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Shane's World: College Invasion 6

Shane's World: College Invasion 6

Studio: Shane's World
Category:  Gonzo
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MLyons's ratings for Shane's World: College Invasion 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Shane's World: College Invasion 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Shane's World: College Invasion 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Shane's World: College Invasion 6 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Shane's World: College Invasion 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Shane's World: College Invasion 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Shane's World: College Invasion 6 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shane's World: College Invasion 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MLyons  on  4/14/2005
Shane's World: College Invasion #6

Mike Lyons Reviews    


Mary Jane, Britney Skye, Marie Luv, Trina Michaels, Alicia Aligotti, Jerry, Lexington Steele.

"Reality Porn"


Running Time of Main Feature
2 Hrs. 13 Mins.

Female Orgasms
1-2 (If you're askin' me...)  :)

Those looking for a a lot of fun, and something a bit different.  Those who have been disappointed in other Shane's World Volumes because of too much frat boy stupidity, and not enough sex.  There's plenty of sex here.

Lovers of predictable and reliable formula porn with 100% professionals in a 100% controlled environment.  This has none of those things, and that's what makes it so damn good.

I admit it, I'm a bit of a College Invasion junkie. It's one of the very few porn series that I've actually watched every single volume of, and I keep coming back for more. The truth is, they are also particularly difficult movies to review. Try it sometime. There's usually so much going on, it's hard to accurately describe it all, much less find good focal points to praise or condemn. Regardless of my ability to analyze it, however, I've really enjoyed the series. Why? Well, because it offers a wonderful unpredictability that most porn these days avoids like the plague. Mix the crazy, "I'm immortal" mentalities of college frat bothers with a small gaggle of porn stars who are truly just looking to have some fun for a change, and you just never know what you're going to get.

Sure, Shane's World does its homework--more so now than ever before--and with their growing reputation, they are doing more advance preparation for these trips. Honestly that labor "front loading" has only helped the College Invasion series improve since its inception. I have no doubt that more frat brothers are getting HIV tested prior to Shane's World's arrival than ever before--and that opens the door for the group to be more and more brazen about what they are able to do. Gone are the days of the restrictive and predictable lineup of hand jobs--these are the days of full-on frat-boy / pornstar copulation--with all the joys and pitfalls it represents.

The folks at Shane's World have a knack for creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere that empowers both their performers, and their "hosts" to have an experience that transcends not only your average college party, but also your average fuck-flick. In my opinion, the College Invasion series' greatest strength, even when the scenes they feature are strictly between the professionals, is taking pornstars out of their element just enough to keep the sex fresh, while at the same time, truly allowing the girls to call the shots. It's a sexy and exciting combination that, despite the sometimes moronic behavior exhibited by the college students they visit, can make even the most jaded porn fan recapture a little of that giddy energy of youth, and remember why sex is so exciting in the first place.


Mary Jane & A Frat Guy.

The crew starts out in the now familiar rental van outside of the inevitable frat party, this time apparently toga themed.  They sound the mega-phone siren and invade the house--quickly announcing competitors for the first silly competition.  It all gets rather out of control, naturally, and it eventually degenerates into a naked hoola-hoop game--and no, it's not good naked--it's definitely BAD naked.  Thankfully, the game is short lived, and the winner gets to retire to some more private quarters with the loverly Mary Jane.

This is a great opening scene.  I have a thing for Mary Jane, who unfortunately for all of us, isn't doing porn anymore.  After she breaks the ice with him a little, she strips him of his toga gear and starts licking and sucking his cock.  But it doesn't stop there.  This progresses into a full on fuck scene, complete with missionary, cowgirl and doggy positions.  As porn scenes go, this one is rather on the average side, but once you add that delectable ingredient of an amateur guy under Mary Jane's control into the mix, it turns into something much more exciting--at least for me.  The whole thing turned me on, and it was certainly lengthy enough to satisfy.  He finally cums thanks to Mary Jane's willingness to work up a sweat fucking him cowgirl, and then jerking him off with her hand.  They both cuddle with smiles on their faces before the scene transitions back to the party downstairs.

Mary Jane Video Captures
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Britney Skye, Trina Michaels, Mary Jane & One Frat Guy.

The next "competition" is a sort of sexual ring toss, where two frat guys compete by trying to toss a small plastic donut onto a dildo that is sticking out of Marie Luv's pussy while she is pretzeled into the pile driver-ready position.  Clearly, one of them "wins" and he is treated to a fuck with Britney Skye.

At first Britney is teamed up with Trina Michaels right in the middle of God and everyone--screaming encouragement at their frat-brother-friend.  He actually seems to have no trouble getting a raging hard-on, even in these rather extraordinary circumstances, and Britney starts sucking his cock.  He even fucks her for a bit, while Trina busies herself sucking Lexington Steele.  Abruptly though, the scene transitions to more private quarters, where Mary Jane takes the place of Trina, and she joins in the fun with about as much insane filthy talk and aggressive treatment of Britney as you could ever want.  Mary Jane even chokes Britney a bit--all to the blonde's giddy delight, mind you, and the camera guy finally reins Mary Jane in a bit.  At any rate, Britney gets duly fucked here thanks to a hard dick by the guy, and some hands on cheerleading by Mary Jane.  Finally he cums on Britney's chin and tongue, and then even fucks her some more for a little while afterward.  

I don't know what it is.  Something about this stuff just works for me.  It has to do with the situation--with the control the women have, and their willingness to seize it.  It has to do with a guy who isn't jaded by the day to day rigors of porn given a chance to fuck a pretty girl who has absolutely no inhibitions.  It works for me, even when the stupid, screaming frat boy antics and childish games that get us to this point don't.

Britney Skye & Mary Jane Video Captures
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Alicia Aligotti & Jerry

Alicia is a very cute brunette that I've never seen before.  Perhaps she's new, and it wouldn't be the first time that Shane's World has introduced me to a girl that went on to bigger things (i.e. Eva Angelina, or Sammie Rhodes).  At any rate, she's paired up with a guy named Jerry who has apparently made appearances in other Shane's World efforts.  This is a porn scene in the more private, traditional setting, perhaps in a hotel room somewhere.  Let me tell you this, though.  After starting out with some rather mundane looking cock sucking, this scene blossoms into something quite remarkable the minute that Jerry slips his cock into Alicia's gorgeous pussy.  Throughout the encounter, Alicia is very careful to try to keep her noise down, as it were.  She covers her mouth with her hands, she bites into pillows, all in an effort not to moan out loud.  For whatever reason she's doing it, this is a wonderful detail that works.  The scene has a very private yet explosive feel about it.  It feels as if we are privy to an authentic sexual encounter between two people who are honestly attracted to one another.  The way that Jerry wraps his arm around Alicia's body.  They way Alicia reacts to Jerry as he fucks her without so much as a cut in the video, for minutes at a time.  There is something truly special and real about this scene that just affirms the fact that the crew at Shane's World really knows what the fuck they're doing.  Although surely the performers accommodate the camera, the camera doesn't dictate the scene--instead it moves where it needs to, capturing both Alicia's gorgeous body, and her expressive face at just the right times.  The scene doesn't skimp on time either--it's about 30 minutes long, and having now only gotten through half of what this title has to offer, I think I can safely say I've gotten my money's worth.  I wish we would have had the chance to "meet" Alicia before we saw her fuck, but watching these two have sex is more than enough to restore a little of my hope for the future of porn in general.  This is a remarkable scene, complete with the imperfections and awkward production improvisation that's required to capture something truly authentic.  Anyone who's interested in seeing something that at least looks real, should brave the frat boy hi-jinks that muddies the early part of the disc and give this a spin..

Alicia Aligotti Video Captures
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Mary Jane & Lexington Steel

Mary Jane is splayed out on a couch in the middle of the frat party.  Lex Steel pulls his monstrous cock out and teases her pussy with it for a bit before giving her a quick, and energetic fuck while the incredulous crowd looks on.  I can't help it... I love it.  Mary Jane is putting on a show, to be sure, but she puts on a pretty damn good show, and she looks fuckin' great doing it.  It doesn't last long, and Mary Jane claims to cum, which may just be what happened.  Before the Shane's World players leave the party for yet another semi-private sex interlude, however, Lex gets treated to some black pussy, courtesy of Marie Luv and Mary Jane gets another dick in her pussy courtesy of Jerry.

The good times just keep on rolling as the crew moves up stairs for another "invitation only" fuck fest.

Mary Jane Video Capture
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Trina Michaels & Lexington Steel -- Jerry & Unknown Girl

Once they get into the room, Lex is on the phone with God knows who, even as he stands lubing up his cock at the invitation of Trina Michaels, who is laying on the couch with her legs open.  He hands the phone off to Trina so she can tell the person on the other end what it feels like to have Lex's cock buried in her pussy.  Although she's not quiet about it, she doesn't have much to say in the way of coherent words.

Meanwhile, Jerry is getting lucky with one of the girls at the party.  She allows him to take her breasts out, and play with her pussy, and eventually they even 69, but my guess is that she must have had a change of heart at some point, as it doesn't go any further than that.  A pity. It was really pretty wonderful while it lasted.

It's ok, though, because Lex is a fuckin' world class sexual performer, and he gives Trina a dicking that she won't soon forget.  Truly this is a fantastic scene.  Britney eventually joins the small group of onlookers and uses a toy on her pussy while watching Lex and Trina totally go at it.  Before the end of this lengthy, and totally rockin' scene, Britney lends her mouth to Trina's unnatural tits to lay on yet another layer of stimulation for the poor girl.  Finally, after giving Trina a possible orgasm, Lex cums on her face, and it's just beautiful.  I can't say enough about this scene.  The environment they're in just gives it a special kind of magic--pornstars fucking, but somehow out of their element.  That along with the undeniable perk of having one of porn's best male performers in the lead, and Trina really just letting it all hang out with him, make this a scene that is not to be missed.  I loved it--and what's more, I need a break before I can continue.


Unknown Girl & Trina Michaels Video Captures
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Marie Luv & "Charles"

This scene is very akin to Eva Angelina's scene in College Invasion #2, or even more so, like Becca Brat's scene in College Invasion #3.  This is the scene where experienced porn star, takes the inexperienced frat guy on a little date before they come back to the room and fuck each other's brains out.  As always, it's a very interesting encounter as Charles, a black guy, takes Marie to a colorful local bar, and then back to the house where he expresses his extreme nervousness--but manages to overcome it in fine fashion.  Marie sucks his cock complete with some deep throat action, and no sooner does she mount him in cowgirl than he unleashes his first of three orgasms.  At first Charles is very embarrassed, and frustrated with himself, but not to worry, Marie just keeps on keepin' on and this turns into a lengthy and nice scene where Charles just keeps on cummin' while still managing to keep on fuckin'.  Although not as interesting to me as Eva's or Becca's scenes, or even as interesting as Mary Jane's opener with another frat guy on this very disc, this still has that Shane's World magic of unpredictablity about it, and although scenes like this can seem very impersonal at times, they can also be arousing sexual case studies of two strangers with different motivations, fucking for the camera--and all the complicated mind games that go along with it.  It's a great scene, both sociologically and sexually, and a great closer, for a truly fuckin' great disc.


Marie Luv Video Captures
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Behind the Scenes : 42 Mins. This is all just fabulous stuff.  It's all the behind the scenes and outtake action from the moment the Shane's World crew boards the plane, to the tour that the frat guys give Shane's World of their house, to the pep talk that Nicole from Shane's World gives to the hosts of the party, to the "off the record" extra footage of the porn stars, the frat guys, and the sex.  As is typical of the Shane's World releases, the behind the scenes footage is every bit as interesting as the movie itself.  I would highly recommend taking the time to watch all of it.
Interviews : 21 Mins.  A great series of inter-cut interviews with all the cast members.  Extra time is spent with Lexington Steel--and he's quite the ego-driven, philosophical rambler, I must say.  All well worth it.
Photo Gallery
Cast Bios

Fuckin' fantastic!  That's all I have to say about this disc....

...  Ok, I lied.  I have more to say.

This is, by far, the best entry in the College Invasion series, in my opinion.  Although it still had a few peaks and valleys here and there, there is very little, if any, of the frat-boy fast forward fodder that the other volumes seemed heavy with.  I liked every last scene.  This was some crazy stuff, and it's hard to capture the spirit of what happened in a review (and the vid caps were even more difficult).  Some of this stuff is "blink and you'll miss it material" but it's all worth catching.  If I was forced to pick a couple of favorite scenes, my first choice would be Trina Michaels' outstanding pairing with Lexington Steel.  It was beautifully shot, and beautifully performed.  Never underestimate what a top male performer is capable of, and Trina, with all her shyness and quiet demeanor in her interview segment is anything but when she starts to have sex.  Despite her unnaturally large breasts, she is just gorgeous, and she'll win you over if you give her a chance.  Trust me.  It's one of the best sex scenes I've seen this year.  Another favorite was Lex's brief, blaringly public pairing with Mary Jane, as well as Mary Jane's sexual reward for the hoola-hoop winner.  She is a fun-loving sexual dynamo, and will be sorely missed now that she's left the world of porn.  Then there's the somewhat out of place, but no less fascinating scene between Jerry and Alicia Aligotti--which is quite unique in a low-key and intimate way.  None of this stuff is to be missed.

As I said, I'm a College Invasion junkie--and this volume has given me my fix like no other volume has.  The extras are every bit as wonderful as the movie, and the bottom line is that aside from a few slow moments in Marie Luv's otherwise good sene with "Charles" (which is being extraordinarily nit-picky on my part), I'd rate this disc as nearly flawless in what it has attempted to do.  If you're at all interested in fun times, authentic personalities, and some unusually fantastic sex in a just flat-out unusual environment, you'd be a fool not to give this disc a try.  I don't say these things lightly: it's worth every penny you'll spend on it.

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