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Shane's World: College Invasion 2

Shane's World: College Invasion 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Amateur , Gonzo
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Black Panther's ratings for Shane's World: College Invasion 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Shane's World: College Invasion 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Shane's World: College Invasion 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shane's World: College Invasion 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Black Panther  on  4/18/2005
Running Time: 2:21 minutes

Production Date: September 2003

Studio: Digital Sin

Director: Uncredited (probably camera guy, I guess)

Extras: Web Links, Cast Bios, Photo Gallery, A very interesting 16 minute Interview segment where most of the principal cast members talk about themselves, each other, and the sexual and non-sexual experiences they had down in Cancun. Texx's arrest story down there is funny as hell, and footage of it is even funnier. 31 minutes of Lost Footage that includes more games from the peg party, A guy winning a BJ from an apparent cast member, but I'm not sure of her name, Calli and Talia in a hot bj/pussy eating session with a guy nicknamed "Juice." And Angelina talking about herself and getting frisky and talking with Clarke and Mr Pete. A 20 minute Behind_The-Scenes that has the principal cast of Calli, Talia, and Texx arriving in Mexico and showing fun times. Calli and Talia make out and fuck each other with dildo's in front of some students they met in Cancun. A white guy from that group does a horrible free-style rap that sounds like a poor version of Enimem. Texx in a funny interview segment with a woman who seems to speak perfect english but claims she doesn't speak english, but doesn't appear to speak Spanish.


Calli Cox Texx
Talia Velize Mr Pete
Flower Clarke Kent (uncredited) Kurt Lockwood
Fallon Sommers Brett Rockman
Daisy Marie
Taylor Lynn

First Impressions: I've seen 4 films in this continuous series. I really love these films and think the concept is brilliant and every pornfans fantasy come true. The ring leader is Calli Cox, and you couldn't find a more cute, fun, frisky, and generally horny host. Her partners in Crime on the Cancun trip are extremely hot and sexy Talia, and cool and funny Texx. Texx was a fan pick who apparently got to fuck Calli in one of the earlier series that I haven't seen. College kids on campuses and spring break having sexual fun with real life pornstars. Shit it doesn't get any hotter than that.

The Scenario: Calli Cox and her porn friends first visit a keg party somewhere in the U.S., then Calli heads down to Cancun, Mexico with a different pair of porn friends. Flower, Daisy, and an uncredited pornstar? visit the campus keg party with Calli, while Calli takes then takes Talia and Texx down to Cancun with her. It starts with a short recap from "College Invasion #1." No condoms were used. Now let the fun begin.

1st Scene: We start at the keg party that actually has some of the coolest college kids I've ever seen. Some of the past series have shown these things to be full of alcohics that yell and scream way too much, but chicken out when Calli asks to suck their dicks or give them handjobs. While there is alcohol here, the atmosphere is more laid back, but everyone is having the times of their lives. This is a keg party I would have loved to attend. 3 guys get picked in a contest that has the extremely cute and curvaceous Flower ejaculating her cum juice into the guys cups with a dildo as her worked-up. A hispanic guy named Armando, a white dude wearing a pimp-hat named Derrick, and cool and extremely funny black dude nicknamed "Priar Wood. The contest is quite entertaining with Flower squirtiing like crazy. Mr Wood wins, and gets a hot and quite sensual handjob from Flower. Dude has a pretty big dick that Flower seems to really love. Then the dark-haired spanish-looking Daisy and big-dicked porn stud Brett Rockman fuck in front of the student, and then finish off in one of the students room. They have a very hot and hard session that includes a BJ, RCG, Mish, Doggystyle, and CG. He shoots his cum all over her ass from Doggy. Its only about a 5 minute scene, but its very lively. Since this film is supposed to be about the students, I'm cool with the short sex scene.

Calli then flies to Mexico bringing only Texx and Talia along. Wanted to see much more of "Flower," too bad she couldn't go along. Damn was she hot!

2nd Scene: We get a dorm room sex scene between 18 year old cutey Fallon and Kurt Lockwood. There are about 6 college students consisting of guys and girls that get to watch. Its starts out very sensual with touching and kissing, then leads to a hot BJ, 69, and a hard and very energetic fuck in Doggy, RCG, CG, and Mish. Kurt pulls out from Mish and sprays from her stomach to her shoulder. She plays with and strokes his cock afterwards. Liked Fallon a lot. Nice body on her too. An extremely hot and quite erotic 11 minutes.

In Cancun now.

3rd Scene: A big black dude named Antonio gets talked into a BJ from Calli by his friends and Calli herself. Says he wants to fuck only. Since he probably doesn't have an HIV Test with him, he has to settle for an extremely hot and skilled BJ from Calli. He has a thick and average size dick. Calli gets him so worked up, that he shoots his load before he barely pulls out her mouth. A lot gets on her face and damn near in her eyes. He then shoots another load, without her hands on his dick, a good 3-4 feet in the air. Plenty of deep-throating in this scene also. Not sure why he felt a need for all the macho posturing beforehand. Calli said she'd give him the best BJ he'd ever have, and clearly delivered. I seriously doubt he'd of lasted 5 minutes inside her hot pussy. He was happy in the end though, and thats all that matters.

4th Scene: Talia flirts and then gets a good-looking student named Erik to except a Handjob from her from his hotel balcony room. Now a lot of people aren't that happy with the girls giving the guys handjobs in these movies. I personally love Handjobs, provided the woman is very good with her hands. Talia hands are very skilled from what I see. Dude is already hard when he takes his shorts off. The light brown-haired and very sensual Talia oozes sex appeal, so I can see why he's already turned on. His dick appears to be above average-size and quite thick. He's reluctant to touch her at first, but his fingers are soon in her pussy after she tells him its ok. She clearly likes what his fingers are doing. He's pre-cumming after very little time. Talia uses her hands pretty damn well, and gets him to shoot a decent load onto his chest.

5th Scene: Calli gives an average-looking and big white student named Tiger another energetic BJ with deep-throat and quite a bit a gagging, that also includes 69, her licking his ass, and them ending up making out quite a bit. Most of the times these college guys just lay back and enjoy it, but Calli got this cat so worked-up, that he actually got off the bed and really got into it. Man were they going at it. Shit surprised the hell-out-of-me to be honest. He also has a thick and average size dick, probably slightly smaller than the black dude in the 3rd scene. He shoots a pretty big and quite gooey load all over Calli's face. Looks can definitely be deceiving, because this is probably the hottest scene in the movie. Even the cameraman and Calli said "he put it down." If this dude can't inspire you, no one can. 9 minute scene, which is very long when amateurs are involved.

6th Scene: After quite a bit of flirting throughout the films, Talia and big-dicked Texx finally get busy on a nice secluded spot of the Mexican beach. Would have liked to see them really make out, but after feeling on her ass a little, Texx's face and fingers are in her pussy and ass in no time. Her oral skills weren't that impressive to be honest, but her ball-licking was very nice. Ball-licking always scores well with me. Talia was 26 when this was filmed, but her pussy looks as tight as any of the 18 year olds in this and any flick. Her nipples are extremely hard throughout, which is always a turn-on for me. They do it quite aggressively in RCG, Mish, Doggy, and end in Mish. He pulls out and also drops a very gooey and thick load all over her stomach. There is a touch of intimacy in this scene also. 9 minute scene.

7th Scene: There is an occasional pornstar dating/fuck game in this series. Here we have a very cute and extremely horny and dark-haired 18 year old spec-wearing girl named Angelina who goes on a date with 2 male pornstars. One is a European bad boy named Mr. Pete, while the other is a nice gentlemenly type European named Clarke Kent. The outcome seems pretty obvious to me from the start. Superman doesn't stand a chance. I got the feeling Angelina would have fucked Mr. Pete 2 seconds after she met him, while Superman would have been spending all his money and praying Lois Lane shows up. She goes out with both of them at the same time, then they all come back to a huge house. She talks, flirts, and gets very frisky with both of them in an outdoor pool. Both guys are then given 5 minutes each to first finger and lick her pussy, then get a short BJ from her. Clarke makes her cum fairly quickly, while Mr. Pete gets her hot, but doesn't give her one. Game back on? Naw, she clearly wants Mr. Pete more, so she chooses him even though Clarke was the one that got her off. Her and Mr. Pete chemistry is quite apparent, and they waste no time getting into it. They start with a 69, then start fucking quite roughly in Mish, Froggystyle, Doggy, short BJ, RCG, CG, Reverse Piledriver, ending in Mish. Pete pulls out and tries for a facial, but Angelina seems to direct his cum on her tits. Pete goes back in for more Mish, pulls out a 2nd time and cums on her stomach this time. Damn that shit was hot. I think she chose right. Actually I thought they should have went with a threeway, because I thought Angelina would have been very down for it. Can't complain after that scene though. The whole thing including the dating sequence lasts over 35 minutes, which is way too fucking long. The sex scene is about 12 minutes. Gonzo fans would love this scene if they can get past that there isn't any anal in it.

10th Scene: Calli meets a very slim black student with a Jamaican accent on the beach named Samson. They go back to his hotel room and get busy while his 2 friends watch. Not usually for me to dis another brotha, but I found this cat to be annoying and quite fucking

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