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Satchman Shay Jordan: Slippage 4 starsShay Jordan: Slippage 4 starsShay Jordan: Slippage 4 stars
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Shay Jordan: Slippage

Shay Jordan: Slippage

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Shay Jordan: Slippage:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Shay Jordan: Slippage overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Shay Jordan: Slippage Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Shay Jordan: Slippage Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Shay Jordan: Slippage Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Shay Jordan: Slippage Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Shay Jordan: Slippage DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shay Jordan: Slippage A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/11/2009
Good day porn fans time to check out a new one from Celeste and not sure how long this one's been done but it features some fine talent. Shay Jordan is the covergirl for this one but I also see Nika Noir, Nautica Thorn and the one and only Karina Kay in this too- wonder when her stuff was shot. Let's get right to some highlights. We actually get right to a little bit with Karina who is completely naked. There is a device of some sort, rope with a bungie cord thing in the middle holding the rope tight from one leg to the other. Karina looks very nice and slips a finger or two in that pussy. The lighting around her is darker but right on the body it's nice and you're fixated on her with no problems.

Shay Jordan & Daisy Marie with Karina:

They move smoothly to the first scene and we have Daisy with Shay close to Johnny Sins while Karina's in a different rope binding device but it's still going from one thigh to the other. There is some yellow rope going around her lower body so that's her outfit if you wanna call it that, lol. Both Shay and Daisy have smaller bits of rope around them and around their faces as we start but Johnny soon removes that around their faces and the girls kiss one another as well as get in some kisses on the breasts. Johnny's cock soon comes out and the ladies are all over that bad boy, Shay first but Daisy soon joins. Karina doesn't do much besides lie there on the bed, she looks hot but doesn't do much besides writh around slowly-- you still get to see that ass, her pussy and those boobs when she moves just right, more fingering too. The girls have fun taking turns on Johnny's dick, loved the face sitting from Daisy, ass facing to us when Shay was then riding tits facing towards us. We also get P2OGM here too before we hit the pop , a facial to Daisy while the rest of the jizz falls down upon Shay's neatly trimmed bush.

Priva with Karina:

We move to the second scene and Karina's still bound, this time her wrists behind her back too. New colored rope, red is the dominant color here and there is a beige bra on. The hairstyle too seemed from another time era. Karina tries to move but can't do much. Moving to Priva who is with Danny Mountain, leaning forward towards the ground, ass thrust up towards his face. Ok with Danny in this I'm thinking Karina did this within the last year at least, maybe two. Danny has a paddle and gives a few spanks to Priva's ass with it and his hand. Danny then turns Priva facing ass out to us in the chair, doggiestyle basically and he moves in for some great licking on that pussy/ ass. Priva also has some rope in her attire, the color for her is blue. There is some fine up close dick sucking from Priva. Sexwise reverse and cowgirl were real good here, some nice grinding too from Priva. We also have some butt action too, reverse anal and doggie anal too are captured leading to a nice open mouth pop for Priva. She does good post cum play too, showing it off on the tongue, pushing it to the edge of her mouth before swallowing it. So it seems Karina's going to be pretty much eye candy in the scenes she appears, usually wrapped up in some sort of rope, binding her legs mostly and in this case her wrists too.

Britney Amber & Jandi Lin:

We open the next scene with Karina, naked still and she's lying on her back in a chair, legs going up the long back of it, bound by blue rope to that part of the chair. There is some fine boobage too, Karina Kay has a great natural set of titties and we have Danny Mountain sitting close by jerking his rod to this lovely site. Ok that was just a little bit of tease before we hit the next scene proper style. It's Britney and Jandi who are wearing smaller piece of rope around their bodies, yellow for Jandi and Blue for Britney. Tommy Gunn's there too on the bed with them and he also is jerking his meatstick. The girls have fun with each other with Jandi leading the way ramming her thigh into Britney's pussy area doggiestyle. I do believe Tommy enjoyed the show, enough so he's soon letting Britney have a taste of his cock while Jandi continues to ride Britney from behind! Miss Lin also drops back down to lick around that ass/ pussy area with Miss Amber still busy above dick firmly within her lips. Britney is also the first to ride his cock doing a good reverse with Jandi not far, in fact she does great P2OGM here. Jandi then moves back around to the front to give Tommy's face some cover-- with her ass!! We get some cock for Jandi too, also in reverse, the yellow rope was unwinding and was a bit in the way here but there was still some great ass shots on Jandi as she rode, Britney does P2OGM so both girls taste the other's juices. Loved it too when both girls did the tongue twirl over his head at the same time, I think any guy will tell you that feels incredible! These ladies do a fine job sharing his cock in with both mouth and pussy so it made sense they share the pop and they do with Jandi taking the load but quickly sharing with Britney after she made sure to get all the drops she could from Tommy's schlong!

Shay Jordan:

On we go and the next scene has Shay starting off bent over Danny's knees. She's loosely wrapped in some rope, it appeared to be pink in color. Nice too her ass is right there, perfect for Danny to lightly spank, caress and we have a paddle of some sort too used to tap that ass a few times. Should also point out that Shay's wrists are bound and tightly from all appearances in yellow rope. Danny taps that ass enough to leave a rosey imprint on one cheek, there's more caressing and Robby gives us some awesome close ass footage here of this playtime-- I don't know how Danny didn't just let his face do the natural thing and fall into that ass, it was right there!! He does let the fingers do a little walking on the wild side and we finally get Shay doing something besides lying there as she's allowed to move back enough so that his cock is there and she engulfs it. Solid head here from Shay, lots of aggressive sucking. For the fucking we see her wrists lose the rope which is best, allows her to move around. The pink rope wasn't hampering her movements before, more like it was the 'outfit' loosely wrapped around her. Shay does some good riding in reverse and cowgirl-- ass cheeks still rosey from Danny's spanks! Great open mouth pop from Danny here too, several ropes right into Shay's mouth. The cleanup was great too but you can tell she didn't swallow and even gives Danny a smile as she looks up right before they fade out so don't think she swallowed but she was impressed at the load size!

Nautica Thorn with Karina Kay:

The next scene begins with a slow pan shot to a bed, Tommy Gunn's back but this time he's the one bound, all up in plastic wrap from his chest all the way down to his weiner, lol. Karina is back too after a one scene absence. She's in red rope this time and it is cooly fused around her head, very futuristic looking and she's got some black too in her color scheme with the fishnet stockings. Nautica then enters and she's got a little rope on too, bluish in tone, and she crawls on the bed, gleefully smiling at her prey all wrapped up and no place to go, she is also nude save for heels. Nautica does some good riding over that cock which can't return the rubbing so blue balls a little, lol. Not all bad for Tommy as he does get a faceful of boobs!! Miss Thorn isn't a meanie so she breaks that cock out, sucks on it and then pushes that pussy back towards Tommy's face as she goes 69 on us as Karina watches impassively, not able to really move. Nautica puts some effort into her short blowjob, then moves so that cock is right at her cookie and it's time to ride. More of the plastic is removed so Tommy can move, this really helps in cowgirl where the two get a great rhythm going. Great drilling in doggie to close the scene which sees the pop fly to Nautica's face but she's covered it with plastic wrap, lol. Karina gives a facial reaction to this by flicking her tongue out.

Shay & Nika Noir:

One more scene and it opens with the two ladies each in their rope attire. Ben English comes striding in wearing his fancy pants, dress shirt and holding a riding crop which he lovingly taps on Nika's ass. Shay's seated and watching with a hand stroking her pussy. Ben circles around Nika spanking that ass a few times, Shay intently watching, waiting her turn! Soon Nika's ass is a beat red from the repeated spanks. Great bend over shot too with Nia's asshole saying hello, ahh to see it tapped in this scene would rock. Ben does make his way over to Shay, gingerly tracing the riding crop over her cookie, Shay opening up too, even lifting a leg to give Ben the easiest access. Now it's Nika who's pussy stroking, still in that bent over shot too so more ass footage with her. Ben gets the ladies together with Nika doing another good bend over move, this time so she can snack on her friends pussy. Ben moves around so Shay can get at his cock and she's very good at working the sword here, Nika isn't far behind getting her lips wet on that dick. The ladies each get their fair share of Ben drilling them and we get Shay doing a little oral work on Nika, returning the favor which is always nice. We even get some P2OGM in this scene with Shay, Nika's a sweaty mess by scenes end!! Good joint facial pop to wrap this title up.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one was different but in a good way. No clothes pretty much for the girls, just various colors of rope are used to surround their waists, asses and in some cases their faces. Great to see Karina Kay again but sadly she was glorified eye candy and never got involved beyond moving around some, at least she was naked-- that body still smoking hot. The extras for this provide you with a photo gallery of still images, Karina's in there! You also get some Behind the Scenes, just over 10 minutes worth and again we get some Karina time! Well worth a rental and seeing Miss Kay again just makes me wish she'd return for a more proper scene where she's fucked!! Great seeing Shay too, I wonder how much is left with her in the Digital catalogue. The look of the girls was interesting too, it seemed from a time period from the past- mostly the looks with Karina in that area, while the other ladies seemed more of today, just with various colored ropes placed around their persons. Solid action with the guys providing the lumber and we got some good pops too, in mouths, I'm thinking of Shay in one scene and Priva early in the title, well worth a look see.

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