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Shades Of Red

Shades Of Red

Studio: Nectar Entertainment
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Shades Of Red:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Shades Of Red overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Shades Of Red Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Shades Of Red Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Shades Of Red Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Shades Of Red Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Shades Of Red DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Shades Of Red A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/2/2004
This is the second release I've seen from Nectar studios. The first was a well done dvd full of gorgeous women with lots of vibrant colors used. At first glance this release holds more of the same and this type of "pretty porn" is a nice change from the gonzo porn I normally prefer to watch. Not to say the sex here isn't fun to watch, it is but it's a change from the balls to the wall action I usually watch. There is no dialogue in these scenes, we only have the performers, the music, and the atmosphere created to sell the scenes so let's find out how good a job they did.

Phoenix Ray:

The scene begins and you see a whole lot of red color plus several mannequins dressed nicely. You then see Billie Tyler sitting and he is sketching the beautiful Phoenix. The music which is playing creates a soft sensual mood and the shots of Phoenix only further this feelng of sensualness. She pulls her hair back, caresses a breast, or runs her hand below over her pussy to help this tease along. Billie has a glare of intense interest as he sketches this beauty. Soon the artist and the art come together and the passion erupts in kissing, breast sucking, and finally a gorgeously filmed blowjob. The music also intensifies as the action heats up. Phoenix even crawls on top during the bj so her pussy can get some lovin. There are some close shots as both orally pleasure the other and the sex soon follows and you see mish, doggie, and reverse cowgirl. To close the pop is delivered to her breasts. A good scene with a health passion displayed between the two performers. This scene was like watching people fuck in a dream, not real time movements which might turn the hardest core fans off but me I liked it for a change.

bono-Meter: 8.5


This next scene dawns with more shots of the red colors and the mannequins before we see a small fiery ball and one of the mannequins is suddenly alive. We see it's the lovely Cytherea and she's in a black dress. You see her walk around like she's new to life and is feeling everything to get a sense of touch. One of the red sheets falls and and image of a nude girl with her breasts cupped appears and this leads to Cytherea cupping her own perky breasts which are still within her dress. As the red sheets fall more still images flash before her eyes and Cytherea nicely is getting more naked as time goes by. Now fully nude she lies down and feels all over her hot young body. She then walks over to a male mannequin and after her soft caress it comes to life in the strong form of John West. He is immediately tasting her perky tits and also her sweet young pussy.The close shots of both are awesome and after John furiously fingers her we watch as Cytherea erupts with a torrent of her love juice and John not being afraid stays close even licking her very wet pussy!! This slow dreamlike showing of Cytherea squirting was really beautiful to watch. After recovering she gets to swallow his cock and she seductively sells the bj. As for the sex we see reverse cowgirl, doggie with a great squirt by her, mish and wow does she squirt here, and finally she takes a super pop to her mouth. To watch her in the throws of her passion after squirting is such fun, thanks babe!!

bono-Meter: 9.5

Natalia Wood & Lauren Phoenix:

This scene starts with Natalia in a silver dress seductively dancing and her hair is being blown back as the music plays. She soon shows off her very nice chest and the dress easily slips off showing the rest of her fine body. In the background you see a parade of colors flash creating a nice ambiance for the scene. The blues and greens are a good change from the reds we've been viewing so far. Lauren Phoenix then is shown watching as Natalia pleasures her own pussy and she soon stradles Natalia kissing her breasts as well as her lips. Lauren then slides down to taste Natalia's pussy and you'll notice a red hue to the scene which fits the building passion between the two. We then get a great 69 and you get to see Lauren licking pussy through the floor which obviously you can see thu. The girls aren't alone as they are being observed and soon the girls surround their male and another fine blowjob is shot with some hot joint licking captured. I must say the music gave me a positive feeling and wasn't any hindrance to enjoying the scene. As for the sex we see Lauren get all the fun with some hot action in reverse cowgirl, Natalia rides the guys face here which kicked ass, then it's on to doggie and mish with Lauren also eating out Natalia's pussy before Lauren takes the pop in her mouth and the girls end the scene twirling tongues!!

bono-Meter: 8.5

Paulina & Isabella:

Wow this next scene was just beautiful from start to finish. We begin inside what looks like a giant air ballon. We follow as Paulina, who is a knockout, walks around with the balloon like material blowing up around her and there are great close shots of her wearing her cute dress and also of that dress slowly falling exposing her great set of breasts. She also flashes us several winning tease glances. The dreamlike feel is also present and the music also fits the mood of the scene. Cute newcummer Isabella then joins the scene as the background near her turns to the color of the sun. The girls walk around as the flowing feel continues all around them. Well it isn't long until they meet and the colors explode being both the fiery color of Isabella's and also the soft blues associated with Paulina. The g/g play is beautiful to watch as there's much caressing over both bodies. The oral done by both was great and each took loving turns at licking the other!! I didn't even object to much when the toys were brought in as the girls kept licking the pussy of the other or licking their breasts. There was a nice development when the girls brought in some fruit, each taking a bite and also letting the juices flow down their respective chests. You also see them rub the fruit in to each pussy while also licking some more so you can have you fruit and eat pussy too!!! This last bit of action totally fit the scene and it was a great inclusion in what was a fine pairing of beautiful women!!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Mia Smiles:

This last scene begins with the lovely Mia sitting in front of a blank canvas and she's wearing a chain link dress. Mia lets the paint brush she's holding slowly move over her breasts and also over her bald pussy. The flowing wind is present as her hair blows about and we watch as Mia pours some paint in a glass bowl and then she gets some on her body as well as throwing some on the canvas. Chris Cannon is shown observing and he takes off his shirt before putting some paint onto his girls body. The two then get hot 'n' heavy with Chris kneeling down to lick her pussy. Mia soon returns the gesture in a closely filmed blowjob. Chris then gets behind for some more pussy and ass licking. Mia then lies down on the white floor which now serves as their canvas as Chris traces around her body and in turn Mia gets to add some paint to Chris's body. The paint then gets fully applied to Mia's body making her lower body a full coat of red but strangely this paint disappears when it's time to fuck! Makes sense though, and during the sex we see mish and doggie. The lack of sex was ok for me due to the great tease and flow the scene had at it's beginning. That the two are a real life couple added to the passion so couples should enjoy this scene a lot I think. Chris ends the scene by working out a good pop to her face and Mia does some fine cleanup.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good couples type film with some hard sex, not as hard as the other Nectar release I reviewed. The women here were beautiful led by the very wet Cytherea and there was a great passionate feel to each scene so I highly recommend this for couples and even for the hardcore fan like myself who may want the occastional change up to their porn viewing habits! The behind the scenes here was real fun to watch as you get some good glimpses at the girls especially Cytherea, Lauren, Phoenix, and Mia. The stars also discuss their views on dating, fluids-- Cytherea squirting mostly!!, and their thoughts on the industry. This is truly a beautiful form of porn which offers a good balance to the great gonzo porn which I really love!

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