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Shaved Pussies (Private)

Shaved Pussies (Private)

Studio: Private
Category:  Foreign , Straight
Starring: , , , ,
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Kobiata's ratings for Shaved Pussies (Private):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Shaved Pussies (Private) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Shaved Pussies (Private) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Shaved Pussies (Private) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Shaved Pussies (Private) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Shaved Pussies (Private) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Shaved Pussies (Private) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shaved Pussies (Private) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Kobiata  on  8/5/2001
Shaved Pussies by Various
Private DVD/ June 2001 / 90 Minutes





- DVD-Video

- Single-sided Single Layer


Aspect Ratio(s):

- 4:3



- English

- French

- German 

- Italian


Subtitle (s):

- Dutch

- Swedish

- Danish

- Portuguese


Standard Features:

- Interactive Menus

- Scene Access


Additional Features:

- Photo Gallery

- Cast Info

- Production Notes

- Trailers

Starring: Andrea, Kristina Schwartz, Laura, Monique Covet, Rita, Suzan Nielsen, Swanny, Tammi Ann, and Tania Russof

Synopsis: It's a compilation involving ladies with shaved pussies. 

Overall: It's definitely a mixed bag and I can say that this is not one of Private's absolutely "must have" compilation DVDs. However, there are good performances by Rita, Laura, and Suzan. If these women do it for you, then the DVD is worth it.

DVD Quality: Since it is a compilation, the A/V quality varies between segments. 

Extras: The quality of photos is great! 

LIKES: Suzan Nielsen! Rita! Need I say more.

DISLIKES: I wish the compilation could have been 120 minutes instead of 90. They could easily squeeze out 2 or 3 more scenes with the additional time.


Before the compilation starts,  a woman describes the sensual art of shaving.   We see footage of Francois Clousot shaving one of her starlets. 

Tania Russof with David Perry

Taken from Tatiana 3 by Pierre Woodman

The narrator praises Tania Russof as being one of the pioneers of shaving in the Private world. Also, the narrators describes that Tania's piercing accentuates her passion and eroticism. 

David Perry plays the evil royal that gangbanged Tatiana's younger sister (Rita). As you may recall, Tania becomes a high-class prostitute in order to exact revenge at David. In this scene, Tania Russof does not look her best since she ruined her body with those horrible breast implants. Like the narrator described, Tania has a navel piercing. After the oral sex, he fucks her hard in both holes starting with her pussy. I must say that the dubbing is Private at its WORST. Fortunately, I liked the classical music that played during the scene. Finally, the scene ends with a weak cum shot. NOTE: The visual quality is grainy and is encoded at 5 Mbps. 

Suzan Nielsen with Andrew Youngman

Taken from That's Life 1 by Pierre Woodman

Suzan Nielsen is a blonde pixie haired woman that exudes sensuality. The scene occurs in a tropical setting. As with other Pierre Woodman videos, this one makes uses of providing a lush scenery to enhance the sexual action. Like Tania, Suzan has a nicely shave pussy. Her best attribute is her meaty ass that is firm at the same time. Furthermore, I cannot forget to mention her incredible eyes as she gives a slow blowjob. After the pussy and ass-fucking, Andrew delivers a great cum shot finale. This is a well-executed scene, but is hampered by the terrible French dubbing. NOTE: The visual quality is great and is encoded at 5 Mbps.  

Tammi Ann and Andrea with Damien Michaels

Taken from Private Video Magazine 25 by Francois Clousot

After the narration, the scene starts with Andrea and Tammi Ann teasing the man with lesbian maneuvers. Andrea, the brunette, takes Damien's dick in her mouth while he performs cunnilingus on Tammi Ann, the blonde. He fucks the women starting with Andrea in the doggy position. Finally, he ejaculates on Andrea. NOTE: The visual quality is not as grainy as scene one. The video is encoded at around 4-6 Mbps. 

Rita with David Perry, Frank Versace, Mephisto, Bruno Sx, and Jean Fourne

Taken from Tatiana 1 by Pierre Woodman 

The narrator mentions that Rita loves massive orgies. I think that the narrator has nailed Rita's description to a T. One of the elements for a gangbang scene is to have a willing lady with a perfect ass. Rita fits that requirement.  In Tatiana 1, Rita portrays Tania's sister who gets gangbanged by "royalty." The scene ends with loads of great facials!  grainy footage. NOTE: Like Tatiana 3, it suffers from graininess. It is encoded at 5 Mbps. 

Monique Covet with Jack Slater and Mephisto

Taken from The Tower 3 by Pierre Woodman

The trashiness of Monique Covet is replaced by a classier look in one of her earlier videos, The Tower 3. The sex in the scene has all the elements of a threesome including a double penetration. The hard pumping leads to the men unloading on her nice face. NOTE: The video quality looks similar to Scene 3. It is encoded at 4 Mbps. Like earlier Private videos, this one has French dubbing.

Kristina Schwartz with Jack Slater and Rodolph Antrim

Taken from Summer Wind 2 by Francois Clousot

The English narrator describes that Kristina likes to leave a fine line of hair on her pussy.  Unlike other earlier Private Gold videos, this one has English dubbing that is really terrible. Anyway, Jack and Rodolph pick up Kristina. Then, she gets down to business by sucking on both cocks. There is no double penetration, yet they fuck her in the ass in the unique piledriver position. Finally, the scene ends with okay facials. NOTE: The image quality is grainy, but not as noticeable as in the previous scene. It is encoded around 5 Mbps.

Swanny with Philippe Soine, Sly, Kevin Brad, and Harvey Young

Taken from Fatal Orchid 2 by Pierre Woodman

The narrator introduces the Thai-lady, Swanny. She is an attractive Thai who participates in the no-anal gangbang, which is pretty good. Note: The visual quality is on par with Scene 6 since it is also encodes at 5 Mbps. 

Laura with Robert Rosenberg and John Walton

Taken  from Day Dreams by Frank Thring

Like all the the previous scenes, the narrator comments on the star's tastes. For Laura, the combination of latex and leather is a fetish as well as having a shaved pussy. John Walton notices Laura from the second floor of the chateau. scene takes place in a chateau. He goes there with unbridled anticipation since he wants to fuck her. When he finally meets Laura, he notices her latex maid outfit that shows her voluptuous curves. John cannot resist the temptation so he enjoys endless pleasure from her. Laura is a great cocksucker as seen in the 69 position. Robert joins in to make it a three-way. They briefly perform a double penetration until they deliver monster loads on her face! This is definitely the best cum shot scene in the entire DVD. Note: Although it the visual quality is sharper than the rest of the scenes, it still suffers from slightly noticeable graininess. It is encoded at 4 Mbps. 

Parting Thoughts: This DVD is not without its faults, but it does have solid performances turned out by Suzan Nielsen and Rita. If you don't already have the DVDs where these came from, then it is definitely worth it!


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