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She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions)

She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions)

Studio: West Coast Productions
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions):
Overall Rating 3 stars
She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality She Got Ass 6 (West Coast Productions) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  8/28/2005
Prologue For many years I've been watching videos from West Coast, but up till now I've managed to avoid the ones shot by Alexander DeVoe. Avoid is a bad word. I've had his shows on my wishlist but they've always been rented when I chose them. By the time they're free, I've already forgotten about them and they're buried a few pages down. Just serendipity. I do know that DeVoe has a lot of confidence in his style and isn't afraid to say so. It isn't bragging if you can back it up. This video is about ass. Of the four women that I recognize here, there is one monster ass, belonging to Sydnee Capri. The other three are more about how they use their asses than the enormity of them. Jasmine Byrne and Nicki Hunter use them with the best. Vanilla Skye is still just making a name for herself and I'm unfamiliar with Breanna Taboo. Let's see if Mr. DeVoe does justice to ass.
Dressed in a black vinyl halter top, black satin booty shorts and fencenet hose, the first thing I notice about Breanna Taboo is that she got azz. Serious booty. Damned pretty too. She smacks and kneads those firm cheeks, peeling her shorts down to expose a very meaty pussy. Breanna produces a pink vibrator that has a g-spot curve to it. She diddles herself with it, but never gets into any serious masturbation. A huge dildo is her next toy. Flesh colored and as long as Mandingo with Shane Diesel's girth. Maybe bigger. Breanna pops the seal on her pussy with this bad boy. She gets a few inches of this in there and it's like giving birth in reverse. Wesley Pipes walks in while she's writhing around and he starts to check her ass for rebound. He's happy as a pig in shit with this girl. Breanna unlaces her top to free her mammouth mammaries. Wesley spreads her pussy and slurps on the tasty looking twat. Breanna pushes him back onto the chair and gets at Wesley's long pole. She worships his cock, running her tongue along its length and stroking it lovingly. The oral is very short and Breanna sits on Wes in CG. She bounces and grinds on his cock, begging for a spanking, her hot juices coating his cock. DeVoe's camera is reluctant to leave Breanna's behind. Cut to deep missionary, Wesley pumping away like he's drilling for oil. Whatever he's doing, it's working, 'cause Breanna is creaming all over his dick. P2M and back to mish. The camera is still ass obssessed. Breanna has a nice hard cum and Wesley turns her for side fucking, then a cut to doggy. She spanks herself while Wes digs out her pussy, then goes up and over for deeper drilling. A gob of spit for lube and Wesley pounds her harder, demanding she backs that ass up. Breanna wants his cum all over her ass and Wes starts stroking like a steam engine. He pulls out a cock that's just covered in pussy cream and nuts in the crack of Breanna's butt. She tells DeVoe that it was lots of fun.
My only criticism is his lack of movement in surveying the scene. I know it's about ass but she's a pretty woman and I want to see more of her body.
Sydnee Capri has been a busy little beaver this year. She's popping up in everything. Pretty, great attitude and a very sweet girl, Sydnee possesses an ass that makes grown men blubber. DeVoe fills his frame with her phat ass and pussy. Sydnee is posing on a lounge chair by a pool and she's spreading her goodies for us. Within moments there's a head buried between her cheeks. She rides some face before J Monty comes up for air. He bats her cheeks around before coming up front for some head. Sydnee can suck some dick and she keeps this slow and sensual instead of the gagging she's used to. J Monty doesn't waste too much time before he's dogging her pussy. He picks up speed as he goes along until he's railing Sydnee. Up and over with a cut to Sydnee cleaning Monty's cock. He lays back and she sits on his face. That lubes her for a CG ride. Sydnee drives his full length in several times. They keep changing the pace and depth of the thrusts with quite a few reinsertions. Hard cut to mish with Monty wailing away at her. He pulls out and splatters Sydnee's pussy with ball juice. Sydnee just keeps her legs up in the air for DeVoe to survey the mess.
Another scene that only frames the ass. I think the director is taking his title way too seriously.
Next up is Nicki Hunter. She's always good for a rousing scene and has that platinum tressed slut look I adore. Tartan skirt and black thong over mesh pantyhose. A ragged black top finishes off her ensemble, which will be getting peeled off quickly anyway. LT comes down a flight of stairs to join Nicki, who has been entertaining us with her ass. He spanks her and she bares her tits. The hose gets ripped so LT can get a little slice of Nicki's heaven. He plays with her clit piercing and tosses some salad. Nicki returns the favor and deep throats LT. This activity makes Nicki horny and she strokes her anus. He sits down for Nicki to take a ride in CG. And a nice ride she takes, jamming him deep, getting maximum pleasure from his cock. P2M and more CG. More P2M as Nicki makes sure to get all of her taste from his rod. Cut to Nicki getting her bottom tongued and lapped at. Side entry mish and LT retrieves a big black dildo for Nicki to lube up and stick in her butt. Once her rectum is warmed up and sized out, LT replaces the toy with some real dick in mish. He jams her till the pucker is throbbing, then goes up and over. A2M and a cut to RCA. Some nice stroking that hits Nicki's spot. A2M again with Nicki jamming his cock down her throat. She sticks her butt in the air for an up and over doggy anal. LT hits her deep and Nicki lets her farting do the talking for her. Cut to CG anal and Nicki asking for him to cum on her ass. He pulls out and rockets the cum somewhere off camera. More shots land on his thighs and Nicki gets a few streaks on her cheeks. A nice load that would have made for a great facial. Nicki spreads the mess on her ass and cools down from her workout.
Vanills Skye is out by the pool and we see her from the ground up. She points her ass at the camera and DeVoe squeezes it like a melon. Vanilla's in a black two piece with pink piping and bows, along with black thigh highs and knee high boots. She shows her pink pussy and walks into the house, bending over the lap of a guy seated at a piano. I think this is DeVoe himself and he gives her a butt warming spanking. Some ass worship as he peels her shorts away, leaving her thong in place. Some light neck massaging that appears to turn Vanilla on and her thong is removed for full access. DeVoe leaves and a naked Joachim Kessef enters. He face fucks Vanilla on the piano bench. Joachim spreads her and drives himself home in mish. He plunders her pussy with his thick cock to a chorus of "yeahs". P2M gives Vanilla her first opportunity to suck some dick. She goes face down, ass up and Joachim laps at her horny holes before burying the bone in doggy. He warms up in her pussy, then invades the rectum. Vanilla gets a small gape and Joachim punch fucks it a few times. Cut to RCA with Vanilla looking a bit like a rag doll. She gapes again and does more A2M before a cut to an aborted attempt at CG. It was aborted because Joachim is ready to spill and Vanilla quickly gets into position to receive his load on her tongue. Joachim pushes in any stray swimmers and Vanilla shows, then swallows. One last shot of her ass to end the scene.
Jasmine Byrne has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the last year. She burst onto the scene with the total package of beauty, cuteness, and the morals of an alley cat in heat. It's impossible to find a scene she's in that doesn't rock. DeVoe has her in a backyard by a pond-like pool. She's wearing a pleated pink ruffle over her white panties and a bra top that matches the skirt. As has been the case all along, DeVoe's shots are ass-centric. Jasmine spanks her cheeks and gets no rebound at all. Those are some firm, round globes. She perches on a bird feeder and makes come hither faces, showing her winsome smile. Jasmine likes to play to the camera a lot. She takes her act into the house and stretches out onto a daybed while Mr. Marcus plays with himself on a matching couch. He brings his hardon over and the sexy Latina laps at it playfully before trying to swallow it whole. Marcus helps her get it deep and fucks that pretty face a little. He uncovers her adorable tits and goes around back to feast on Jasmine's rear. He must mean business because his baseball cap is gone and he's digging into her pussy with great hunger. Marcus mounts Jasmine in doggy going straight to the "A". His fat cock makes her hot little ass gape in just a few strokes. She's squirming around and he goes into an up and over push-up that gets his cock in to the hilt. Marcus lays back for Jasmine to ride in CG anal. All her clothing gets shucked as she gets started and Jasmine works Marcus into her colon, then licks and sucks the cock clean. She gets on Marcus in RCA, which displays her phat pussy that begs for attention. A reach around takes care of that and Jasmine's tight ass is causing Marcus to make some strange animal sounds. A2M leading to some doggy vag with Jasmine's lubed butt leaking onto their union. She's showing a nice sheen of perspiration and the chemistry between the two performers is perfect. Jasmine gets back on the anal ride in RCA. Her hot pussy cream is visible in Jasmine's slightly agape vagina. Marcus buries his fingers in there before Jasmine takes the reins and dances on his cock almost causing an accident. Cut to Jasmine in a small package and Marcus plowing her in mish. He goes up and over her head for a deep, slow skull fuck and back to her ass for more missionary reaming. His cock gets totally coated in ass mayonnaise (Credits to Kami Andrews for the phrase). Cut to a face fuck leading to some jockeying for the right position to end things on. They finally settle for CG anal with Jasmine doing squats on Marcus' cock. This is captured perfectly, then a cut to up and over doggy anal. Jasmine lays back and takes a facial with some nice PCH. The video ends with a shot of her well fucked ass and cute smile.
Epilogue The women were lovely, the sex pretty good, but this video fell short in one important area. The capture, or concept behind it, failed to deliver for me. I can understand the idea that in a video celebrating ass that there would be a greater concentration of shots that emanate from behind. But to do it to the exclusion of the rest of the body and even a woman's face, IMO her most important feature, is almost criminal. In Breanna's scene I don't think I ever saw a shot of her straight on for more than a fleeting moment. I suspect she has an enhanced chest but could never possible know because I saw almost nothing of her breasts. She does have a marvelous ass but it wasn't enough to placate me and it held back the whole scene for me. Sydnee's scene was even more egregious. After she started her tease I don't believe I saw her face full on again. Her breasts were completely MIA. And to make matters worse I think J Monty had to catch a bus. They were just getting started when he decided to drive home and finish the scene. What was up with that. Luckily DeVoe struck a better balance with the delightfully nasty Nicki Hunter. She righted his ship with a strong performance and the camera came out front a little more. That style was maintained for Vanilla's pairing and served to make for another good scene. Jasmine Byrne totally rocked the house and gave a five star performance. Her chemistry and energy with Marcus was great and DeVoe captured this one really well. Bad start to great finish.
The Disk A photo gallery and some trailers.
Recommendation This can be a decent rental. Jasmine Byrne fans might want to pick this one up.

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