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She-Male Strokers 8

She-Male Strokers 8

Studio: Rodnievision
Category:  Transsexual
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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BIGmike's ratings for She-Male Strokers 8:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
She-Male Strokers 8 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks She-Male Strokers 8 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks She-Male Strokers 8 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex She-Male Strokers 8 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting She-Male Strokers 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras She-Male Strokers 8 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality She-Male Strokers 8 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  3/24/2006
Transsexual Performer Looks Rating : 3.5

Sammy Mancini Presents

She-Male Strokers 8

Starring Meghan Chavalier, Vicki Richter, Kayla Starr, Tanya, Veronica, Prue, and Veronica Love

Produced & Directed by Sammy Mancini

SCENE ONE : Meghan Chavalier, a good looking blonde who I've heard of and seen many pictures of, but never seen in action, strolls past the camera to splash some water on herself at a pool. She has a tight and slender bod and wears a blue, flower patterned, bikini. She has quite a rack tucked up under the top, and her cock must certainly be secured well. She says that she came out of a three year retirement to do this scene, which is cool because I have yet to see her in action.

Back at her hotel room, she's changed into a tight grey tank top and long skirt, she gets off the phone and starts dancing with herself, lifting the top up to get to her large breasts, held tight in place by a bra. Some upskirt tease before she slides it down in back, along with her panties, giving a nice, if not too quick glimpse of her ass. The top comes off, then the skirt comes all the way off, leaving just her panties pulled down in back and her bra pulled to the sides of her nipples, as she lays back on a bed.

She frees her cock from under the panties, it's big and bald, and she strokes it a bit before lifting her legs to remove the panties completely, giving another nice shot of her ass in the process. Lying on her back, the bra now removed to free those large titties, her smooth skin and slender bod in all it's all glory is truly a nice sight. She teases the camera well, moving to her hands and knees for another nice shot of that lovely ass before propping her back up with some pillows. To end this hot and well shot scene, she cums on her foot and licks some of it up.

SCENE TWO : This scene opens with black, open toed, high heeled shoes, red painted nails, and black fishnet stockings followed up to a hand stroking a cock under a fishnet skirt. [There's some sound issues that begin here. It sounds like another scene's audio is playing along with this scene's, and it is quite noticeable: water splashing and another voice over.] The camera moves up past a red leather top and up to this cutie's, face. Vicki Richter is her name, and it's a name I've heard of, seen pictures of her as well, but haven't had the pleasure of seeing her in action 'til now.

Her cock is big and hard, almost bald except for a few small trimmed hairs, and she strokes it while talking about a fantasy. Lying back on a couch with her legs spread, her cock in full glory, provides a nice sight, then she sits up and takes the top off, freeing a nice pair of large, unscarred boobs. As she sits on the edge of the couch, she continues stroking herself and talking about how good it feels. We get treated to some nice, if not too breif, ass shots as she kneels on the couch. She then gets to experience her fantasy: being strapped to a S&M table that rotates, allowing her to be inclined, upside down, and supported horizontally over a mirror. To end the second hot scene in a row, she cums big time onto the mirror, gasping in exhaustion. [My only complaint about this scene is the messed up sound.]

SCENE THREE : Kayla Starr, a good looking, 23 year old Spanish girl from New Orleans, opens up with her measurements, 38DD bust, 21 inch waist, and a 38 hip, along with 8 inches of fully functional cock. She gives some background info about herself while seated outside in a black long sleeved top, tied in the front just below her tits, and a black miniskirt. She stands and pulls the top to the sides of both tits, then she sits again, letting the skirt ride up a bit. From under the skirt, she pulls her black panties to the side and gives her cock a quick stroke before heading inside.

She's changed into something a little more comfortable, changing the black high heeled shoes for white ones, and is now sporting a white polka dot, black minidress. She does a tease on a couch, lying back and kneeling on it, and sitting back down on it after slipping the top of the dress below her titties. Down come the white panties, just a bit in front, allowing her easier access to her cock. The panties are soon all the way off and she stands to pull her dress over her head. With a now fully exposed body, she jerks her cock, moving around, through a few positions, on the couch, ending yet another hot scene with a good sized load launched onto her stomach.

SCENE FOUR : This scene opens with Tanya, a pretty hot blonde, walking down the street and taking a seat on the grass in the shade. She has pretty large tits held in place by a tight beige top with a black bra for more support, and she's wearing light grey stretch pants. Once we get some views of her seated, she gives some background info. She's 19, from Miami, born in New Jersey, and out in LA to do this scene. This cute Cuban-American is feeling horny and asks that we follow her back to her place to watch her masturbate. Off we go.

Back at her place, she comes out in a fishnet body suit, cutouts for her tits, black panties covering a bulge, and black high heeled shoes to complete the look. She plays with her cock from under the panties, getting good and hard before sliding 'em off, revealing a bald cock, except for a patch of short hair above. She continues stroking her cock while seated on the edge of the couch, the fishnets being cut out at the crotch area, provide some nice views of her ass as she leans back. She moves around a bit, crawling on the floor, eventually standing to peel off the fishnets.

Now, I must add that she probably should've kept the fishnets on, because once they are off, her nipples seem to be off on placement. Noticeable when see leans back. Still, this is a hot scene, ending with her cumming, and some extra footage afterwards of her washing off at a sink.

SCENE FIVE : Veronica, a decent looking, full bodied, curly haired brunette, wearing a white mini dress, walks down a hallway to her room. She heads to a tub, giving only a quick glimpse of her body and cock, as she strips for a soak in the soapy water. She strokes her cock under the water, moving around a bit to give a clearer view.

Yay, she finally stands, providing the first unobstructed view of her body before climbing out to sit on the edge of the tub. All wet and lathered, she strokes her cock, and continues to do so while moving around through a few positions. She eventually strokes a load out of her cock, rubbing some of the cum into her tits, and to end a decent, bordering good, scene, she climbs back into the tub to rinse off. There's not much to this scene, no details, just basically an anonymous jerk off.

SCENE SIX : Prue, a good looking blonde wearing a white top and jeans, introduces herself. She says she likes shopping and hanging out, and mentions that one of her best features is her breasts, which are 38DD's. She goes on to mention her 27 inch waist, 36 inch hips, and reminds us that she has a big surprise that will have to wait to see. It appears as though she had some difficulty giving the "get to know me" info out of the way, but she does, then the scene opens again with her walking back into the room to do her show.

She says it's hot out, kicking her shoes off and removing her pants shortly after, revealing white panties underneath. The white top is not too far off, she slides it down her arms and down to the floor. Her tits are certainly a nice feature, no scarring and definitely large, topped with small nipples. She makes us wait longer to see her cock, sitting down to fasten her shoes before sliding it out. It's certainly a big surprise and she strokes it before standing to remove her panties. She sits again, removing the shoes again, and now she is totally nude, sitting on the edge of the couch stroking her big cock.

A bit of dirty talk where she stands and tells the viewer to suck her she-male cock interrupts her stroking, but she sits again with vigorous stroking following. Her legs down to her toes straighten and tighten, and her body shakes as she jerks a load out of her cock, so ending this hot scene with a somewhat nervous cutie.

SCENE SEVEN : Well, it was bound to happen. Another bonus scene that isn't much of a bonus. Victoria Love is the way this borderline great movie is to end. Oh snap. Victoria is not a convincing woman, her voice is more male than she, her face is more male than she, and the fact that she's wearing a pink top and pink miniskirt with white stockings, can't convince me that he's a she. Sorry, but I will not subject myself to this atrocity, when up til now, I was ecstatic. If manly she-males are you're thing, you will probably like this scene, but at least there were six other enjoyable scenes prior to this "bonus."

OVERALL : No extras, except for a bonus scene, which plays as part of the release. Good looking, borderline hot, she-males, with an average looking she-male, and one unwatchable she-male, in some well directed, mostly hot, action. Good to great audio and video quality (scene two's audio appears to be out of sync).

FINAL THOUGHTS : I've heard that this series is hit or miss, and after VOLUME 7, I thought it was a miss, but this volume proves to be more of a hit than a miss. Better looking she-males, at least up until the bonus scene, stroking their cocks for their and our pleasure is what you'll find here. There were still some flaws, mostly minor, but nothing like those found in the previous volume of this series.

I know this has been out for some time, but I think and hope that this review will help some people. This volume is certainly better than the one before it, and I'd even go so far as to recommend this title for a veiwing or two, even with the few flaws.

Any questions, comments, and/or complaints about this, or any of my past reviews, send me a messege at or

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