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subersive Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex 2.5 starsShane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex 2.5 starsShane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex 2.5 stars
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Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex

Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Anal
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astroknight's ratings for Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shane's World: College Guide To Anal Sex A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  1/4/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 115 min.

Production Date: 09 / 2004

Director: Camera Guy

Cast: Shy Love, Michelle B., Mika Tan, Staci Thorn, Trinity James, Kurt Lockwood, Mr. Pete, Jerry, TJ Coxxx, Trent Tesoro in sexual roles and Brittney Skye, Cierra Sage, and Nicole Henderson in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Shane’s World normally puts out fun movies. It’s been a little while since I checked them out, but this one sounds interesting enough that I have to give it a try.

Initial Reaction: It’s okay, but doesn’t quite seem to know what it wants to be.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody curious about anal sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a movie that’s completely instructional with no sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with Shane’s World DVDs, the technical aspects are great. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I don’t think I heard a single background noise. The video is just as good. It’s nicely lit and barely shows a hint of grain.

Music: There’s a little music during the instructional parts of the movie, but none during the sex.

Menus: The main menu gives a good first impression with a bit of animation and a fun feel. The chapter menu is fairly generic, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a clip of the action.

Misleading Advertising: Brittney Skye is listed prominently on the cover as Anal Woman, but barely even gets naked in the movie and never takes a single thing in her ass. Yes, she does play a character called Anal Woman in the movie, but it’s nowhere close to a sexual role like I took it to be when I picked this one up. Brittney’s a pretty big star to try this with, and I think listing her this way is misleading enough that I’m penalizing the overall DVD rating by a half point.

The Feature

When the Anal Alert goes off, mild mannered Shane’s World secretary Brittney Skye springs into action as Anal Woman, complete with star spangled outfit and red and white knee high boots. With her anal mind control, ass slime, and plenty of other tricks up her ass, she sets out to make the world safe for safe anal sex. Sadly, opening credits seem to be more deadly to Anal Woman than Kryptonite is to Superman, and she disappears from the movie once they roll. Afterwards, the Shane’s World group leads you through a little information on anal sex. There’s talk about communication, relaxing before anal sex, toys, positions, and a few health tips. Between the talk on each subject, there’s sex scenes.

Scene 1 - Staci Thorn and Jerry

After a quick talk on communication, including several demonstrations of what not to do, tattooed bottle blonde Staci gets it on with Jerry. She lets him tongue and finger both her holes before returning the favor with a quick hummer. Staci moves up to ride Jerry cowgirl style before he picks her up for a mid-air fuck and then lays her back for a little missionary work. After plenty of vaginal action, they finally get around to a bit of anal. Staci first takes Jerry in her ass with him spooning her, and then moves up to ride him with a bit of reverse cowgirl anal. They also get in a bit of anal doggie and missionary, where Staci shows off some very nice gapes. Finally, Jerry pulls out and sprays a nice helping of seed across Staci’s stomach.

This is a slightly above average scene, with some nice things going for it. Staci and Jerry seem to have nice chemistry together, and do a nice job with the anal. It moves along with a very realistic energy level and a decent pace, and does a nice job showing some good anal warmups. I was a little disappointed with the level of vocals through the scene, as the guy seemed to be doing his best Marcel Marceau imitation while Staci kept it 99% moans and 1% actual words. This seemed more than a little ironic since their scene closes out the communication part of the movie, and communication is one of the most important things when having anal sex. I also wasn’t that taken with Staci right from the start, mostly because her style doesn’t do anything for me. That said, I couldn’t deny that she does a nice job taking the anal. I’m sure that Staci’s fans will enjoy this one much more than I did.

Scene 2 - Michelle B and Kurt Lockwood

Kurt and knockout blonde Michelle start things off on the couch feeling the need for some anal sex. He admires her fantastic body before working her holes over with his tongue and fingers. Michelle drops down to kiss and feel her way around his cock in his shorts before freeing it and taking it into her throat. Kurt slides her shirt up to hold her arms as well as acting as a blindfold as he face fucks her before he slides it off and continues to let her suck his cock as well as licking his ass. Kurt moves back to working on Michelle’s pussy with his tongue before teasing it with his cock and finally sliding it inside as she lies back on a couch. Kurt spoons Michelle next as she rubs her nub before Kurt plays with her ass to make sure it’s ready while she strokes his cock to make sure he’s nice and hard. She lets Kurt fuck her ass missionary style as she plays with her pussy before he slides a pillow to the floor so he can give her a bit of anal pile driver. Kurt picks Michelle up so they can get in a bit of anal cowgirl as well as a little reverse cowgirl. They finish things up with a little vaginal missionary before Kurt pops on Michelle’s big fat titties.

This is a hot scene! It keeps a fairly slow pace, but there’s no doubt that Michelle loves the anal action. Although Kurt pumps her slow most of the time, she’s extremely vocal while not looking like she’s forcing her reactions. She bucks nicely as Kurt fucks her, and makes it all look easy. This is a very good scene.

Scene 3 - Trinity James and JR Coxxx

After a buttplug demonstration on bottle blonde Trinity, she attacks JR’s cock orally. They sixty-nine briefly before he starts fucking her missionary style. Trinity hops up for a bit of cowgirl before lying back for JR to work over her ass with his fingers. He plugs it with his cock soon after while Trinity shoves her fingers in her snatch to balance things out. Finally, Trinity has him pop all over her face, and takes it with a smile even though more of it seems to hit her tits than her face.

This is a fairly average scene. Trinity had a generic look that didn’t work too well for me, although she did seem to get into things nicely. This is a decent scene, but nothing that really grabbed me too well.

Scene 4 - Mika Tan and Mr. Pete

After getting a lesson in lube from Mika’s ass, Suitcase Pimp Mr. Pimp is allowed to get it on with Mika. He plays with her pussy as they kiss before going right to the missionary without any oral warmup for either of them. Mika does give him a little oral action after he fucks her a bit, and makes sure to give him some nice eyes as she energetically works her mouth around his cock. They move over to the arm of a chair for Mika to take the anal missionary style, and Mika even takes a taste of her ass of Mr. Pete’s cock. She gets back for a little anal reverse cowgirl while Mr. Pete spanks her before they kick things up another notch by moving up to the pile drivers. They finish things up with a bit of anal missionary before Mr. Pete decorates Mika’s pretty face.

This is a hot scene, and easily one of the best in the movie. Mr. Pete’s a riot in his role, and Mika is energetic as heck. There’s plenty of vocals and the entire scene is a blast to watch both sexually and for the humor. Unfortunately, the lube lesson falls completely aside the scene, as you never see a sign of lube once the fucking starts.

Scene 5 - Shy Love and Trent Tesoro

Shy lets Trent give her a little face fucking before quickly taking a little oral action from him in return. She climbs up to ride him cowgirl style before they move to the floor for more of the same. They move on with a little anal doggie and revere cowgirl on the floor before Shy lies back in a chair and lets Trent ream her rectum missionary style through the back of the chair. They finish things up with a bit of vaginal cowgirl before Shy takes the facial finish.

This is another pretty hot scene. Shy and Trent have plenty of energy, and don’t look afraid to let loose. There’s very nice chemistry, and I like that Shy and Trent mixed things up a little with the missionary fucking through the chair. This is a nice scene to finish things up with.

Shane’s World College Guide to Anal Sex left me disappointed. I’ll admit right away that I had extremely high hopes going into this one. In the past, the Shane’s World group has done a fantastic job making reality show styled pornos that blended fun and hot sex. To turn that kind of idea and attitude towards an instructional video for a sex act that many people are curious but nervous about is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of coming out of Pornoville in a long time, and I really can’t think of anybody better to do it than the Shane’s World group. Unfortunately, it never come close to the potential Shane’s World has shown in the past. Yes, it does have some nice spirit to it. The Anal Woman opening is hilarious, Mr. Pete is an absolute riot as the Suitcase Pimp, and the “HostAss” for the movie is also nicely done and amusing. Unfortunately, there’s very little of the movie that’s actually educational or instructional. Although the movie lasts close to two hours, I’m not sure that there’s fifteen minutes of instructional information in the entire movie.

An even bigger problem with College Guide to Anal Sex lies in the sex scenes. Although they range from average up to very hot, they are nicely done and show a love of anal for the participants. Sadly, they never seem to quite fit in with the instructional part of the movie. There’s no reason why the first scene couldn’t have included a very vocal couple who communicated all their needs and wants. The second scene could have included plenty of foreplay and a bit of romance to demonstrate the romantic angle. The third scene could have brought in a few toys while the fourth scene could have covered good and bad positions and the reasons they normally work or don’t work for anal. This would have left the fifth scene to just be a good old anal fuck-fest. Taken by themselves, the scenes are pretty good, but they hurt the feature by not fitting in with it. I think they would have helped out the entire movie much more by having them tailored to the scene they were to be paired with, which would have also made the movie much more informative.

My final disappointment was Brittney Skye. She’s amazing in the opening sequence and definitely starts things out on a high note. Unfortunately, that’s the end of her in the movie. This left me more than a little miffed as she’s featured very prominently on the front cover (and because she looks damn hot in the outfit!).

To sum it all up, I guess the College Guide to Anal Sex didn’t work for me because although it has a few decent tips and a bit of humor, it didn’t seem to really be concerned with being a guide to anal sex. Instead it tried to be an anal movie with a few tips thrown in. It’s much more like the Cliff Notes Guide to Anal Sex, and although I can’t think of many people who got through college without picking up Cliff Notes now and then, Shane’s World has the talent and skill to have made Shane’s World College Guide to Anal Sex much better than that.

The Extra Stuff

As usual, Shane’s World has put plenty of effort into the extras. There’s interviews, outtakes, and a bonus sex scene. Trailers are included for Shane’s World College Invasion 4, Shane’s World 35, Surfer Girls, and College Invasion. The photo gallery lasts nearly five minutes with roughly nine seconds per decent looking snapshot or full screen photo. Finally, there’s bios for Shy Love, Michelle B., Brittney Skye, Mika Tan, Staci Thorn, and Trinity James each of which includes a photo, a little personal information, and a fun fact about the star.

The interviews last about ten and a half minutes. The girls each talk briefly about themselves before talking about anal sex. They talk about their first anal experiences, tips for anal, positions, and how they have anal at home. Shy even talks about motorcycle sex and her love of geeks while Mika talks about Oriental guys in porn. It’s a nice group of interviews, and one of the best things in the DVD.

The outtakes last over five minutes. It revolves around the opening sequence with Brittney as Anal Woman. You get plenty of fun on the set, a few flubbed lines and crackups, and even a bit of footage that was cut from the movie. It’s an okay blooper reel, but I think the jail part which was cut should have been left in.

Bonus Scene - Essy Moore and T. J. Coxxx

The bonus scene was filmed a bit ago, and since it had yet to find it’s way into any of Shane’s World’s releases they decided to include it as a bonus scene here. TJ starts things out on the couch with Essy, a very natural and realistic looking brunette, and thrilled that he gets to bang two hot chicks in the movie. He kisses her and her nicely natural tits before they strip down a little. Essy takes as much as she can before feeling the need for TJ’s tool, and gives it some stroking and sucking. TJ returns the favor with a little tongue and finger action for both of her holes before letting her climb up for a reverse cowgirl ride. They also get in a bit of spooning and a cowgirl ride with a little anal fingering to continue Essy’s warmup. They keep things moving into missionary, where Essy makes it clear that she wants it all. She rolls over for some anal doggie before taking the facial finish.

This is a very nice bonus scene. It moves along slowly, but there’s nice chemistry between TJ and Essy here. I like how things never feel rushed as well as the bit of play and communication between them. It’s a very relaxed scene, and the only thing that really annoyed me about it was not knowing where it came from. Thankfully, Nicole at Shane’s World is very responsive and let me know both who was in the scene as well as that it was an unreleased scene that hadn’t found a home. Hopefully in the future, Shane’s World communicates things like this better, but for now it’s great that they have such responsive people.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, instructional, rimming (male > female and female > male), toys, interracial, and ass to mouth

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of the current Shane’s World DVDs can be found online for between about $18 and $25 with most stores offering them for around $20. I’d rent this one first, as it’s kind of hit or miss and lacks as an educational DVD. The technical aspects, however, are very good and there’s some nice effort put into the extras. This DVD shows a lot of care, but I don’t know if the movie is good enough to warrant the purchase price.

Note to Shane’s World: You had a great idea here that didn’t work, but you have the potential to do something like this much better. I really hope you try again in the future. Also, a cast listing by scene would be a great addition as well as little things like letting the viewer know where the bonus scene comes from. Thank you for having such a responsive person as Nicole around to make things easier for viewers like me.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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