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Shane's World 42: Paradise Island

Shane's World 42: Paradise Island

Studio: Shane's World
Category:  Reality Porn
Starring: , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Shane's World 42: Paradise Island:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Shane's World 42: Paradise Island overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Shane's World 42: Paradise Island Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Shane's World 42: Paradise Island Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Shane's World 42: Paradise Island Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Shane's World 42: Paradise Island Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Shane's World 42: Paradise Island DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shane's World 42: Paradise Island A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/28/2011
Welcome fans to a fun porn title, yeah they still make those and it's not a parody either! This is Shaneworld and if you remember how it all started they have maintained the essence of the fun loving spirit Shane brought to this series just a few years back! This time the crew is heading out to St. Martins and we are bringing the lovely Tori Black, Vanessa Cage and Brooklyn Lee along plus the dicks are supplied by Johnny Castle and Michael Vegas. If you have seen the series before it's not wall to wall sex like most porn titles nor is it scripted so much either. The peeps are placed in a situation be it a bar or on the ocean para-sailing and we just see what happens. Often that involves a lot of laughter and the occasional boob or pussy flash. The first part of this show takes the crew on its journey which will also see Vanessa celebrating her 19th birthday and since she's out of the good ole US of A she can get blitzed meaning fucked up, aka drunk! After they arrive on the island there's a quick trip to the store where they spend all their budget on food, lol. Seriously they pick up some supplies for the trip and head back getting lost. Eventually we make it to house again and they start drinking and laughing before we have Vanessa and Michael going off on their own and this title has its first bit of fucking. Some brief in pool action with Michael eating her pussy and then it's inside for the rest with some good head from Vanessa and a few positions leading to a facial with some eye contact- this doesn't please her and she chases him off, haha!

On to the next day and the group heads out for some beach fun which does include Brooklyn who has nice tits btw and Tori para-sailing while Vanessa does some topless riding on a Sea doo. The day was fun filled and if you like watching the in between sex stuff that Shanesworld is so good at capturing you'll like the gaps between the sex. Not to say there wasn't more fucking as there is that day with Tori pairing off with Johnny for some fun including Johnny licking some Tori ass which I think a few of us would certainly volunteer to do, what an ass! Tori has such a winning smile and personality that is made for such a title as this so watching her between scenes dancing and being a free spirit was great but also seeing Miss Black do what she does so well, fucking, was another big reason to check this title out and the fucking with Johnny was good ending with a belly pop.

After that bit of fun it's back to the sailing and drinking which this group has proven to be quite adept at doing. There is music too which fit the mood. I have to say the picture was good and watching the girls get naked was even better. We've not had any action yet for Brooklyn so maybe she'll get in on the fun on this excursion. Alright looks like it will be Brooklyn's turn and she mentions not having had sex before on the beach so today was her lucky day as they just happened to be on a bright sandy beach and the wind was blowing with some billowy white clouds in the sky. Add in Johnny Castle kissing all over that nice bod as the surf crashed in around them we have ourselves full on sex on the beach! Gotta love the ass arched up shot as Johnny dips in to lick that pretty ass and from that the sound coating their bodies we have a turn over and Brooklyn taking over engulfing his cock. The waves continue to crash in even hitting his balls so they were still close to the actual beach water. With a few beads of water coating the lens we move to some fucking and cowgirl was very hot with the blue sky behind them and Brooklyn's ass looking so good here as her pussy hugged Johnny's cock. There won't be any kissing to her tits in this scene as the sand coats both boobs as they move to spoon but the whole sand on the body thing was working here for me. There is some great reverse captured too before moving on to a hard pounding doggie and finally the pop flies to that ass and by the time he pops the water was literally crashing around them so the tide must have been coming in.

From that bit of sex fun we go right to some more on the boat and it's Tori giving Michael's cock a real good time in her mouth and all around them the shimmering waters bounced. Good shot also of Tori climbing on top to a 69 shot which gave Michael a chance to taste that pussy for the first time in this title, though the shot lingered more on Tori's bj. So as the lucky crew of this boat watched on Tori gets to riding Michael and the view in cowgirl was plenty good, lots of ass quivering here boys'n'girls. Michael also has some fun licking her ass, love seeing girls asses being licked! We end this bit of water fun with Michael blasting off to Tori's face with excellent cleanup.

A new day a little more in between banter with Johnny and Vanessa before we watch Brooklyn and Michael head off to town and I gather we're here to fulfill a fantasy of Brooklyn's before they leave town-- fucking at a bar with other folks around! We get some nice boobage here and I have to say Brooklyn's got a pretty face an a super hot rack. Michael has fun doing a little more ass diving while Brooklyn hugs a lime green pole. From there it's onto a green table for pussy eating and I guess they won't have an audience after all unless they are out of camera range but really we're here to watch the action which is right on that table. I have to comment that Michael really got into the pussy eating here using some fingers as well to get Brooklyn all ready to fuck. Moving on we get some real good bj footage too with Miss Lee doing the job quite well. As the hustle and bustle goes on around them we get to a little fucking and watching Brooklyn ride him as we watch from his POV over the shoulder was hot, great titty bouncing here. The mish shot was also good at showing off the boobs and we end with Michael leaving a load around Brooklyn's mouth/ face. We go to the next day and the party is pretty much over as everyone is ready to head off back home.

Overall this was fun to watch as you see the group have some genuine fun while doing a few activities on the island but they don't forget to stress the sex when the time comes with Tori and Brooklyn leading the way. Vanessa had the first bit of fun but nothing that I recall after with Tori and Brooklyn essentially having two scenes each. Brooklyn's beach romp with Johnny might have been the best of the bunch with Tori's tryst on the boat with Michael right up there- him licking her ass gets that scene lots of pop going. Extra wise you have some lost footage so have a look and we get some interviews as well with the stars. If you enjoy reality style porn that isn't wall to wall fucking then certainly give this is a try as there is some great island footage, the beach, local flavoring and then the fucking which these folks know how to do whether it's in the US or abroad.

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