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She Licks Girls

She Licks Girls

Studio: Hot Boxxx
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for She Licks Girls:
Overall Rating 2 stars
She Licks Girls overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks She Licks Girls Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks She Licks Girls Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex She Licks Girls Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting She Licks Girls Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras She Licks Girls DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality She Licks Girls A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  2/1/2006
She Licks Girls

Dir: Eddie Powell

BTS: Silvia and Bobbi eat fruit. Get photographed, wander around, prep their dildoes, text, wait for their set to be prepped, take tons of photos (looks like a full g/g photoset for a website of mag), both girls look gorgeous but the BTS gets pretty old after awhile. 21min.
Bonus Scene: Look for it at the end of this review..
Photo Gallery: A series of hardcore action stills from all the scenes in autorun form. 6mins.
Trailers: A one-part running trailer for: Ass Pirations 2, Little Miss Innocent?
Web Trailer: Ah, it's for New I wondered why I had never heard of Hot Boxxx...
Company Info: Still image with info on New Sensations and Digital Sin.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

This is a girl-girl disc, so appropriately enough no men or condoms are sighted. Having Silvia Saint and Bobbi Eden on the cover is a pretty good selling point, and though the other couples aren't girls you'll have heard of for the most part, they look pretty good. Unfortunately the scene credits are all listed in the opening of the feature, and not at the behinning of each scene.

Scene 1:
Silvia Saint, Bobbi Eden.

Both of these gorgeous blondes are dressed in their "Christmas" lingere - that is to say red bras and panties with white trim. They're in a corner of a room with a Christmas tree in the corner and some presents wrapped up, all atop a white blanket. The bras quickly come off as the girls fondle and lick one another, though the action starts off pretty tamely and although Silvia goes down on Bobbi for a time it feels a bit stilted, as clearly neither of the girls are yet "into it". Silvia kneels over Bobbi's face next so that Bobbi can do the licking and while visually the images are stimulating, there's still no heat. Soon the dildo makes it's way out and into Silvia's box, followed by both girls dildoing themselves for awhile, finally Bobbi climbs on top of Silvia and the scene cuts.

Well, Silvia looks just as good as she ever has here physically after the long break, but the scene totally lacked any kind of heat. What a disappointment from these two.

Scene 2:
Eva and Nicoletta.
Dildoes & Vibrators.

One of these girls is very attractive with long straight brown hair, kind of with a Katie Holmes thing going.The girl other is also very attractive with shoulder length blonde hair. The blonde has a number of birthmarks or moles on her body, similar to Rita Faltoyano. They immediately start off with the fondling, and the blonde lays back on the bed so that the brunette (with tongue stud) can start to lick and suck her shaved pussy. Soon blondie is on her knees with the brunette lapping away from behind. Faked or not, these girls are showing more heat than Bobbi and Silvia did in the disc's opener, though the extreme close-ups are a bit overused, and the fingering seems weak. Soon the brunette lays back, and the blonde does the licking, until the brunette breaks out her dildo, sucks on it, and passes it to the blonde so she can use it on her.

There's a bit more fingering and licking, some dildo sucking and fucking, some dildo/vibe work on the blonde's pussy which appears to give the blonde girl a real orgasm, judging from her flushed chest and face.

This scene was also not exactly hot throughout, pretty standard g/g fare from pretty girls making some money, but it was better at the end when they had gotten going and a female orgasm is always welcome to see.

Scene 3:
Mya Diamond, Julia.
Pyrex Dildoes.

Mya Diamond has jet black hair with an attractive face and unusual features, Julia is a blonde who looks familiar but I'm not sure where exactly from. Both wear white lingere and thigh-high stockings and pearl necklaces. wich contrast well with their tanned bodies. They fondle and grope one another on the crimson bed. They soon move into the 69 position while still wearing their lingere. There's quite a lot of nice looking cunnilingus on display here, and while it might not be the ultimate in red-hot sapphic passion, Mya and Julia certainly aren't scared off by one another's labia. Soon the pyrex (or glass?) dildoes make their appearance and the girls doo their own thing for a bit, though they do still fondle and kiss one another. Soon Mya is in charge of dildoes, as she kneels on all fours, using one on herself and the other on Julia while also going down. Mya lays back and does herself as Julia eats her out and finally some stereo dildo masturbation to round out the scene.

As g/g goes, this was pretty good, and much bettter than I'd expected after the disappointing first scenes. It's really not that hard.

Scene 4:
Yulia, Eva.
Strap-on, anal vibe

Well, once again I have no idea who is whom of the two performers. One girl is a blonde and the other has deep auburn hair. Both girls are hotties, and wear light aqua coloured lingere. They're on a white bed in a white/cream coloured room. The girls kiss and lick one another, and do a little grinding of their upper bodies before the bras come right off, revealing the blonde's tattoo on her left breast (it looks a little like a Christian fish). Soon both are naked and the blonde lays on her back as the auburn-haired girl gets to lick pussy first. Their pussy eating seems a little apprehensive, as does their fingering. Once the dildoes come out the girls seem a little more relaxed, and the auburn-haired girl's pussy gapes quite a lot, despite the blonde seemingly not knowing how to use a dildo on another woman. Suddenly we cut to the auburn-haired girl wearing ye olde big purple strap-on, and the clueless director gets the blonde to suck the strap-on in a common enough display of futile sex acts. Auburn-girl slowly fucks blondie in the spoon position but it's obvious that she's not familiar with the use of this device, and the blonde does some P2M with the strap-on before some more unconvincing fucking ensues. A small vibe makes it's way up the auburn-haired girl's ass courtesy of blondie, and then the girls kiss and embrace.

Nothing special, both girls were decently attractive, but neither was into the sex, so meh.

Scene 5:
Anita, Judit.
Anal Dildo.

Again I don't know which performer goes with which name, but it doesn't really matter. The blonde wears pink lingere and is already laying on the bed when the dark-haired girl walks over to her, wearing a black nightie and panties. Again both are very attractive, though this pair seem much more at ease together than the last pair. The girls kiss and fondle, then the dark-haired girl takes off the blonde's bra and panties and goes down on her, even performing analingus amongst the cunnilingus and fingering, next its the blonde's turn to get frisky as she kisses and licks the dark-haired girl's mouth and breasts while rubbing her clit through her sheer panties before going right down, first using fingers as well, and then with a pyrex dildo. A little later the blonde takes a pyrex dildo up the butt, and the girls pussy grind to end the scene.

Not quite as good as Mya and Julia's scene, but still miles ahead of everything else on this disc.

Bonus Scene: Taken from "Bottoms Up."
Unnamed Girl, Unnamed Guy.

A pretty girl with asian-polynesian features wears a pink dress and masturbates in shots that are way too close-up, until a clothed generic bald guy comes up to her and begins a-fondlin' and then a-fingerin', then strips off her top and she pulls his pants down and goes down on him until he strips her off and begins fucking her from behind, though the camera shot is still way too close and too low. He fucks her from behind for quite some time before moving to RC, really giving her a pounding before she eventually bounces off and sucks him, then jumps on for more hard fucking in regular cowgirl. Anal doggy is next, then anal cowgirl, anal spoon. After a few more position changes, he jerks a load onto her face, ending the scene in the traditional manner.

The actual fucking was quite decent, and the scene was long, but the camerawork was well below average, making it hard to enjoy the scene. Note to whoever put this disc together - bonus scenes from other series are a good idea, cross-promotion and all that. However, if the freebie scene is badly shot, even if it's decently performed, then you're not really helping your sales.

Well that was certainly unexpected. While usually most porn companies put out releases that are uneven, I wasn't expecting such a disappointing scene from Silvia and Bobbi. 2 out of 5 scenes being worthwhile is not good enough to recommend the title though, and I can't really see the logic in having a bonus b/g scene in a g/g title.

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