmed completely in POV, using a peculiar lens or camera that was not a good choice on Dough’s part. It almost looks like a wide angle lens. She swallows both loads, though she doesn’t appear to particularly enjoy doing so. Two black guys I didn’t recognize come in and give her two more loads to uncomfortably swallow. Dough then calls in three more black guys, Brian Pumper and two others, to commence the fucking. They let out various cries of, “Oh, shit” in response to her ass, breasts, and cocksucking abilities. After a lengthy triple blowjob, they run a train on her in standing doggy. It continues in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and kneeling doggy. During the latter two, she is atop a glass table and the guys literally stand in line single file in taking turns to fuck her. Finally, she swallows three loads like a girl taking shots of liquor for the first time and hating it as the scene ends. Destiny is better off in one-on-ones. Here, she seemed more introverted than usual, perhaps overwhelmed by having to swallow or having a cock in her mouth for so much of the scene.

Scene 4: Marie Luv w/Mark Davis, Ben Bratt, and Billy Glyde (35 minutes)

From Destiny Deville to Marie Luv, we go from a girl that has been pawned off as African American to one that actually is. In red and black lingerie, she sucks two guys off plus Dough and swallows three loads. Wasting no time, using no edits, we go right to the fucking and I’m shocked when Ben just sticks it up her ass in kneeling doggy with minimal lubrication. I don’t know what her vocal reaction to it was because Mark’s dick was jammed down her throat. Moving to a couch, she sits on Mark for reverse cowgirl anal and lowers her top to reveal small but natural breasts. For some reason, Dough has planned it so that there is a neon sign reading “Max Hardcore” in the background pretty much the whole entire time that the guys are fucking her. Max probably would love all of the unsafe sex that has been going on in this video, exposing all of the girls to risks of yeast infections. With that thought in mind I’m not exactly enjoying watching these three guys fuck Marie’s ass and pussy without care. They even do both at the same time via the DP, though relatively brief. She swallows their loads, and then swallows four more.

Scene 5: Flower Tucci w/Mark Wood, Ben Bratt, and Billy Glyde (42 minutes)

Flower, wearing her hair up, is Jon’s new secretary, sent over by Hustler. My conclusion is that she should always wear her up because I’ve never seen her look this good before even with a little extra junk in the trunk. Helping things out is her outfit, a black and white pinstriped two-piece that is meant to look like a black and white pinstripe dress just without a middle or bottom. She also has on sexy black glasses and a silver and black choker. Upon seeing her, Jon mumbles something about her taking a memo to Larry Flynt and then to Terry Reynolds at AVN (?). She’s about to give him dick-tation at his request when two of his friends, individually, stop by. Of course, she extracts loads from them that she swallows. By the time, Jon’s dick makes it to her mouth he’s so excited that he doesn’t last very long and shoots part of his load on her nose and glasses. Again, there is a cut that is meant to make it seem seamless when Jon walks away from her to answer the door. Is it really seamless, though, when we turn around to find the cum missing from her glasses and nose and her hair and make-up back to normal. Well, Mark, Ben, and Billy have their way with her, initially bending her over the side of a couch and just plowing her vaginally and anally. She loses her top, exposing her natural B-cup breasts and hard nipples, before they switch to reverse cowgirl DP and then cowgirl DP. With her glasses still on (they never leave her face the whole scene), she swallows four loads. This is the best scene on the DVD, but it’s nothing spectacular. I was extremely turned off when they did her anally in missionary, inducing a squirting orgasm, and gaped her so much that it revealed what looks to be an asshole precariously close to being blown out.

The DVD: You get a Slide Show, Trailers, Sex Talk, and Hustler Hollywood commercial. Nothing else.

Final Thought: So, the Kinzie Kenner scene isn’t on here. Moving on. Why is this, a Jon Dough, video being released through Hustler when his stuff is supposed to go out through the VCA gonzo label Excessive Entertainment? Moving on. Why is it that the end credits list the title of the video as The Young and the Thirsty 2: Sperm Junkies 2, the title that Dough used when discussing the filming in his AVNInsider column? Moving on. Could all of this be the first overt indication that change is afoot at LFP, Inc., and the behind the scenes shit you might have been reading about is going to start detrimentally affecting the product released by Hustler or VCA now? Moving on. Perhaps moving on is what we’re going to see a lot of the LFP directors doing, following Mason right out the door. That all said, none of that excuses this piss poor video from Jon Dough.

RENT IT or BUY IT: Neither.

About the Author: One night, years ago, I happened to watch a film on late night Skinimax starring an actress named Taylor St. Claire. Captivated by her gorgeous face and astoundingly natural DD chest, I looked her up and was shocked to find that she was in fact a hardcore porn star. At that point in my life, my porn exposure was mostly limited to soft core and what hardcore I had seen looked unappealing. However, Taylor was my gateway drug, and soon I was running a fansite dedicated to her in my free time. Jump ahead a couple of years and I’m an undergrad in college writing reviews of porn DVDs every now and then. Taylor’s still my favorite porn star of all time, but right behind her at number 2 and 3 respectively are Avy Scott and Christy Canyon. Among the active girls, I enjoy Haley Paige, Kinzie Kenner, Taryn Thomas, Sunny Lane, Karina Kay, and Sara Stone. I also appreciate some of the stars of yesterday, particularly Tracey Adams, Taija Rae, Joanna Storm, Victoria Paris, Nikki Dial, Heather Hart, Juli Ashton, Zora Banks, Melody Max, and Jennifer Luv. I avoid Max Hardcore, Ed Powers, Evasive Angles, and compilations like the plague. I keep track of new releases from Platinum X, Third Degree, and Evil Angel. I generally favor anal and DP scenes with big facials, but am too timid for gangbangs and any such other extremities. My favorite active directors are Chris Streams, Mike John, Van Styles, and Jules Jordan. My favorite porn films of all time include The Fashionistas (2003) and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 (2000).

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