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astroknight Shay Jordan: Scream 4.5 starsShay Jordan: Scream 4.5 starsShay Jordan: Scream 4.5 stars
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Shay Jordan: Scream

Shay Jordan: Scream

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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bono-ONE's ratings for Shay Jordan: Scream:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Shay Jordan: Scream overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Shay Jordan: Scream Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Shay Jordan: Scream Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Shay Jordan: Scream Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Shay Jordan: Scream Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Shay Jordan: Scream DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shay Jordan: Scream A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/4/2007
Ok fans time to check out this latest one from Celeste which is a showcase for Digital Contract hottie Shay Jordan plus it features Cayton Caley, Audrey Bitoni and Hillary Scott-- I'm told these were among her final scenes shot before the big SexZ contract began. Well we've just passed Halloween but why not get a little scare in while also getting our freak on-- at least through watching these pretty ladies taking cock, let's hit some highlights.

Shay Jordan & Hillary Scott:

What a fine way to get this one underway pairing up these two attractive girls. As I've noticed in most Celeste movies the visuals are handled nicely presenting the ladies in real sexy ways-- in a shower, a nod to some bondage, your regular on the bed doggie pounding. The opening shot for the scene after a great montage of the action takes us right to Grindhouse style picture-- if you've seen the Quentin Tarentino/ Robert Rodriguez flicks this past year you'll know what I mean-- grainy, scratches on the picture but it's all planned and for a horror type flick in it's tones this suited the vibe. Now inside with Shay the picture is back to normal and she soon welcomes Hillary who's dropped by for a sleepover. Loved the shorts but even better was the top she had on, very form fitting and flattering to say the least. Well the girls feel it's to hot so off those tops come and no surprise that Hillary has no bra on and those lovely tits are freed to be admired, Shay's soon follow as she's wearing a bra. The girls do the chit chat as they admire each other, then it's time to crawl under the covers to get some shut eye-- first, though, it's time to tell a scary story, lol. The two are soon surprised by Marco but it's no shock when they start taking turns on his cock, Hillary naturally leading the way there but Shay more than holds her own and watching them each take turns, then share was hot. Both girls have sexy bodys, sexwise Shay in cowgirl was amazing and this gets matched beautifully when Hillary climbs up top for reverse, can you tell I love those tits!! Marco certainly has his cake and more in this scene having his choice of hottie to fuck and he does well working in both girls who in turn keep up with the good play between them, Shay eating out Hillary while being nailed doggiestyle-- sweet! Or how about Shay riding Hillary's face with that juicy pussy while Marco nails Miss Scott in mish-- I'd take that too. As Marco is still nailing Hillary you get Shay working her pussy now over his face and this only helps to intensify his strokes which end with a pull out and pop on Hillary's neatly trimmed pubes, sweet you have Shay moving down to lick up the jizz and the girls then share a kiss, now that's a way to end a scene with two hot women, nothing scary about that!

Cayton Caley:

We open the next scene with Ben English enjoying a cup of coffee when Cayton tries to share her scary story with him, he's not interested so off she goes to do a little primping in front of a big mirror. She does an incantation in front of it causing the woman in the mirror to go after her, lol, Ben then goes and sees nothing naturally so Cayton must be punished so that pretty ass gets several spanks from Ben who's put her over his knee-- great looking ass here too. Ben's hands then stop the spanking to go cupping on her tits which are soon freed for our viewing pleasure, then it's cock freeing time and Cayton does her thing in that dept. Super shots here as she works the dick with her mouth and tongue, if you like good in tight views for bj's this will scratch that itch. As for the sex with this woman there isn't a better position I think than cowgirl so seeing that first was fine and again good views all around for the action here. You also see Cayton done in spoon, a bouncy and loud reverse also follows continuing through to doggie which sees her ass opened to camera nicely. Ben then jerks out a solid load coating her face with cum and Cayton gives a little cleanup after. Good scene but not quite up to that first one.

Audrey Bitoni:

We keep the beautiful women coming with Miss Bitoni who's joined by Shay at the scene's outset for some girltalk! Great shots of both girls but notice those great dick sucking lips on Audrey, so puffy and sensual looking. Audrey goes for drinks and Shay's jumped from behind and knocked out with chroloform and Audrey comes back to find her friend gone, then the doorbell rings and it's the same guy who just knocked out Shay giving a story that his truck just broke down and could he use the phone-- don't fall for it Audrey, hehe, but of course she does. Asking for a drink offers him the final chance and the one he needs to get inside and the two are soon flirting inside her bedroom-- each enjoying soda and the kind of candy that explodes/ crackles in the mouth-- this only adds to the flirting between them and it's not long until they're making out-- ok the candy on his tongue wasn't to sexy, didn't need that shot! Finally, Audrey Bitoni sucking cock!! She can work a cock with those lips so good and it's all displayed wonderfully here, good tight shots and just enjoy the show. The first couple positions really show off Audrey well, spoon and reverse get those titties nicely in our sites and those two get matched and then some when she turns around to cowgirl-- this girl's got an ass fans. Closing with doggie you get the pop soon with our man sitting over her tits and spurting into Audrey's mouth, great cleanup too by Miss Bitoni who's looking as good as ever here.

Shay Jordan:

The Grindhouse style picture then greets us initially for the next scene, going inside we find a wide awake and seemingly fine Shay on the phone, she's pissed about having to babysit. Oops another call comes in just after she put in some popcorn-- ok Scream Nod bigtime, hehe, but the guy on the other end of the phone is not using one of those voice altering devices so the effect isn't quite as good as from the movies. He calls a couple times and we then watch as Shay goes upstairs-- you see the walls bathed in a red light which is quite horror genre in it's tone. The music too is telling you something's about to happen. The kids are ok, going back she gets the popcorn which is done out of the microwave and then it's the boyfriend surprising her from behind-- jeez now we're nodding to Halloween and other horror films with the boytoy coming by for some nookie and of course Shay's more than willing to fall into that trap and the two start making out heavily. Shay's cute body is then brought into better focus with the tits getting some kissing on them, then a little sexy bellybutton kissing-- don't see that much and finally one leg is propped up on the kitchen counter exposing that pussy beautifully and we get some strong oral on Shay's cooch. We just watched not long ago Shay doing some fine oral with Hillary and now it's all her and she continues to show off her impressive dick sucking skillz- great side angle provided and the pace too is earnest without being frantic. Reverse was really nice here, they do some fucking on the kitchen floor too in spoon ending with Shay taking a good blast mostly to her upper shoulder area and she is good with the cleanup too.

Hillary Scott:

Alright!! Time to view my first SuperAsswhore scene all by herself in some time. The scene with Shay was real good and definitely wet my appetite for more things Hillary. The scene opens with the guy from Audrey's scene sitting and enjoying a cocktail when he's visited by the ghost of his dearly departed bride-- that'd be Hillary duh and damn the bridal veil she had on was fucking hot and the beige lingerie was also a great touch flattering Miss Scott's sexy body. If you are gonna be haunted by someone I sure hope my ghost looks half as hot as Hillary does here. Those titties are soon out and but the the titty worship is scant and quick to bad I'd have spent some considerable time appreciating those juggs. However, any chance to watch Hillary suck cock isn't to be missed and she keeps the veil on too while polishing knob and those tits do get worked back in as we get titty fucking. Hillary also works in some good dirty talk too, again I sure hope my ghost is this sexy and alluring while making my life a living hell, lol. Some good sex follows but it's the reverse anal which leads the way, she's still got the bridal veil on while riding cock and you get a good bit of anal as well from behind ending with a superb pop inside Hillary's mouth, sweet!! Miss Scott blows some cum bubbles too and a train of jizz goes down her chin, I'd easily say the scene of the dvd so far along with the opening two girl party.

Shay Jordan:

Ok one last time the Grindhouse opening shot, then it's back inside where we find Shay in the bathroom washing up. Seems someone's watching through the shower curtain or at least the shot watchin Shay comes from there, I liked that. You get Shay undressing in preparation for a bath it would seem and someone is definitely watching her but now from outside the bathroom door, the music too is setting a mood of anticipation. We finally get Shay naked and damn what a beautiful body she's got, nicely we've had three chances to appreciate it and I certainly do. Ok it's not a bath but a shower she's taking so ok please tell me Grandma with a knife isn't about to happen, lol. Wet water on titties!! Ok had to type that, lol. Ok we finally see that it's Tommy Gunn who's been 'observing' Miss Jordan and he slips up behind her, naked too, in the shower and cups her mouth telling her not to look back. The wrists are bound to the shower curtain rod but I also detect a look in Shay's face that perhaps meant she didn't mind this all to much!! Tommy has a riding crop which is taps about Shay's frontside, ok she does know who he is once the music stops and they are allowed to talk. Guess this is boytoy #2! She stays tied up for a bit and this leads to Tommy dropping down and we're treated to a great shot of him licking Shay's kittie, I do enjoy it when a man pleases the woman like this and heck who wouldn't want a shot at licking this pretty pussy. She is then let loose enough so she can drop to her knees and show Tommy's cock some proper lovin, shocker, she's great at head! Shay riding Tommy in reverse was probably the best sex shot and we end some solid doggie pounding and popwise you see Shay take the jizz on those twins with a little cleanup afterwards. Ok not sure how scared I was but I sure was turned on throughout this!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans I'd say Celeste's delivered a fine fuck flick here dominated by two girls, Shay Jordan doing three full scenes and then Hillary Scott doing two. Their hookup to start the festivities set a good tone which the other scenes were able to match for the most part. Audrey Bitoni and those amazing dick sucking lips, beautiful eyes continue to impress so plenty of hot eye candy to see and it's shot well. Extra wise you get some trailers, a few photos and nicely some BTS so give that a look see. An easy purchase for Shay fans and for those who haven't seen as much of Hillary this year as you would have liked this offers up two good scenes to appreciate her sexy talents.

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