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dandaman She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) 3.5 starsShe Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) 3.5 starsShe Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) 3.5 stars
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She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Couples , Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack):
Overall Rating 4 stars
She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality She Looks Like Me (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/11/2013
Welcome porn fans to a recent dvd from Digital Playground and director Robby D that features two of their contract girls, Selena Rose in a single scene and the recently departed Riley Steele in two hook ups making her the featured girl of this show. The plot isn't that hard to follow and basically it is Selena finds her man Marco Banderas looking online at porn but upon a closer look she sees Riley as one of the performers. So the movie in a nutshell is Riley denying her porn career up until the final scene. Everyone along the way catches glimpses of her scene work online and of course fucks their partner.

Selena Rose:

So we start with Selena who I mentioned finds her man Marco checking out some online porn. Needless to say Marco is already turned on and Selena keeps the feeling growing by showing off her fantastic body leading to our first scene. They work in oral for both and hit some good positions which continue to show off Selena. The spoon had those titties jiggling perfectly. Selena jerks the pop out though not so much a facial as just jerking while he explodes.

Riley Steele:

Funny to see the two of them go back to watching porn when Selena spots Riley as the girl performing. She goes to confront Riley with the evidence and Riley is all over denying that it's her. Selena has fun with her dialogue here not quite taunting Riley but having fun with the whole I can't believe you're a porn star while Riley does a good job with her denials. Selena leaves and what does she do, she calls Maddy O'Reilly and you can surmise the news will spread! Moving on we see April O'Neil join the show and Riley is showing her the porn and continuing to deny it's her. Marcus London is there fixing the sink and Ramon Nomar comes in and you see that he's with Riley but obviously doesn't know about the porn stuff. Marcus and April continue to watch while Riley takes Ramon back to their room and they hit it! I was hoping for some better ass shots here but it stayed just off to the side for the majority of the time but you do get some good close in shots of her sucking cock. Not a big fan of the pop shot ending up on her ass cheeks.

April O'Neil:

The action keeps right on moving as we go back out to the kitchen where we have a topless April on top of the counter leaning down to suck on his cock. Can't say enough how rocking hot April's tits are, just a perfect size and Robby's camera does a superb job showing them off during the scene. Marcus gets in some good oral too and you see that April has a full on bush working there too. Another good couples friendly scene ends with a pop shot right on those pubes. The two are finishing getting dressed when Riley and Marcus come in. Ramon wants to show Riley something on the laptop that's still there but someone forgot to turn off the porn so he sees this and rips into Riley. Marcus tries to come to her defense and Ramon eventually leaves but you sense this relationship is over.

Maddy O'Reilly:

The story stays right there at the house where Maddy and Mick Blue have stopped by. Mick sorta sympathizes with Ramon's reaction and Riley upset ends up leaving the two behind. As you can guess another sex scene develops from watching online porn!A nice clear picture,an attractive young girl and one of the better male performers = another good couples scene. I've seen Maddy do harder scenes but appreciated her here doing your basic b/g. Breast kissing and oral from Mick and I love the licking of the pussy/ ass from behind that he does here. The fucking then takes over and it wasn't until the scene was nearing its conclusion that Maddy gets her shot at working his tool with her mouth. This leads to the best pop so far at least for me as Mick decorates her face with cum. In the BTS we learn Maddy loves this type of finish so she got what she wanted for sure here.


Almost time to wrap this up and we have Riley returning home and finding the porn still going and Maddy left her lace bra behind. "Glad to be of service" Riley quips as she tosses the bra aside. Marcus London then shows up and he lends a sympathetic ear to Riley's predicament and finally Riley comes clean that it's her and Marcus is still taken aback but not scared off. You had a sense right from the start he had a sweet spot for Riley and this leads to the final scene. Riley proclaims her love of doing porn and Marcus thinks its cool so they fuck! This time we get much better shots focused on her ass and Riley once again does a nice job making the cock disappear in her mouth. They hit cowgirl during the fucking and we get a facial to wrap it up with clean up from Riley. Nothing after with anyone else finding out that it's really her. Usually they have some bit of dialogue to close the show. Would have liked to see Selena return perhaps to hear the news from Riley.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

It was good to see Riley on screen again and in two scenes. Plus you add in Selena Rose, Maddy O'Reilly and April O'Neil and this is among the better casts I've seen in a recent Digital movie. The scenes were pretty good here though I prefer the last two just for how they finished. An easy to follow story that has some humor to it with Riley doing her best for most of the show to deny that it's her on there doing porn and how everyone around her uses the online smut to spur them to fucking. Easy to recommend for Riley fans and for fans of any girl here. The best extra to check out is the BTS which shows off Riley and Selena good.

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