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Shane's World: College Invasion 2

Shane's World: College Invasion 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Amateur , Gonzo
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MLyons's ratings for Shane's World: College Invasion 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Shane's World: College Invasion 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Shane's World: College Invasion 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Shane's World: College Invasion 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shane's World: College Invasion 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MLyons  on  1/21/2004
Shane's World: College Invasion #2

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Digital Sin / Shane's World Studios

Calli Cox, Daisy, Tala Velize, Fallon Summers, Flower, Angelina, Taylor Lynn, Kurt Lockwood, Texxx, Mr. Pete, Brett Rockman, Frank.

Reality Porn

Good audio and video..

Excellent collection of extra footage, behind the scenes and interviews.  This is much watch material that supplements the feature nicely.  Cast Bios, and photo gallery also included.

Forgettable porn music, used only during titles..

DVD Format
1 Single Sided Dual Layer Disc

Female Orgasms

Those who like the Shane's World "reality porn", frat boy hijinks style.  Also those looking for something spontaneous and different from the norm.

Hardcore raincoaters, swallowing fanatics or anal oriented folks.

Shane's World #32 - Campus Invasion, & Shane's World College Invasion #1.

Mike Lyons' Porn Tastes

Although my reviews are very subjective and my tastes will become apparent to those that read them, this list is intended as a quick reference to Mike Lyons so the reader may quickly asses where he/she differs from my personal porn preferences. I hesitate to classify myself as a raincoater, as that term sometimes implies porn preferences that I do not possess. However, I will admit to being a "pervert with raincoater tendencies", especially when it comes to my love of what I call "dominant sex with a conscience." The following is a non-definitive list of some of my most prevalent likes, dislikes, and Indifferences:

  • Small bodied, young looking (but not necessarily barely legal) girls
  • Good Performers
  • Attractive women. No matter how good a performer, if I don't find her attractive, my interest is lost
  • Sexy outfits, and I love it when they, or parts of them, remain ON while the performers are having sex.
  • Anal
  • Female orgasms
  • Good Lighting and Videography
  • Facials
  • Dirty Talk--Most notably when interactive between man and woman (i.e. when both are into it)
  • I really like sex that has themes of domination, where both participants are into it. This includes:
    • Spanking
    • Deep Throat
    • Light Gagging
    • Hair Pulling
    • HOWEVER--See Below!
  • I dislike sex with physical overtones of rape--including acts like:
    • Face and Breast Slapping
    • Choking
    • Puking
    • Unerotic Sexual Endurance Tests (i.e. Max Hardcore, Gag Factor)
  • Sex scenes with more than two participants (There's always room for exceptions, however)
  • DPs, DAPs, or DPPs
  • Any Kind of Breast "Enhancement"
  • Excessive Tattoos and Piercings
  • Music that Masks Performers' Voices
  • Anal Gaping (I don't get it...)
  • Plot (It can get in the way, but it can also be amazing)
  • Swallowing. (I like it but I don't need fiber-optic mouth close-ups and signed affidavits for proof that the act occurred.)

Mike Lyons' Porn Tastes subject to revision without notice!!



This is a "Mike Lyons Quickie" review.  I will do "Quickies" when for one reason or another, I don't want to do a full review for a title.  Hopefully, in this way, my reviews will still remain fun for me, and informative for those who read them.  Comments or suggestions? Please email me.

The original "college invasion" presented by Shane's World was the infamous Shane's World #32 - Campus Invasion, this outrageous, and very exciting movie saw a group of porn performers hop on a plane to Indiana and wreak havoc on a college campus--leaving in their wake a bunch of very drunk, and very horny frat boys, some of whom were treated with a blowjob, and some with a damn hard paddling.  In any case, although the anything goes atmosphere was at times, out of control, it was also a giant step in the budding new genre of "reality porn".  Take a bunch of chic crazed, party heartied college guys, throw in some damn fine looking sex-seasoned porn girls and you've got the makings of skin slipping insanity.  That movie spawned its own series, and Shane's World - College Invasion was born.  College Invasion #1 picked up where Shane's World #32 left off, and went even farther--allowing some of the frat guys to get more action than just blowjobs.  I find the reality, "what if" aspects of these movies to be outrageously exciting, although the frat party atmosphere can get quite tiring after a while.  All I know about College Invasion #2 is that the beautiful Daisy is a member of the cast.  The thought of this cutie giving it up to some horn-dog beer chugging stranger was more than enough motivation for me to give this disc a spin.

Since reality porn is not exactly conducive to the traditional porn review, this is kind of uncharted territory for me.  This disc is unlike Shane's World 32 in that there is less frat boy shenanigans and more straight out hand jobs and blowjobs.  Much of the disc is populated with fairly unremarkable examples of this phenomenon, and I'll kind of glance over those.  I'll detail the action as I normally do, but will only comment on it when I have something more to say about it than, "Yup--that's reality porn for ya'." 


FLOWER & Some Frat Boys
The Action
A contest of sorts is conducted whereby three guys are given scuba masks and measuring cups and asked to collect the most "cum" from Flower's pussy as she gets herself off.  Although I'm fairly convinced that Flower's cum is actually pee, it doesn't much matter.  Obviously one of them wins, and he's rewarded with a hand job from Flower.


The Action
Super brief blowjob, super brief reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, cumshot (on ass).

The Gist
This isn't what I hoped it would be.  Daisy is a cutey, make no mistake, and for a little while the scene is semi-public, with many people looking on.  Once it moved to more private quarters though, it was brief and ultimately didn't live up to its potential.


The Action
Kissing, cocksucking, 69, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, cumshot (on stomach).

The Gist
Fallon is very cute, and like the daisy scene, this is semi-public, with a bunch of people crowded into a dorm room to watch the action.  Unlike the daisy scene, this one was more interesting to me--perhaps because the voyeur factor was much more low key, or because the performers seemed more into each other, or simply because Fallon is a freakin' cutey.  In any case, it's good stuff in that Shane's World "documentary" kind of way.  I imagine being there, and seeing this in close quarters would have rendered both more exciting moments, and some less exciting ones.  Either way, though, I can't help but be jealous of those faceless few who sat watching them.  All in all, a pretty cool twist on the traditional porn scene.


CALLI COX & "Antonio"
The Action

Blowjob, cumshot (on tits).


The Action
Hand job, pussy fingering, cumshot (on himself).


CALLI COX & "Tiger"
The Action
Cocksucking, rimjob (f to m), deep throating, pussy fingering, deep throat, nice facial.


The Action
Pussy licking, pussy fingering, cocksucking, reverse cowgirl, missionary, standing doggy, missionary, cumshot (on stomach).

The Gist
Tala is a fun girl from Canada with a great fuckin' body, and not-too-small tits.  Her face is a little rough around the edges, but she has a nice smile and a fun attitude.  This is an outdoor scene among the rocks right next to the ocean and although it's pretty short it definitely has its moments of heat.  Between the sandy wind and the jagged rocks the elements seem to get the better of them, but not before Texxx drops a substantial load all over her pretty tummy.


The Action
Kissing (both), pussy fingering (Clark), female orgasm, pussy licking (Mr. Pete), cocksucking (Mr. Pete), 69 (Mr. Pete), missionary (Mr. Pete), doggy (Mr. Pete), reverse cowgirl (Mr. Pete), cowgirl (Mr. Pete), pile driver (Mr. Pete), missionary (Mr. Pete), cumshot (on titties), missionary, second cumshot (on stomach).

The Gist
This "sequence" alone takes up a large portion of the movie's running time, and it certainly deserves it.  Angelina is for lack of a better term, fascinating.  She's a virgin to the porn world, but certainly not to sex.  She's quite cute, but her body is also quite marked up in various ways by what look to be some bruises and perhaps some burns.  She also has some intense looking piercings on her nipples.  Don't let that scare you off though, she's full of life and has a cute little body.  The premise of the scene is that she's presented with two guys who wine and dine her and play various predetermined sex games with her before she ultimately has to decide which one to fuck.  The two guys are diametrically opposite in their styles.  Mr. Pete being the aggressive down to business type, and Clark Kent being the "nice guy" who treads lightly.  The process is fascinating, and very cool to watch.  She finally chooses Mr. Pete, and the sex scene that follows is quite astounding.  In terms of that indefinable magic that reality porn has to offer, this scene is one of those rare gems that is easily worth the shortcomings of the genre.  Angelina is a bundle of nerves, and at the same time, up for anything.  She's aware of the camera, but yet loses herself in the moment.  The scene is exciting, and yet in some ways disturbing as you watch a video virgin take an aggressive, but obviously pleasurable fucking for the first time in front of a camera.  As I said, it's fascinating stuff, and in somehow forbidden ways, quite satisfying as well.


CALLI COX & "Samson"
The Action
Cocksucking, deep throating, throat fucking, facial.

The Gist
Yikes!  This guy is a product of the "new porn generation" if there ever was one.  Calli barely gets to come up for air, but for some reason, outside of my thoughts of "how's Calli doin' under there?", I didn't find this scene too interesting.


SCENE 10: 
The Action
A hapless, misguided frat boy allows himself to be paintballed repeatedly with a slingshot in a hallway.  Judging by his reaction, the sensation is none too pleasant, and just watching it makes me wince in horror.  Unfortunately for this guy he doesn't seem to get any reward for enduring this torture.  This sequence is a bit disjointed though, and judging by the titles on the screen, this might be lost footage from one of Shane's World's Huggy the Bear episodes.

Afterward, Taylor Lynn meets up with a good looking guy named Frank who gets what "paintball guy" SHOULD have gotten as a reward for his hallway hijinks.

Pussy licking, cock sucking, reverse cowgirl, missionary, spoon (anal), reverse cowgirl (anal), doggy (anal), cowgirl, nice facial.

The Gist
The paintball scene seemed out of place and, well... painful.  But the little anal scene afterward was a nice reward for sitting through it.  Taylor may not be the most blindingly attractive woman in the biz, but she definitely has a way about her when she starts fucking.  Frank was clearly a pro and the scene was quite enjoyable, ending in a great facial.


SCENE 11: 
TALA VELIZE & "Dan" & "James"
The Action
Dual hand job, each guy cums on his own stomach.


Although not as consistently interesting as Shane's World #32, this disc offers a big trump card with a girl named Angelina and a fascinating sequence of events and interviews that truly delivers on the promise of reality porn's greatest strengths.  Her scene was spontaneous, unpredictable, unnerving, sexy, interactive, positive, satisfying and, above all, interesting--all at the same time.  There were certainly other moments on the disc that are worthy of attention--but most of them were scenes between the professionals.  The rest of the blowjob/hand job parade did very little for me, and I found myself missing the less hardcore (but still sex laden) interactions between the frat boys and the porn stars that Shane's World #32 offered more of--even if at times the party-boy mentality did wear a bit thin.  Not to be discounted though are the excellent extras on the disc, which bring a more personal dimension to the feature itself.  Ultimately, I suspect that despite those rare moments of truly brilliant spontaneity, the reality porn genre is still a very limited one.  The Shane's World Studios are certainly one of the true pioneers of the genre, however, and if there's any group of people who can overcome its inherent shortcomings, they can.  Unfortunately, there's one thing about reality porn that will likely never change--you've got to pan through a lot of worthless dirt before you find that precious gold nugget.  The real question is, is that little nugget of gold worth it?  In the case of College Invasion #2, it might very well be...

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