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astroknight She Gave Up The Ass 3.5 starsShe Gave Up The Ass 3.5 starsShe Gave Up The Ass 3.5 stars
dandaman She Gave Up The Ass 3.5 starsShe Gave Up The Ass 3.5 starsShe Gave Up The Ass 3.5 stars
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She Gave Up The Ass

She Gave Up The Ass

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dan's ratings for She Gave Up The Ass:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
She Gave Up The Ass overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks She Gave Up The Ass Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks She Gave Up The Ass Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex She Gave Up The Ass Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting She Gave Up The Ass Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras She Gave Up The Ass DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality She Gave Up The Ass A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Dan  on  8/23/2012
Jessie Volt is first in a scene called 'Beautiful For You'. She is beautiful indeed. Pretty face, nice tits, and a nice ass too.

Jessie is so sexy and attractive that it looks like her beauty intimidates her guy for a while. He plays the pussy game with her, instead of going straight to her ass with his fingers and cock.

But this beautiful lass knows that the guy wants her ass. She moves his cock from her pussy to her asshole in the cowgirl position. And you can just see the guy loose his inhibitions almost right away. With his cock he starts to pound the nice lady's round from below. And take full possession of her sexy ass-cheeks with his hands he most certainly does right away.

Jessie Volt gapes her ass, when her guy pulls out. He gets up. She bends over. And it's a wild anal ride for this pretty lady in the doggy position from her one lusty assman. This horny guy is so full of anal lust for his pretty lady that he doesn't even try to change his positions with her. He just pounds away greedily between her sexy ass-cheeks all the way to his balls for all he is worth.

Jessie's lusty, high-pitched, female voice is hot to hear. And Jessie's pretty pink pussy lips spread out nicely in a wide open, hot smile, during her anal ride with the guy.

You can tell a lot about the lady by looking at her pussy during her anal ride with a guy. When the lady is enjoying her anal ride, then her pussy lips are engorged and spread out in a wide open smile of unmistakeable sexual excitement. And that's how Jessie Volt's pretty pink pussy looks, when her guy pounds her nice ass all the way to his balls in the doggy position.

Cum on Jessie's gaping bum, the guy eventually does. But contrary to what you would expect, this guy doesn't let go of his nice lady's ass. He plunges his cum-coated-cock back inside for another ride. The guy doesn't last long the second time around. But it sure is fun to see him nail his own cum deep inside the lady's asshole.

The special thing about a post-cum anal ride for the pretty lady is that her asshole is so fully relaxed at this point in time that it offers little resistance to the horny guy's cock. And on top of this, the guy's cum provides maximum lubrication for the lady's penetration. The lady's ass is so easy for a horny guy to take that it isn't funny. Even a guy who never had anal sex with any lady won't have any trouble penetrating the ass of the sexy lass all the way to his balls in this situation. It's a fantasy situation for all those anally inexperienced porn fans, who aren't quite sure how well they would do in an anal sex situation with a pretty young lady. The more anally inexperienced you are, the more you fantasize about the easy lass with a very relaxed ass, who doesn't challenge your ability to perform with her.

The post-cum anal plunge for Jessie Volt makes her anal scene hotter than most. I think she deserves a 9.0 out of 10.0 for her anal performance and her good looks in this scene. And I say good looks, because the attractiveness of the lady can either add or subtract from the hotness of her scene. It's not just the lady's performance that matters. Exactly the same sex performance looks hotter, when it's done by a sexier and more attractive woman. You can't separate the lady's looks from her fuck, when you judge how hot her scene is. Both are equally important.

Pearl Diamond is next in a scene called 'Good Neighbors'. And she is also a looker. Very nice ass she has. Her face is pretty and sexy, especially when she smiles at you. And although her tits are artificially enhanced, they look pretty good from most angles and positions.

Pearl Diamond is apparently a stay-at-home housewife living with her husband beside a very horny neighbor who is just lusting after her nice ass. The horny neighbor waits for the husband to go away to work, and then comes up to the married lass and tells her that he wants her nice ass. He doesn't even try to pussy around with her. He knows that her pussy belongs to her husband, but she might be willing to take the anal drilling from him. And he is right. She doesn't put up much of a verbal fight.

It's a 'yes' from this pretty lady. She sucks his cock. He tongues her asshole. And it doesn't take him long to plunge his dick inside her ass in the spoon position. He goes balls-deep on her nice ass almost right away. He knows that he can't have the married lady's pussy. It's going to be all anal for him with her. And he tries to make the best of it with his big dick between her sexy ass-cheeks.

Pearl opens her legs towards the viewer and masturbates her pussy, while the guy pounds her ass in the spoon position. This pretty lady sure knows how to have fun with the horny guy inside her bum. Her good-looking pussy lips open up nicely. She is obviously excited about the horny guy pounding away at her nice sexy ass.

During the fuck, her spoon anal turns almost into a doggy anal, with her legs tightly closed together. Her pussy is squished. But her sexy ass-cheeks are so widely spaced, that the guy still has full access to her asshole with his big pole. The guy pounds away. Perl Diamond groans and moans. Her deep womanly voice is hot to hear. It's dripping with female sex hormones.

They change positions into a reverse-cowgirl anal for the lady. She spreads her legs wide apart, and her good-looking pussy opens up nicely. What a view this is for a wild anal ride.

Not only does this lass give up her nice ass, but she gives it up so completely that it's all anal for her. And you can't blame her. She is saving her pretty pussy for her husband, when he comes home from work.

Perl Diamond's scene I would also rate as pretty good, an 8.5 out of 10.0. Her artificially enhanced tits don't look quite as good as the natural tits of Jessie Volt, but Pearl has a nice ass and a very attractive pussy, which she shows off pretty good during her reverse-cowgirl anal ride with her guy. And her straight-to-anal, all-anal ride with the guy is also something to see. There is no other way to put it. The guy pounds her nice ass, he pounds it good, and he pounds her for a long time. And it's a good view of her pussy too during her anal rides with the guy.

Cathy Heaven is next. Her scene is called 'I want a hardworking cock'. She looks nice. Nice tits, nice ass, and a pretty face.

Her guy goes for her pussy with his cock missionary style. It's a wild pussy ride, and the guy doesn't even try to hold back his cum. He pulls out and cums just above her pussy right away.

But before you have a chance to gasp in shock, this guy slips his cock inside the lady's asshole in the missionary position and proceeds to give her the anal fuck of her life. It's a wild anal ride for the pretty lady. The guy has a lot of leverage, and he pounds away at her sexy asshole as though it's her pussy.

They change positions to doggy anal. And he pounds her nice ass just as hard as before. A hardworking cock this pretty lady most certainly has found. Cathy mounts the guys cock with her ass cowgirl style. But even with her on top, this guy keeps pounding her nice with his cock from below. Her womanly voice is nice to hear. And you can't blame her for being so loud. The guy is relentless with his cock between her sexy ass-cheeks. Good view of her pussy too.

Cathy's anal ride has to be at least an 8.5 out of 10.0. She is attractive enough, but it's her wild anal ride that does it. Her guy has outstanding endurance inside her nice ass. He is working on his second cum with her, by the time he gets to her ass. It's not easy for a guy to cum twice in a row so quickly. He really has to nail the ass of this sexy lass with his cock to get his second cum going.

It's a neat trick for a guy to blow off his first cum, so that he will have a lot of endurance inside the ass of his sexy lass, when he is working on his second cum with her. This hardworking guy sure knows what he is doing. And you've got to admire the pretty lady for letting him take advantage of her nice ass so much. He really has fun inside her big, sexy bum.

Winnie is next. She plays the role of a sexy step-mom, and she looks it too in a good kind of way. She is a sexy MILF. Her face is pretty, her tits are nice, her ass is gorgeous, and her pussy is hot.

As you might imagine, there is serious yuk factor involved, when a young guy imagines penetrating the pussy of a sexy lady, where his father has been. But never fear, this pretty lady knows what she is doing. She lets the father have her pussy, and for her step-son she gives up the ass.

They eat breakfast as a family. The father goes to work. And his son goes to pork his sexy step-mom right away. He must've done this kind of thing once or twice before. Because he doesn't even ask the pretty lady. He just pulls down her top and starts sucking on her tits, as though it's the most normal thing in the world for an adult step-son to breastfeed on his step-mom. She breastfeeds him alright, although there is no milk.

She sucks his cock and bends over for him to let him finger her sex-holes. And it's a hot 'V-DP' for her from the young guy. He puts one finger inside her asshole, the other finger inside her pussy, and gives her the V-DP until she is lightly gaping both her pussy and ass. It kind of makes you wonder where how did such a young guy learn to be so good with his fingers inside the pussy and ass of the sexy lass? His older step-mom must've been the one who showed him how to to be good with his fingers inside a sexy lady's bum.

This guy can't wait to penetrate. She bends over the kitchen table. And he goes to her ass right away. It's a wild anal ride for this pretty lady filmed from below, with her legs spread wide apart. She has a beautiful pussy, which opens up nicely during her anal ride with the guy. This guy makes her big tits fly, when he goes all out with his cock between her sexy ass-cheeks. Which is good to see for a pretty lady such as she.

She lies on her back with her legs wide apart and lets the young guy pound her ass in this position as well. Good view of her pussy. It looks pretty good during her anal ride with the guy.

Reverse-cowgirl anal is next. She masturbates her pussy, while the guy pounds her ass. Her excited pussy is quite a sight. Her pussy lips are engorged and opened up nicely. And you can see her erect clit, when her masturbating hand isn't covering it. And all this is going on, while the young guy absolutely pounds her nice ass all the way to his balls.

Have real fun in her bum this guy certainly does.

There is no way I would give anything less than an 8.5 out of 10.0 for this scene. This older lady is still very good-looking, and her pussy is attractive. Her straight-to-anal, all-anal ride with the guy is something to see. Her step-son is strong, and he isn't shy about being the anal guy. He penetrates his step-mom's ass all the way to his balls, like a real ass-master. And her pounds her good between her sexy ass-cheeks again and again. And the best thing of all, you get to see her pretty pussy a lot during her anal sex with the guy. This pretty lady probably knows just how good-looking her pussy is. And she makes sure that you get to see her pretty pink pussy a lot in each and every anal position she takes with her guy. Her wide-open pussy looks especially hot during her reverse-cowgirl anal ride with the guy.

Last but not least is Kitty Kat. Her scene is called 'Secretary Kitty'. And she is a hot one. Nice ass, nice tits, nice smile, and a pretty face. Her pussy is good-looking too, although it's not as pretty pink as that of the other ladies in this film. Somebody should discretely tell this pretty secretary that she would improve her looks a lot, if she puts some of her pink lipstick on her pussy lips. This is probably what some of the other ladies in this film have done to make their pussies look so attractive and good. (I'm almost sure that Winnie put some pink lipstick on her pussy for her anal ride with the guy. And it did make her pussy look attractive and good.)

Kitty's guy sucks her tits pretty good and plays with her pussy. She leans on the desk and opens her legs wide apart to let him penetrate her pussy. She is fully naked, while the guy is fully dressed. He doesn't even loosen his belt. He just unzips his pants and fucks her pussy on the desk. Which is kind of interesting and sexy to see.

But this guy looses his clothing, when it's time for the anal ride with the pretty lady. He pounds her nice ass in the reverse-cowgirl anal position. You get a good view of her pussy, but as I said earlier, she could use some pink lipstick on her pussy to make it look better. There is nothing wrong with her pussy. It's just that wearing pussy make-up makes a big difference. Any pretty lady who wears pussy make-up looks a lot better between her sexy legs.

During her doggy anal ride with the guy you don't to see much of her pussy. Which is a pity. Because the lady's pussy is her most sexy part, next to her ass, during her anal ride with the guy.

The guy spills his cum on her bum and then plunges back inside for another short ride. The lady's asshole is very relaxed by this time. The guy's cum-coated cock slips very easily inside her asshole. It's a very easy-looking anal penetration for the lady from her guy. It's something to fantasize about for any horny porn fan who doubts his ability to perform inside a nice lady's ass.

A 7.0 out of 10.0 for this scene is my rating. Kitty Kat is pretty good-looking, but unlike some of the other ladies in this film, she didn't put any lipstick or make-up on her pussy. And then you don't get to see much of her pussy during her doggy anal ride with her guy. Perhaps these two flaws are related. If the lady had put some pink lipstick on her pussy to make it look good, then she and the film director would've been proud to show her pussy to the viewer during her anal ride with the guy.

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